The #1 Obstacle Holding You Back from Your Own Highly Profitable, Zero-Client Money-Making Website… Has Just Been Eliminated!

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Hey Reader,

Rebecca Matter here…

Rebecca Matter
Rebecca Matter President, AWAI

And I have a very simple question to ask you:

Besides the unending freedom, what’s the BEST THING about being a “work-from-anywhere” writer?

If you’re like most, the answer is the chance to make GREAT MONEY doing something you absolutely love!

And while you probably don’t mind the idea of writing for clients in the traditional way…

The internet has, for a while now, given us other ways to make money as writers…

One in particular is a way to generate “clientless” cash, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — with very little effort on your part!

I’m talking:

  • Money while you’re sleeping…
  • Money when you’re on vacation…
  • Money while you’re shopping… on a hike… or soaking up the sun on a beautiful day…
  • Even money while you’re writing for your regular clients.

Money you don’t have to trade your precious time for.

Money that comes without having to find, deal with, or even think about clients.

Money you can count on week after week, month after month, year after year.

That is what a Money-Making Website can do for you.

I’m talking about a simple “plug-and-play” website you can easily set up in as little as a day…

Where you write about a topic you’re passionate about for others who are just as passionate as you.

And the best news is…

The process for creating and growing your site just got a whole lot FASTER and EASIER!

More on “how” to take full advantage of this amazing breakthrough in a minute…!

Because believe me…

There’s no better “rush” than taking a two-minute break from whatever you’re doing during the day…

Tapping a few buttons on your phone…

And discovering you are RICHER than you were yesterday — with zero effort!

Just ask some of the people who are experiencing this right now…

New Moms, Tomatoes, WordPress, The Outback… Oh, and Rabbits!

Like my good friend Holly, who just wanted to make a few dollars to pay for some mommy-and-me classes at first…

Holly Hanna

But instead, she’s watched her Money-Making Website grow to over $100,000 a year, simply by showing nearly 330,000 stay-at-home moms the many, many ways they can make money while caring for their kids at home.

Then there’s AWAI Member Kathy, who helped pay the expenses for not one, but two of her kids through pricy law and medical schools with her Money-Making Website that’s all about, wait for it…

Tomatoes 😳!

Kathy Widenhouse

And even though her “kids” have now graduated, she’s not going to give up this income stream. Instead, she’s going to use all that freed-up spare-time cash for her own travel dreams!

There’s also Susanna, another AWAI member who’s already taken up a life of travel and leisure… thanks to her Money-Making Website created to help people better understand and more easily use WordPress from anywhere in the world!

Susanna Perkins

Another AWAI member named Andrew jumped on a hot trend when he and his wife created a Money-Making Website about their experiences traveling around the Australian Outback in their custom-built camper.

Andrew Murray

Not only does he make money when people buy travel-related products he reviews, he’s also collected thousands of dollars in free gear they can use during their travels — tires, batteries, solar blankets, charging systems, and more!

And Karen is having a blast sharing her knowledge about raising rabbits on her Money-Making Website — racking up money 24/7 from no fewer than nine different passive income streams.

Karen Patry

And here’s something I love…

She programmed her phone to give off a distinctive “beep” every time new money goes into her PayPal account!

So all these people… regular people just like you… are proving day in, day out that, YES, this opportunity is REAL

That it IS possible to put up a website about ANYTHING you have an interest in, special knowledge of, or just a love for…

And you can be 100% confident that there are hundreds of thousands… if not millions… of people who share that interest and are willing to come to your website and make YOU money!

I’ve Begged, I’ve Bribed…

And I’m not going to sugarcoat it.

Hearing from all these folks year after year… and knowing the potential for YOU to make “effortless money” just like them…

Is why I’ve been practically begging you over the years to start your own Money-Making Website ASAP…

Strike that…

I’ve actually tried bribing you — with rewards of up to $500… just to give it a shot! (And I will again today — more on that in a bit!) 😉

Heck, I’ve even offered to have one of the top experts in the world — a gentleman whose multiple sites of his own have generated over $500,000 — guide you every step of the way in building your own Money-Making Website…

Everything from how to zero in on the best idea for your site…

To setting it up…

To creating the content…

To monetizing it…

To driving loads of traffic to your site…

To tracking and collecting money…

And more.

But after all that — do you have your website up yet?

Are you watching money flow like water into your bank account every month automatically while you go about your daily life?

If you’re reading this — I’m guessing not!

I Was Curious to Know, “Why Not?”

So… while Holly, Kathy, Susanna, Andrew, Karen, and countless others have been racking up thousands of dollars in passive income month after month…

I reached out to members who’ve “thought” about starting a Money-Making Website… but never did it… and asked them:

What’s stopping you?

And what did I learn was the biggest reason — that #1 “obstacle” holding them (and probably you) back?

In a word: Time.

Time getting comfortable dealing with all the technical aspects of setting up a website…

Time thinking up and writing all the content to put on a website…

Even time in terms of making sure your site is optimized properly — and people can find it online.

And while the writer nerd in me always thought this was the “fun” part of starting a Money-Making Website… 🤷🏻

I also get it!

Maybe you’re busy learning…

Maybe you’re still juggling writing with a full-time job…

Maybe you’re busy with clients…

Maybe you’re busy with life!

That’s why I’m so excited to be writing you today.

The All-New “Writing Tool” That Makes Building Your Money-Making Website up to 10 Times Faster
(And 100 Times Easier!)

Because as of just a few short months ago…

Everything about what it used to take to get a successful thriving Money-Making Website up and running has changed!

And it’s all thanks to a massive new development in the world of writing that blows any “I don’t have time” excuse to smithereens…

It’s the emergence an amazing new “writer’s tool” you’ve no doubt heard about and can start using today to dramatically slash the time it takes to set up and maintain your Money-Making Website.

And not just marginally…

I’m talking 10 times faster… if not more!

Which means rather than taking one or two months to set up your website and have it populated with all the content you need to start attracting visitors…

You can have your Money-Making Website up, running, fully loaded with amazing content — and more — in a matter of weeks!

Yes, you’re reading that right.

If you have the time… and you’re eager to get going, you can have:

  • Your website’s domain name fully registered and locked in…
  • A beautiful, professionally designed website up, running “live,” and fully optimized to start generating revenue…
  • 10 to 20 pieces of amazingly written, hyper-focused, search engine optimized (SEO) content that can start drawing eyeballs to your page immediately…
  • Even a hefty, expertly written “bonus report” you can use as lead magnet to capture email addresses and start building a valuable list…

All in a matter of weeks!

