How a Little-Known Copywriter’s Resource I Recently ‘Rediscovered’ Helped Me Earn Over $1.38 Million in Writing Fees and Royalties the Past Two Years…

Dear Reader,

The last two years, I’ve done something I’ve long wanted to do…

I’ve gone back to my “writing” roots.

By that I mean — less consulting… less of the “business” side of stuff.

I just wanted to write copy again.

I longed to get up at 6 a.m., pour myself a cup of coffee, close my office door, and really dig in to a project I enjoyed…

To research and write until one or two in the afternoon…

Take a nice break…

Then, either catch up on emails and phone calls in the afternoon — or maybe even head out for a round of early evening golf at my local club.

But before I got back to that “writing” routine I love so much… I did something I haven’t done in quite some time.

I “revisited” a very powerful resource created by some of the great Master Copywriters who’ve had an important influence on my life — a resource I’ve long credited for the recent “surge” in my writing income.

‘Rediscovering’ this resource accomplished two things:

It gave me the confidence and motivation to write more copy — and better copy — than I’ve written in my entire career…

And it further ingrained some very powerful and advanced skills I’m certain only one in a thousand copywriters know about.

Today, I want to share that resource with you.

Because I wholeheartedly believe it can have a profound and immediate impact on your writing success.

In fact, I’m so sure it will, I’d like you to have it in your possession for two years at my risk…

More on that in a moment…

But first, my name is Paul Hollingshead.

I’m one of the Co-Founders of AWAI and a working freelance copywriter.

And although my first love is copywriting, I’d found myself getting more and more involved in the “business” side of things: consulting, taking meetings, traveling to clients, finding and hiring other writers, developing marketing strategies, and so on.

Only when the time permitted was I able to work on my own freelance projects.

Point is, I felt a little like I’d lost a piece of the writer’s life we talk so much about at AWAI…

That special life you can carve out for yourself when you learn this powerful skill:

With so many scheduled meetings, sitting in on conference calls, talking about business matters… I felt like I was losing cherished freedom I once had…

Where I could look at the week ahead… choose the hours I wanted to write… and have the rest of the time completely to myself.

That’s when I said — enough! I’m going to start focusing on my writing again.

Which brings me full circle to that very special resource I mentioned — the one I’d like you to try… for two years… at my risk.

By applying the deeper secrets and persuasive strategies found in this powerful resource, I was not only able to get back into the swing of writing very quickly…

I was able to make more money writing copy than I ever thought possible!

In fact, looking at my income records from the last 24 months, I’ve generated over $1.38 million in writing fees and royalties.

All from just two clients!

I was amazed. And frankly, a little shocked.

But then again, when I look back at some of the five and six-figure royalty checks I’ve received over that time…

The payments of $31,270 … $37,925 … $42,513 … $25,793 … $11,250 … $40,250 … $10,057 … $25,815 … $62,925 … and $106,567 in 2016 …

The $54,541 … $14,100 … $35,000 … $33,400 … $15,645 … $34,000 … $30,094 … $49,000 … payments I received in 2017 …

Not to mention the biggest single royalty payment of my writing career — $187,061 from a single letter last year …

And two months into 2018 – over $116,000 in royalties so far …

Well — it’s no wonder my income has soared!

And remember — I’m a “good” copywriter… but not a great one.

There are a lot of writers who are better than I am and work longer and harder than me, making much more money…

I’m talking a million dollars a year and more!

That’s simply a reflection of how massive the opportunity is these days.

Now, I’ll be frank…

There are a lot of AWAI members I speak with at Bootcamp who say they’re happy making an extra $50,000… $80,000… even $100,000 a year writing copy.

That’s great!

And to be perfectly honest, if that’s you, you might not need the advanced skills the resource I want to share with you today gives you.

But if you want to be able to write at a much higher level…

If you want to gain a far greater understanding of the copywriting process… and to have it come to you much easier…

If You Want It All

If you want the option to make BIG money…

I’m talking $200,000… $300,000… even $400,000 writing the same amount of copy, only stronger — then you’ll want to consider my risk-free offer today.

