The True Life Story of a New Mexico Mom Buried in Bills… Who Stumbled on the Secret of Making Six-Figures from Home

Dear Reader,

Hi, my name is Mindy McHorse and these are my bare feet…

Bare Feet on Beach I realize that’s a strange way to introduce myself.

And believe me, I’m not showing you my feet because I think they’re so pretty…

No, I’m showing you my feet because I want to make an important point about the kind of life I’m living today.

And the kind of life YOU could be living very soon.

You see, these bare feet are my “work boots” nowadays.

Because nowadays, not only am I working from home…

I’m also working with the comfort and security of knowing my career is untouchable by outside forces.

I’m Working in My Pajamas Now

The world around us changes more every day… another friend just tweeted that she’s been laid off.

And yet… I still have a comfortable income. Yet I walk around barefoot all day.

But I don’t work with my feet, I work with my fingers…

No, I’m not a typist.

I’m a writer!

But the kind of writing I do is so simple that sometimes it FEELS like I’m just typing.

One more picture of me and that’s all! I promise…

Mindy McHorseSee the big smile on my face?

It’s not just because someone shouted, “Say cheese!” No, I’m smiling because my life is GREAT. And if you were living my life, I think you’d agree.

Here’s My Confession

But I’ve got a confession to make…

It wasn’t always this way. I wasn’t always smiling. In fact, I used to begin each day with a frown on my face. Because every morning, I’d drag myself out of bed to go to a job I hated.

But it was a job I NEEDED because my husband and I were over $100,000 in debt — $80,000 in student loan debt and $20,000 in credit card debt. (I’m not even going to talk about the mortgage!)

Most mornings, I didn’t even see my husband to say good-bye. Because he was doing shift-work to help make ends meet.

So I’d kiss my two little spaniels goodbye…

Oh, gosh, how I hated leaving them alone each day.

Then I’d begin my hour-long commute to work in rush hour traffic.

8 Hours of “Prison” Every Day

At the office, I spent 8 to 10 hours each day building boring spreadsheets with my boss looking over my shoulder and pointing out my mistakes. Then I’d make the hour-long commute back home. And the next day it started all over again. I felt so trapped!

But what else could I do?

When I was a teenager, I always wanted to be a writer. But the closest I ever got to that dream was selling one article to a magazine for $100. Who can live on that? Much less pay down debt and put some money away for retirement .

Retirement? Yeah, right! At the rate we were going, we’d be lucky if we could retire at 95.

Don’t get me wrong… I knew I’d always have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I just figured I’d have to work 10 hours a day for the rest of my life to get it…

But, boy, was I ever wrong!

Because nowadays, I only work about 4 HOURS a day… Maybe 20 hours a week.

Our $100,000 debt? GONE!

And not only are we saving plenty of money for retirement, but I feel like I’m semi-retired NOW!

Best of all, we’ve got four beautiful children…

Four wonderful kids I can spend every day of my life with… because I get paid well to work from home.

I no longer have a two-hour commute. I no longer have a bullying boss looking over my shoulder. (NOW you know why I’m smiling in that picture!)

What Made All the Difference?

But what made such a big difference in my life?

I’m going to tell you in just a few minutes. But first let me ask a few questions about YOU.

  • Are you, too, in debt up to your ears?
  • Are you unemployed — or under-employed?
  • Are you desperate to stay tied to a job you can’t stand just because you need to pay the bills?
  • When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, do you wake up with a groan… because you’re facing another day just like yesterday?
  • Do you spend more than an hour a day worried about what might happen if your job got taken away?

Or maybe…

You simply wish your time was your own so that YOU could be the one calling the shots and deciding how to spend your day… that you didn’t have to answer to a boss who’s constantly breathing down your neck with pointless tasks and impossible deadlines.

That you didn’t have to beg for a day off to take your son to the doctor… Or sneak out early to watch your daughter’s soccer game… Or spend the whole year waiting for a two-week vacation at the beach.

Have YOU Always Wanted to Work from Home?

Perhaps you always wanted to figure out a way to work from home, but you were too smart to fall for those “work-from-home” scams you see advertised in the back of magazines like stuffing envelopes, medical coding, or Internet marketing.

None of them look legit. Worse yet, none of them sound like fun!

I mean, who wants to work on medical bills for a living or sit around stuffing envelopes all day?

Perhaps, like me, you always wanted to be a writer.

At the very least, you wanted to make a living with your creativity, imagination, and intelligence. But you didn’t think you were talented enough… or creative enough… or experienced enough to pull it off.

Sound familiar?

If so, I want you to keep reading this letter for just a few more minutes because what I’m going to tell you now changed my life… and I believe it can change yours too.

I Got a Letter in the Mail that Changed My Life

It all started with a letter I got in the mail written by a man named Paul Hollingshead.

Paul was the one of the founders of a group called the American Writers & Artists Institute… Or AWAI, for short. He was writing to invite me to join a new group with a very unusual name…

“The Barefoot Writer Club.”

Like I said before, I’d never really thought of myself as a writer, but something about Paul’s letter resonated with me. He said that he, too, was stuck relying on a dead-end job stocking shelves in a grocery store for a few dollars an hour.

He hated waking up in the morning to a blaring alarm clock and dragging himself to a job he couldn’t stand…

But as a college drop-out — and a person who admitted he was basically lazy and not very ambitious — Paul felt that he didn’t have any alternatives.