Impossible, you say?

Not when you know how to unleash the amazing power of a tool that one could argue was tailor-made for anyone wanting to have a Money-Making Website!

I’m talking, of course, about artificial intelligence (AI)…

AI programs like ChatGPT have the amazing ability to help you create “ready” content for ANY Money-Making Website… on ANY topic… in RECORD time.

Want proof?

Well, you’re going to see it firsthand in just a minute…

When that world-renowned expert I mentioned earlier shows you — in real time — just how fast and easy it is to create amazing content for your Money-Making Website, no matter what the topic is…

Content you only need to spend a few additional minutes editing and adding your “personal voice” to.

That’s coming up in a three-minute video… and it’s going to blow you away!

But first, let me introduce you to him…

Meet the 25-Year “Web Legend” Who’ll Guide You Every Step of the Way

He’s a gentleman who’s been helping AWAI members like the ones I just told you about, as well as writers around the world, get their Money-Making Websites up, running, and generating passive income…

A man who’s built and maintains a growing list of his own Money-Making Websites, including sites for coffee drinkers, mushroom lovers, and gold bugs…

Websites that have added in excess of half a million dollars in passive income to his bank account over and above the money he makes from client work…

A man so immersed in and “jazzed up” by the whole idea of making lifelong passive income writing about things you love — he actually coined the term “Money-Making Websites!”

His name is Nick Usborne…

Nick Usborne
Nick Usborne Digital Copy Pioneer

And while he’s a pioneering legend when it comes to writing for the Web, with over 25 years of focused “in the trenches” experience…

Having worked with companies like Disney, The New York Times , and Microsoft — just to name a few…

Conducted in-house digital-copywriting training for companies like Yahoo!, John Deere, Novartis Pharma, the Association of American Publishers, and many others…

Spoken at too many online marketing seminars, events, and conferences to count…

And during the course of it all, racked up 15 performance-based awards for his amazing direct-response work…

One of his proudest professional accomplishments is creating what is by far one of the most popular “writing” programs we offer here at AWAI…

A veritable “income-generating-machine-in-a-box” called How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites.

This is the very program that’s helped Holly, Kathy, Andrew, and so many other AWAI members generate literally millions of dollars in passive income all totaled over the years.

But as current owners already know… and you’ll see in a minute…

How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites just received a MASSIVE reboot…

All because of the recent emergence of AI…

And the MULTITUDE OF WAYS Nick has discovered for helping you build, grow, promote, monetize, and maintain your Money-Making Website in record time.

The Floodgates Have Opened Up!

In fact, once you put the power of AI programs like ChatGPT to work for you the way Nick will show you — my hunch is you won’t want to stop at “just one” Money-Making Website.

After seeing how FAST and EASY it is to get your first Money-Making Website up, running, and making money…

You’ll be excited to build your next one…

And your next one…

Followed by your next one… and more after those!

Just imagine…

Instead of ONE website generating an “extra” $1,000… $1,500… $2,000… or the $3,500 per month Nick’s coffee website has averaged…

You can have multiple sites paying out cash like a rigged slot machine!

And just when you think you’ve run out of ideas for what your next Money-Making Website will be about…

Simply ask ChatGPT — and you’ll have dozens more to choose from!

I’ll tell you more about this landmark program and Nick’s game changing “AI revamps” in a minute.

But first, let me just back up a minute and talk more about exactly what a Money-Making Website is…

Why they can be an amazing source of income for you…

And why YOU as a writer should take advantage of the superpower you have and create one.

Earn Great Money — Simply by
Sharing Your Interests and Passions
with People Just Like You!

At its core, a Money-Making Website is simply an information website — which makes it one of the easiest types of websites to create and maintain. Not to mention one of the most profitable.

“We are creating an additional income stream (for travel and luxuries) that is portable and enjoyable — something we can do well into our senior years.”

— Ann Ronan
San Juan Capistrano, CA

As Nick often points out, Money-Making Websites usually don’t “sell” anything.

They simply write and share information.

Ideally, your Money-Making Website focuses on something you’re interested in.

Some examples might be a hobby or passion… like gardening, parenting, hiking, journaling, or anything else.

Or just look around the room you’re currently in…

You could write about electronics… furniture… clothing… jewelry… shoes… the color green — or anything else you can think of…

You can write about a hobby — like stamp collecting or bird watching…

“I’ve been able to work on a project with my husband that we both find interesting. This website helps to promote my husband’s preparedness consulting business and gives us something fun to work on together.”

— Kathy Erwin
Vancouver, WA

You can write about a skill you’ve developed — like cooking or playing guitar…

You can write about a place you like to visit (or something you like to do) — like Hawaii (or surfing).

And that’s just scratching the surface of potential topics…

You could write about scrapbooking, TV repair, makeup, home decorating, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Just remember, it’s all about information.

“My readers and visitors tell me how my information and my stories have helped them with their own transitions. So many people have told me how grateful they are to have found my site, and that makes all the effort worthwhile.”

— Becky Rider
Fargo, ND

Take Nick, for example. He writes about coffee so people who have questions about how to brew a perfect cup can find the information they need.

And all the writers I mentioned so far also write and share information. They simply set aside a few hours or so per week (or more) to write about topics they love.

Often, writing content that answers their loyal readers’ questions. Then, they publish this content on their own (very simple-to-set-up) website.

The result?

An income-generating website with loads of perks like these:

  • Perfect for writers!

    Because you already know how to write — and can do everything we talked about using a basic computer or laptop — you can easily get started today. From anywhere in the world.

    Also, a Money-Making Website sets you up to profit from your work over and over again — just like a novelist with royalties! This extra source of income can help when you’re between clients, allow you to schedule more flexible hours, or provide funding for a vacation.

  • Completely portable.

    Writing in your spare time (and publishing it on your own Money-Making Website) is an opportunity that anyone can take advantage of.

    Like all the writers you’ve already met, no matter where you live or travel in the future, your income — and your ability to maintain that income — can go with you.

  • It’s VERY part-time.

    As I’ve been telling you, thanks to AI and programs like ChatGPT, you can get your website up, running, and loaded with content in a fraction of the time it used to take — as little as a single week as opposed to multiple months.

    Plus, you can pump out great content faster — 10 articles in the time it took to write one before AI came along!

    And remember, YOU can decide how much of a role AI will play in content creation for your website. If you need something “fast” — AI is there. If you have the time and, like many website owners, you find spending time writing and researching yourself enjoyable and therapeutic… you have that option as well!

