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Richard Armstrong

All You Need to Do is Learn About Richard Armstrong’s 3 SIMPLE SECRETS For Getting Clients the Easy Way

Dear Fellow Writer,

Imagine having more clients than you know what to do with…

So many, in fact, that you have to turn them away.

Imagine booking your jobs three months, six months, even a whole year in advance.

No more spending several hours out of every day searching for clients.

No more writing letters begging for work that never get answered.

No more making “cold calls” to clients who are too busy to talk to you.

Better yet, imagine having a steady income you can count on from month to month and year to year.

You could buy a car — or even a house — without worrying that your income might dry up and disappear.

You could leverage the growing demand for your copywriting services to get bigger clients…

Better-paying clients…

And before long, the kind of first-class clients who will pay you bonuses and royalties.

Take a Year Off and Make 6 Figures Anyway

So you can take a whole year off and make a six-figure income without doing any work at all.

That’s what I did in 2014. And I loved every minute of it!

Hi, my name is Richard Armstrong. And I’ve been a freelance copywriter for over 35 years.

Richard Armstrong

When I say “copywriter,” that doesn’t mean I work for the U.S. Copyright Office.

It means I write advertising “copy” designed to sell products or promote businesses.

Nowadays, I spend most of my time writing copy that sells newsletters and books on the Internet.

But over the years, I’ve done just about every kind of writing-for-hire you can imagine…

I’ve written direct-mail letters…


Annual reports…

Corporate brochures…

Grant proposals…

Press releases…


White papers…

Fundraising letters…



Landing pages…

Heck, I’ve even written a few books and magazine articles.

(Although I don’t recommend that as a good way to make a living.)

That’s why the secrets I’m going to reveal to you in this video apply to almost ANY kind of writing you do…

As long as it’s the kind of writing where clients PAY you to promote and publicize their businesses.

As an “old-timer” in this business, I run into a lot of folks who ask me for advice. And the most common question I hear is this:

“How can I find clients?”

The question always strikes me as ironic. Because my clients are always asking me where they can find more writers!

So finding clients shouldn’t be all that hard.

Finding Clients Should Be the Easiest Part of Freelance Writing

In fact, I might even say that finding new clients is the EASIEST part of being a freelance writer! Although I realize you may not feel that way.

And I understand. Because, to tell you the truth, I didn’t always feel that way myself.

But I’ve been very fortunate in my career. And I want to “pay it forward” by helping you avoid some of the mistakes I made…

And by showing you some of the tricks it took me many years to learn.

In fact, I’m going to give you my 3 Simple Secrets for finding clients the easy way.

3 Secrets for Finding Clients the Easy Way

You don’t have to buy anything to learn these secrets. You don’t even have to give me your email address.

All you have to do is read a few of my stories…

I’m going to tell you the story about The Japanese Movie and the Chinese Restaurant. (Which is the key to helping you find clients without doing any advertising or self-promotion.)

I’m going to tell you the story about The Chimpanzee and the Chandelier. (Which is the secret for how you can attract clients like moths to a flame.)

And I’m going to tell the story about the famous Broadway Producer in the Elevator. (Which is how you can get the kind of first-class clients who will take your career to the next level.)

When I’m finished telling you these stories — just a few minutes from now — you’ll know as much about getting clients as I do.

Which is a lot.

I don’t mean to brag. But nowadays, I have more clients than I know what to do with.

I have clients coming out the wazoo!

I’ve met clients on airplanes. In restaurants. At trade shows. In just about every setting you can imagine.

At the peak of my career, I was booked as far as a year in advance. And the only reason it wasn’t two years was because I couldn’t find a calendar that big!

I’ve had clients pay me to sit around and do nothing.

They called it a “retainer.” They just wanted to make sure I’d be available if they needed me.

I’ve had clients send me bouquets of flowers and cases of wine to keep me happy.

I’ve had clients bribe me by offering me MORE than my fee if I’d let them “cut in line” ahead of other clients.

No Advertising or Self-Promotion

But here’s the kicker: I do almost NO advertising or self-promotion to get these clients.

I don’t write a blog. I don’t publish an e-zine. You may recognize my name, but it’s NOT because I fill up your inbox with spam every morning.

What about Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Periscope? Heck, I don’t even know what half that stuff is!

In short, I spend ZERO time out of my day looking for clients. Why?

Stop Looking for Clients And Let Them Look for YOU!

Because they look for me.

And pretty soon, they’re going to be looking for YOU!

