Ready to Turn Your Writing Skills into a Booming Business, But Don’t Know How to Get Started?

Let the experts from our proven Virtual Business Building Intensive give you the confident edge of a seasoned pro with…

  • a niche you love and are excited about…
  • a marketing message you can’t wait to share…
  • a high-quality LinkedIn profile that brings clients to you…
  • a powerful sample portfolio that moves clients to hire you…
  • a professional freelance website that demonstrates your value…
  • a proven method for contacting and closing clients…
  • your exact fee schedule, and the confidence to charge what you’re worth…
  • a strategy for expanding your client relationships and profits…
  • every copywriting and business template you’ll need to get up and running fast — just download, quickly personalize, and send…

All in less than 30 days!

Dear Writer,

If you’re not yet making the money you want as a writer, you’re in luck, because all that is about to change…

What I’m about to share with you is the exact eight-step process for turning your writing skills into a thriving business.

Even if you’re just starting out, you’ll be able to get your business up and start connecting with paying clients in less than 30 days.

Now, that might sound like a big promise, but I’m confident it can happen for you.

How can I be so sure?

Because we’ve already guided hundreds of writers through this same eight-step process and received incredible feedback like this:

“I was able to launch my business pretty much in real time by following along with the program. The step-by-step format cuts through the clutter and keeps you moving in the right direction.”

— Thomas Damon

“Probably the best investment in my copywriting career thus far. I'm truly grateful that I made the decision to take the course. My confidence level has risen to a point that I can hardly describe. I will be a good copywriter.”

— Jim MacDonald

“This is the one I’ve been waiting [for] without realizing I needed the pieces of our business to be integrated, to be connected. And this Intensive did exactly that. I’ve loved it and it’s the most practical thing I’ve done with AWAI. Thank you!”

— Jeri Burgdorf

“Whether you're brand-new to copywriting or are experienced, you will find a wealth of information to launch your business or take it to the next level. I got much more than my money's worth out of this course. I think it's the most valuable one I've taken in a long, long time!”

— Merikay Noah

And, that’s not all…

100% of participants who completed our follow-up survey said, “Yes!” They would recommend this training to another aspiring writer.

Why are these writers so excited about this program?

Because we put together an all-star team of business building experts to walk them (and now you!) through every step needed to build a profitable freelance business.

I’m talking about real, working experts like…

Pam Foster, AWAI’s learning chief, who’s a Certified SEO Copywriter and award-winning web content consultant. She has 30+ years of experience in marketing communications.

Nick Usborne, a digital copywriting and site optimization expert with over 20 years of experience online (and more than 40 total years of experience in marketing). He’s also internationally recognized as a leading expert on writing for the web.

Ilise Benun, a master networking and self-promotion consultant with 30+ years of experience. She’s the author of seven business books for the “creatively self-employed” and a national speaker.

Michael Katz, an expert at developing email newsletters for professional service firms and helping new writers drum up a flood of new business through powerful (but simple) marketing methods even introverts can do. He’s also been quoted in The New York Times, Business Week,, The Wall Street Journal, and other media outlets.

Jen Adams, a highly sought-after direct-response copywriter with multiple controls running at the same time for her clients. The only way to get on her calendar now is through a referral! She’s also the director of The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA).

Myself, Rebecca Matter. I’m the president of AWAI and have two decades of experience training freelance writers how to build successful writing businesses.

Rachael Kraft, a successful freelance copywriter who specializes in creating lead magnets. She’s also an expert blogger. Rachael went from being a teacher making $85 to $115 per day to making that much per hour with copywriting!

Now, the thing that makes this team of seven experts so special — besides their years of combined experience — is that this is the first (and only) program where they have come together to help you build your business fast!

When you’re finished, you’ll have a complete system in place to attract clients, persuade them to hire you, AND get paid the fees you deserve…

Best of all, it takes only 30 days for this all to happen.

“AWAI tells the truth. You can build a business in 30 days no matter how overwhelming it seems.”

— Robyn F. Travis

I’ll explain how it all works shortly, as well as how you can claim one of the spots. But first, I want to share something that will change how you look at getting paid for your writing abilities — forever…

The reason some writers are so successful — and consistently booked with high-paying projects — is that they approach writing as both a creative opportunity and a strategically crafted BUSINESS…

More precisely, they follow the eight detailed steps I’ll share here today…

Your Shortcut from $0 a Month to a Thriving Business… Even If You’re Just Starting Out

Rebecca Matter

I’m Rebecca Matter. As president of AWAI, I often hear from AWAI members who learned how to write, but now want to “make it work”…

You know what I mean?