  • You get to research and write about what you LOVE (and live your passion).

    Of course, one of the best things about a Money-Making Website is that you get to research and write about something you enjoy — whether you choose a hobby, a passion, or another special interest.

    That’s why writing a Money-Making Website doesn’t feel like work. If you’re anything like the “spare-time writers” I know, you’ll write for your website because you enjoy your topic and the writing, not because you’re forced to do it.

    And now with AI — you have choices. If you’d like to write content on your own, websites like ChatGPT will be an amazing “research assistant” for you.

    But if you’re in a time crunch and you want fresh, new content up on your site — AI can come to the rescue with a good, solid “editable” piece of content within minutes!

  • Money-Making Websites are low-tech.

    Another great thing about Money-Making Websites is that you don’t need to be a computer guru to set one up. In fact, advances in technology — including AI — now make it easier than ever to launch a website and start publishing your own writing.

    If you visit Nick’s coffee website, you’ll see that it looks good. But, it’s very simple. He uses a basic theme and only a few graphics.

    That’s because Money-Making Websites are about information… and the design isn’t so important when you provide pages and pages of interesting, up-to-date information.

  • Low overhead. No inventory. No shipping.

    With a Money-Making Website, it’s easy to earn a steady, recurring income. You might choose to recommend products or services, or even sell your own e-books. (We’ll show you exactly how!)

    That’s why your “overhead” is so incredibly low — all you really need is a computer. You don’t need to buy inventory… and you won’t have to ship anything.

  • Personal and professional development.

    Having your own Money-Making Website is a great way for you to learn how all aspects of digital marketing beyond copywriting work — things like marketing, SEO, and networking… all of which will make you a better writer and marketer, and give you more value in the marketplace!

  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking.

    As your Money-Making Website gains popularity and authority, it can attract the attention of other professionals, influencers, and companies in the niche.

    This can lead to opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, guest appearances — even book publishing opportunities — further enhancing your website's reach and income potential.

  • Passive income!

    Of course, of all the benefits of having your own Money-Making Website, the one people love the most is the MONEY they can make…

    And more specifically, passive income where — once your website is up and running — it’s “working” when you’re not, bringing in money even when you’re sleeping, hanging with friends, running errands, or anything else.

Now, you may be wondering…

If all my Money-Making Website does is share free information with like-minded people — how does it make me money?

Seven of the Best Ways to Make Money from Your Money-Making Website!

That’s where the fun starts!

You are probably already aware of the two most common methods for “monetizing” your website — just from looking at websites you’ve visited over the years.

One is through display advertising — where ads are placed on your website using platforms like Google AdSense that are targeted to your website's visitors, and you earn revenue based on impressions or clicks.

So if you happen to have a website that’s all about, say, “hiking throughout North America,” services like AdSense will see that your site appeals to hikers and place ads they’re likely to be interested in. And as the website’s owner, you can earn money based on the number of views or clicks generated by your readers.

Another involves affiliate marketing, where you write about, review, or endorse another company’s product or service, and earn a commission on sales or leads generated through your referral links.

You’ve likely seen where a website owner discloses that if you buy a discussed or recommended product, they will earn a percentage of the sale.

Since most companies offer affiliate programs, you can do the same…

Simply apply for relevant affiliate programs — preferably for products you love that are related to your website — and feature the links the company will send you in content and articles on your website.

Then, each time someone who visits your website clicks on one of these links and buys a product — you get paid!

Display ads and affiliate deals are how Nick and many of the members I’ve told you about earn the bulk of their money with their sites…

And Nick’s program will show you how you can do the same with yours — fast and easy!

But there are other ways to make money with a website as well, including:

  • Sponsored content — as your website gains popularity, companies may approach you to create sponsored content, such as blog posts, articles, or social media posts, promoting their products or services. You can charge a fee for creating and publishing this content on your website.
  • Selling information products or services — if you have your own products or services to offer, you can create an online store or offer them directly on your website. This could include physical products, digital products (e-books, courses, software), or services (consulting, coaching, freelance work).
  • Online courses and membership fees — you can create and sell online courses or other educational content, such as webinars or workshops related to your website’s subject matter. Additionally, you can set up a membership site that offers exclusive content, resources, or access to a community for a recurring subscription fee.
  • Email marketing — by building an email list, you can engage with your audience, promote your products or services, and generate sales through targeted email campaigns. You can monetize your email list by promoting affiliate products, selling advertising space, offering paid newsletters, and more.
  • Licensing and syndication — If you create high-quality, original content, you can license or syndicate your content to other websites, media outlets, or platforms for a fee.

And that’s just a start!

There are plenty of other “monetization techniques” you’ll learn as you immerse yourself into the world of Money-Making Websites.

Easily Build a Valuable
“Real-World Asset” with Your Words

But there’s one more benefit to having a Money-Making Website that you probably haven’t thought about yet…

One that I’m sure will not only surprise you but motivate you to get started on your own Money-Making Website today!

And that’s the very real potential to build your Money-Making Website into a real asset — with real-world value… something that someone else or a company down the line might want to purchase from you!

And make no mistake — this happens all the time!

In fact, just a few years ago, someone asked Nick if he was willing to sell his website about coffee…

Offering up a whopping $125,000!

Remember, aside from what it costs to host a basic website, the ONLY thing Nick invested in his website was a few hours of his time each week…

So that $125K? It would have been virtually pure profit!

And that’s not the only offer he’s received!

So imagine…

Today, you get an idea for a great Money-Making Website…

Writing about something you’re interested in… something hundreds of thousands of other people are interested in too.

With Nick’s seminal course How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites and his guidance — you get it off the ground and running… and have a blast loading it up with amazing content that draws thousands of readers each and every day.

Suddenly your website isn’t just the fun “cash-generating hobby” you think it is.

Instead it’s a valuable asset that other people want to add to their digital marketing portfolios…

And just like Nick and others have experienced — five, six and even seven-figure offers come rolling in!

How cool would it be…

Knowing you can simply use everything you’ve learned to build another Money-Making Website for that next website idea on your list!

Of course, you may turn down any offers you receive — like Nick has done so far.


Because he prefers to keep the predictable, steady income flowing into his account month after month.

But, once your site is up and running — if you should ever choose to sell — you’ll be very likely to find a buyer.

Talk about an incentive to start up — and start growing — your Money-Making Website today!