In fact, if I’ve learned one thing about this business as a copywriter, the only difference between a $100,000 and a $400,000 income is the clients you’re writing for… the size of their lists… and the royalties you can potentially earn.

And that boils down to one thing: the level of skill you can bring to the game.

Here’s what I mean:

Ever since I got into this business 20 years ago, the companies I’ve written and consulted for have been starving for copy.

Every month, they need literally hundreds of letters, sales promotions, video scripts, web pages, lift notes, autoresponders, and more.

Most of those are smaller projects that can bring in anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000 in revenue for the company. In most cases, these mini-campaigns work to keep cash flow moving… while offering valuable products and “upsells” to the company’s existing customers…

These are the projects the typical “B-level” copywriter can handle — folks who can write a good, solid, direct promotional piece. And, yes, they’re paid well relative to the revenue those letters bring in.

But some projects — typically one out of five — are important campaigns vital to the company’s bottom line.

I’m talking about new product launches, core product promotions, lifetime offers — the kind of offerings responsible for generating millions of dollars and more each time they’re mailed…

Other “A-level” letters these companies need that attract new, paid customers, which is the lifeblood of — not just the direct-response business — but every company in the world.

For these crucial projects, clients will turn exclusively to “A-level” copywriters.

I’m talking about seasoned writers who understand the deeper secrets to “connecting” with their prospect… who know how to build a promotion around a unique and compelling idea… and can construct an irresistible offer.

That’s why “A-level” copywriters are in such high demand — and paid so well.

Because they’ve learned the secrets to writing copy that breaks through all the advertising clutter out there… and rises above the rest.

You’ve seen these letters.

Every industry has them. They’re known as “breakthroughs.”

And you remember them.

Where the Big Money Awaits…

In my niche — financial publishing — one breakthrough letter brought in over 300,000 new customers and probably paid the writer who wrote it over a million dollars in royalties.

Another I saw recently generated over $15 million in “back-end” sales — which is the term used for selling other, typically higher-priced products to existing customers.

Assuming the copywriter who wrote it is paid the typical royalty given to “A-level” copywriters… he or she could have made over $600,000…

For a letter that might have taken a few weeks to write!

Of course, not every letter is a blockbuster. But I can tell you from my own experience…

Once you understand the deeper secrets to writing “A-level” copy — and you can attract those “marquee” projects — it’s not unusual for a single promotion you write to pay you tens of thousands of dollars… at a minimum!

I told you about some of the royalty payments I’ve been very fortunate to receive the past two years…

Like the $114,559 to end 2015…

The $106,567 from last November…

And the $184,406 windfall just this past summer…

I’m not telling you about these to brag…

Access to “Marquee” Assignments

I’m showing you these windfalls to illustrate the serious money that can be made when you’re able to attract the high-paying “marquee” projects.

And please understand: This is not about having to write more copy.

It’s about writing more effective copy that generates bigger revenues (and royalties) — and, in turn, puts you on the short list of “A-level” copywriters top companies look for when it comes to their most important projects!

So it’s still possible to have your time and freedom to live life on your own terms… and make these big dollars.

Question is… how do you acquire these higher-level skills?

Well, that’s why I’m writing you today…

Years ago, when we first started introducing aspiring writers to this fun and lucrative niche of the writing industry, we recognized there would always be two “types” of writers…

Those who are satisfied to know the basics of copywriting, content to make a good living working on smaller projects while enjoying the freedom this life gives you…

And those who want it all: the prestige assignments… the big writing fees… the fat royalty checks… the reputation for being among the best in the business… and all the perks that go with it.

Just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong being a “B-level” copywriter. Most of the copywriters in the industry fit into that category and the ones I know are happy, successful, and thriving…

But if you want to step up to the “A-level,” you must learn the “A-level” secrets.

And that’s where AWAI’s “Masters Program” comes in.

You Can’t Learn These Skills Anywhere Else

Ever since we created the first version back in 1999, The Masters Program has been the resource AWAI members graduate to when they’re ready to ratchet up their skill level…

When it’s time to learn the deeper secrets to writing copy that sells billions — and gets you noticed within our industry.

