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From the desk of Rebecca Matter, President of AWAI

This February, I’m bringing THE top web experts to Austin …
where we’ll transform a select group of writers into
paid web copywriters in just 72 hours flat.

Will you be one of them?

If you’re ready to cash in on a $77 billion industry that is desperate for writers, your answer should be, “Yes!”

At AWAI’s 2016 Web Intensive, you won’t JUST discover the lucrative web projects companies are desperate for now …

  • You’ll get the rare opportunity to learn from the most respected web writers working today … and look over their shoulders as they walk you through their personal web-writing techniques …
  • You’ll apply what you’ve learned and write your way through a REAL, 7-part web marketing campaign — the perfect portfolio piece that all clients want to see. (Don’t worry if you’re brand-new; you’ll be guided every step of the way!)
  • You’ll get professional feedback on your work that gives you the proof and confidence you CAN do the job …
  • You’ll sit down for a one-on-one meeting with an expert to make sure you move forward fast the minute you get home …
  • You’ll learn the ins and outs of finding, landing, and exceeding the expectations of high-paying clients  …
  • You’ll build a proven self-marketing system customized to your “marketing personality,” designed to get clients to come to YOU, whenever you need them …
  • And, you’ll even have the chance to receive a $2,000 paycheck from your work …

All in just three days!

When you get home, you will BE a web writer.
You’ll have experience, confidence, and the complete framework of your business in place, ready to go.

All you’ll have to do is start writing.

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

Dear Writer,

I’ve pulled out ALL the stops to create a hands-on writing workshop experience that helps you leap over every single obstacle that could possibly keep you from success.

I’m not just talking about a top-notch “how-to” education from some of the pioneering copywriters in our industry …

Or the hands-on experience and advanced writing skills you need to be a sought-after web copywriter … which you WILL get, in spades …

All of this is just the first step.

I’m also talking about all the “little things” you need to jump-start your writing business, including:

  • The confidence that you CAN do the job.
  • A complete portfolio of web copy projects — polished writing samples that have been reviewed by experts and you’re proud to show potential clients …
  • A proven self-marketing system that feels easy and natural to implement …
  • Your freelancer’s website (also a key part of your self-marketing plan and portfolio) …
  • The mindset of a fearless and savvy entrepreneur …
  • The answer to the question, “Am I really good enough to do this?” (By the end, you will be!)
  • Even the chance to work with top copywriters on a REAL web campaign … and possibly land a high-profile client while you’re at it.

I’ve seen all these things trip up copywriters in the past and hold them back from reaching their full potential … and I’ve discovered a way to blast through all of them and more.

If you want to leapfrog over the learning curve and start writing for a living now …

I invite you to come to Austin this coming February with nothing but your laptop and the willingness to learn … work with me and my team of experts for three days … and leave with a complete web copywriting business of your very own.

(No previous web or writing experience necessary!)

Web Copywriting is the
In-Demand Opportunity For
Freelance Writers Since … Well, Ever!
(And, it’s About to Get Even BIGGER.)

There’s never been a better time to get dedicated and get going, because a HUGE wave of demand for trained web copywriters has arrived. Forrester Research predicts marketers will spend $77 billion on digital marketing in 2016.

$77 billion!

Numbers like that mean there’ll be so much DEMAND for knowledgeable web writers in the next several years that there’ll be very little competition. (That should get you pumped!)

I predict if you get started now … even if you’re a “newbie” web writer today … you’ll be booked solid for weeks at a time.

And the faster you can get trained and launch your business …

The faster you can get paid the handsome fees web copywriters have come to enjoy. (I mean $500 … $1,500 … even $3,500 per project! More on that in a minute.)

That’s where I come in.

You see, every February for the past eight years, I’ve met with a group of excited and committed up-and-coming copywriters …

Put them in a room with the industry’s top web writing and marketing experts …

And taught them the skills they need to do the job better than 99% of the people out there.

And those writers have gone on to be top-notch freelancers, earning high five-figure and even six-figure incomes … quitting their day jobs … and saying Sayonara! to the workaday life for good.

I did it!