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“That’s easy for you to say, Richard. You’ve been around for 35 years. You’ve got a reputation in the business. You’re probably a great copywriter.”

Well, I’ve got news for you. (And let’s just keep this between you and me, okay?)

I’m not all that great.

I’m just a journeyman copywriter.

If I were a baseball player, I’d be a .250 hitter.

You Don’t Have to Be a Great Copywriter To Make a Great Living Writing Copy

But you don’t have to be a great copywriter to make a great living as a freelancer.

I’ve been making a six-figure income for most of the last 35 years.

In 2014, I took the entire year off from work. But I STILL made a six-figure income because I was getting royalties from the year before.

Now, my net worth is in the millions. I live in a $900,000 house near Georgetown in Washington, DC.

Jefferson Memorial in Cherry Blossom Season

I work at home for about three or four hours a day. Take nice vacations. Eat at fine restaurants. Blah, blah, blah.

But it’s NOT because I’m a great writer.

It’s because I know the three secrets of landing great clients. In just a moment, you’re going to know those secrets, too.

I Have a Confession to Make

But first, I have a confession to make…

Getting clients wasn’t always so easy for me.

For the first two or three years of my career, in fact, it was the hardest part of being a freelance writer.

So hard that I almost gave up.

When I started out, I tried all the usual ways of finding clients. I did all the things you’ve probably tried.

Have You Tried These Techniques and Failed?

Have you written letters to advertising agencies and other clients asking them to hire you?

I tried that. Didn’t work.

Have you taken out ads in the trade magazines offering your services as a copywriter?

I did that. Nobody responded. And it cost me a lot of money.

What about “cold calling?” Have you tried that? I did.



I’m a shy person, and I don’t like talking on the telephone.

Cold-Calling Clients Was TORTURE for Me!

I’d rather spend a day on the rack than a day on the phone calling clients.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that these strategies are bad or that they don’t work.

I’ve known plenty of copywriters who’ve had success with those tactics. All I’m saying is that they didn’t work for ME.

In fact, nothing worked for me. And I was on the verge of giving up my dream of being a freelance writer.

I was ready to take a lousy 9-to-5 job in an office with my own cubicle, my own fluorescent lamp, and 30 minutes for lunch…

Dreary Office Cubicle

One Day I Stumbled on the Secret

When one day, I stumbled upon the secret of getting clients the easy way.

It all happened when I met a guy by the name of Milt Pierce.

Milt taught a class on copywriting at New York University, and I signed up for it.

Washington Square Park in New York City

(The famous copywriter, Bob Bly, was in that class, too.)

Milt was a good copywriter, but he wasn’t the best in the world. And he’d be the first to admit it.

Milt was also a very good teacher of copywriting, but it’s not like he had some “secret sauce” or “silver bullet” for success.

He taught the basics of copywriting. The same advice you’d find in books by John Caples, David Ogilvy, or Claude Hopkins.

Yet Milt made tons of money as a copywriter.

The Secret of “The Magnificent Seven”

He had the biggest Manhattan apartment I’ve ever seen. I think it had eight rooms altogether.

Do you know how much it costs to own an 8-room apartment at the corner of 7th Avenue and 54th Street in New York?

Luxury Manhattan Apartment Building

Let’s just say that if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it!

When Milt’s class came to an end, a bunch of his students got together and formed a little luncheon club.

Nowadays, you might call it a “Support Group” or a “Mastermind.”

But we didn’t know those words back then.

We were just a bunch of young writers who enjoyed Milt’s class and wanted to stay in touch with each other.

Once a month, we’d meet at Milt’s favorite Chinese restaurant in Manhattan.

We called ourselves “The Magnificent Seven.”

But I have no idea why.

Because there were about 12 of us, and none of us were magnificent.

“The Magnificent Seven” was the name of a Hollywood Western based on an older Japanese film called “The Seven Samurai.”

Samurai Copywriters or Struggling Copywriters?

I guess we thought we were samurai copywriters. But the truth is, we were struggling copywriters.

Every month, we’d gather over a plate of Moo Goo Gai Pan and talk about our success, or lack of it, trying to make it as freelancers in New York.

New York Chinatown

We shared ideas. We talked about getting clients. We gossiped about who we admired and who we thought was overrated.

We critiqued each other’s copy. And when one of us heard about a job that wasn’t right for us, we referred the client to another member of the group.

I got some of my first clients that way.

Milt invited special guests to come talk to us. They included some of the top freelancers in New York…

And some of the biggest clients, too. Because Milt knew everybody in the business, and everybody knew him.

As time went by, we got a sense of what it took to become a successful freelance copywriter.

