Attention all unpublished authors:

Is There a Potential Bestseller Inside You Just Dying to Be Written?

Then don’t wait a day longer… because I can show you:

  • How to Transform Your Idea into a Page-Turning Blockbuster…
  • How to Connect Your Book to Thousands of New Readers Every Day…
  • How to Self-Publish Your Way to Financial Freedom…

… All in just 12 easy to follow lessons!

Dear Friend,

If somewhere deep inside, you want to write the book that becomes your legacy…

If you’d like that book to pay for itself and fund the writing of your second…

If you’d like to join the ranks of authors whose words impact millions of people…

… by turning your unique life experience into a gripping memoir, or showing others how to achieve personal fulfillment…

… weaving a historical thriller… mystery or sci-fi novel… or young adult fiction…

… then read on.

I’m going to show you how you can become a published, well-respected author, even if you…

Because every successful author today has — at one time — felt all those things.

Take Gulf War veteran, Dave Pelzer…

At 34, he turned a life of abuse at the hands of his mother into one of the best-selling autobiographies of all-time.

It generated over $6 million in sales and allowed Dave to go on and write seven more books that touched millions.

Today, people pay $7,000 to attend Dave’s inspirational live events.

At age 67, Jennifer Worth decided to write down the story of her career as a midwife to some of London’s poorest families.

That book sold over $2 million, giving Jennifer the chance to turn it into a best-selling trilogy.

Later, the book was adapted into one of the highest-rated dramas ever in BBC history.

When married mother of two, Kelly Corrigan, was diagnosed with cancer at the same time as her father, she wanted to write down her childhood memories for him.

“I had the idea of self-publishing a book I could give him,” she said.

Those “jotted down” childhood memories ended up earning Kelly a spot on The New York Times Best Seller List… a deal with the same publisher as Tina Fey’s Bossypants… and a high-powered agent at William Morris.

So, what do this Gulf War veteran, nurse midwife, and stay-at-home mom have in common?

They all found a way to overcome the obstacles in their lives and write down every last word of the book they had inside them.

You Too Have a Book Inside You. How Much Longer Must the World Wait to Read It?

Donna Baier Stein

I’m Donna Baier Stein, author of the PEN/New England Discovery Award-winning novel, The Silver Baron’s Wife.

And for me, the answer to that question was 25 years.

But once I finished my novel, everything changed.

Critics raved, calling it…

“A fascinating read.”

“A treasure… strikes gold!”

“An immensely readable novel.”

And Amazon readers have rated it 4.8 stars out of 5.

Of course, I don’t tell you any of this to brag…

I tell you because the novel that changed my life forever, paid me the largest fiction royalty check I’ve ever seen in my life, and brought pleasure to so many readers…

Almost never happened.

See, I carried the story of “Baby Doe” Tabor around inside me for over two decades.

It constantly knocked at my ribs, begging me to unleash it to the world.

But I was too busy with my work, raising my children, and all my daily to-dos to sit down and actually write it.

Finally, I made the decision to put it all on paper — from start to finish.

And, once I completed The Silver Baron’s Wife and it met the world at large…

The final, most important piece of my life fell into place.

I finally told the story I had always wanted to tell.

And, to my joy, it touched many people just as deeply as it had touched me.

Today, I want you to step into that same kind of victory…

A chance to experience the fulfillment only a published novel or memoir can bring…

A chance to earn a living writing the stories only you can tell…

A chance to leave a legacy you can be proud of…

And I want to show you how to do that.

Because once I made the “do-or-die” decision to publish my first novel, I developed a “soup-to-nuts” blueprint to give other potential authors the tools I used on my journey to success.

And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

So grab your calendar and put a bright red circle around today’s date, because…

Today is the Day You Throw Out Every Excuse for Not Finishing Your Novel

Tell me if any of these ring a bell for you…

See, any one of these limiting — and, yes, completely false — beliefs can trip you up… leave you frustrated… and cause you to bury that novel for another year or more.

But with the step-by-step training I — along with the help of more than a dozen successful published authors — have crafted for you… you needn’t worry about losing momentum or inspiration for even a day.

Because this program is designed to turn you into a master of idea generation… character development… narrative arc… revision — and, of course, promoting your finished masterpiece far and wide.

And unlike a how-to book, which normally only deals with ONE of these subjects…

Or glosses over each one just enough to whet your appetite, but not enough to make you proficient…

This 12-step immersive program is designed to take you in-depth into all the crucial aspects of story development, writing, and publishing.

