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Join this growing community of over 25,000 like-minded writers who are turning their passion for writing into a stress-free, fun-filled, and exciting way of life.

We Barefoot Members believe that any person who dreams of writing for a living can — and should! — get paid for every word they write.

We’re guided by these eight writing principles of success:

  • We believe writers can make a great deal of money without publishing a best-selling book or award-winning screenplay.
  • We believe in the value we provide as writers and expect to be paid well for it.
  • We believe in living life on our own terms, enjoying what we do, and having plenty of time to play and relax.
  • We believe you don’t have to “pay your dues” to be successful like so many of our parents and our grandparents did. You get to benefit from our decades of experience and jump right in to the best-paying writing opportunities.
  • We believe you don’t have to accept the status quo. Money AND freedom are both possible — at the same time! No more commuting. No more asking permission. As a writer, you can work from anywhere and take as many vacation days as you want.
  • We believe in having the freedom to be there for your family and friends when they need you.
  • We believe in supporting each other’s writing aspirations, helping one another climb higher and earn more, and kicking up our heels when we get together to relax and have a great time.
  • We believe in going for what you really want in life… and getting it.

If you share these same beliefs… welcome to the Club!

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What You’ll Get with Your Membership…

When you join The Barefoot Writer Club, you’ll have immediate access to a full range of writing resources: videos, in-depth reports, webinars, articles, and advice and guidance from highly accomplished writing experts covering a wide range of topics — from the best and easiest ways to find clients to how to land well-paid writing projects and how to find your ideal writing niche.

And every single idea, tip, or strategy is designed to push you forward — faster — while making sure you never feel alone.

Here’s the start of what you’ll receive now…

  • AWAI’s Smart Start Writing Course ($129 Value — Yours FREE!), so you can start making money fast… Copywriting is hands-down the best way to make a living as a writer. And this 85-page training manual will give you the basics you need to get started on your copywriting career right away.
  • 11 How-To Bonus Reports that open the gates to unique ways to make great money as a writer…
  • Our private, members-only Facebook Group where you’ll connect with experts, professional writers, and fellow aspiring writers who can motivate and help you move forward faster…
  • Exclusive archive access to the highly regarded Barefoot Writer Magazine, where you'll get tips for creativity, productivity, and making money…
  • Ongoing support as you start your life as a well-paid writer…
  • And much, much more!
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And if in that time you decide for any reason (or no reason at all) the Club or the life of a well-paid writer isn’t for you, let us know.

We’ll simply (and immediately) cancel your membership and refund your $249 — no questions asked.

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“I don’t commute to work… I don’t have to travel… I get to see my family every day… I have no one to answer to… Plus I’m a lot more relaxed than I used to be… This may sound cheesy, but I’m a lot more at peace now that I’m in control of my life.”

— Ed Gandia

“I get to satisfy my interests and intellectual curiosity – and make a bunch of money. Put these altogether, and it’s the ideal career for me.”

— Rob Gramer

“I’m earning more than I ever have, and I still have a lot of room to grow. Before, it seemed like I had to choose between a job that I wasn’t that interested in but where I made decent money, or a job that I liked but made very little. Now I have both.”

— Rebekah Mays

“What I wanted was a prosperous, six-figure writing career. I started focusing on that — and got exactly what I wanted.”

— Colette Rice

“For me, freedom is probably the greatest benefit. It’s the ability to work where I want, when I want. If I make a lot of money, great. But it's the freedom — the ability that if I want to, I can.

— Eddie Stephens

“I have a measure of freedom I never had before. I can take a two-hour lunch and go for a swim. I can run to the school and pick up a sick grandchild. And I can work from anywhere I like — home, the bookstore, while traveling. Absolutely nothing beats being your own boss!”

— Starr Daubenmire

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