Masters secrets are a result of decades of collecting, breaking apart, and analyzing the most successful direct-mail packages… meeting, talking, and working with legendary copywriters… determining what makes the great promotions outsell and outlast all the others… and then “packaging” these ideas in such a way that any ambitious copywriter can understand them and inject them into his or her copy.

You won’t find these skills talked about anywhere else.

And let me warn you right off the bat…

While some of these secrets you’ll “get” right away — others may take some time to wrap your head around. There are sections within modules you may have to study several times in order to really get what’s being taught.

For example, for years I struggled with the advanced concept of “indirection.” That’s the secret legendary copywriter Gene Schwartz first talked about when he discovered that ads that “hide” the product — or make it invisible — tend to work far better than those that don’t use this advanced secret.

But once this idea “clicked” with me and I started using it effectively, my letters started pulling in a lot more money… in some cases, two and three times as much.

My income soared — from right around $150,000 a year to upwards of $350,000…

For years, I thought the more benefits you could throw at your reader the better. But then Mark Ford (you may know him by his pen name, Michael Masterson) proved that all of the most successful promotions throughout history have one trait — they’re all anchored by one very good, very compelling, and instantly-appealing idea.

This Masters “rule” was an awakening for me.

Not only did my letters pull in more money for my clients when I followed it… I found that focusing on one very powerful idea made the letters a lot easier (and more fun) to write!

Just recently, I learned another high-level trick — the “secret structure” behind those successful Video Sales Letters (VSLs) you see everywhere these days. I’ll tell you a little more about this secret in a minute… but what I was able to apply to my writing from this secret alone has helped me earn at least an extra $200,000 over the past two years alone.

My point is simple.

The impact secrets like these can have on your writing is immediate and dramatic.

Your writing will be clearer and more persuasive.

Your promotions will be grounded in stronger “Big Ideas” that reach your prospect at a much deeper level.

More Confidence, Better Clients, More Money

You’ll have the copy skills and marketing knowledge needed to take on bigger, higher-paying projects.

You’ll be confident working with and advising high-level clients.

You’ll make more money. Lots more…

Listen, for instance, to what Beth from Minnesota had to say about her experience using the original Masters Program:

“The Masters Program has become the cornerstone on which I’ve been able to successfully grow my business. Thanks to everything I’ve learned at AWAI, my copywriting income more than doubled last year. In addition to local clients, I work with publishers nationwide to help them create compelling sales materials for their information products.”

Or Mike from Palm Cove, Florida, who has this to say:

“I thought I was a pretty smart copywriter — making over $1,000 a week with my ‘niche’ specialty — writing space ads. But, just one concept I learned from AWAI’s Masters Program has rocketed my little at-home business into the $10K-a-month club. I feel I’m now part of a ‘secret club.’ A small, exclusive group of highly-paid, specially trained individuals who are in great demand by direct marketers all over the world. It’s very cool to be needed, respected, and… successful!”

Glenn from Canada also echoed what Mike and Beth had to say:

“AWAI’s Masters Program has been invaluable to me. The deeper secrets have put me head and shoulders above the competition. As a result, there’s only been one week in the last three years when I haven’t had work… I typically work on several projects at one time… and my income doubled last year.”

Do you see the common thread here?

They all tell us their income soared after learning and applying the powerful writing and selling secrets The Masters Program contains — by “layering them on” the basic skills they already knew.

It’s like a light suddenly went on in their heads — and they knew exactly what they had to do in their sales promotions to make them stand above everyone else’s.

The Difference Between Good Copy and Great Copy

Fact is, The Masters Program has long been a “secret weapon” that only AWAI members have access to.

It offers something you won’t find anywhere else on the planet:

All the high-level secrets of many of the best copywriters in the world — people like Bill Bonner, Mark Ford, Mike Palmer, John Forde, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Nick Usborne, and many, many others.

Lots of books and programs — including those offered by AWAI — can show you how to write a good headline and structure a good sales letter. And it’s important that you know these basic skills…

But if you truly want to move to the top of our profession, you’ll need to know and master the deeper skills that can turn an ordinary sales message into a blockbuster success.

That’s what The Masters Program does for you.