Your Own Money-Making Website
in a Matter of Weeks!
(Then About an Hour a Week to
Keep it Current, Fresh, and Growing)

Starting and growing your Money-Making Website has never been FASTER or EASIER!

Before AI, it could take a month or two just to research your website’s topic, brainstorm some content, and get your first 10 pages of content written and published on your new website.

Now you can use AI programs like ChatGPT to do all those things — topic research… content brainstorming… write all the start-up content you’ll need… and more…

In a matter of weeks!

And that INCLUDES setting up your website, brainstorming content ideas, optimizing articles for SEO, and all the technical aspects of uploading your content that Nick will teach you in How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites. (Of course, you’re in complete control, so you can move as quickly as you’d like in launching your site! That’s one more benefit to creating your own Money-Making Website.)

Nick used to spend about two to three hours during the week… and another hour on the weekend writing and adding content to his Money-Making Website.

The other writers we spoke with who do this in their “spare time” were similar.

Those making $3,500-$4,000 each month reported spending “just a few hours” per week creating new content for their website visitors. (Of course, the more time they invest, the more money they have an opportunity to make.)

Now, a few hours a week might not seem like a “long” time… especially when you’re writing about things you love.

But thanks to AI — you can spend a fraction of the time generating content!

In fact, for this invitation, I asked Nick to PROVE it to you…

I asked him to show you how he now goes about generating actual content for his Coffee Detective website using ChatGPT…

Have a look!

See how simple!

See how quickly and easily you can create amazing content that’s just a few “voice” edits away from being quality, “publishable” content for a website?!

But that’s not all.

AI can also be that “personal assistant” you never thought you could afford…

Helping you with everything from supplying endless article ideas to write about… suggesting visuals for articles… helping you know what readers want to specifically know about any given topic… helping you brainstorm ideas for improving your website and making it so it’s more useful for your readers… and so much more!

And the results speak for themselves.

As Nick just told me the other day, ever since he started using AI to generate MORE content FASTER for his new Money-Making Website all about gold…

He’s getting nearly 10 times the traffic he was getting before AI — in about 1/10th of the time!

Here’s the tracking chart he shared with me showing the steep rise in traffic:

Webiste Traffic Chart

In fact, AI can be such a revolutionary tool when it comes to your Money-Making Website that Nick has added an entire section to his How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites program on how to use it effectively!

You’ll learn:

  • How to use ChatGPT as a brainstorming tool, virtual assistant, and relentless content generator…
  • How to word effective prompts that make sure you get top-notch content out of AI that will appeal specifically to your website’s readers…
  • How to use “threading techniques” to build upon the content ChatGPT and other AI tools give you…
  • How to use AI to find idea graphics for your website and content… and even create original images and logos that set your website apart from the others…
  • How to use AI to get a better understanding of your reader, so you can better know the content they want to see…
  • How to generate AI content that’s closest to your website’s “voice” so you can spend less time editing…
  • And much, much more.

With this amazing new time and energy-saving tool at your fingertips — and Nick’s step-by-step guidance…

There’s never been a better time to build a Money-Making Website than RIGHT NOW!

Demand for “Knowledge”
Is Greater Than Ever!

And if you’re thinking the “moment has passed” for what Money-Making Websites have to offer — think again!

As humans, we're drawn to people who share our passions…

And what’s a Money-Making Website if it isn’t simply someone — you — who’s as passionate about a topic as the person visiting your site!

And because that connection is there… they’ll read and respect your well-written, well-researched content.

Which is why, according to market research company ResearchNow, 84% of buying decisions stem from information they read in the kind of content and blogs found on websites like the one you’ll create.


  • 2 out of 3 people read blogs on independent websites at least once a week… and 1 out of 4 make a purchase as a result.
  • 30% use information found in blogs to confirm their choices, while 33% use blogs to rule out other buying options.
  • And 46% consult blogs when setting out to research a product.

So not only is your Money-Making Website providing an amazing service to people interested in your website’s theme…

“[A]bout a year ago, I discovered AWAI and found Nick's program. Here was someone who had built a hobby website about something he loved, and was making a tidy sum working on it only part-time. How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites has personally given me the confidence and tools to follow a dream I once had; one I had basically given up on — sharing my passion about everything tea.”

— Sophie McDougal
Lubbock, TX

It plays a vital role in commerce too…

Which is why advertisers are so keen to display ads on your site — and companies are so willing to offer affiliate deals!

And there-in lies the secret to the money you can make.

Just imagine going about your day… whether it be writing for clients, working at your regular job, spending time with family and friends…

Knowing your website is hard at work generating the kind of passive income that can make your life so much easier.

Money dripping into your account all throughout the day…

Adding up to a steady revenue stream…

Paying your bills…

And giving you a sense of peace, a relief that comes from the security of an “extra” income source.

“So far, this has been a great decision, I believe, and I am truly excited to begin building a website and seeing this project through. I turn 40 soon, and I’m hoping to be able to find the correct way to develop some freedom for myself, which means I can do more, of course, for myself and also friends and family.”

— Glenn Hyska
Southfield, MI

So, whether you’re interested in Outback travel like Andrew or tomatoes like Kathy…

Or nail art… wind energy… chocolate… space travel… or anything else…

You can start your own Money-Making Website and add $400, $1,000, $3,500, or more to your monthly income.

And it’s all very easy to understand and easy to replicate, once someone shows you how…

That’s why I’m so excited that Nick agreed to teach you everything…

How to Build Your $400, $1,000, $3,500+ Income Stream… Starting Right Now

Remember, Nick has been perfecting his Money-Making Website method for over a decade now.

He has it down to a science.

More than that, Nick absolutely loves “working” on his various sites — and his passion is plainly evident!

I’ve put “working” in quotes because spending time on his sites is anything but work to Nick… and when you talk to him about them, you can see his face light up with joy and pride.

And through his landmark Money-Making Websites program that he created exclusively for AWAI, he’s shared his insights with over 5,000 AWAI members — many of who have gone on to thrive as website owners…

Including Holly Hanna, who credits Nick for teaching and inspiring her to start, launch, and grow her Work at Home Woman website, which Forbes has twice named “one of the top websites for your career”!

But as I mentioned before, things move fast in our digital world

And the emergence of AI and programs like ChatGPT have blown the doors on the Money-Making Website opportunity wide open…

Making it so much faster, easier, and more fun to get any website idea off the ground, running, and making money!

The opportunity is so much greater now, in fact, that Nick has just completed his biggest overhaul of How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites yet…

To include — not only the latest “what’s working” trends in Money-Making Websites — but all the ways you can use AI to achieve greater success, faster!