Suddenly: Six-Figures Working from Home!

Yet in less than a year, Paul turned his life around,

Suddenly, he was making a six-figure income working from home. And as a freelance writer, no less!

Now this is a guy who had NEVER written a thing in his life other than a letter to his girlfriend. No magazine articles. No novels. No short stories. NOTHING.

All of a sudden, he was pulling down more than $300,000 as a writer.

What’s more, he said he wasn’t the ONLY one doing this. He said there were thousands of people across the country making six-figure incomes as freelance writers. And many of them had no more writing experience than he did.

Hard to believe?

That’s exactly what I thought, too!

Something about That Letter Kept Calling to Me

In fact, my first reaction was to put Paul’s letter in the same place where I put most of my junk mail… in the recycling bin!

But something about that letter kept me from throwing it away. So I put it on my nightstand instead and over the next few weeks, I read the letter over and over again.

I googled some of the things Paul said in the letter to make sure they were true. Sure enough, they checked out.

The cost of joining wasn’t very much at all. But because we were living hand-to-mouth at the time my husband and I agreed we wouldn’t buy ANYTHING without talking it over first.

So I showed the letter to my husband and told him I wanted to join The Barefoot Writer Club… and I held my breath while he read Paul’s letter.

When he finished reading I said, “Well? What do you think?”

“We’ve Got Nothing to Lose,” My Husband Said

“We’ve got nothing to lose,” he said. “If it doesn’t work out, you can get your money back. It seems like a no-brainer to me.”

So I joined The Barefoot Writer Club that very day…

And gosh, was that a decision I’ll never regret!

Because as soon as I clicked “YES” on the Club’s website, they sent me a password and that password was like getting the “Open Sesame” to a secret world of freelance writers I never knew existed.

You see, to me, a freelance writer was someone who wrote magazine articles… short stories… novels… or even poetry.

I knew the competition to get published was FIERCE. And even if you did get published, the pay was PITIFUL. Maybe a thousand dollars for an article in a major magazine… Perhaps $50 or $100 for a short story or a poem.

If you spent five years of your life writing a novel, you’d be lucky to get a $5,000 advance from the publisher — that’s an income of $1,000 a year! Or worse yet, you might be forced to self-publish it… in which case, you’d probably wind up LOSING money on the deal.

Oh sure, there are exceptions… the Stephen Kings… the John Grishams… the J. K. Rowlings.

People like that make hundreds of millions from their writing. But there are people who make hundreds of millions playing the lottery, too. That doesn’t mean I’d recommend it as a career!

As someone once said to me, “You can make a million writing a novel, but you can’t make a living at it!”

How to Make Real Money as a Writer

The members of The Barefoot Writer Club, however, WERE making a living from their writing — a very good living of five, six, even SEVEN-figures a year.

Although I’d never heard of them before. And they weren’t famous at all. But gosh, were they ever happy! They called themselves “Barefoot Writers” because they could write from anywhere. From the pool… from the beach… even propped up on the bed!

They didn’t wear neckties. No high heels. No shoes at all.

Some never got out of their pajamas and slippers all day long. Or if they did, it was because they wanted to run errands in the afternoon or take long walks and bike rides after just a few hours of writing in the morning.

Take Paul Hollingshead, for example. He’s the guy who wrote me the letter I almost threw away.

This “Lazy” Writer Makes $300,000 a Year

Nowadays, Paul makes about $330,000 a year. And the only reason it isn’t more is because — as he says himself — he’s a “lazy” guy.

On a normal day, after a few hours of writing in the morning, he likes to head to the golf course or, in the winter, to his local ski run. Some days he takes the whole day off just to knock around.

My friend Jon, on the other hand, is a guy who simply loves to write. He gets up early. Writes straight through until he’s tired. Does it six or seven days a week. Maybe that’s why he pulls down more than a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS a year doing this kind of writing!

Some of these “Barefoot Writers” are published authors.

My friend Bob, for example, has written dozens of books picked up by major publishers. But they don’t pay very much money. So he makes another $600,000 “on the side” doing the same kind of writing I do now.

You Don’t Need to Be a “Published” Writer

But most of the members of our Club are NOT published authors. Many of them never even WANTED to be a writer until they heard about this. They were simply looking for a good, honest way to make money from home. And they found it when they stumbled onto The Barefoot Writer Club.

What about me?

Well, I’m just a beginner. So last year, I made “only” $114,000.

But let me tell you HOW I make that kind of money…

I like to get up early because I love to watch the sun come up over the mountains here in New Mexico.

Here’s a picture from the window of my home office…

I make myself a cup of tea and write for about two hours while my husband and kids are still asleep.

Then around 7:30, I take my two dogs for a walk. The sun on my face… the breeze in my hair… reminds me every day how lucky I am to be free from job worries.

I Write for a Few Hours After Breakfast with My Family

Back home around 8. I wake up my husband and kids and we enjoy a family breakfast together before they start their days.

Then I go hide out in my office to write for another couple of hours. I make myself a little lunch. And guess what I do next?


That’s right, I take a nap in the middle of the day!

And when I wake up after 30 minutes or so, it’s like waking up on a Saturday morning because the rest of the day is MINE!

Every Day Seems Like Saturday

I might go outside to do some gardening — you wouldn’t believe how RELAXING it is to have time for those things…

Or I might sprawl out on the floor to do a puzzle with my kids, or pop some popcorn for a special family movie afternoon.