It drills down further… exposing the deeper secrets to what drives a prospect’s decision to buy.

How can you distinguish a sales letter or promotion written by a Master Copywriter, as opposed to an ordinary one?

There’s one simple way…

Do you ever see ads, or sales letters, or even web copy where you read them and you know right away you’re reading an advertisement for something?

Most — I’d say 99% of all ads you read — fall under this category. These are ads written using ordinary secrets and the standard rules of ad writing. They’re not bad. They may even do the job they’re intended to do. And as a copywriter creating these “ordinary” ads, you can make your hundred grand a year, no problem…

But every now and again, you’ll see an ad written by a Master. A “Master’s ad” doesn’t feel like a sales message at all.

Instead, you feel like you’re reading a letter from a friend who has your best interests at heart and who really wants to help you solve a problem… get more out of life… be more confident — whatever the product is intended to do for you.

You find yourself captivated — excited by the prospect of what the product can do for you. You’re not the least bit skeptical. Not only are you excited to buy… you can’t wait to get the product in your hands!

Do you see the difference?

Now, it’s quite possible you’ve never been “captured” by an ad like that.

As I told you, they’re few and far between.

But that’s the kind of ad, sales letter, and web copy knowing these Masters secrets will help you write.

Truly Life-Changing Knowledge

And because this knowledge will take your writing to an entirely different level — response rates to your letters will soar… demand for your work will skyrocket… and royalties will go through the roof.

In fact, a woman once told me that the secrets she’s learning in The Masters Program are like a graduate degree in psychology. As a Master Copywriter, you’re learning instinctively how to “elevate” the relationship you have with your reader… to the point where he or she doesn’t feel like they’re being sold at all!

Let me give you an example…

One of the most powerful secrets you’ll learn in The Masters Program is “The Secret of Transubstantiation.”

Now, if you’ve studied AWAI’s Accelerated Program, you know that we should never sell the features of a product… we sell the benefits. But The Secret of Transubstantiation takes that very basic copywriting principle and raises it to a much higher level.

Let’s say you’re selling a financial newsletter — or even something as common as a vacuum cleaner.

You know by now it’s not a “newsletter” your reader wants… or even the “news” a newsletter brings.

And he certainly doesn’t want another clunky appliance cluttering up his home, no matter how sleek or powerful it might be.

Even an average copywriter knows to sell the benefits those products can deliver — like the image of having all this extra money coming in thanks to a powerful investment strategy…

Or the promise of a cleaner, more sanitary home thanks to the latest vacuum technology.

So an ordinary copywriter can sit down and write a letter that promises those very things — and it will likely do quite well…

You Will Move Far Beyond the Basics

But at the Masters level, you will know to go beyond those basic benefits…

Once you understand The Secret of Transubstantiation, you’ll get your prospect to start thinking of the vacuum cleaner, not just in terms of how it will clean her house better — but how much easier her life will be… how much more free time she’ll have to do the things she really enjoys… how she’ll be admired by friends and guests who visit her home… and so on. All without stating any of it directly. The reader will just feel it. That’s the “Masters touch.”

Same with the financial newsletter…

Your reader won’t just be thinking about the money he or she can make — but the freedom they’ll have because of it… the respect and admiration they’ll get from friends and peers… that feeling of being on the “inside” and the peace of mind knowing that they will always have a decisive edge nobody else has when it comes to making money.

Exclusivity… freedom… respect… admiration — all the things people really want.

As a copywriter who learns The Secret of Transubstantiation, you’ll understand how to take a group of “ordinary” benefits — and elevate them to a point where they’re irresistible to your reader.

The Secret of Transubstantiation is a very powerful selling technique… and it’s just one of dozens you’ll learn from The Masters Program.

It’s these “deeper secrets” that have allowed AWAI members who have taken The Masters Program to elevate their copy — and their careers — so dramatically and so quickly.

Many, Many More Secrets

What’s more, we're constantly improving The Masters Program.