Every single ingredient you need to take your book from a half-formed idea to a beautifully-written, published book.

So let me introduce you to what I believe could be one of the most life-changing undertakings you ever embark on.

It’s my 12-step program called:

“Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now!”

Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! Cover

And it’s the perfect solution for you if…

  1. You struggle with sitting down and getting your novel or memoir started OR finished
  2. You believe completing your book is an integral part of achieving your life’s goals…
  3. You want to make an impact on readers everywhere — by entertaining them… moving them… and expanding their minds…

Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! will give you the habits, skills, and insider tips required to go from aspiring writer to published author in no time.

Here’s what you won’t get in Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now!

  1. Useless fluff or cheesy rah-rah speeches
  2. Vague instruction
  3. Time-consuming, unnecessary “creative exercises”

Here’s what I will promise you…

  1. Checklists, steps, and methods you can follow to the letter
  2. Insider secrets from authors who turned their first books into bestsellers
  3. Straightforward skill-building exercises to help you sail through the writing process

Inside Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! is everything you need to master the journey of writing and promoting your first book.

In fact, let me show you exactly what you’re going to walk away with once you’ve completed your fun and exciting 12-step journey…

Lesson #1: Transforming Your Mind by Developing the “Author’s Mindset”

I show you…

I also dispel some harmful myths and reveal the secrets of some of the world’s most successful authors…

If procrastination and lack of solitude hold you back, you’ll definitely want to know about…

After Lesson #1, you’ll have a complete breakthrough in your mindset… developing new thought patterns, beliefs, and systems that will make you unstoppable in getting your book done!

Next, I introduce you to one of the most fun parts of the discovery process…

Lesson #2: Nailing a Killer Idea

Your story idea will be the foundation of everything that comes after, so it’s important to give it some well-deserved attention.

I’ll show you…

If you’re still searching for that perfect idea, I’ll reveal…

Once you’re ready to expand on your killer idea, I give you technical and creative “must-haves” that will make your research and writing process 10 times simpler

After Lesson #2, you’re going to be so excited about your story idea, you’ll want to tell everyone you meet:

“Hey, I’ve got this great idea for a novel — and I’m actually going to write it!”

And that’s when we move forward to…

Lesson #3: Creating Characters Readers Love, Despise, and — Most Importantly — Never Forget

Your characters will live, breathe, and speak inside your head for as long as you write and edit your book.

You will come to know them better than you know some of your best friends and closest family members.

That’s why I’m going to reveal…

I’ll also introduce you to…

BONUS SECTION! During Lesson #3, I’m going to introduce you to an advanced character development system known as “The Enneagram.” While not for every beginner, this revolutionary technique can take your craft from novice to expert even if you’ve never written anything before.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll fall in love with your wholly original cast of memorable, nuanced characters.

Which leads straight into the question… Which one of them will tell your story?

Lesson #4: Choosing the Character who Becomes the Linchpin of Your Story

Point of View (POV) is something new writers often take for granted (or overlook completely).

That’s why in Lesson #4, I clear up any confusion you may have before you pick who tells your story…

Is there a “right” or “wrong” POV for your story? There might be, depending on what you’re writing…

By the end of Lesson #4, you’ll know who is telling your story… how they’re going to do it… and what it takes to keep their voice interesting and consistent.

And then, I’ll show you how to shape the rest of your book’s voices too…

Lesson #5: Writing Heart-Wrenching, Gut-Punching, Authentic Dialogue

The way your characters speak to each other says everything about them.

That’s why I give you loads of tips and tricks for creating breathtakingly sharp scenes of dialogue, beginning with…

By the end of Lesson #5, penning your characters’ lines will be as easy as speaking to your friends on the phone.

Next, I lead you through the creation of your book’s completely unique setting…

Lesson #6: Building the World Inside Your Book

Every great author knows the setting of their novel like the back of their hand — even if they’ve never been there or it’s a complete fantasy world.

In this lesson, you’ll discover:

By the end of Lesson #6, you’ll have your idea fleshed out, your characters come to life, and your settings fully realized.

With that work behind you, it’s time to let the writing flow!

Lesson #7: Lighting a Fire on Page One

You get only a matter of seconds to engage your reader’s attention, heart, and mind, so I’ll walk you through…

Once your reader is hooked, it’s time to lead them down a winding path entirely of your creation…

Lesson #8: Weaving a Sweeping Storyline

For many authors, this is where they get bogged down and lost at sea. Not you!