Money is no big problem anymore. And neither is not having enough time to do the things I want to do.

When people ask me what I do for a living that pays so well working from home, and leaves me with so much spare time, I look them straight in the eye and say:


Here’s My Secret

So what’s my secret?

What exactly do I write that’s so easy… makes so much money… and leaves me with so much free time?

I write letters!

Yes, letters. That’s it.

Why is writing letters such a high-paying “job?”

The answer is simple: It’s the law of supply and demand.

Because there’s a huge demand for the kind of letter I write… But there are very few people out there who know how to write them… Or know how to write them the right way.

In fact, the biggest problem this business faces is that there are not enough good letter writers to go around. I’ve been told over and over again by my clients, “Mindy, I wish I had 10 of you! I wish I could clone you!”

And it’s not because I’m so good at it. It’s because I’m one of the few people in the world who knows the secret formula for writing these letters.

(A secret formula that I’ll share with you in just a moment.)

You see, there’s more business out there than I could ever take in my lifetime… ESPECIALLY considering recent world events…

Enough for me…

Enough for you…

Enough for ANYONE who takes the time to learn a few simple tricks.

YOU Decide How Much Money You Want to Make

And when it comes to making money, people who know these tricks can write their own ticket.

You want to make $50,000 a year? Fine! You want to make $500,000 a year? That’s fine, too. It all comes down to how many of these letters you write and how well you write them.

Let me tell you more about the kind of people who do what I do.

First of all, we don’t call ourselves writers. We call ourselves “copywriters.”

Copywriting has nothing to do with “copyright” — or that little © that you see on printed material. That’s a legal thing that has nothing to do with us.

You see, in the business world, any kind of promotional writing is called “copy”… like the slogan “Things Go Better With Coke,” for example…

And the guy (or gal) who wrote it is called a copywriter.

Here Are Some “Copywriters” You Already Know

Did you ever watch the show Mad Men on TV?

Well, Don Draper was a copywriter… A handsome one! His assistant Peggy was a copywriter, too.

Remember Elaine on Seinfeld? Elaine was a copywriter, too. She wrote copy for the J. Peterman mail-order catalog.

These characters were very successful in their TV jobs, but not as successful as the copywriters in our Club because the highest-paid copywriters in the world usually do NOT work at agencies…

They work from HOME.

Revealed: The Kind of Copywriting That Pays the Most

And the highest-paid copywriters in the world do NOT work in the Madison Avenue advertising business — they work in a special branch of advertising called “direct marketing.”

What is direct marketing?

Well, it’s any kind of advertising that triggers an immediate response…

Whether that response is to buy a product… or send for more information… or just provide your email address.

Regular advertising tends to focus on TV and radio. but direct marketing likes to use the “quieter” media like email… websites… Facebook… YouTube… and most importantly — direct-mail!

Never heard of “direct-mail” before?

Get Paid to Write “Junk!”

Don’t feel bad. Until a few years ago, I’d never heard of it either… even though it’s a $3.5 trillion industry…

But even if you’ve never heard that phrase before, I bet you know what it is because it’s the proper term for what you probably call…


I hate to admit it, but before I joined The Barefoot Writer Club, I didn’t even know people WROTE junk mail. Maybe I thought junk mail wrote itself. Maybe I thought computers wrote it. Heck, maybe I thought it just grew in my mailbox like mushrooms!

But no, people actually get PAID to write junk mail.

And, boy, do they ever get paid well!

How much can you get paid to write a direct-mail letter?

Well, let’s look at my fellow Club member Paul Hollingshead again. Paul usually gets paid about $15,000 to write a letter. But that’s just the beginning…

Write One Letter… Get Paid Again and Again!

Because if the letter works well and his client decides to mail it again, Paul gets paid a mailing fee — or royalties — every time his client puts the letter in the mail.

These royalties can really add up. It’s not unusual for Paul to make $30,000 a year from a single letter.

So if he writes five letters in a year, he can make $150,000. But that doesn’t count the money he’s STILL making from the letters he wrote last year… and the year before that… which is why Paul’s annual income is usually more than $300,000.

Just for writing five letters a year!

Some clients prefer to hand out bonuses instead of royalties. But this can be just as lucrative.

Take my friend Richard, for example. He likes to write about wine. One of his clients is a wine-of-the-month Club that paid him $15,000 to write a letter inviting people to join the Club.

Write One Letter, Take the Rest of the Year Off!

Richard’s letter wound up exceeding the goals of the membership drive so he got paid an extra $40,000 bonus — That’s $55,000 for writing a single letter!

Maybe $55,000 is enough for you to live on for a year…

Can you picture yourself writing ONE LETTER and taking the rest of the year off? Because that’s the best thing about this crazy business of ours.

It’s not the money, it’s the FREEDOM!

When I say “freedom,” let me give you an example of what I’m talking about…

Why My Lawyer Friends Envy Me

Two of my best friends in the neighborhood are attorneys. They make more money than I do. But when you subtract their expenses, it’s probably not MUCH more.

Like me, my lawyer friends have young children. And they have all the stresses and responsibilities young parents have. They have to arrange for daycare, babysitting, summer camps, the works…

But they have no time!