They have the skills… or they’re well on their way, learning and studying the fundamentals of persuasive writing.

The only problem? They have no idea how to turn their writing skills into a steady income.

And, I totally get it!

If you’re not from a marketing or sales background, the words “build a business” might make you break out in a cold sweat.

So, let me put your mind at ease…

No matter your writing specialty — digital copywriting, business-to-business (B2B), or any other type…

And, no matter how much experience you have (or don’t have)

Our business experts will guide you step-by-step (and piece-by-piece) to a complete freelance writing business that easily attracts serious clients who expect to pay you professional fees for your services…

All in less than 30 days.

We call this proven program the Virtual Business Building Intensive.

Yes, it’s completely virtual.

But, this isn’t a “sit-back-and-listen” type of thing

As a matter of fact, the Virtual Business Building Intensive isn’t like other trainings at all

For example, you can rest assured that we won’t hand you a list of stuff to do and simply tell you to “Go for it.”

Instead, during the live sessions, you’ll discover how to develop all the tangible pieces of your business, including…

With our guidance, you’ll accomplish in less than 30 days what would normally take a full year (or longer) on your own…

It All Starts a Few Days from Today

Our first session of the Virtual Business Building Intensive kicks off May 28 at 1 p.m. ET.

During each live session (eight total), one of our experts will teach you step-by-step how to create a key piece of your business…

I’m talking about identifying your niche (don’t overlook the importance of this one!), crafting a marketing message, building a solid LinkedIn profile, assembling your freelance website pages, and much more…

We’ll even help you determine your exact fee schedule, so questions like, “What should I charge?” will be a thing of the past.

And, you won’t be starting from scratch! You’ll get professional, real-world templates so you can quickly go from zero to full-blown business…

Each session will begin with 90 minutes of proven “in the trenches” training and advice offered by one of our expert presenters. You’ll love the step-by-step detail and exact steps they’ll share with you — saving you years of “trial and error”…

Then, we’ll wrap up every session with at least 30 minutes of live question-and-answer time with the professionals.

Don’t worry if you need to miss one of the live sessions. Everything will be recorded, posted to your Member Page within 24 hours, and available to you whenever you’re ready…

Plus, we’re including plenty of ongoing support, so you can build your business around any of your current obligations…

You’ll have access to our private Facebook group. Stop by anytime to get an impromptu peer review, network with other writers, or compare your prices.

Previous Virtual Business Building Intensive attendees were active nearly every day of the Intensive… getting personalized feedback on pieces of their business… sharing advice on writing tools… and talking about experiences with clients!

By the time the Virtual Business Building Intensive wraps up, you’ll have a network of friends and supporters you can rely on for advice and feedback for years to come.

And, there’s more… which I’ll tell you all about in just a moment.

But first, here’s the eight-step process for turning your new writing skills into a thriving business…

These 8 Vital Steps — Presented by Our Experts — Make Building Your Writing Business MUCH Easier Than You Think

The following plan works so well because the order is completely strategic… Each step builds on the one before it.

So, by the time you complete five or six steps, you’re already “in business,” marketing your skills, and attracting quality clients…

And, once you finish all eight steps? You’re unstoppable!

Our speedy and simplified approach to building your freelance writing business starts with choosing (and properly defining) your writing niche…

Step 1 “Choose Your Niche Focus” with Pam Foster

It’s the question we get asked most often: “Do I need a niche?”

The answer is always “YES!” if you want to launch in the fastest way.

Whether you write digital copy for the web, B2B, or any other type of copy, your business will grow more quickly if you focus on a specific industry or niche.

Some example industries (or markets) are fitness, financial newsletters, accounting software, farm equipment, wine, travel… You name it.

Your options are unlimited. Which leads to the next most common question I hear: “How do I choose a niche?”

It’s an important question, and the foundation of the next seven steps…

Choose wisely and you’ll accelerate your progress and set yourself apart from all the “generalists” out there. Because once you become a specialist, you’ll get paid more than a “Jack (or Jill)-of-all-trades.”