You already know how well Bob Bly did.

Bob Bly at AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair

My career started to take off, too.

But Bob and I weren’t the only ones.

The Magnificent 7 Find the Secret of Success

There was a woman I’ll call RS. She became one of the top copywriters in New York, specializing in writing direct mail for magazines like The New Yorker and Vogue.

Condé Nast Magazines

There was a man I’ll call BK who made a fortune selling books by mail order.

CG became one of the best-known Internet marketing “gurus” in the world today. He’s got thousands of avid followers.

And there was a man I’ll call “Mr. X.” who’s one of the most famous copywriters of all time.

He made so much money that he retired at a young age. But you’d know his name, even his initials, because he’s a true “Hall of Famer.”

Is Success Just a Coincidence?

Is it a coincidence that out of a dozen young freelancers in New York, half of them became some of the most successful copywriters in the country?

I don’t think so.

Speaking of coincidences…

Have you ever noticed how many children of movie stars go on to become movie stars themselves?

Holywood Sign

There’s Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas. Lloyd Bridges and Jeff Bridges. Jerry Stiller and Ben Stiller.

What are the odds?

If your chances of becoming a movie star are a million-to-one, the odds of having two movie stars in the same family must be a billion to one.

Yet it happens all the time. Why?

Not Coincidences, But Connections

You could say these young actors inherited talent from their parents.

But talented people are a dime a dozen in show business. Talent alone won’t buy you a cup of coffee in Hollywood.

What they really inherited was something much more important than talent:


I’m sure you’ve heard the old expression, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

There’s a lot of truth to that.

But in my experience, it doesn’t go far enough. It’s what you know AND who you know.

More Important, It’s Who Knows YOU!

Flash-forward 35 years and nowadays I’m an “old-timer” in this business.

So I get invited to speak at a lot of conventions and seminars for copywriters, freelance writers, and Internet marketers.

Richard Armstrong at AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair

At these seminars, I meet a lot of budding young writers, and they usually try to get me to read some samples of their work.

Why Are These 3 Young Copywriters Having So Much Success?

But I always say, “Forget about your samples. Let’s sit down and talk about you.”

After five minutes or so, I can usually tell if they’re going to make it big in this business or not.

Marcella Allison

Take Marcella Allison, for example. I only talked to Marcella for 30 seconds before I said to myself, “This is somebody who’s going places.”

She asked me if I thought we could do business together sometime, and I said yes. I hadn’t even seen one word of her copy.

Rae Robinson

Or take Rae Robinson. She came up to me and asked me to autograph a book I’d written. We chatted for a few minutes, and I was impressed.

Here was a young woman just out of college who was already gaining some traction as a freelance writer.

I’ve referred a few clients to her since we met, and we’re working on a project together for a major client right now.

Julie Hassett

Julie Hassett is another young person whose career took off like a rocket. She went from working in a cubicle to making six-figures as a freelancer in less than a year.

How did she do it?

Julie said, “A big reason I can enjoy my version of the writer’s life is due to making connections to the right people.”

And They’re Not the Only Ones

I’ve met many other young copywriters who seem to have a knack for meeting the right people.

Copywriters like Roy Furr, Sean McCool, and Guillermo Rubio.

Roy Furr

Sean McCool

Guillermo Rubio

Each of them went from a standing start to six-figures in blink of an eye because of their ability to connect.

But please don’t take this to mean that you’ve got to have some sort of used-car salesman personality to succeed in this business.

Because that’s not true of these people, and it’s not true of me.

Like I said before, I’m so shy I don’t even like talking on the telephone.

But it does mean you have to be open to opportunity when it knocks.

And you need to put yourself in a place where opportunity is likely to show up.

How to Get on the Right Elevator

Let me tell you another story that illustrates this point… Once I met a famous Broadway producer at a cocktail party in New York.

Broadway Marquees

I asked him, “What’s the hardest part of your job? Finding investors, right?”

He said, “No, finding investors is easy. I just get on the elevator in my apartment building, and by the time I reach my floor, I’ve landed a few investors.”

I was surprised by this answer.

“What do you say to them to make them sign up so fast?” I asked.

“I don’t say much at all. They ask me what play I’m working on. I tell them. Then they ask me if they can invest in it. And I say, ‘Sure, why not?’”

“Where do you live?” I asked.

“I live in The Dakota.”

Mystery solved!

He lived in the same building where people like John Lennon, Joe Namath, Lauren Bacall, and heaven knows how many other millionaires and billionaires lived.