They’re working 14 and 16-hour days…

Not me…

If one of my kids wakes up sick, I can spend all day with her. I don’t have to make that awful call to my boss and say “Please, please, please… can I stay home with my sick child today?”

In fact, I NEVER have to do anything I don’t want to do. And that includes what I choose to write about, too!

Which brings up one of the BEST parts about being a Barefoot Writer…

Write About What You Love Most!

You write about what you FEEL like writing about. You write about what you love and what you’re passionate about.

I mentioned my friend Richard who loves wine…

So he writes about wine. But he also loves airplanes. So he’s written letters inviting pilots to subscribe to magazines like Aviation Consumer and Aviation Safety.

I’ve warned him: “Richard, don’t mix the wine with the airplanes!”

But what about YOU?

What interests YOU?

What’s YOUR passion in life?

Do you like golf, for example?

There are lots of companies who’ll pay you to write about golf clubs, golf balls, golf courses, golf magazines, and more.

Do you like gardening?

Companies are always looking for folks who are willing to write about flowers, seeds, gardening tools… even fertilizer!

Do you enjoy investing in stocks and bonds?

There’s a HUGE demand for folks who can write about the financial world.

The world of nutrition and natural healing is really big, too.

Or maybe you like helping your favorite political candidates or charities. Those folks are ALWAYS looking for good copywriters.

15 Minutes a Day Earns $4,500 a Month!

Heck, I even know one guy in our Club who has made up to $4,500 in a month writing about COFFEE — And he only spends about 15 minutes a day doing it!

I’m going to tell you how he pulls that off in a few minutes, but first, let me answer the question that’s probably on your mind right now. Namely…

What are the qualifications to do this kind of job?

The answer will shock you…



We have some members of The Barefoot Writer Club who are high school dropouts… and some who have PhD’s.

Formal education doesn’t matter much one way or the other. There’s no apprenticeship, or vocational training, or certificates required.

There are folks who do this right out of college or high school.

Lots of older folks who do it in retirement.

And plenty of folks in between… People in their 30’s… 40’s… or 50’s who got laid off in this economy or simply woke up one day and decided they were wasting their lives working like slaves to make somebody else rich.

No “Start-Up” Investment Required

You DON’T need to invest any of your hard-earned savings to get started. It’s not like those “Multi-Level Marketing” businesses where you have to buy a thousand dollars of inventory before you make a penny.

With our Club, all you need is a computer, and an Internet connection. And thanks to the Internet, you can do this kind of writing from anywhere in the world.

You can live in Key West like Ernest Hemingway and spend the mornings writing… the afternoons fishing… And the evenings drinking margaritas!

Speaking of Hemingway, you may be wondering…

Do you have to be a great writer to pull this off?

Absolutely not!

“Genius” Writers Not Wanted

In fact, being a great writer — like Faulkner or Fitzgerald — may just get in your way.

All you really need is the ability to write like you talk. If you can do that, you’re going to be great at this kind of writing.

If you like posting comments on Facebook, for example… you’re going to love being PAID to do it.


But maybe it’s time for a little “REALITY CHECK”…

Barefoot Writing DOES involve work. It’s not some scam where the money flies in the window.

As I said earlier, I only write for about 20 hours a week. But during those 20 hours, I’m really working. I’m not daydreaming or watching television.

So it will take some effort on your part…

But let me assure you, this is not “work” like digging ditches or flipping burgers. It’s very engaging, interesting, satisfying work that uses your mind, your imagination, and your creativity to the fullest.

Here’s How Much You Can Realistically Expect to Make

And let me give you a reality check on the money, too.

Are there people who make a million dollars a year doing this?


Since I joined the Club, I’ve come to know several of these “million-dollar copywriters” personally.

But will YOU make a million in your first year?

Probably not!

It’s quite possible, however, for you to make six-figures in your first few years. I know several Club members who crossed the six-figure mark in their first few years of doing this.

Confession: It Took Me Three Years to Get to Six-Figures

But now that you and I are talking like friends, let me make a confession…

It took me three years before I achieved a six-figure income.

It could take you less. Or it could take you more.

But one thing I can tell you for sure…

For every OUNCE of effort you put into this, you’ll get back a TON of money, freedom, and fun!

Now you may be wondering…

If copywriting is so great, how come EVERYBODY isn’t doing it?

Two reasons:

First, hardly anybody knows about it.

And second, most people who try to break into this kind of writing don’t know the tricks and techniques of doing it well.

Clients Are BEGGING for More Copywriters

That’s why The Barefoot Writer Club was formed — to help solve those two problems. I’ve written this letter, for example, to help more people find out about copywriting because our industry is BEGGING for more copywriters and they often come to US asking for referrals.

But that’s when we run into the second problem…

Most “wannabe” copywriters simply don’t know the tricks of the trade.

Look, can I tell you something confidentially?

I have to be brutally honest with you. Some of the people who find out about copywriting don’t succeed in it. And it’s NOT because they aren’t good writers.

Like I said before, good writing has almost nothing to do with it.

It’s because they don’t know how to do this KIND of writing and do it well.

WARNING: Don’t Try to Go It Alone

For example… now that YOU have learned about copywriting, you might be tempted to stop reading this letter. You might be thinking about hopping over to Amazon and buying a book about copywriting… hanging out your shingle as a freelance copywriter and waiting for your six-figure income to start rolling in.

Well, you CAN do that if you want to. I certainly won’t try to stop you. And there’s a CHANCE you might succeed by taking that route.