So, yes — it’s a big choice, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming…

In this sure-to-be-lively session, Pam Foster (an expert when it comes to niching yourself) will teach you how to properly choose your perfect niche by combining your individual passions, background, and income goals.

Her proven approach will help you quickly make a confident choice, declare your niche, and start attracting clients in an industry you enjoy.

Together with Pam, you will…

Plus, there will be plenty of time to ask Pam your niche questions…

Whether you’re trying to narrow down your options or discover today’s hottest niches, Pam knows the answer…

That’s because, over the years, she has coached hundreds of AWAI members on how to choose a copywriting niche… and she will do the same for you.

And, get this — just by completing Step 1 (choosing a niche), you’ll be well on your way to completing Step 2…

Step 2 “Create a Powerful Marketing Message” with Nick Usborne

Our next expert, Nick Usborne, says there are three words that will completely transform how you promote your freelance business and how you feel about marketing

What are they?

“Love your message!”

And, that’s exactly what Nick will show you how to do…

Instead of pitching your skills to potential clients, you’ll craft a powerful marketing message that will be easy (and fun!) to share.

This is how Nick started writing copy for the web back in 1998. He literally had nothing… No website… zero clients… and not a single writing sample.

But, he had a message he loved.

You see, he noticed that companies were “writing” their website copy by cutting and pasting from their print material. At the time, they didn’t realize how ineffective their approach was… but Nick did.

So, his message became: “Writing for the web is different.”

When potential clients heard his message, they were immediately curious and didn’t even ask about his qualifications or experience.


Because they believed his message.

Now he’ll show you how to do the same…

During his live session, you’ll learn how to…

When Nick is finished, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions and even get live feedback on your new marketing message.

With your marketing message solidified, it’s time to proudly display it for future clients to see…

Step 3 “Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile” with Ilise Benun

With LinkedIn, it takes only a few hours to create a professional presence on the internet… where more than 1 billion LinkedIn users can view your profile, connect with you, and contact you for their next big project.

Best of all, because LinkedIn is used mainly for professional networking, it’s the perfect tool for bringing clients to you. Here are real-life examples…

LinkedIn has been huge for me. I have thousands of companies at my fingertips. The clients on LinkedIn seem to be very direct and clear in what they want or don’t want, which is nice for me,” explains Lacey Jackson, who began her alternative health copywriting business in March 2016.

“To me, LinkedIn connections, and the potential there, feels like opening up a fire hydrant. There is tremendous potential for any number of copywriting projects from any number of sources,” adds Sherri Caldwell, who launched her copywriting career in January 2016.

“LinkedIn is 100% business. Armed with a good profile and effective networking skills, a freelancer can get good clients there. I've had several contact me because of my profile,” says Steve Maurer, AWAI success.

To navigate and master the power of this “client-attracting magnet,” you’ll work with Ilise Benun, self-marketing and LinkedIn expert extraordinaire.

You’ll learn…

Here’s an added bonus: Just by completing your LinkedIn page, you’ll create a valuable sample of your writing!

And, after Ilise’s session, we’ll take any questions you have and answer them live.

Don’t forget: When you’re finished setting up your LinkedIn profile, send it in. We’ll give it a solid review and suggest anything you can do to improve your profile.

With your LinkedIn profile ready to go, it’s time to start finding clients…

Step 4 “Leveraging Your Personal Network — The Fuel of Your Marketing Machine” with Michael Katz

In this session, Michael Katz shows you how to build your very own client “pipeline” using his tried-and-true system.

Best of all, it doesn’t require any kind of networking events, cold calling, paid advertising, or anything like that.

If you want to launch your writing business with confidence…

If you’re tired of being overwhelmed, confused, or intimidated by the prospect of having to “hunt” for clients…

If you want a writer’s life that’s smooth and steady and easy to manage…

Then there’s no better way for you to start than right now with the “pipeline” method Michael has developed for attracting the perfect clients right to you.

You’ll discover…

By the time you’re done, you’ll have the know-how to set yourself up with a pipeline of paying clients coming to you on a regular basis.

Now we’re halfway through our eight steps… and — because each step builds on the one before it — the rest will seem quite easy.

You already confirmed your niche, developed your message, built your LinkedIn profile, and started building your marketing engine.