Let me take you through just some of what you’ll learn in the How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites program.

How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites
— A Quick Overview of the Program

As I’ve mentioned, Nick’s been creating and making money from his websites for over a decade.

He knows everything you need to know when it comes to getting your site online, SEO, content creation, monetization, and more.

Sure, you could probably fumble around, start your own website, make all the “rookie mistakes,” and learn from them…

“I have spent a great deal of money over the past three years trying to learn how to make money on the Web. Nick’s program is by far the most comprehensive (and comprehensible) I’ve used to-date and the cost reasonable.”

— Rosa Chillis
Sun City West, AZ

But why not learn from someone who’s not only done it… but is still doing it to this day… and has a passion for teaching others!

How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites is Nick’s personal system.

You follow the exact steps he follows to create each new steady passive income stream…

No self-doubt…

No “rookie” mistakes…

No wandering off course.

In this crucial “course overview” session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Select the perfect topic for your website…
  • Reduce potential competition by narrowing in on a niche…
  • Choose between a website and a blog — depending on your personal website goals…
  • Use current trends — and proven marketing principles — to boost your website traffic… and income!
  • Identify and claim a domain name that is likely to attract readers…
  • Feel confident writing about your topic… even if you still have a lot to learn…
  • Make a passive income right away from your brand-new website… and grow your income over time…
  • And much more!

“My Money-Making Website has succeeded because of Nick’s vast knowledge and skills as a teacher. He’s one of those rare people who can break down complex tasks into simple steps. Nick’s program is more than just a program… it’s a roadmap to success.”

— Andrew Murray
NSW, Australia

Plus, to help get your website up and running fast, you’ll get checklists and worksheets to guide you along the way…

And, you should know right up front that How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites is a “living program” — so you’ll get all updates for life from AWAI!

That’s important because when new technologies like AI and ChatGPT come along, Google gets smarter and people alter their buying habits.

But, you’ll never have to worry about your Money-Making Website skills getting rusty or outdated.

Instead, you’ll have someone who actively runs his own profitable site (Nick Usborne) not only guiding you every step of the way — but also adding new training sessions when warranted — like when something as powerful as AI comes along.

7 Weeks of Online, Self-Paced Training

Along with the comprehensive written guide, you’ll get

  • The complete seven-part webinar series that’ll walk you through EVERY STEP of setting up your Money-Making Website for success (detailed below!)…
  • Unlimited Q&A via the exclusive Facebook Group…
  • And an entire library of bonuses to speed your success…

This balanced combination allows Nick to personally guide you through his process, while also giving you time to implement each step.

And if you have any questions that don’t get answered as you go through the program, you’ll have LIFETIME access to our private, members-only group where you can reach out to Nick himself.

Simply post in the group and address your note to Nick.

With this powerful visual-learning experience and unlimited access to the online group, you’ll feel like Nick is there with you… showing you (in complete detail) how to create your own Money-Making Website.

Simply follow his instructions as he leads you through his proven process from beginning to end…

Step 1 Choosing Your Topic

A Money-Making Website is perfect for a writer because it’s simply an information website…

You can write about anything.

To give you a taste, here are just a few topics chosen by the “spare-time writers” we interviewed:

  • Dog treats
  • Sushi
  • Self-esteem building
  • Housecleaning
  • Fitness
  • The law of attraction
  • Tea
  • Writing
  • Santa Claus
  • Outdoor painting
  • Probiotics
  • Saving money
  • Life as a baby boomer
  • Cat health
  • Growing food in small spaces
  • Computers
  • Crochet
  • Life after a stroke
  • Texas
  • Organic gardening
  • Gourmet cheese
  • Family fitness
  • Publishing on YouTube
  • Ice cream
  • Electronics
  • Luggage
  • Sewing
  • Pasta
  • California
  • Photography
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Stress
  • Camping
  • Running
  • Teen style
  • Wedding speeches
  • Gluten-free recipes
  • And many more…

With so many options, how will you choose? That’s the exact place where your Money-Making Websites training begins.

You’ll discover:

  • How to take inventory of your experiences, interests, passions, and hobbies — so you can choose a profitable topic — one you’re passionate about… and one that will make you money for years to come…
  • Explore your topic ideas and weigh their potential profit…
  • The secret of other successful Money-Making Websites via an exclusive “insiders” tour…
  • How the “Power of One” applies to Money-Making Websites especially…
  • How to use ChatGPT to brainstorm ideas for your first (and subsequent) Money-Making Websites…
  • How to learn if your topic of interest is “trending”…
  • And much more!

Now, don’t worry if you can’t think of a topic now. Nick will give you hundreds of ideas…

And don’t forget — as the ultimate “personal assistant,” Nick will show you how AI can help you find “wants and needs” in the market that you can fill with Money-Making Websites in no time!

“The good news is, you don’t have to be an expert. For quite a while, I wanted to create a website that combined an interest with passive income. But I had no idea where to begin. Nick’s program gave me the blueprint — and inside tips — I needed to finally get my site launched.”

— Malcolm Smith
Lake Worth, FL

Step 2 “Validating” Your Website’s Topic

Though it’s rare…

The last thing you want to have happen is to get all excited about a website idea and find that there’s either no market… the market is too saturated… or there’s little way to monetize it!

So in this newly added session, Nick spends an entire session showing you how to make sure your website idea is “primed” for the marketplace.

You’ll learn:

  • How to know if your website idea is ideal for Search Engine Optimization techniques…
  • How much “competition” there is for SEO key phrases related to your site…
  • All about the “numbers game” — understanding how easy (or hard) it will be to drive traffic to the website you have in mind…
  • How to see numbers on any competition you might have in your space…
  • And more…

The idea here is to make sure you have the best, strongest, and most viable website idea — before you invest your time and energy in creating it!

Step 3 Choosing a Platform and Domain Name

With the absolute best idea for your website in mind — the fun begins…

Time to start building!

This is where a lot of people get stumped. They think building a website is too “technical” or expensive.

Good news — it’s neither!

And with Nick’s guidance — even a caveman can get their website up and running in no time!

As far as costs…

It’s likely that you already have a computer. So, your only additional expense will be your domain name (about $12/year) and hosting for your website (about $5/month).

That’s it! No need to purchase product, rent storage space, or outfit an office. None of that is very appealing when compared to the complete freedom of a Money-Making Website.