But there’s an even BETTER chance you’ll fail. Because that’s doing it the HARD way.

And I want you to do it the EASY way…

Because if you go it alone it might take you 5… 10… or even 15 years to hit the six-figure mark. You might even give up along the way because you’re not getting the advice, the inspiration, or the motivation to continue.

But if you join The Barefoot Writer Club today…

Join Today!


You’ll get on the FAST TRACK to six-figure copywriting.

In fact, you can launch your copywriting career in a matter of minutes.

Because when you click the orange button below, the very first thing I’m going to do is reveal the secret formula for writing letters that can make you six-figures a year.

Yes, there is a FORMULA for writing these letters, but most people don’t know it.

You see, writing a direct-mail letter is a lot like writing a letter to your grandmother…

It’s personal. It’s warm. It’s chatty. It uses simple words and sentences.

But there’s one big difference.

When you write to your grandmother, you just say whatever comes to your mind in whatever order you want.

The Secret Formula for Writing Sales Letters

But when you write a direct-mail letter, you have to follow a special FORMULA to make it work.

It’s like a BLUEPRINT for building a house… only it’s much simpler. Because it only has FOUR steps.

If you follow those 4 steps in the right order, you’ll trigger a response.

And if you trigger ENOUGH responses, your clients will treat you like a rock star!

Not just rock-star money. But rock-star perks and privileges, too.

(More about those in a moment.)

But first, let me tell you exactly what’s going to happen when you click that orange button below.

I’m going to send you a copy of our Club’s “SMART START WRITING PROGRAM” absolutely free…

Free Membership Manual

Yes, the four-step secret formula for writing letters is in there.

It’s on page 40.

But that’s just the beginning.

The SMART START WRITING PROGRAM is an 117-page manual that contains the basics you need to get started on your copywriting career right away.

Here’s a “Sneak Peek” at What’s Inside

We’ll show you how to craft a compelling headline.

How to write a “grabber” first sentence.

How to structure your letter in such a way that gets readers to respond…

And gets clients to shower you with money…

Five thousand… $10,000… even $20,000 just to WRITE the letter. Then thousands of dollars more in royalties and bonuses if the letter works well in the mail.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Meet Some Copywriters Who Are “Living the Dream”

The SMART START WRITING PROGRAM also tells you about many other members of our Club…

Most of whom started out with no writing experience at all…

Who are living their dream today.

Writing from home.

Or on the beach.

Or in exotic locales around the world…

They’re making more money than they ever dreamed of.

WITHOUT punching a time clock.

WITHOUT commuting to work.

WITHOUT answering to a cranky boss.

Set Up Your Own Writing Business Today

The SMART START WRITING PROGRAM will show you how to set up your business…

(All you really need is a computer and a connection to the Internet.)

How to find clients in your own hometown or around the world.

How to demand — and get — top dollar for your services.

How to specialize in writing about the things you really enjoy.

Whether it’s golf… or gardening… or gourmet food…

And, in short, how to take the FAST and EASY path to success as a copywriter.

Is it Really That Simple?

After doing this for ten years now, I have to remind myself that not everybody believes this right away.

Just like I almost tossed Paul’s letter in the trash the first time I got it…

Then decided to keep it on my nightstand to read again and again because I couldn’t quite believe it.

The best proof I can offer you is the dozens of Club members who’ve gone from zero to six-figures in no time flat.

Ed Went from Zero to $163,481 in a Year

Take Ed Gandia, for example…

Ed made $163,481 in his first full year as a freelance copywriter…

But it’s not the money that floats Ed’s boat, it’s the freedom…

Ed says…

“As a freelance writer I’m able to chart my own course…

I don’t commute to work… I don’t have to travel… I get to see my family every day… I have no one to answer to… Plus I’m a lot more relaxed than I used to be… This may sound cheesy, but I’m a lot more at peace now that I’m in control of my life.”

Or take Starr Daubenmire…

Starr missed our big Club “get-together” in Florida recently.

But she wasn’t too broken up about it. And that’s because she took a few months off to write (and paint) in Europe!

Starr wrote us to say…

I have a measure of freedom I never had before. I can take a two–hour lunch and go for a swim. I can run to the school and pick up a sick grandchild. And I can work from anywhere I like — home, the bookstore, while traveling, Absolutely nothing beats being your own boss!

Jay White is a guy who’s really found the sweet spot in life. For almost 20 years he’s been writing short emails and he gets paid about $1,000 or more for each of them. These aren’t “SPAM,” by the way. They’re emails that people have ASKED to receive because they contain useful information.

Jay is one of the most in-demand specialty copywriters in the business, working side-by-side with many of internet marketing’s biggest names, including Rich Schefren, Jay Abraham, Jeff Walker, Brian Clark, and Alex Mandossian, who dubbed him, “The best autoresponder copywriter I've ever seen!”

Jay says…

“Since I became a freelance writer, my life has changed dramatically.

I have more free time for family and friends… enjoy what I do immensely… and best of all — make more money than I ever dreamed of!”

All of these real-life success stories were made possible because they learned the secret formula for writing letters that trigger response.

The same secret formula you’ll find on page 40 of your free copy of THE SMART START WRITING PROGRAM

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Your password, for example, entitles you to UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to our private, Facebook group…

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You might think of it as a kind of “Clubhouse” where writers like you can get together to share tips and advice…

Brag a little about their successes…

Discuss the finer points of good writing…

And compare notes on clients, fees, royalties, bonuses, and other topics of interest to freelance writers.