Now let’s set up your home on the internet…

Step 5 “5 Simple, Fun Ways to Create Writing Samples Now (Even Before You Have Your First Client!)” with Jen Adams

When you’re first starting out as a writer, one of the biggest fears you might have is a prospective client asking you — “Can I see some of the work you’ve done?”

But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

Jen Adams was in your shoes when she was starting out, and since those early days, she’s become one of the top copywriters around.

And she’s developed FIVE simple (yet incredibly effective) ways to create samples that will make clients want to hire you!

In this nuts-and-bolts session, you’ll discover…

After Jen’s session, you’ll know exactly what to do to create an “overnight” writing portfolio you’ll be proud to showcase. PLUS… you’ll walk away from this session with five ready-to-share samples!

And if anything was unclear, you’ll have plenty of time to ask your questions after this live session, too.

Next, you’ll learn how to complete a project that’s in high demand and can lead to you earning your first paycheck as a writer ASAP…

Step 6 “Kick-Start Your Writing Career and Land Clients with Blog Writing” with Rachael Kraft

What’s one of the best ways to show clients you know your stuff?

With a blog!

Prospective clients want to see that you’re knowledgeable and that you’ve got the goods. And writing a blog where you educate them and give them insight is one of the easiest ways to have clients emailing you, wanting to work with you.

Rachael has got this down to a science and will show you how to leverage the power of a blog to kick-start your writing career.

When Rachael was starting out, she got her very first writing assignment almost by accident. Can you guess what it was for? It was for blog writing!

Not only is it a great way to get clients to approach YOU, but…

… it’s one of the best (and easiest) ways to break into the world of PAID writing.

And in Rachael’s session, you’ll discover…

By the time you’re done, you’ll be a blog writing pro who knows how to use this skill for getting clients and for landing writing projects. And Rachael will be available afterward to answer any remaining questions you might have.

And don’t forget: When you finish this live session with Rachael, be sure to submit your blog post headlines for feedback on where you excelled and where you can improve.

Next, we’ll get into the really juicy stuff — the strategies and tactics that make clients come to you…

Discover the Secrets Pros Use to
Get Clients Coming to Them

When it comes to “finding clients,” you have two choices…

  1. Outbound marketing — meaning you go to the clients
  2. Inbound marketing — meaning the clients come to you

And, the difference is profound.

When prospective clients come to you because of your niche and unique message, they don’t want to work with just “anyone”… They want to work with you. That means they’ll value you more — resulting in higher project fees and increased confidence.

So, let’s make that happen!

Step 7 “Writing Your Website Content
So It Attracts Clients”
with Rebecca Matter

In this final week of live sessions, I’ll be leading you through another important piece of your writing business: your website.

It’s perhaps the most important piece of your inbound marketing strategy…

In this session, you’ll meet with me to learn my headache-free method for building a freelance website… one that enhances and improves your credibility, the quality of the clients who contact you, and the professional rates you earn…

We’ll start with the copy on your website. Thanks to the sessions you completed in Steps 1–7, you’re 95% finished!

So, in this live session, I’ll reveal all your content options — and explain how to get plenty of relevant content for your site — without doing a ton of writing at first.

I’ll show you my proven exercise for writing compelling content that reflects you, your unique talents, and your unique skills. (Don’t worry if you haven’t yet identified your talents and skills — in this session, we’ll talk about how to uncover them.)

You’ll learn what pages your website should have, exactly what to say on each page, and what “content” will attract prospective clients to your brand-new website. We’ll even look at sample websites — both good ones and some not-so-good ones.

As an added bonus, you’ll also get my time-tested “Content Essentials Guide,” where we’ll cover the specific content you need, based on the type of copy you write…

We’ll cover copywriting, digital copywriting, business-to-business (B2B), internet research, resume writing, grant writing, photography, social media, and more!

By following the suggestions in this comprehensive, handy guide — along with the templates and swipe files — you’ll have all kinds of new and exciting ideas for building out your website’s content. I’ll even cover what to do if you’re just starting out and have zero samples or little to no experience.

And just like our other presenters, I’ll answer your questions, too.

By the end of our time together, you’ll feel 100% confident (and excited) about getting your website up and running.