The Dakota: New York’s Most Exclusive Building

What’s the moral of this story?

It’s nice to have a good “elevator speech”…

But it’s much more important to be on the right elevator! So that’s the first secret of finding clients:

1) Get on the Right Elevator and Get Connected!

And if you click the button below, I’d like to send you a free gift that will show you exactly how to do that.

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More about that in a moment. But first, let me tell you the second secret of finding clients…

Another story…

The Secret of the Chimpanzee And the Chandelier

One day, I went to a luncheon meeting with a client of mine. She ran a direct-mail agency and she was pitching a new account at lunch. The meeting went well.

On our way back to her office, she turned to me and said, “I could take you anywhere.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

She said, “When I’ve taken a freelance copywriter to a new business pitch in the past, it’s like taking a chimpanzee to a black-tie dinner…

Chimpanzee in Tuxedo

“I don’t know what they’re going to wear. I don’t know what they’re going to say. I don’t know if they’re going to jump on the table and start swinging from the chandeliers…

“But you’re different. You asked the right questions. You listened to the answers. You knew when to talk and when to shut up. I’m pretty sure you helped me win that account.”

It’s Not about Talent

It was a compliment, I guess. But notice it didn’t have anything to do with my writing ability.

She didn’t say we’d win the account because we had such a great copywriter on our team.

She said we’d win it because I behaved like a professional.

Unfortunately, most freelance copywriters don’t.

They don’t know how to answer their telephone…

They don’t know how to respond to inquiries or RFP’s.

They don’t use the right contracts, cover letters, or client information kits.

Treat Your Writing Business as a Business

But when you start treating your copywriting as a business…

When you start acting like a professional…

When you start taking your freelance writing career seriously…

You’ll send a signal to your clients — and to yourself — that you’re confident in your own ability.

That’s when clients will start flying to you like moths to a flame.

You’ll have to beat them off with a stick.

So that’s the second secret of finding clients:


And when you click the button below, I’m going to give you the single most important resource you could have for building a professional copywriting business.

It’s almost like having a “Copywriting Business in a Box.” And it’s yours free.

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More about that in a minute. But first let me tell you the third secret of finding clients…

The Third Secret of Finding Clients

The third secret isn’t really a secret at all because it’s the same advice you hear from all the top pros in our business.

If you ask Clayton Makepeace, or Dan Kennedy, or John Carlton how to get clients, they’ll tell you it’s simple:

Clayton Makepeace

Dan Kennedy

John Carlton

Just write great copy!

But there’s a little “catch” to this advice…

How do you write great copy when nobody will give you a chance?

Or maybe you do get a chance, but you’re not good enough yet to compete with top copywriters?

That’s a problem. But it’s not a problem you can’t solve.

The answer is not trial and error. It’s not enough to learn from your failures and successes, slowly getting better as the years go by.

“Too Soon Old and Too Late Smart”

If you take that path, you’ll be “too soon old and too late smart.”

The secret is to learn from the success and failures of others.

If you want to get good fast, in other words, you need to leverage your connections.

You need to learn tips and tricks from copywriters more successful than you.

You need to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls they made early in their careers.

And you need to help others, too.

Not just because it’s the right thing to do. But because someday they’ll be in a position to help you!

The Three Secrets of Finding Clients

So, those are the three secrets of finding clients:

1) Get connected

2) Get serious, and

3) Get good fast!

But how do you put those three secrets into effect?

The answer is, you’ve got to join a community of copywriters who can give you…

First, the connections you need to take advantage of Secret #1.

Second, the advice you need to make use of Secret #2.

And third, the mentoring you need to harness Secret #3.

How to Make Your Own Magnificent Seven

In short, you’ve got to find something like the “The Magnificent Seven” that made such a big difference in my career.

Now I must admit, I had a great advantage over you when I was starting out.

I lived in New York City. Which was the capital of the direct marketing world at the time.

Manhattan Skyline

Most of the world’s best copywriters and many of their biggest clients lived or worked on that little island.

We all knew each other… socialized with each other… even ran into each other on the street.

Nowadays, great freelance copywriters live all over the world. And so do their clients.

So it’s hard to create the sense of community we once enjoyed in New York City.

That’s the bad news…

You Have Something I Didn’t Have

The good news is that you have something going for you that we didn’t have:

The Internet.

Man Working on Computer Happy Woman Working on Computer Woman Working on Computer in Coffee Shop

In other words, you have the means and opportunity to join a virtual community of copywriters and clients… a community much larger than what I had in New York.