In this session, Nick will walk you through choosing the software for your website and selecting a suitable domain name. He’ll reveal

  • The content that attracts the most visitors (i.e., readers) and gets the best search engine rankings…
  • The ONLY time when blogging might be preferable to writing a traditional Money-Making Website…
  • How to name your website… including all nine factors you must consider. (For instance, did you know that hyphens in your domain name are NOT a good idea? Nick will explain why.)
  • And a whole lot more!

Don’t worry about anything else you’ve been told… or if you already have a domain name. We’ll sort it all out, and all your questions will be answered.

We even have a tech team on standby to assist individual Money-Making Website members, like you — should you need it. That way, you can get over any speed bumps and launch your Money-Making Website with a solid foundation.

Step 4 Create Content for
Readers and Search Engines

The core of your Money-Making Website is your content — the information.

As we’ve made clear, AI and programs like ChatGPT are going to transform how quickly and easily you’re able to generate content for your site from this day forward.

“AWAI's program How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites by Nick Usborne has totally changed my family's perspective on reaching a targeted niche market through the internet. Nick's generous sharing of his experience, creativity, and favorite tools made the program worth its weight in gold, and the Support Forum of members is both inspiring and invaluable.”

— Bonnie Fernandez
Rochelle, VA

But as Nick will teach you, it’s crucial — both to your readers and to search engines like Google and Bing — that your website has its own unique “voice” and personality…

Something not even AI can recreate for you.

So, in this session, Nick will show you how to

  • Develop your own “point of view” (or style of writing). Plus, discover how it impacts your tone and character…
  • Write your homepage and second-level pages… and fill up dozens of other pages with high-quality content. You’ll even see Nick’s layouts and real-world examples of Money-Making Website pages…
  • Follow his process for creating a new page before putting AI to work… (Hint: Nick doesn’t just sit down and start writing. First, he gets clear on the content by writing out three other, smaller components.)
  • Come up with a steady stream of new page ideas using, you guessed it — AI — along with Nick’s eight favorite methods for more traditionally-generated content those times you don’t want (or need) to rely on ChatGPT…
  • And more!

Then, because you need a way to share your content with the world, you’ll get access to a special bonus…

Bonus #1

Building Your Money-Making Website with WordPress by Jim Wright

Modern technology makes it easy to put information online. And, Jim will show you the easiest way to build a high-quality website: WordPress.

Yes, it’s one of the fastest and simplest ways to get your website up and running… but there’s still a small learning curve.

That’s why Jim Wright (AWAI’s own Money-Making Website trainer, reviewer, and Facebook page moderator) will guide you by video tutorial through setting up your own Money-Making Website…

He will explain everything you need to know about WordPress, hosting, purchasing your domain name, and more.

He’ll also walk you through installing WordPress, adding a theme (the way your website looks), adding functionality, and everything else you need to know.

Follow the simple steps Jim will walk you through and you’ll soon have a website, online and ready for your content. It’s that simple.

In fact, it’s something you can realistically knock out in an afternoon or two.

Should you run into any issues, have follow-up questions, or need one-on-one help, you can reach out to Jim anytime. He’ll be standing by to take your questions via a specially set-up, private Facebook page.

“I’ve purchased a lot of internet marketing programs and they didn’t come close to the results-oriented program that Nick offers. This is truly a Money-Making Website step-by-step guide that really works. Since I’ve purchased Nick’s program, I have created a 70-page website that receives traffic… which is the life-blood of any website. I finally feel like I’m seriously going to be able to quit my day job and be a work-from-home mom.”

— Michelle Sears
Germfask, MI

Step 5 How to Use AI as Your
Personal Writing Assistant

It should be crystal clear to you by now.

Of all the tools you’ll ever have access to as a Money-Making Website owner… nothing is more powerful or will play a bigger role in your success… than AI.

That’s why NOW is the perfect time to get your site up and running… before too many others discover how to use it and get ahead of you!

And in this all-new section of the course, Nick will give you the ultimate “crash course” on how to use AI for almost everything — from writing… to brainstorming… to research… and more.

You’ll learn:

  • What you should use programs like ChatGPT for… and what you shouldn’t (avoid mistakes rookies are making right now!)…
  • How to use ChatGPT as a “brainstorming buddy” — someone who can give you endless ideas for content and ideas for building your website…
  • The power for “threading” and how you can use it to generate content and ideas even the best writers in the world could never come up with…
  • How ChatGPT will revolutionize the way you do research from this day forward…
  • How to use ChatGPT for unlimited content — and why it’s crucial you do “this one thing” before you publish any AI-generated content…
  • It’s all about the prompt — tips on wording your ChatGPT requests so you get the best, most relevant, and original content…
  • And much, much more.

Step 6 Attracting Traffic to Your Website

What's the #1 ingredient when it comes to a successful website?


Passive income can only be generated when potential customers find your website — see the ads, click on links, sign up for your emails, and so on…

So, in this session, Nick will explain exactly how he gets a steady stream of readers to visit his website.

Plus, you’ll find out

  • How many pages you should write before publishing your Money-Making Website…
  • The traffic-generating techniques you must avoid at all costs! (Or risk having your website removed from the search engines’ databases.)
  • The first thing you should do once you’ve published your website…
  • How to force the search engines to find your content more quickly… and seven more things you should do within 48 hours…

And, this is where things really start getting exciting!

With Nick’s program, you won’t need to pay to get visitors to come to your website. Instead, online search engines will bring thousands of people to your website each month — for free! (Nick will show you exactly how it’s done.)

And don’t forget… AI can play a huge role for you here as well, giving you endless ideas for ways to promote your website on Google, social media platforms, and more!

Next, it’s time to start making money!

“[T]hen, I discovered Nick’s program, which is amazingly helpful. I liked Nick’s writing style (which is to the point, educational, and not in the least bit patronizing) and I really appreciated the detail he provided as he described the whole process, from the very early stages right through to promoting the ‘finished’ site — while giving great examples and resources throughout.”

— Paul Parry
United Kingdom

Step 7 How to ‘Monetize’ Your Website Pages

Now we’ve come to the really fun part…

Giving your readers something to buy so YOU can make money!

And don’t be shy about it. People have come to your site because they have an interest in something and it’s likely they want something to buy!

And the best part is… you don’t have to do any of the work.

No inventory to buy and store in your house…

No packing up boxes, stuffing envelopes, or shipping anything.

Others will do all that for you. All you do is provide a way for them to “link over” to their website!

In this session, Nick will reveal everything you need to know to start making money from your Money-Making Website.