Now we just need to build a site to showcase your content…

BONUS #1 Build Your Freelance Website in
Four Days Webinar Series
(Value $497)
with Rebecca Matter

With full access to the Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days Webinar Series, you’ll be able to follow along “click by click” and build your very own freelancer’s website!

While this program was originally meant to be followed over four days, you’ll finish much faster because you’ve already taken so many steps — including writing your website content…

So, at the end of four short one-hour sessions — you’ll have your own website — launched (or launch-ready), so you can impress potential clients.

Let me repeat that because it’s so important:

You’ll be up and running with your site fast!

And, it will be specifically designed to attract the kind of paying clients you’re looking for.

Let me assure you, this process isn’t complicated. (If you can turn on a computer and check your email, you can build a website.)

All you need to do is follow my simple instructions, copy and paste the content we already created into your website, and then marvel at the giant undertaking you so easily crossed off your to-do list — all in one afternoon.

And, remember, I’ll be right there guiding you the entire way… plus, if you get stuck, help is always nearby with the private Build Your Freelance Website Facebook page…

With this bonus webinar series, you’ll have everything you need to build and launch a fully-functional, professional-looking, credibility-establishing website…

Don’t forget — when you’re finished, send us the link to your new website. You’ll get an in-depth review and critique from us — complete with detailed advice for strengthening your site.

We’ll confirm that everything on your website is done right, give you specific ways to strengthen what you already have, and share tips for boosting the effectiveness of your site’s content.

So, by now you might be wondering…

What should I charge?

Well, wonder no more. We have that covered for you, too…

Step 8 “Creating Your Pricing and Proposal Plan” with Ilise Benun

You’ll get to join Ilise live again this week. This time, she’s here to wipe out all your money concerns for good.

You see, to ensure your freelance business is successful, you need to know how to price your services (with confidence!) so you get paid what you deserve.

For more than 30 years, Ilise has worked with major “A-list” writers — like Bob Bly — to develop foolproof tactics for negotiating smart deals for writing work.

“Because of Ilise's refreshingly no-nonsense advice, I have gained clarity on the focus of my business, along with efficiencies in the sales process: how to think through and execute pricing, creating packages, and proposal writing.”

— Caroline

“Ilise’s program made what can be a nerve-wracking process so straightforward — and I’ve already used her ‘what to do when’ guidelines for negotiating a project with a new client. It was a small project, but for a very big name in the natural health industry. They offered me $200 for a few pages of sales copy.

“I said it would be $1,000. I got the $1,000. And they know what I’m worth now.”

— Rae Robinson

You couldn’t ask for a better trainer when it comes to pricing your services accurately and talking about money with confidence.

Here’s an example. Ilise spoke at AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair. One of the attendees, Becky Stark Tumidolsky, used Ilise’s advice to immediately seal a deal for DOUBLE what she’d planned to charge before seeing the session.

Ilise is going to reveal…

Plus, you’ll get Ilise’s simple fill-in-the-blank recipe for determining the minimum rate you should be charging for ANY project…

And, AWAI’s latest Copywriting Pricing Guide, which lists price ranges for the top 80 writing projects in the direct-response industry today.

If you’ve ever struggled with writing winning proposals or getting your pricing right, those times are over!

By the time Ilise finishes her presentation and live Q&A, you’ll be able to confidently communicate to your clients, “I’m a professional who knows what I’m worth!”

Then, just like that — you’ve launched a business!

Let’s Recap…

You picked a niche, created a marketing message, set up your LinkedIn profile, wrote creative samples, and launched your website…

Now clients can find you, learn more about you, and hire you…

What’s more, they will!

By now, the system we created together is working nonstop to attract paying clients to you… and it will keep doing exactly that for years to come!

And, We’re Not Done Yet…

Have Complete Confidence Every Step of the Way

I can’t begin to tell you how confident you’ll feel after working side by side with true professionals who have “been there, done that”…

And are each ready to help you with your journey.

With our help, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your business gets up and running. And you’ll know — without a doubt — that you’ve done every step correctly.

There’s no way you can lose with this.

If you’re serious about building your business…

I mean, if you’ll spend a few hours each week joining us live or watching the recorded sessions, and if you’ll follow the experts’ step-by-step directions to implement each piece…

You WILL build a profitable business in just 30 days!

Get FEEDBACK on Your Assignments!