Maybe you’ve already done so by joining various membership sites for freelance copywriters and Internet marketers.

Forgive Me for Saying So, But…

But if you’ll forgive me for saying so…

Those groups probbably aren’t giving you the kind of support, advice, and mentoring you deserve.

Which is why I’m going to tell you about another group that can and will.

I’m also going to explain why membership in this group is — hold onto your hat! — virtually free.


Effective Networking by Illise Benun

But before I do, I’d like to send you 3 FREE GIFTS to help you put my three secrets to work for your career right away…

When it comes to getting on the right elevator and riding it to the top, Ilise Benun’s EFFECTIVE NETWORKING is best program I’ve ever seen.

Does Ilise’s name ring a bell with you?

It should.

Bob Bly’s Secret Sales Weapon

Because she is Bob Bly’s secret weapon when it comes to marketing.

Ilise is the person who lets Bob sit at home in his pajamas all day writing tons of copy (and more than 85 books) while she beats the bushes signing up clients.

How does she do it? By making connections.

And her program lays out a step-by-step process for any freelancer — rank beginner or top professional — to get more clients…

Better clients…

Bigger clients…

Even your first client…

By following her tips, techniques, and tricks for making connections.

Even more importantly, by making the most of the connections you already have.

Although Ilise’s program regularly sells for $179, I’m going to send it to you FREE when you click the button below.

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Get Serious about Your Business

When it comes to Secret #2 — getting serious about your business — AWAI’s FREELANCE WRITING BUSINESS SUCCESS: The Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Business is worth its weight in gold.

Freelance Writing Business Success

Save time and avoid frustration so you can get back to writing . To help you minimize those dreaded unbillable hours, you’ll get Freelance Writing Business Success: The Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Business. It’s packed with insights, tips, checklists, samples, templates, and action steps that will serve as your roadmap as you launch and run your own freelance writing business.

And it’s a bargain at the regular list price of $297.

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Don’t Learn from Your Mistakes, Learn from the Other Guy’s Mistakes!

When it comes to Secret #3 — learning from the successes and failures of others — I know of no better resource than PROFITABLE FREELANCING by Nick Usborne.

Profitable Freelancing by Nick Usborne

Like me, Nick has made every possible mistake in this business (I can say that because he’s a friend of mine!) and he’s also enjoyed a ton of success.

But like me, he had to do it the hard way.

By trial and error… over the course of many years… he learned what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to getting clients.

But you can do it the easy way by following Nick’s hard-won advice in PROFITABLE FREELANCING.

For example, you’ll find out…

  • How to make yourself the ONLY logical choice when a client is trying to choose among several copywriters…
  • How to find the GAP in the market where there is both high demand for copywriters and low supply…
  • Why charging low prices drives clients AWAY…
  • How to DOUBLE your fees in 10 days and still keep all your clients…
  • Why the NAME you give your business can help attract clients (plus a simple formula for coming up with a great name)…
  • How to take your BEST month and make it your typical month…
  • Why working too hard actually PREVENTS you from making more money…
  • And why just THINKING about your business for a few minutes every day can make your income soar!

But let me answer the question on your mind right now…

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Effective Networking by Illise Benun
Freelance Writing Business Success
Profitable Freelancing by Nick Usborne

There’s a method to my madness.

I’m doing it as a way to introduce you — and welcome you — to The Professional Writers’ Alliance.


Until now, there has been no major professional association for writers, let alone copywriters, in the United States.

In other words, there’s been no place for copywriters…

Content writers…

Business-to-Business writers…

Website and landing page writers…

Blog post writers…

Social media writers…

Email writers…

And other members of our little “tribe”…

To gather around the fire…

Beat the drum…

Share stories…

Solve problems…

And do all the things that other professional groups, unions, and guilds do to support their members.

We Meet Every Day of the Year

In other words, the PWA is just like what Bob Bly and I had with “The Magnificent Seven.”

But instead of meeting once a month at a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan…

We meet every day at your desk, on your own computer, with a password-protected premium Membership Site.

What will you do there?

You’ll put those “three secrets” into action!

1) First, you’ll get on the right elevator and get connected.

If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, you need to connect with three different groups of people.

With your peers…

With writers who have more experience than you do…

And with clients and marketers.

When you log onto the PWA Membership Site, you’ll rub shoulders with all three of these groups.

When it comes to your peers, you’ll meet writers who can critique your copy…

Give you referrals to clients who aren’t in their niche, but may be in yours…

Or just give you a sympathetic ear to “vent” about your struggles and celebrate your successes.