Because I give you a time-tested system of checks and balances that will keep your story arc perfectly paced

Okay… you’ve nearly done it… You’ve written as far as your novel’s climax…

Here’s how to take it home…

Lesson #9:
Going Out with a Bang

At this point, your reader will be wishing for anything except for the book to be over…

But during Lesson #9, I show you the secrets to making your novel’s ending an event they never forget…

You’ve made it this far, so in Lesson #9, I pull out all the stops to get you past any final roadblocks…

And just like that… you’ve arrived at the end of that magical first draft. Now, in Lesson #10, it’s time to learn how to take that draft from good to GREAT…

Lesson #10:
Rewriting Made Easy

Don’t have money to hire a professional editor yet? Don’t worry… in Lesson #10, you’ll learn crucial editing techniques from the pros.

You’ll discover:

Plus, you’ll know exactly how to turn problem spots into opportunities…


THIS is where most writing programs’ instruction ends… You know…

“Congratulations on finishing your novel. Pat yourself on the back. You’re done!”

But in Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now!, I take you all the way to the finish line.

The next two lessons focus exclusively on getting your book published, reviewed, and SOLD.

If you follow the advice I give you in the next lessons, you could get your book to the top of Amazon rankings… featured on podcasts and blogs… and distributed to every corner of the world.

I’ll show you exactly how in…

Lesson #11: Snagging an Awesome Publishing Deal

You’re about to discover how to dramatically increase your chances of signing with a publisher and landing an ideal agent.

Because Lesson #11 is an insider’s guide to what each of these mythical figures want… their average response time… and how to create submissions that knock their socks off…

In it, I share…

Plus, tips you won’t find anywhere else…

Lesson #12: Self-Publishing Your Way to Fame

You also may choose to self-publish…

This option allows you to collect 100% of sales proceeds instead of just a 10% royalty!

I’ll hold your hand through this exciting and empowering process, showing you…

I’ll even show you how to ace “building” your physical and digital books, including:

At the end of Lesson #12… I want you to reward yourself…

This is the time to bust out that great bottle of champagne you’ve been saving…

To go out to the finest restaurant in town…

To spend a full day pampering yourself at the spa — even make it a weekend!

Because simply by following my 12-step Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! program… you did it.

You learned what it takes to become an author.

You’ve taken the first steps toward creating your legacy.

And the dream you’ve always had is actually happening.

But there’s one more very important part of becoming an author that I don’t want to overlook…

Getting paid.

Now, I’m not going to make any bones about it and say that part isn’t very, very important.

Any paychecks that roll in after publishing your novel are what could allow you the financial freedom to finally write full-time!

Ellen Baker

Like Ellen Baker from Superior, Wisconsin. She was a museum curator when she decided to become an author. After she finished her first novel, she snagged a two-book publishing deal with Random House.

Today, Ellen is going on 10 years as a full-time writer, editor, and public speaker.

Edward Conlon at a book signing in 2004.

And Ed Conlon — a fourth generation New York City cop — whose memoir, Blue Blood, became a bestseller. It was later turned into the hit CBS show, Blue Bloods.

After he published the book in 2011, Ed was able to turn in his badge and begin living his dream life as a full-time author.

Then there’s Max Evans…

Max Evans

As parents to twins, he and his wife, Pat, were living in near poverty. He wrote his first novel, The Rounders, as a last-ditch effort to pull them out of crushing debt.

The plan worked.

The Rounders and his second novel, The Hi-Lo Country, became bestsellers and were turned into well-respected films.

Now… the money you’ll get paid will depend on the number of your books that are sold to readers.

This seems obvious, but you may be surprised to learn…

Even if you get represented by one of the top literary agents in the industry, they will still ask you:

“How are you planning to promote your book?”

And the last thing I want you to do is give them a blank stare.

I want you to be a fount of ideas when it comes to promoting your novel… drumming up interest… firing up readers… and getting your book flying off shelves.

That’s why I created one more additional — and wholly indispensable — bonus for you…

How to Promote Your Book Like a Pro Even If You Have Zero Industry Contacts

Websites… blogs… social media… podcasts…

I’ll take you through each of them — showing you how to maximize their impact and letting you know which ones you can safely avoid…

I’ll also show you how to master the online promotion game for hot reviews, high rankings, and huge visibility…

Next, is a bonus from memoirist, Lisa Romeo. Lisa and I shared an hour discussing Lisa’s journey to published author and secrets to her process. Get a glimpse of what it takes to trigger your memory to capture a compelling story or memoir.