As I’ve mentioned, as you work on your LinkedIn profile, website, and more…

You’ll get the opportunity to have your assignments reviewed by WORKING industry experts…

As you can imagine, this is priceless!

Specifically, you’ll get feedback on your LinkedIn profile after you’ve gone through Ilise’s session…

You’ll get feedback on your website after you’ve created it by following the easy steps I give you in my session…

And you’ll even get feedback on your blog post headlines based on what you’ll discover in Rachael Kraft’s session.

Start Today… and Launch a Successful Writing Business by June 20

Sure as anything, when you join the Virtual Business Building Intensive, you’ll get your entire business building task list checked off!

And not just “someday”… but by June 20, 2024. No kidding.

We’re committed to helping you do this — once and for all — which is why we’re limiting the number of spots to 90 equally determined writers. That way we can give you the personal attention you need to make your dream writing business a reality…

A fully functioning business that brings you a consistent stream of lucrative writing projects is, in a word, life-changing.

So, I know we could easily ask $10,000 per spot and people would gladly pay that to take part in this program.

But, that doesn’t feel right to me…

You see, I created this program to help more people get more paying projects more easily. And, I want it to be as accessible and affordable as possible… considering the times we’re in…

So, lifetime access to the Virtual Business Building Intensive won’t cost $10,000.

Or even $5,000.

Instead, you’ll get absolutely everything I talked about — ALL for only $2,995…

And, if you act today — I’ll make your deal even sweeter…

Your Deal Today

I want nothing to stand in your way of building the writing business you deserve…

So I’m going to do something special right here, right now.

When you secure your spot today, you’ll be one of just 90 writers who will get direct access to all eight live expert-led sessions…

All eight Q&A sessions with each expert to make sure you’re able to complete each step in record time…

The templates, the bonus webinars, the personalized feedback, and more…

And you’ll save an additional $1,000…

Making your price today…

Just $1,995!

I think you’ll agree it’s a very reasonable amount… especially when you consider that your first assignment alone could easily bring you at least that much.

Not to mention that your new business will continue to pull in as many assignments as you need — year after year.

But remember, there are only 90 spots available for this program, and it will be the only time we plan on doing it this year.

Can’t Pay in Full?
$399 Today Secures Your Spot INSTANTLY…
With ZERO Risk to You!

When I said I didn’t want anything standing in the way of you building your writing business, I meant it!

Which is why if you can’t pay the full $1,995 to be a part of this live program…

… no worries.

You can pay over time and lock in your spot right now for just $399.

There are no extra fees, no contracts, or anything like that.

We’ll simply split up your payment over five months, starting with your first payment today.

That secures your spot… makes sure you can be on hand for Session 1 with Pam… and allows you to get to work on your business right away.

What’s more, we’re shouldering all the risk for you…

Your “No-Risk” Guarantee

You can sign up today to be a part of the upcoming Virtual Business Building Intensive with the peace of mind that your investment is completely risk-free…

I’m so confident in this program…

The team we’ve assembled…

The eight steps that work consistently (without fail)…

And, the expert writers who know where you’ve been, where you’re going, and how to help you get there

That I’m willing to back it completely!

Here’s how our 100% guarantee works:

Register today for the Virtual Business Building Intensive.

Attend the first live session on May 28 at 1 p.m. ET. Pick your niche with Pam. Check out your bonuses. Pop into the private Facebook group and introduce yourself.

And if — for any reason (or no reason at all!) — you don’t feel satisfied with the eight-step game plan we’ve laid out for you, simply let our Member Success Team know before the start of the second session.

They’ll make sure you receive a prompt and courteous 100% refund.

I’m completely confident in offering this guarantee because I know — if you follow the eight steps with our incredible team — you’ll launch your successful business and begin to work with paying clients right out of the gate!

There’s no doubt in my mind.

Secure My Spot Now!

Take the Guesswork Out of
Your Business Success

I can't emphasize enough just how simple we’re going to make this…

And maybe that’s a little scary… especially if you haven’t worked with a client before.

But, as Steve Maurer found out, there’s nothing to fear

“One minute I was worried that I'd never get hired to write. The next… I was worried about what would happen if I did.

“If I never got hired, I would never realize my dream of the writer's life. But if I did, I might fall flat on my face. My dream would go up in smoke again!

“What a dilemma!