Our live Forums give you a chance to toss out ideas for feedback…

Ask other writers how they’re dealing with a problem you’re having…

Or even take part in a lively debate about current issues in our industry.

Not Just for “Newbies”

But these aren’t just a bunch of “newbies” talking…

There are also some Master Copywriters who hang out on the site.

Our live “Ask the Expert” and monthly “Member Spotlights” give you the chance to meet these top writers and let them serve as role models for your career.

Here’s your chance to ask “A-list” copywriters like Bob Bly, Carline Anglade-Cole, or Paul Hollingshead how they landed their first client…






How they handle revisions…

How to ask for, and get, bonuses and royalties.

You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

But the most important people you’ll meet on the site are clients and marketers who are eager to hire freelance copywriters.

When you’re on the PWA site, in other words, you’re on the “right elevator.”

So get your elevator speech ready…

Because we’ve put together a series of live events…

  • Interviews…
  • Panel discussions…
  • Q&A sessions…
  • Webinars…
  • Virtual “meet-and-greets”…

And many other programs to put you in personal contact with clients who need copywriters.

In other words, you WILL make client contacts on the PWA Membership Site.

But when you do, it’s vital that you make a good impression. You cannot come across as the chimpanzee on the chandelier.

That’s why you’ve got to follow the second of my three secrets for landing clients:

2) Get serious about your career and act like a pro!

And there’s no better way to do that than to be a member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance.

PWA Seal

Because PWA has put together a “toolkit” of items designed to help you look, act, and feel like a professional freelance copywriter.

When you click the button below, for example, you’ll get instant permission to use the coveted PWA SEAL on your business card…

Join Now!

Your email signature…

And all of your marketing materials.

This sends a signal to your clients, your colleagues, and yourself that you are a professional copywriter who takes your career as seriously as any doctor or lawyer.

You Wouldn’t Go to a Lawyer Who Wasn’t Admitted to the Bar, Would You?

You wouldn’t go to a doctor who wasn’t “Board Certified” or a lawyer who wasn’t admitted to the bar, would you?

Well, your copywriting clients feel the same way!

When you join the Alliance, you also will become a Premium Member of WritersWanted.com…

It’s the foremost “matchmaking” site for freelance copywriters and the clients who want to hire them.

As a member of PWA, you won’t just use the site… you’ll be able to advertise on it by posting your own profile for free…

It will appear in the marketer section of WritersWanted.com, where marketers go to search for writers like you.

Like Your Own “Mini”-Website, Only Better

Plus, you’ll also get your own page in our exclusive DIRECTORY OF PROFESSIONAL FREELANCE WRITERS.

AWAI Directory of Professional Freelance Writers

This is like having your own “mini-website” posted right where clients and marketers are most likely to see it.

So the nagging problem of driving traffic to your website is solved!

We’ll Build It And the Clients Will Come

And don’t worry about the time and expense of building your own “mini-site.”

Because we’ll do it for you!

Just answer a few questions about your background, experience, and skills…

Then before you know it, your professional “mini-site” will appear for all the world to see!

But if you want to make big money in this business — and do it soon — you’ve got to follow my third secret:

3) Get good fast by learning from the successes and failures of others!

When it comes to getting good at copywriting, you can do it the hard way or the easy way.

The hard way is what I did…

Spending 5, 10, 15 years in the trenches. Making lots of time-wasting mistakes. Stumbling into a success or two…

And like I did, you slowly learn what works and what doesn’t.

The easy way is to join The Professional Writers’ Alliance and learn from the mistakes of others!

Like Walking into the Faculty Lounge

Because logging onto the PWA Membership Site is like walking into the faculty lounge at the best business school in the country…

Ivy League Campus

The school of hard knocks!

You’ll rub shoulders with top copywriters who will share tips, tricks, and techniques.

Who will confess the dumb mistakes they made early in their careers.

And whisper some of the inside information they’ve picked up over the years that helped them get to the top.

Look Over the Shoulder of Top Copywriters

One of the most popular features on the PWA site, for example, is our “First to Final” section…

“First to Final” Sample

Where famous copywriters let you look over their shoulder…

While they take a single project from the client’s first phone call to cashing the final check.

They reveal how they handled each obstacle, each challenge, and each problem that came up along the way.

Not just the creative challenges.

But also the challenges of dealing with cranky clients, difficult deadlines, irrational revisions, and more…

Well-known copywriter Charlotte Hicks Crockett said:

Charlotte Hicks Crockett

“The ‘First to Final’ feature of PWA is pure gold! Seeing how an ‘A-level’ copywriter goes from concept to rough draft to final copy is amazing. The lessons I’ve learned from listening to copywriters like Paul Hollingshead and John Forde talk through their process are priceless. It’s as if I’m sitting with them while they work.”