Once You Finish the Bonuses, You Can Consider Yourself an Up-and-Coming Author

And I’m not kidding about that.

You will have more insider knowledge… more strategies… and more technical know-how than 90% of writers out there.

Remember, you’re going to learn step-by-step how to:

There’s simply nothing you won’t be able to handle.

Because you will have a set of time-tested tools for every step of the novel-writing process.

Best of all… you won’t need to take four years of creative writing courses to get to that level.

I’ve designed this course to give you the tools you need to publish the book you’ve always wanted to write… and, in the process, perhaps become America’s next best-selling author.

So here’s the next question…

If You Could Squeeze the Juiciest, Most Critical Elements of a Creative Writing MFA Into a 12-Lesson Online Learning Program, What Would that Be Worth to You?

A two-year Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program averages between $27,600-$72,600.

Textbooks and supplies can cost $1,000 a year on top of that.

Not exactly the fastest path to financial freedom by any stretch.

And really… is an MFA a natural stepping-stone to becoming a best-selling author?

If you ask George R.R. Martin, J. K. Rowling, Danielle Steel, Michael Crichton, John Grisham, and Barbara Kingsolver — a group that has sold 1.7 billion books — the answer would be an emphatic NO.

See, not a single one of them needed a degree in writing in order to achieve monumental success.

And neither do you.

All you need is a toolkit to help turn the book that’s already inside you into a published novel or memoir.

And that’s exactly what I’ve put together for you with Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now!

When I gave an advanced sneak peek of the program to a handful of my author friends, they asked me, “Wow, how much are you going to charge for this?”

When I told them the price that AWAI and I had been kicking around, the most common response was along the lines of, “What?! Why so little? You know you could get TEN TIMES that amount easily.”

Now, maybe that’s true. They certainly seemed adamant about it…

But what kept coming up for me was this:

I didn’t want anyone else out there with a book inside them that’s dying to get out… to have to wait 25 years like I did… to put it down on paper.

And I especially didn’t want the reason for that to be that they couldn’t afford my program.

So we settled on a very affordable retail price of $479.

Less than a quarter of what just your textbooks and supplies would cost you during a writing program. Let alone MFA tuition!

And given how the Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! program is designed to fast-track you to writing success…

You could have your novel published and selling before you know it, making every penny of that back before the year is over.

If You’re Ready to Say… “YES! I Want to FAST-TRACK My Story to the World!” Then, I Have an Unprecedented Deal for You…

As part of this special “Fast-Track Your Novel” deal, I want to let you in on everything else you’re going to get from me — in addition to the lessons I’ve just walked you through…

Let’s begin with…

“FAST-TRACK” BONUS #1 UNBOUND: Your 12 One-on-One Insider Interview with Some of Today’s Hottest Authors…

When you finish each lesson, you’ll get to cap it off by spending a full hour gleaning tips, inspiration, and hard-earned lessons from…

Jenny Milchman

Jenny Milchman (2013 Mary Higgins Clark Award winner — Best Suspense Novel, Silver Falchion Award winner — Best Novel of the Year, USA Today Bestselling Author) on building an unbreakable writing habit and harnessing rejection to make yourself unstoppable…

Talia Carner

Talia Carner (USA Book News Best Book Award winner, bestseller) reveals time-honored secrets for finding and honing ideas that will resonate deeply inside you and hit a home run with readers everywhere…

Becky Masterman

Becky Masterman (Edgar Award for Best First Novel, CWA Gold Dagger Award for Best Crime Novel of 2013) on developing a lead character so rich and compelling, the rest of the novel simply falls into place on his/her coattails…

Cat Rambo

Cat Rambo (World Fantasy Special Award, President of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) on choosing an unorthodox point-of-view… composing over 200 works of fiction… building your writing career while working a full-time job… and knowing when it’s time to make the leap.

Lisa Romeo

Lisa Romeo (Creative Non-Fiction Editor, Founding Faculty of the Bay Path University MFA program) on memoir writing and her personal path to relating the story of her father’s death, grief, and life. Her first memoir was published by University of Nevada Press.