“But after finding the solution, my fears began to dissipate, and the awareness that I could be a successful freelance writer became real.

“Once I accepted the reality and worked to make it happen, clients did start finding me. I did write successfully for them. And one more thing happened that really boosted my confidence.

Clients began referring to me as a professional.

Now Steve has increased his overall annual income by 50% — just by writing copy “on the side.”

He does it all from home, working with clients from around the world, on his own schedule.

And now you can, too!

Let us make building your business positively effortless. It’s exactly why we created the Virtual Business Building Intensive: to take out all the guesswork.

I’m quite certain you can make this happen — that’s why I’m guaranteeing it.

Especially if you take a moment right now to register…

While spots in this incredible program remain…

And you can get started for just $399.

Click here to register now.

Then, head over to our exclusive private Facebook group and say hello. (The link will be waiting on your myAWAI Member Page, which you can access when you register.)

Lively writing and business building discussions are already underway…

We can’t wait to meet you!

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

P.S. There’s one more thing you might be wondering…

How much time should I set aside for each step?

We know that trying to organize and complete these eight steps all on your own could be extremely time consuming. That’s why we created the Virtual Business Building Intensive program in the first place.

You can rest assured that we’ve pared everything down so you can focus only on the most essential items within each step. Plus, our experts are going to remove all the questions, guesswork, and doubt.

All you need to do is this:

And, don’t forget — you’ll get Essential Templates for Your Copywriting Business. No need to spend countless hours developing your proposals, contracts, or invoices. Instead, download the 16 easy-to-edit templates and add your own information. The time savings with these templates is priceless.

As I said before, we’re making this as simple — and fast — as possible.

Keep in mind, though — this is likely the only time you’ll see this special offer this year. And with limited spots available, once we hit capacity, we’ll have to switch over to a first-come, first-served waitlist.

So if you’re serious about turning your writing skills into a profitable business, now is your time. Even if you’re just getting started, you can set up a business that brings you paying clients in just 30 days.

“I thought this program was just what I needed, and found it to be great! Each topic was thoroughly covered in the two hours they had. Recorded, we were then able to go back over each and every one of them. This is for any writer to line up the live events, and go through them, and then get on with setting up their own business. It can be done! I was uncertain before, but now I know I can. I know that I will always have AWAI as a mentor!”

Kathleen Pacheco

“AWAI has experts that are astounding in their knowledge. You have come very close, in this program, to immersion learning. I so love every minute. I don’t care about showmanship, etc. I care about expertise and imparting advanced practical information. That’s what VBI delivers in spades! VBI taught me how to plug my little company into the universe of professional copywriting. How to talk it. How to do it. How to launch it.”

Jeri Burgdorf

“I would say that if you are serious about making copywriting your full-time career, you don't know how to run a business, you want to do it quickly and easily, and you want to learn from an incredible group of people who are committed to your success… then you should definitely take the class. AWAI is such an amazing group of positive, supportive people who really care about everyone's success.”

— Lisa Fulkerson

“Learning the material to become a copywriter is just one piece of the puzzle. This Intensive helped push me along to get my profiles, info packet, and website ready. I also learned valuable techniques from people who have been there. That like any other business, your copywriter platform is important. It helps to let prospective clients know who you are and what you have to offer to them. I'm an author, and building my platform was complicated when I had no prior knowledge. This course gives you a foundation of where you need to start and what tools you need to have to be successful moving forward in your copywriting career."

— Marisa

“I knew nothing about building a copywriting business before this course, and I mean absolutely nothing. This course has opened my eyes in a BIG way. I know I can do it. The steps are all there. This course is SO comprehensive, fascinating, and full of great tips. Learning step-by-step from EXPERTS who are there to help. Just amazing and hard to believe the quality level.”

— Jeanne Savelle

VBI means several things to me. It means community, someone to answer my questions in a supportive and encouraging way. And it means clarity, especially what's necessary on the business side to launch a copywriting business and how to do it… I found the discussion of niche and the supporting 71 hot industries resource extremely helpful. Also, in my 20-year career so far, AWAI is the stand-out organization/culture in demonstrating business savvy and incredible resources, encouraging community, and fun while earning great incomes. I'm grateful to have found AWAI!”

— Grace Drummond

“This is the kick-start I needed after years of dabbling.”

— Vanessa Glover

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