In fact, there are more than 75 such real-world interviews with top copywriters — plus hundreds of print articles — archived on the PWA Membership Site.

And we’re adding new ones all the time.

Welcome to the World’s Largest “Swipe File!”

Plus, you’ll have a passkey to one of the world’s largest online “Swipe Files”…

Jam-packed with PDF’s of direct-mail packages, emails, Video Sales Letters, landing pages, and other samples you can use to jump-start your own ideas.

Copywriting Samples

Your PWA Membership Card is like having a “Library Card” that lets you download an impressive archive of copywriting articles…

  • Videos…
  • Recordings…
  • Courses…
  • Programs…
  • Panel discussions…
  • Speeches…
  • And webinars for free.

The Alliance also holds copywriting contests each month with valuable CASH prizes on the line.

Pile of Cash

So you can GET PAID to learn your craft and hone your skills!

Your Membership in PWA Is Virtually FREE!

Now that I’ve brought up the subject of money, let me answer the question on your mind right now:

How much does it cost to join The Professional Writers’ Alliance?

The answer is $58 a month. Which comes to about $1.87 a day.

In fact, if you join today, we’ll, in a way, pay you to join…

Making your membership in The Professional Writers’ Alliance virtually free!

I’ll explain exactly how that works in a moment.

Trade Associations Aren’t Cheap

But first, I’d like you to think about why $58 is a bargain…

Because membership in professional trade associations can be expensive.

If you were to join the Direct Marketing Association, for example, it would cost you $125 a month… or $1,500 a year.

Many copywriters do, in fact, join the DMA.

But the DMA serves the needs of large direct-mail agencies, printers, envelope manufacturers, and the like.

I’ve been to the DMA convention, and as a freelance copywriter, I felt like a small fish in a big sea.

Main Exhibit Hall at Large Convention

But The Professional Writers’ Alliance is different…

This is YOUR trade association, formed to meet YOUR needs, and serve YOUR interests.

Costs Less Than Your Morning Cup of Coffee

Which is why many freelance copywriters consider their membership an indispensable business tool…

As important to them as their computer or telephone.

Yet it costs less than one cup of regular Starbucks coffee a day.

Computer and Cup of Coffee

No wonder PWA gets such rave reviews from the hundreds of freelance copywriters who’ve already joined.

Almost every day, we hear from PWA Members who tell us how the site has helped them find clients…

Manage their business…

And boost their income.

John Rodriguez says:

“I have received so much support and training that I can’t begin to thank you for all the massive resources available to me.”

Megan Gilmore writes:

“Being able to have other like-minded successful members to bounce ideas off of truly saves me time and money.”

Jerry Bures says:

Jerry Bures

“I’m inspired and motivated by the Member Spotlight feature. It’s a lesson in re-fueling to hear others’ stories, knowing that this life of writing from home is doable.”

But I’ve saved the best part for last…

The Professional Writers’ Alliance has special access to the world’s largest collection of copywriting resources on the market, including…

Training videos…







Books and articles…

It’s like the “Library of Congress” for freelance copywriting!

And every time you pay your membership dues in PWA, that money is banked in your own personal account…

Which you can use to buy any of those books, videos, and courses in our massive archive.

We call these “Alliance Dollars”…

And while you can’t use Alliance Dollars to buy your groceries…

They’re as good as cash when it comes to buying any book, video, course, or program from our “Library of Copywriting.”

After just nine months of full-price membership in PWA, for example, you could have $522 in your account.

That’s more than enough to get Nick Usborne’s Web Copywriting 2.0 program…

Steve Slaunwhite’s Secrets of Writing High-Performance Business-to-Business Copy

Or How to Write Blockbuster Financial Market Controls… the program Paul Hollingshead recommends if you want to write for this lucrative niche.

Alliance Dollars just keep adding up day after day, month after month, year after year, for as long as you’re a member of PWA.

We’ll even kick in an extra $100 for every 12 months you remain a member.

Are you starting to see what a great deal membership in the Alliance is?

Your Dues Will NEVER Go Up!

Your membership in the Alliance is always on a month-to-month basis.

There’s never any obligation or commitment to continue.

You can cancel your membership at any time for any reason. Just let us know and we’ll stop charging your credit card immediately.