I’ll tell you more about some of the specific resources we’ve added to the “new and improved Masters v3.0” in a moment…

Insights From the Greatest Minds in Copywriting

Remember, The Masters Program is not a collection of theories and ideas of one copywriter — no matter how successful…

It’s an anthology of the very best market-tested and proven copywriting ideas from some of the best copywriters in the world — past and present…

People like Mike Palmer, who’s written countless multimillion-dollar sales promotions for the financial newsletter industry… including one promotion that was responsible for over $1 billion in sales!

People like Bill Bonner, who’s turned his very deep and profound love of writing and exploring “Big Ideas” into a near billion-dollar per year information publishing and marketing firm…

Mark Ford, who’s knowledge of good writing has helped him launched dozens of multimillion-dollar businesses… helped to sell more than $10 billion in goods and services through the mail… and helped make him a millionaire sixty times over in the process.

And these are just a few of the experts.

In just a minute…

I’ll tell you about the latest industry superstar to contribute his transformational secrets to our Masters Program — including details on a trend in direct-response marketing every copywriter working today MUST master.

My point is…

Having The Masters Program is like having these folks — and the dozens of all-time great copywriters from every era they’ve studied and emulated from over the years — right by your side… feeding you all the crucial secrets that can take your copy, and your career, to the very highest level.

And with The Masters Program v3.0 — we’ve raised the bar even higher.

First, we’ve divided The Masters Program into six distinct “Modules” so it’s easier to follow:

Module One covers “Writing Concepts.”

The interesting thing here is that a lot of people new to the program assume a Masters Program is about writing more “sophisticated” copy.

It isn’t.

In fact, the entire purpose of this section is to simplify your writing — and having you communicate one idea at a time… in short sentences… in a calm and conversational tone.

One of the most important concepts you’ll master early on is Mark Ford’s “Rule of One” — the idea I told you about earlier that every successful promotion has at its core one single and strong idea. (Ordinary copywriters tend to write about many things, which only waters down copy so it becomes far less effective… )

That’s just one of seven powerful Masters techniques you’ll learn about effective writing in the first Module…

Module Two covers the “Principles and Structure of Selling” — and how you incorporate high-level selling skills into written copy and video presentations.

For example, over the years, we’ve studied all the great mail promotions — and all the great Internet promotions. All of them, without fail, adhere to the principles of The Four-Legged Stool — the four things every successful promotion needs to have working, always. If one of those legs is missing — the package becomes far less stable. Take two of those legs away and your sales letter cannot possibly stand.

I know Master Copywriters who still have each of the elements of the “four legs of the stool” taped to their computer screen… so they’re always mindful of this idea when they’re writing. In this section of The Masters Program, we delve deep into this core Masters secret with audio, video, and via the written word. If you’re going to be an “A-level” copywriter, you must understand this concept.

It’s one of six very important ideas on selling that all Master Copywriters know.

Module Three is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It’s called “Crafting Great Sales Letters” and it’s jam-packed with high-level secrets for writing the most compelling copy possible. One is the secret of the “Core Complex,” an advanced technique for reaching your prospects on a much deeper emotional level.

When you can do that — when you can talk to your reader about what he or she really wants… outside of the realm of “fear and greed”… you’re able to establish a relationship with your reader built on trust and mutual respect. Your credibility soars. The perceived value of what you’re offering goes through the roof. And in the end, the likelihood of a sale is as much as 10 times greater.

Module Three is where you’ll learn seven very powerful Masters secrets for engaging your reader like no average copywriter can.

Module Four is what every copywriter needs to know these days: “Advanced Online Copywriting.”

Here’s a little secret: Most companies marketing online out there — even some of the biggest — haven’t a clue what they’re doing. They’re flying by the seat of their pants… learning as they go. When you know the secrets to writing online copy that sells — the world will beat a proverbial path to your doorstep. And that’s what this section focuses on entirely.

You see, AWAI has had the very good fortune of working very closely with Agora Publishing over the years… a company that has spent the last 10 years (and many millions of dollars) unlocking the secrets to successful online direct-response marketing — everything from books to travel, to newsletters to consumer goods. And we’ve not only been watching them every step of the way, many of us have been involved in the process.

Everything we’ve learned, we share in this new version of The Masters Program. All these high-level secrets — from tips to writing a successful online sales letter… to techniques for getting sales emails open… to optimizing the performance of your home page… to writing copy that overcomes short attention spans.