You’ll see a wide range of writers joining in the conversation.

From top professionals who are making six and even seven-figure incomes per year…

To “moonlighters” who have not yet left their current jobs but are using copywriting to add thousands of extra dollars to their income…

To beginners who want to soak up as much valuable information and advice as they can.

And you can always start a discussion about whatever’s on your mind…

“What’s the best way to write an effective P.S.?”

“How long should a sales letter be?”

“How do you deal with ‘distractions’ when you’re working from home?”

And Speaking of Learning a TON…

One of the most popular benefits of membership in our Club is our monthly magazine, Barefoot Writer.

I’m the editor of Barefoot Writer. And in every issue, my fellow Club members and I share everything we know about the wonderful world of freelance writing…

Success stories to inspire and motivate you…

Profiles of the top writers in our field…

Plus, stories about people who are still learning the ropes, but who are ALREADY closing in on that magical six-figure mark.

$15,000 for Three Days' Work!

We’ll let you in on the hottest new copywriting opportunities…

Like Video Sales Letters, which can net you $15,000 for the project!

We’ll give you productivity tips to help you get the most out of the time you spend writing each day.

And we’ll share simple shortcuts for writing direct-mail letters that make more money for your clients…

And more money for YOU!

Monthly Copywriting Essay Contest

Speaking of money, each issue of Barefoot Writer contains a fun essay contest with a prize of $100…

So you can earn while you learn!

Yes, there are tons of perks and privileges you get when you join The Barefoot Writer Club…

Including a daily email update that we call “The Writer’s Life.”

But do you want to know the BEST part about being a member of this Club?

Here’s the Best Part

It’s the people.

The friendships.

The COMMUNITY of writers, who are the most friendly, helpful, caring people I’ve ever met in my life.

Look, I have a lot of good friends who live in my neighborhood in Albuquerque…

And I have close friends from high school and college, too.

But I can honestly say that the BEST friends I’ve met in life have come from The Barefoot Writer Club.


Because they’ve all been so supportive. So helpful. So inspiring and encouraging.

We pick each other’s brains. Share writing jobs we’re too busy to accept. Give each other advice and pep talks.

The Best Friends I’ve NEVER Met!

But here’s the funny thing…

I’ve never met most of them in person!

We stay in touch on the Club’s membership site…

On our private Facebook page…

With Barefoot Writer magazine and our daily email, The Writer’s Life.

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So I’ve asked five of my best friends in the Club to put together a Special Report on the part of the business they know best.

And I’d like to send each of those special reports to you—absolutely free—as soon as you click on the orange button.

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Remember my friend Jay White?

He’s the guy who came up with a way to make $3,500 a week by writing just 7 emails. And in his free report — The $500 Email Secret— he’s going to tell you how to do it, too.

The $500 Email Secret — Get Paid Hundreds of Dollars For Less Than An Hour Of Work

Believe it or not, there are many companies out there who are willing to pay you $500 to write an email that’s only 200 or 300 words long. And these email assignments usually come in bunches of five, six, or seven at a time.

But they’re NOT SPAM. They’re emails that people actually WANT to receive because they’ve asked for more information.

Jay can knock out seven of these in about two mornings a week.

Why so fast?

Because Jay’s got a secret system for writing these emails that’s so simple they practically write themselves. And he’s going to reveal that system to you in your instant free download of

“The Secret of the $500 Email”

Remember the guy I told you about who has made up to $4,500 in a month writing about coffee?

Well, his name is Nick Usborne. And I forgot to tell you the best part of Nick’s story. He only works on it an hour a week!

Nick has discovered the secret of making money by writing about something he LOVES… which, in his case, is coffee!

Have you got something you’re really PASSIONATE about in life?

Maybe you love golf… or gambling… or gardening…

Nick will show you how to turn your PASSION into PROFIT…

In his free report…

“The Secret of the One-Hour Work Week”

The Secret Of The 1-Hour Work Week — Generate Many Streams Of Income Writing About Anything And Everything That Interests You

Nick’s secret takes advantage of the power of the Internet.

It’s COMBINED with people’s hunger for free information and your own enthusiasm for writing about your favorite hobby. But you don’t have to write a lot.

Nick only writes for 10 or 15 minutes a day. It adds up to about an hour a week. And it not only brings him thousands of dollars a month, it also brings him privileges, perks, and… SWAG!

Like free coffeemakers… free coffee beans… free books about coffee!

What would YOU like to write about for 15 minutes a day that could bring you as much as $48,000 a year?

No need to decide now. Wait until you read Nick’s free report.

But first let me tell you about a chance to make money from copywriting that requires NO writing at all. That’s right…

If you have even the SLIGHTEST hesitation about your ability to make money as a writer. Or if you simply want to DIP YOUR TOE into this business in the easiest way possible…

There’s a way to break into the world of Barefoot Writing by HELPING other copywriters like me. That’s why I asked my friend Sandy Ferguson to write a free report called

“Get Paid to Research!”

Get Paid To Research

Hey, you probably already have the basic skills down if you’ve turned to Google for answers…

I know I do.

I log onto Google to find the address of a nearby French restaurant and two hours later I’m reading about how to make homemade macarons.