You can KEEP all the benefits you’ve received…

Effective Networking by Illise Benun
Freelance Writing Business Success
Profitable Freelancing by Nick Usborne

And you can KEEP all your “Alliance Dollars,” too! So there you have it.

You’ve Reached a Crossroads Now

Now that you know the three secrets for finding clients, you’ve reached a kind of crossroads:

You can take those three secrets and try to put them to work on your own.

That’s what I did, and it worked…


But that’s doing it the hard way.

The Easy Way, or The Hard Way Sign

Why not do it the easy way by joining The Professional Writers’ Alliance?

If you choose the hard way, let me warn you, it may take 5, 10, or even 20 years before you start enjoying the kind of writer’s life I’m living now.

See Results in a Matter of Days

But if you join PWA, you could start seeing results in a matter of months… weeks… or even days.

Imagine having clients calling you instead of making a bunch of painful “cold calls” every morning.

No more writing blog posts or email blasts every day.

No more hanging out on Facebook or LinkedIn, waiting for someone to “notice” you like Lana Turner in a tight sweater.

Lana Turner

No more mailing out sales letters begging for work or monthly “newsletters” that nobody reads.

Instead, clients will line up outside your door waiting for the privilege of working with YOU.

So why not click the button below right now?

Join Now!

Here’s What You’ll Get

When you do, you’ll get full access to The Professional Writers’ Alliance.

And, we’ve made your membership in the PWA virtually free by banking those dues in the form of “Alliance Dollars”…

Which are as good as cash whenever you choose to buy a book, course, program, video, or webinar from our vase “Library of Copywriting.”

Stick with us for a year and we’ll kick in an extra hundred bucks in “Alliance Dollars”…

And we’ll keep doing it for every 12 months you remain a member.

You’ll also get a Certificate of Membership. Frame it and hang it on the wall of your office — just like a doctor, a lawyer, or any professional.

You’ll get an official PWA Membership Card, too, with your name and Member Number embossed on the front.

PWA Membership Certificate and Card Example

PWA Seal

Plus, you’ll get permission to display the coveted PWA Seal on your website, business card, and other marketing materials.

And don’t forget about those 3 FREE GIFTS I mentioned earlier.

Effective Networking by Illise Benun
Freelance Writing Business Success
Profitable Freelancing by Nick Usborne

Your FREE COPY of Ilise Benun’s program EFFECTIVE NETWORKING, which is the key to putting Secret #1 into effect: “Get connected!”

Your FREE COPY of FREELANCE WRITING BUSINESS SUCCESS, which is how you put Secret #2 into action: “Get serious!”

And your FREE COPY of Nick Usborne’s program PROFITABLE FREELANCING. That’s how to unlock Secret #3: “Get good fast!”

9 Places to Get Clients NOW

Here are nine of the fastest, easiest ways to start landing clients right away. Not only does this brand-new report walk you through each opportunity — many of which you can start working on immediately without even leaving home — it also gives you access to the best professional examples, article series, expert interviews, and webinars tailored to each method, taking all the guesswork out of landing clients.

Dr. Johnson’s Most Important Insight on Advertising

Samuel Johnson? That’s right. In fact, Dr. Johnson came up with the single most important insight ever made about advertising.

Do you know what it is? I’ll tell you in a moment.

Because I’m about to wrap this up, and there’s a tip in there about how to write a good ending.

This free 9 Places to Get Clients NOW special report will arrive in your Welcome Kit along with your Certificate of Membership and your official Membership Card.

But the three other free bonus gifts will be yours to enjoy instantly as soon as you click the button below…

Plus, you’ll get immediate access to the full PWA Membership Site so you can start enjoying all the benefits of membership just moments from now.

Join Now!

I know you’ll make the right decision…

And I look forward to welcoming you as a fellow member of The Professional Writers’ Alliance today.

Richard Armstrong

Richard Armstrong

P.S. What did Samuel Johnson say about advertising? He said “Promise, large promise, is the soul of an advertisement.”

And I’ve got a large promise for you. You will get on the right elevator… you’ll get serious about your business… and you’ll get good fast if you join PWA. I guarantee it!

P.P.S. Don’t forget, there’s NO OBLIGATION to stick with PWA for longer than a month. Spend just $58 today and log onto the PWA Membership Site to give it a “test-drive” for 30 days.

If it doesn’t live up to all the promises I’ve made for it today, let us know. We’ll cancel your membership and stop charging your credit card right away.

You’ll keep your free report and all the “Alliance Dollars” you’ve earned — with our compliments. Fair enough? Click that button now!

Join Now!

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