Plus, this is the module where we’ll share our Masters lesson about writing Video Sales Letters.

Video Sales Letters, as you may know, are the hottest thing in online marketing. They can double and triple the response of traditional sales letters. That makes your client happy… but of course it can also double and triple the royalties you’re paid as well!

I’ve seen the power of these videos firsthand working with my main client, Agora Inc. Back-end promotions that once would bring in $1 million now can generated $2 million and $3 million in sales. And for the copywriter, it’s just a matter of following a proven Video Sales Letter formula… and making sure your client uses some of the production techniques that have been proven to work.

Master Copywriter Clayton Makepeace is one of dozens of Master Copywriters enjoying huge success with Video Sales Letters. He revealed his 17-step plan for producing successful videos for AWAI members at last year’s Bootcamp.

The presentation was so successful and so well received by everyone, we decided to build a high-level Masters Program lesson around it. In a moment, I’ll tell you a little more about this, our latest addition to all the power-packed secrets you’ll find in our new Masters v3.0.

With this material in hand, you’ll not only have everything you need to become an expert in Video Sales Letters, you’ll have an entirely new marketing tool you can offer your clients — one that can add (literally) hundreds of thousands of dollars to his bottom line… and your own income in added fees and royalties, year after year!

Module Five will educate — and inspire you. It’s called simply “The Copywriting Masters,” where you’ll learn about copywriting pioneers and how they changed advertising forever — plus the contemporary masters of copywriting and how you can learn from them.

People like David Ogilvy who created “The Man in the Hathaway Shirt” campaign, which some would argue is still inspiring copywriters today as the forerunner to Dos Equis beer’s “World’s Most Interesting Man” commercials… Gene Schwartz who was a master of the “down and dirty” direct-mail genre and was the first to truly understand the relationship between the product, the prospect, and you, the copywriter… Dan Kennedy, who is not only a Master Copywriter, but also an expert at self-promotion and getting and managing clients… plus 19 others who have all left indelible marks on our industry.

Knowing them and their work will not only give you a good history and perspective of the industry… you’ll also learn about the specific skills they’re known for, so you can inject a little “classic mastery” into every promotion you write.

This is a wonderful addition to the Masters v3.0 that’s sure to impact your writing in so many positive ways.

Module Six wraps things up with Masters secrets on “Focus and Inspiration.” It’s all about keeping that “drive to succeed” alive in you at all times… and overcoming the inevitable roadblocks that come our way. Like erasing self-doubt and a surefire solution to writer’s block I can vouch for personally. It’s as easy as opening up a blank Word document and writing anything that comes to mind. It works for me every time!

But it’s not all about the “mental” side of great copywriting.

You’ll learn master-level tips for dealing with clients, building up your copywriting business, increasing your daily productivity, and finding a winning tone, style, and voice to your writing that your clients (and readers) will love.

Again… I can only touch on the depth of knowledge you’ll gain from this much loved, highly respected, and most powerful resource.

If I were to describe everything in detail here — you’d never get through this letter!

That’s why I’m coming to you today with this extraordinary personal guarantee.

It works like this:

The Most Generous Guarantee You’ll Ever See

Try The Masters Program today.

Experience everything it has to offer you.

Put the high-level secrets and knowledge to work for you…

Take the next two years if you need it…

And if these secrets haven’t at least doubled your freelance writing income — call up our amazing AWAI Member Services team and they’ll see that you get a full refund, no questions asked.

And if you’re just starting out and you don’t have an income to double yet, I have a special guarantee for you, too.

If you learn and apply the advanced secrets from our Masters Program to your writing — and you’re not on your way to earning at least $100,000 as a freelance writer over the next two years… you get the same deal…

Just let us know and we’ll return every cent you paid.

There are no tricks to this offer.

You don’t have to keep track of the work you’re doing or report back to us in any way.

There are no hoops to jump through, no hurdles to clear.