But goofing off on Google costs me money… because every hour I’m not writing letters for my clients is another few hundred dollars down the drain.

So when I need to find facts or figures to make my writing stronger, I fire off an email to one of my researchers who looks it up for me.

Make Money by “Goofing Off” on Google!

I pay that person $75 an hour… But it winds up SAVING me money because I don’t have to stop writing for two hours to search for the information I need.

And from the researcher’s point of view, our deal is even sweeter because she makes $75 for something that probably only takes her 10 minutes to do. And she can work for dozens of copywriters like me at the same time.

Imagine spending your mornings surfing the web… something you’re probably ALREADY doing for fun… while your meter’s running at $75 an hour.

Heck, you’ve made $300 before you even take your first coffee break!

Sandy will show you exactly how to set up your researching business and start getting paid to goof off on Google.

This is a great opportunity for people who don’t really think of themselves as “writers,” but my friend Ed Gandia has come up with an even better one.

He reveals it in his free report

“The Secret to Telling a $2,000 Story”

Your Lazy Weekend Guide To Telling A $2,000 Story

Now this one DOES involve some writing, but it’s so simple, so straightforward, so systematic that it follows a basic template!

Plus, these stories aren’t long…

Following the proven formula, you can complete these writing assignments in 5-7 hours. Which means you can get to where you earn a cool $200-$300 PER HOUR every time you write one.

That’s at least two to four times what the average journalist today earns on a story!

If you’re naturally curious and good at telling stories, this is definitely a great writing opportunity for you.

Can you think of a more satisfying way to make a living?


Because I’ve saved the best report for last…

How would you like to get PAID to take vacations?

No kidding!

Join Today!

You can actually get PAID to fly to faraway countries… stay in luxury resort hotels… and eat in fancy restaurants.

There’s a gigantic industry out there willing and eager to pay you to explore the world and report back on your findings in interesting ways.

So I asked my friend Jen Stevens to tell you all about it in your free report

“Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation”

Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation

What’s Jen’s secret?

No, you DON’T write for the slick travel magazines like Travel & Leisure or National Geographic Traveler. Those magazines are hard to break into, because editors hire the same writers over and over again.

No! First you contact the tourism boards of the places you want to visit and you let THEM pay for your vacation. Then you submit your articles to offbeat publications like airline magazines, cultural newsletters, food magazines… even PET magazines will pay good money for travel articles if you write about traveling with your pet.

You can use this trick to stay in luxury resort hotels… eat in the world’s finest restaurants… play the world’s greatest golf courses…

Jen even got an airline magazine to cover the cost of visiting her in-laws in Nebraska!

Skeptical About All This? I Don’t Blame You!

Okay, okay, okay…

I know exactly what you’re thinking right now…

I know you’re skeptical. And I don’t blame you…

Because all your life you’ve been told there are only three ways to get wealthy in this world…

  1. Work like crazy for 40 years and save every penny you earn.
  2. Risk your life savings starting a new business.
  3. Or inherit a few million dollars from a rich relative.

That’s why you may find it hard to believe you can earn this kind of money…

And live this kind of life…


Because you’ve also been told that you can’t succeed as a writer until you’ve “paid your dues” by living in a garret and eating ramen noodles.

It’s hard to believe that you can get paid so much — and live so well — just by writing letters.

I didn’t believe it either… even when the money started to roll in during my first year as a copywriter and I started to enjoy the freedom of living the Barefoot Writer’s life.

Why Not You?

I went through a time when I felt like I didn’t “deserve” this kind of happiness, and, yes, I had to struggle with some envy from my friends and disbelief from my relatives, too.

But eventually I decided… Why NOT me?

And I might ask the same question of YOU…

  • Why shouldn’t you make a six-figure income from home without killing yourself with work?
  • Why shouldn’t you hang up your business suit, throw away your alarm clock, and kiss your money worries goodbye?
  • Why shouldn’t you take up new hobbies, travel to new places, and watch your children grow up from home?

Most importantly…


Which brings up the question you’ve probably been asking yourself…

“How can I get going on all this? And how soon?”

It’s easy! And you can get started in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is click on the orange button.

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By now, you’re probably wondering how much it costs to become a member of The Barefoot Writer Club…

And based on all the perks and privileges, benefits, and bonuses that I’ve described so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re thinking it could be…

Five hundred… $750… maybe even $1,000 a year.

Because even at those prices, membership in the Club would be worth every penny.

Why Does Membership Cost So Little?

But I’ve got some good news for you…

Membership in The Barefoot Writer Club costs just $249 a year…

Why the low price?

Because, frankly, the demand for new copywriters is so great that we don’t have enough Barefoot Writers to go around…

Demand for New Copywriters Is Outpacing Supply

Every day, we get calls from clients saying, “Do you have a copywriter for THIS project? Can you recommend a copywriter for THAT project?”

That’s why we’ve embarked on an all-out membership drive to meet the growing demand for new copywriters…

So we’ve dropped our dues to just $249 a year…

Or what comes to just 68 cents a day.

I bet you have that much under the cushions of your couch!