You’ll discover:

  • The three best ways to attract passive income — and how to know which one is right for your particular website…
  • How to have ads on your website that protect your editorial integrity — and how many ads are “too many”…
  • The best websites to use for getting ads placed on your website…
  • Why it’s less about contextual ads these days… and more about retargeting… and what that means for your site…
  • How to register for lucrative affiliate programs related to your site…
  • Three ways to make an affiliate program work better for you…
  • Easy “products” you can create that don’t cost anything, can be delivered virtually, and where you get to keep 100% of the profits…
  • Six “more” ways to monetize your website that most people don’t think of…
  • And much more!

There’s more you’ll get with Nick’s How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites

“Since taking Nick Usborne's How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites program, I truly believe that I will be paid sufficiently for my time and effort. Thank you to AWAI and Nick Usborne for this great opportunity.”

— Glenda de Vries
Stouffville, ON, Canada

But for now, let’s take a moment to celebrate…

Because your Money-Making Website is officially ready for the public — and primed to start generating a passive income!

Then, the final step is tidying up any loose ends… getting your questions answered… and making sure you get the most out of this, your very first Money-Making Website!

No Stone Unturned!

With everything covered — and everything you get — I’m guessing you can see why How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites is one of the most popular programs we offer here at AWAI.

“Excellent program. Nick (and the staff’s) thought process on how to build a producing website is very methodical and easy to follow.”

— Tim Leary

Having a Money-Making Website is the PERFECT passive income, clientless writing opportunity for any writer…

And with more than a decade of “in the trenches” experience — and after having helped thousands launch their own websites already…

No one of better suited to help you than Nick Usborne.

And with his newly updated, comprehensive seven-part online program… there’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

How much does it cost?

Frankly, I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised!

But first…

I have a number of added bonuses to tell you about — bonuses that’ll give you a deeper understanding of Money-Making Websites and speed up your success even more!

Bonus #2

Nick’s “Best of” Archive: 8 Additional Money-Making Website Webinars

In this Bonus, you’ll get access to Nick's "Best of" webinar archive. This exclusive collection currently includes eight webinars with Nick as your host (and more are added often).

“At the end of Nick's webinar series, Nick ran a special session where everyone submitted their sites and I got to see what everybody else was doing. It was very interesting. Nick was commenting live. It really helped me see what I could be doing better with my site.”

— Natalia Norman
Newport Beach, CA

See dozens of actual website examples and hear exactly how the Money-Making Website expert himself would improve each one.

This “look-over-Nick’s-shoulder” type of experience isn’t available anywhere else — or to anyone else — outside the How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites program.

Bonus #3

Boost Your Readership Immediately!

The sooner you can get real visitors coming to your website, the more likely you are to stick with this. That’s why we’ll promote your Money-Making Website as soon as it’s ready. Here’s how it works:

Follow Nick’s simple steps to choose a topic, plan, and write great content, and launch your website…

As soon as you’re ready, email our Member Success Team the good news with a link to your Money-Making Website.

We’ll look at your new website. Assuming you followed the program, we’ll publish a special blog post about you and your site. This not only gives your website an immediate boost as AWAI members discover your website… but creates a valuable permanent link.

And, there’s something else…

Bonus #4

Support Is Always Just a Quick Message Away

Nick’s entire process is something that anyone can do… especially if you take the video tutorials seriously and follow along step-by-step…

“It's such a positive group of people. They are so helpful. People have a question and people just jump in with the answer and help them. And, of course, Nick jumps in as well. The Facebook group is an important part of the program.”

— Della Flood
Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland

“[T]he Facebook group he (Nick) ran was the greatest I have ever been involved with. Everybody helped everybody! It was so wonderful to see so many people pull together. Now, we are all excited for everybody doing well with their sites. We had the weekly classes, the homework, the questions and answers. And, the Facebook group continues, along with Nick critiquing, as the sites are up and running. My life is totally changing because of this program.”

— Susan Feiertag
New Bern, NC

But even so, you may have some follow-up questions. That’s why you’ll also get access to a special private, members-only Facebook group dedicated to Money-Making Websites…

Maybe you discovered a unique topic… but you’re worried it may be too “outside the box.” You can post in the forum to ask for opinions.

Or, maybe your website is almost ready for visitors, but you’re feeling nervous. Ask other “spare-time writers” to give you a peer review…

If you have a question for Nick himself, post inside the private Facebook group and address it to him. He regularly checks in and is happy to answer your questions.

The members-only Facebook group is there for you to ask any question… from the moment you sign up for the program… as you write your content and grow your business… and long after that.

(Yes, even if you build multiple Money-Making Websites, you can get help, support, and advice with all of them. Simply log in and post in the forum.)

Bonus #5

Start Out Right with a Complete Timeline for Your First 90 Days

Nick always aims to answer every question… and there are always a lot of questions about timing…

How long should I spend choosing a domain name?

How much content should I write before I publish my website?

How many days should I spend setting up my website?

That’s why Nick created an exact schedule for you to follow…

"Nick shows you step-by-step how to build your website and monetize it. It's all right there. Sure, you could do it without Nick's help, but why recreate the wheel?"

— Cherryl Wistos
Penn Valley, California

With the work spread out over 90 days, you’ll know exactly what to work on each week to reach the milestones necessary to launch your first Money-Making Website.

Start out by reading Nick’s action plan. You’ll understand — within a few pages — exactly what’s in store for you over the next 90 days…

And don’t worry if you can’t stick to the schedule exactly. It’s a good goal to aim for, but you can slow it down (or speed it up) as much as you need.

With this Bonus Timeline, you’ve got options. You can move faster if your schedule allows, or follow Nick’s suggested 90-day plan. You’re in control!

Bonus #6

Nick’s Goal-Setting Rituals Guide

If this is your first time attempting a new venture, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Nick is also including his own “Goal-Setting Rituals” guide.

Nick wrote this bonus guide to help freelance writers (and other people who earn a living with their words) set and achieve their BIG goals.

You’ll discover

  • Why choosing the RIGHT goal for your business is the most important factor in determining your success…
  • How to set goals that are aligned with your business, passions, and values…
  • Four goal-setting rituals that can more than double your income…
  • And more!

By now I’m sure you can see that Nick is going “all-out” to make sure you have all the tools and information you need to successfully create a Money-Making Website…

Get Everything You Need to Start Making $400, $1,000, $3,500+ Every Month with a Money-Making Website

As you can see — it’s all here…

“It’s a wonderful program, especially for people like me who had no idea whatsoever of how to create a website… I can’t believe I was able to start with a few wedding speech suggestions and create a website that has been visited by several thousand people.”