Just begin the program when you’re ready and go at your own speed…

And if over the next two years you tell us The Masters Program hasn't helped you reach six-figures as a new writer — or doubled your copywriting income — just let us know and every cent will be refunded to you.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can have the entire Masters Program at your fingertips — so you can start soaking in all these powerful techniques right away…

Like the secret of “Just Three Things” — a surefire technique for opening your prospect’s mind to the message you want to give him…

The “Blockbuster Formula” — the shortest path to the most effective copy on earth…

You’ll become a master of the “Big Idea” and learn the “Mike Palmer formula” for anchoring your sales letter with a strong one each and every time…

You know The Golden Thread” as AWAI’s e-letter for copywriters. But did you know it also refers to a very advanced Masters secret that ensures your prospect never loses sight of why he’s reading your sales message and why he should stick with you from beginning to end?

You’ll learn how Master Copywriters develop a “Marketers Mindset” that lets us spot new sales and promotion ideas during our daily lives. (Imagine ending each day with too many ideas to work on the following day!)

Headlines and bullets — they’re the meat and potatoes of any written or online promotion. After this MastersHeadline Maze” session, you’ll never write a weak, non-specific, uninteresting, boring, “nothing” headline again.

Don’t forget about The Secret of Indirection.” This alone will transform your copy in ways no ordinary copywriter can compete.

How about the “Core Complex”? It’s how to know what your reader really wants — and what you need to do in your copy to connect with him on that much higher level.

Stuck for a package theme? Try these two Masters techniques for your next letter: “The Common Enemy” and “The Big Prediction.”

Learn the secret of the “Point of Maximum Anxiety” — how to identify what’s keeping your prospect up at night… and then “win him over” by making his worries disappear…

The secret of the “Velvet Cord” — how to make your prospect wonder if he’s good enough for your product or service (a very powerful technique used by very clever and sophisticated copywriters)…

Master the “Barstool Test” — a foolproof way to test the conversational quality of your copy…

The secret of the “Four P’s©: Promise, Picture, Proof, and Push” — a simple four-part selling strategy that will ensure your letter’s engaging… and hitting… all the right cylinders, every step of the way…

The “Masters Closing Technique” — the three things you can do to make your offer absolutely irresistible (plus actual examples of some of the best “offers and closes” in the business)…

All this and more…

What will you pay to own a complete copy of Masters Program v3.0?

The secrets here are worth, in my view, tens of thousands of dollars — and much more in terms of the impact they can have on your copy from this day forward.

Heck — just Mike Palmer’s formula for developing a surefire Big Idea alone can be the difference between a letter that brings in $500,000 and one that earns $3 million…

That’s potentially an extra $100,000 in royalties for you as the writer (not to mention assure you a virtual lifetime of future projects!).

That’s why you’ll be STUNNED at the price you’ll pay…

And when you combine it with our unprecedented 2-year guarantee — there is absolutely no reason anyone who’s serious about moving up the ranks to “A-level” copywriter should pass this by.

But before I get to the offical price…

There’s one more part of The Masters Program that I want to tell you about.

Triple Your Letter’s Response Rate

Without question, one of the hottest developments of the last three years in direct response are Video Sales Letters — also known as VSLs.

These days, we see a lot of high-production videos with slick announcers and “network news” quality production.

Do those work better than the simple “talking promotion,” where an announcer simple “reads along” with you? Not necessarily so…

Like everything in our business, it’s the strength of the idea that makes for a successful promotion. How effectively you solve a problem for your prospect and how well you back up your claims that you can deliver what your promising.

Nobody knows how to infuse these copywriting basics into video better than Clayton Makepeace.

This ability to reach the prospects at the deepest level is what’s made him one of the modern-day geniuses of direct response.

His promotions routinely generate millions of dollars in sales for his clients and bring in tens of thousands of new customers each and every year.

And that’s why we’re thrilled to have teamed up with Clayton to bring you this extraordinary Masters lesson on Video Sales Letters…

Your Step-By-Step Guide to Winning Videos

You’ll learn the “When and How” of presenting your sales message in 17 easy-to-follow steps.

In addition to showing you how to write a VSL, Clayton will share with you his strategies for making sure people see it… and how to “re-engage” prospects who leave your presentation early.