Victor Rangel-Ribeiro

Victor Rangel-Ribeiro (New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow, Milkweed National Fiction Prize, Booklist Honoree for Notable Books) on artfully populating the marvelous world of your novel without letting it overpower the story line.

Walter Cummins

Walter Cummins (Editor of The Literary Review, Publisher at Serving House Books) reveals surprising topics and genres trending in the publishing industry right now… and what it takes to compose a winning bio in your query letter even if you have no “real” writing experience.

Look at this talented and successful roster of authors…

As a member of Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now!, you get their advice and expertise right at your fingertips…

And that’s just for starters!

You’ll also get to sit down “one-on-one” with authors Michelle Cameron on creating rich dialogue… Diane Bonavist on captivating opening lines… Judith Lindbergh on devising riveting plot twists… Lynn Biederstadt on writing powerful closing pages… Richard Armstrong on acing the revision process… Andrea K. Stein on using self-publishing as a ticket to freedom… and Carolyn Howard-Johnson on promoting your book in the cheapest and “funnest” ways possible!

With these 13 authors, educators, publishers, and promoters on your team, you simply cannot lose.

And with your Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! program, you’ll get 24/7 access to my interviews with them.

So whether you sit down with a cup of tea and a notebook…

Or stick on a pair of headphones at the gym…

You can take your A-team with you wherever you go and soak up their invaluable lessons on your own time.

Today, you’re also going to get…

“FAST-TRACK” BONUS #2 Your Quick Reference Writer’s Library

Some subjects deserve to be within reach at all time…

That’s why I created a quick reference writer’s library to accompany your program.

You’ll get six digital reports outlining helpful strategies, checklists, formats, and techniques.

Simply print them out to keep in a binder near your desk for whenever you need them.

You’ll get:

Now, I may have saved the best for last here…

“FAST-TRACK” BONUS #3 An Opportunity to Join the Online “Invitation-Only Writer’s Room”

This is where my offer to you today reaches entirely new heights…

With Bonus #3, your Writer’s Community doesn’t disappear after you complete the 12 lessons…

Because I’m granting you access to an intimate — and interactive — forum where you can converse one-on-one with your fellow up-and-coming authors in the Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! program.

You can use this forum as a private, safe place to:

Again, this is not a bonus that vanishes when you “graduate” from your Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! program.

By joining today, you will have access to the “Invitation-Only Writer’s Room” indefinitely.

There’s no charge to stay a member either.

Once you’re in, you’re in.

And it’s for this reason I’m extending you this very special offer today.

See, we’ve recently revamped the Writer’s Room to make it more engaging, helpful, and interactive for every writer that “walks through” that virtual front door.

And now… we need a brand-new group of committed, excited writers to help us make this space a true launching pad for the world’s next great novels.

I believe that if you are still reading this letter, you are among that group.

And it’s for this reason I’m extending you this very special offer today.

See, it’s been a while since we’ve opened up slots for new members in the program.

And I want to fill them with the hungriest, most engaged writers out there.

And because I want everyone who comes on board to feel this program is truly their “home” for writing inspiration and step-by-step guidance…

I’m offering you a 100% risk-free trial.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

If, within the first 30 days, you find the Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! program doesn’t suit you for any reason, simply call us and you’ll receive every penny of your membership fee back in your account.

No university writing program on earth would make you that kind of guarantee!

But that’s how confident I am that Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! will provide all the tools you need to fast-track your novel.

If for any reason you don’t see it that way, I’m happy to fully refund your money anytime within the first 30 days.

That gives you four full weeks to dive into the lessons, listen to the UNBOUND interviews, print your quick reference writer’s library, and take advantage of the “Writer’s Room” community — all completely risk-free.

So, I urge you to throw any caution aside…

Because it’s that same caution that’s held you back this long from writing that incredible story inside you.

Please… don’t let the days turn into years… and the years turn into decades…

It’s simply not worth it, when all the fast-track resources you need to Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now! are immediately at your fingertips.

Join now and you’ll get:

All for the very affordable price of $479.

So, please don’t wait another second.

Click the button below to secure your spot.

You have nothing to lose.

“YES! I Want to FAST-TRACK My Story to the World!”

Your legacy… your story… your personal fulfillment… and possibly your financial freedom…

All are waiting for the author inside you to step forward right now.

Come inside and let’s get your journey started.


Donna Baier Stein
Award-Winning Author
Creator and Director, Write Your First Novel or Memoir Now!

“YES! I Want to FAST-TRACK My Story to the World!”

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