— Rick Lindner

EVERYTHING you could possibly need to start your own Money-Making Website from scratch

And grow it into a thriving enterprise that could not only provide you with years of effortless passive income… but also an ASSET that could potentially deliver a five, six, or even seven-figure payout in the future!

So only question that remains is — what does it cost?

“[T]he teleconference series was very beneficial and helped me stay focused and on track. I’ve attempted to create websites for making money for several years. I wish I had discovered How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites much earlier!”

— Nancy Hearn
Phoenix, AZ

Frankly, you might expect an educational experience of this magnitude to cost thousands of dollars.

But, because I don't want the price today to stand in your way of getting your Money-Making Website off the ground…

You can own How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites…

For just $497!

Order Today!

And, there’s something else too…

And it has to do with that “bribe” I offered you a little earlier, where I’ll actually pay you to get your first Money-Making Website up and running.

Here’s how it works:

Get Back Your Full Investment — And Then Some — with $500 in AWAI Credit

Nick will walk you through everything step-by-step. Nothing will be left in doubt, and you won’t have to go it alone. Nick and your fellow participants will be with you every step of the way.

Then, as you progress through the program, you’ll reach five levels of rewards:

  • Level 1: Let Nick guide you as you get your Money-Making Website up and running. As soon as it goes live, notify AWAI, and we’ll send you a $50 AWAI credit to put toward any AWAI product or event you wish.
  • Level 2: When your Money-Making Website has 20 pages of published content, you’ll get a $75 AWAI credit. This is an easy level — after all, you ARE a writer!
  • Level 3: When 500 unique visitors drop by your website in a month, you’ll get a $100 AWAI credit. You may be surprised at how quickly you reach this milestone — especially since AWAI will promote your website to the world once it’s up and running (Level 1).
  • Level 4: When 1,000 unique visitors drop by your website in a month, you’ll get a $125 AWAI credit.
  • Level 5: When your Money-Making Website makes your first $1,000 in fun money, you’ll unlock a $150 AWAI credit. (Of course, the real reward for reaching this level is having your very own website that makes you money.)

Add it all up and that’s a total of $500 in AWAI credits!

At today's price, you’ll earn back MORE than your total investment when all is said and done.

So, it’s like we’re actually PAYING YOU!

Order Today!

The moment you place your order, you’ll get an email granting you access to everything we’ve discussed here.

Just like that, you’ll be ready to start building a passive income stream writing about your passions… or hobbies… or a special interest of almost any kind…

“Nick’s program gave me the desire to build my own site, the know-how to actually do it, and the practical methods to ensure that I can take my dream as far as I want it to go.”

— Tracey Ahring
Dennard, AR

With Nick’s step-by-step guidance, you’ll skip over many of the trials and errors he encountered firsthand.

Plus, you can do this again and again.

As I hope is clear to you by now, it’s easier than ever to set up as many Money-Making Websites as you’d like… or even offer this service to clients… with AI so accessible.

And, there’s still one more thing…

There’s No Risk to Try Living
Your Dream of Passive Income…

I think you can tell by now… 😊

We couldn’t be more excited about Nick’s newly revamped program…

And given the success his “old” program generated… we’re more confident than ever that even more members are going have greater success now than ever before!

But we also know that starting a Money-Making Website is a new experience for you.

And that you might get into the program and decide — “You know what? This isn’t for me after all…”

If that happens — for any reason — we don’t want you to be “out of pocket” for the program.

So we offer you this very simple and direct guarantee.

Order How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites today.

Take a full 30 days to examine everything.

And if you aren’t thrilled — or you don’t want to move forward with your Money-Making Website — simply let us know before those 30 days are up…

We’ll issue you a FULL REFUND of every penny you’ve paid.

Let’s Do This!

So with a FULL “RISK-FREE” MONTH to check out the newly revamped program…

What’s to stop you from taking advantage of this amazing opportunity?

You’re a writer — so a Money-Making Website is PERFECT for you!

AI is here — so it’s never been easier or faster to get your site up and running.

And who wouldn’t like to make money 24/7, while you sleep, work, and play!

In practically no time at all, your site can be up, running, and generating $400… $800… $1,000… $3,500 per month and more.

Imagine what you could do with that money:

  • You could relax knowing that unexpected bills are taken care of…
  • Help put your kids through college…
  • Take longer and more luxurious vacations every year…
  • Start a second retirement account…
  • Treat yourself to something special…

The options are endless.

But it all starts with ACTION…

And with Nick’s newly revised program… and all the ways AI can speed up your success…

There’s no better time than NOW!

Click here to get access to the comprehensive online How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites program!

Or, if you’d prefer to place your order by phone, please call our Member Success Team toll-free, 866-879-2924, during regular business hours, Eastern Time.

Whichever you choose…

Don’t let this opportunity slip by!

We’ve seen too many AWAI members have a blast — and make great money — with their Money-Making Websites…

And we’d love nothing better than for you to join in on the fun!

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

Order Today!

P.S. Remember…

If you’ve ever wanted to have your own Money-Making Website…

Where you can earn a lifetime of passive income writing about things you love…

There’s never been a better time!

With the power AI will give you…

YOU can have your Money-Making Website up, running, and making money faster than you ever imagined!

So don’t wait…

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“I have wanted to have my own website for years now, just never:

  • “Had the time
  • “Had the knowledge
  • “Had the roadmap

“Nick’s program has helped me with all of these.”

— Brenda Barker
Cabot, AR

“[P]articularly when you’re starting out, it’s great to have guidance from a reliable source. Nick Usborne, for me, is that source. His program is well-written, intelligent — and incredibly valuable (if you’re prepared to put the work in), and I'm delighted to own it.”

— Paul Parry
United Kingdom

“How to Build, Write, and Grow Your Own Money-Making Websites has saved me untold hours of time and thousands of dollars. It’s helped me to greatly reduce the learning curve and cut right to the chase in implementing proven money-making strategies to my website.”

— Scott Elder
Orem, UT

“I've always known that creating a Money-Making Website works. But, we'd never found a program that would take you from nothing to the finished product. We did a lot of research online and came across Nick's program. It's a superbly well-written program. It's just fantastic. It's full of so much information. If you did this on your own, you'd probably stumble around and lose interest pretty quickly. If you get stuck for ideas, there's an index there and you can pretty much find whatever you need.”

— Nick Mott
Okotoks, Alberta

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