And for that small price, you get:


$79 Value Yours Free

Your 12 monthly issues of Barefoot Writer magazine…

$49 Value

Your 5 FREE Special Bonus Reports, including…

  • Your FREE copy of “The Secret of the $500 Email” by Jay White…
  • Your FREE copy of “The One-Hour Work Week” by Nick Usborne…
  • Your FREE copy of “Get Paid to Research” by Sandy Ferguson…
  • Your FREE copy of “The Secret to Telling a $2,000 Story” by Ed Gandia…
  • And your FREE copy of “Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation” by Jen Stevens.

$195 Value Yours Free!

Plus… even more importantly, you’ll get access to every single back issue of Barefoot Writer

Along with the delivery of the current issue the moment it goes out for publication, which includes an invitation to enter a monthly writing contest with a top prize of $100…

Or you can log on to our private Facebook group…

Where you’ll make friends with other Barefoot Writers and share ideas, advice, and encouragement…

In other words, you’ll be joining a COMMUNITY OF WRITERS…

Who are dedicated to helping you succeed in this little-known but lucrative field…

And if you join our Club today, I’ll give you something extra…

Here’s Something Extra…

In fact, “something extra” is what it’s all about. It’s all about all the extra perks, privileges, freebies, and “swag” you can get as a freelance copywriter.

In Yiddish, they call this stuff “Glicken.”

In Louisiana, they call it “lagniappe.”

But we just call it “wonderful.”

Join Today!

Take my Barefoot Writer friend Richard Armstrong, for example…

Every Christmas, his wine-of-the-month Club client sends him a free carton of the world’s best bottles of wine. One time he wrote an infomercial script and got a free trip to Hollywood. They chauffeured him around town in a limousine and he had a private dinner with the star of the infomercial, Hugh Downs.

But Richard’s not the only Barefoot Writer to get this kind of stuff. Our members have gotten free lawn mowers, free skybox tickets to ball games, free backstage passes to concerts, and much more.

What kind of “Glicken” will YOU be getting as a Barefoot Writer?

You’ll never know until you click the orange button and download your FREE copy of…

“130 Amazing Perks & Freebies for Barefoot Writers”
130 Amazing Perks And Freebies For Barefoot Writers (And How To Get Them!)
$39 Value — Yours Free!

Add up the value of all 7 of these FREE REPORTS and it comes to a total of $363…

Toss in your subscription to The Barefoot Writer, and we’re talking about a value of $412.

That’s why we believe membership in The Barefoot Writer Club is a bargain.

You’ll pay just $249 a year—or 68 cents a day—if you click on the orange button today.

What’s more, that low price will be LOCKED-IN for as long as you choose to remain a member.

Time Is Running Out…

No, there isn’t much time left to join the Club at that incredibly low price…

But you have plenty of time to decide if The Barefoot Writer Club lives up to all the promises I’ve made for it.

Because I want to give you 365 DAYS to try the Club at our risk without any commitment or obligation on your part.

Here’s what I want you to do as soon as you click that orange button and join the Club on a free-trial basis…

Read Your 7 FREE REPORTS First…

First, take a few minutes to read the 7 FREE REPORTS that you can download instantly as soon as you join…

Then use your Special Passcode to log onto our members-only website and take a look around…

You can read back issues of Barefoot Writer

Or watch a FREE VIDEO of a top professional copywriter talking about what it’s really like to live the writer’s life.

Next log onto to our private Facebook group and start making friends with your fellow copywriters…

You’ll be delighted to see what a warm and welcoming group of people you’ve joined…

And if my own experience is any indication, it could be the start of some lasting friendships.

Read your issues of The Writer’s Life in your email inbox…

Soon you’ll receive your first new issue of Barefoot Writer…

Before you know it, you’ll be ready to hang out your shingle and start making money as a copywriter!

Get Started Right Away!
(But Take a Full Year to Make Your Final Decision)

So please don’t wait to get started.

Click that orange button right now.

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But feel free to take as long as 365 DAYS to make your final decision.

Because after ONE FULL YEAR of gorging yourself on this information, motivation, and advice…

If you have NOT moved closer to your goal of making money as a copywriter…

If you are NOT starting to live the Barefoot Writer’s life and enjoying all the freedom and fun it entails…

If you are not UTTERLY CONVINCED this is a great way to make a living…

And an even BETTER way to make a life

Then just send me an email and I’ll give ALL YOUR MONEY BACK!

That’s right. You’ll get your $249 back and you can KEEP your seven free special reports worth $363…

You can KEEP all the bonuses… giveaways… freebies… advice… and “Glicken” you’ve gleaned from your membership…

Keep Everything You’ve Received — FREE!

And you won’t hear a peep out of me other than a sincere “Thank You!” for giving our Club a try. And then, at any time after your first month membership if you decide this isn’t for you, just let us know. No more membership dues and we’ll part friends.

Fair enough?

Then click the orange button right now…

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It’ll take you to a SECURE ORDER FORM where you can take as much time as you need to look over this offer and make sure it’s right for you.

Your new life as a Barefoot Writer is now just one CLICK away.

  • A life of freedom…
  • A life of fun…
  • A life of no more money worries…
  • And so many more opportunities…

That’s why I urge you to click the orange button now…

Take it from me… the woman with the bare feet…

You’ll look back on it as the single best decision you ever made!


Mindy McHorse

P.S. Do you really want to spend whatever time you have left on earth as a slave to someone else? Or do you want to start living your OWN life as a highly-paid Barefoot Writer?

I think you already know the answer in your heart.

So click on the orange button right now.

Because as soon as you do, your $249 price is LOCKED IN!

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