Of course, it’s important to know that these steps don’t just apply to Video Sales Letters — they’re also important elements every successful sales letter needs to have too!

Which brings me to an important point about Clayton’s 17-step process: not only is it useful in helping you create a million-dollar video presentation, it can also serve as a template for every sales letter you write!

Suddenly, Everything Becomes Clear!

You’ll learn the step-by-step process of making your promise… giving your expert the highest level of credibility… offering all levels of proof… ratcheting up your prospect’s excitement level… demonstrating the benefits… techniques for making the offer… sweetening the deal… making the guarantee… and ensuring your prospect has no reason whatsoever to say “no.”

It’s all in this very direct, very succinct presentation.

But that’s not all.

Clayton also reveals his “9 Rules of Thumb” for how your Video Sales Letter should look, including:

And finally, you’ll learn ways to bolster the effectiveness of your Video Sales Letter using proven embellishments, such as:

And to really drive everything home, you’ll see “real-life” examples of the most successful Video Sales Letters working today — along with “how and where” each of Clayton’s 17-step processes are used.

So you not only learn the technique, but you also get to see how it’s applied in a real live situation.

Again, this is a “bonus” Masters benefit that you’ll see right way when you order the program.

And speaking of “great copy examples,” here’s another bonus you can ONLY get with The Masters Program:

Something we call: AWAI’s Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection — 24/7 access to 64 blockbuster direct-response promotions that blew the doors off the existing controls.

Letters that brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars — mailing after mailing. Some of which have been mailing four or five years!

They’re known in the industry as “grand-slam home runs.”

But that’s not all.

You’ll also get a thorough analysis of precisely what it is that made each letter great. We’ve broken down these winners section-by-section for you. You’ll get an expert critique of the format, headlines, subheads, product positioning, bullets, offer, false close, actual close, order device… every element that goes into a winning package.

And, for some invaluable extra insight into what made each of these promotions so great, you’ll even get an in-depth and revealing interview with the writer of the letter. This really is a unique opportunity to get inside the heads of the greatest copywriters of our day and hear firsthand the deep, powerful, and useful insights from the copywriter himself.

Now, if you’re wondering — what’s the big deal about a collection of “used” promotions… here’s a little confession:

One of my most successful letters is one that generated over $3 million in revenue and has made me over $100,000 in royalties so far.

And where did I get the idea? You guessed it…

Copywriting Genius: Master Collection.

Not fair, you say?

And that’s the great thing about this amazing resource:

You not only learn powerful new techniques from it — but you can “steal” from it, too!

Now, by “steal” I don't mean lift long passages of copy word-for-word…

But you can certainly borrow from the great ideas… structure your letter after a million-dollar seller… use the same tricks and techniques these Master Copywriters used.

Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection normally costs $497 — But as an owner of The Masters Program — you get it 100% free.

The Power to Transform Your Writing Career

What’s this all worth?

So to someone like me, the hard value of these skills is easily in the tens of thousands of dollars. But in terms of the impact they’ve had on my personal and professional life — it’s priceless. 

You won’t pay $10,000…


Or even $3,000…

The cost of The Masters Program is  $1,150 – a tremendous value.

And don’t forget about our “You-Succeed-or-Else” guarantee:

Take All the Time You Need

Put all the high-level secrets and knowledge to work for you over the next year or even two, if you need it.

If in that time, you haven’t at least doubled your freelance writing income…

Or you aren’t well on your way to a six-figure income…

Call us or shoot us an email… and we’ll send you a full and complete refund of your $1,150 — no questions asked.

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Then, once your payment has been processed, we’ll send you a link with INSTANT ACCESS to everything — so you can get started ratcheting up your knowledge and writing deeper, more layered copy immediately.

And don’t forget about Copywriting Genius: The Master Collection.

I still believe one of the best ways to learn this business is to study — and mimic — great promotions that have worked in the past.

It’s a resource you’ll turn to time and time again — yours free with The Masters Program.

So, place your order for the full and complete Masters Program now at this extraordinary price.

And I can tell you from firsthand experience…

The knowledge you’ll gain through this amazing resource will transform your skills and reward you for many years to come.

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