I’m proud to say that I’m currently a full-time, freelance web copywriter. I took the leap and quit my salaried J.O.B., and now I’m thoroughly enjoying my writer’s life.

And I trace my success directly back to the 2012 Web Intensive.

I was just launching my business, just getting my web copywriting feet wet, when I attended the 2012 Web Intensive. I considered my investment in the Web Intensive to be an investment in my business, in myself … in my future. It did not disappoint.

After participating in the sessions and interacting one-to-one with the expert speakers, I walked away from the Web Intensive knowing without a doubt that web copywriting is how I will make a living doing what I love — writing. I walked away with the confidence to claim my status as a Web Copy Specialist and with the absolute certainty that I could make my dream of the writer’s life a reality.

In fact, with that confidence, I was able to accelerate my business plan. Instead of the year that I conservatively planned for, I completely replaced my J.O.B. salary with copywriting income within six short months. I’m not looking back and not going back … ever.

The 2012 Web Copy Intensive truly launched my freelance web copywriting career. I consider it to be the very foundation of my successful new writer’s life. Thank you, AWAI!

I know, learning everything you need to be a web copywriter in just three days sounds like a lofty goal.

But I’m confident you can do it — because the past eight generations of Web Copywriting Specialists have done it too. (That’s the title earned by every writer who attends Web Intensive. You’ll hear from some of them as we go along.)

But there’s another reason I’m so confident …

I’ve challenged my team of experts to make this year’s event even better. And they didn’t disappoint.

We’ve made this event easier than ever for you to succeed.

For starters, you’re not JUST going to get a complete education in writing powerful web copy …

But the proven, hands-on experience you’ll need to feel 100% confident completing projects for real clients …

AND a complete business framework in place, ready to launch when you decide to pull the trigger.

And I don’t just mean the knowledge to build that framework after you get home. I mean you’ll build the entire thing, LIVE during this three-day event, with my team to guide you the whole way …

That means the minute you get home you’ll be able to have your writing business up and running … ready to go.

My “Do it Now!” Approach is Key to Your Success

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been hosting the Web Intensive for eight years now.

And I understand how “life” simply gets in the way once a live event is over.

Everyday distractions … returning to your J.O.B. … and plain old uncertainty keep so many promising writers from the lifestyle and financial freedom they deserve. (You may have experienced this yourself already.)

But not this time.

My team is ready to guide you through the entire process in one fell swoop.

We’re not leaving anything to chance!

If you’ve had enough of commutes, cubicles, and bosses … and you’re dedicated to creating a lucrative web-writing business in 2016 … then not even your busy life can get in the way.

Because if you pull the trigger and grab your ticket today, you’re going to have the rare chance to sit down with the industry’s best … learn the ropes … and do the writing (and business-building) right then and there.

I’ve already given you a bare-bones outline of what I’m promising you, but let me take a minute and flesh it out.

The Value of a Hands-On Workshop Experience is Priceless …

First of all, this experience is going to be almost entirely hands-on.

Hands-on learning makes the million-dollar secrets you’ll be hearing “stick” far more effectively. It creates a kind of “muscle memory” for writing web copy.

But even more importantly …

It’s going to cure your fear of the unknown.

Without getting too scientific, studies have shown there is a primal part of your brain that uses fear to physically hold you back from doing new things.

Anytime you start to venture out of the “safe harbor” — that is, the experiences you’ve already had in your life — you start to feel fear.

And if you go too far, the fear becomes paralyzing.

Your primal brain, quite literally, doesn’t know if you can survive getting paid to write for a web client … so it stops you before you can get hurt, or worse.

It seems silly, right? It’s not like you’re a caveman who needs to be told not to walk into a dark cave.

You should be able to force your modern brain to “just do it!”

Besides, you’ve seen plenty of people do it before … Mindy McHorse, Joshua Boswell, Christina Gillick, Steve Coombes … any of the hundreds of people on AWAI’s Wall of Fame …

Isn’t that good enough?

Not for your brain. Not until you have experienced it firsthand.

If you’ve felt that paralyzing fear before, you know what I’m talking about. (And you can stop feeling guilty for not “forcing” yourself to do something new.)

That’s why Web Intensive is as hands-on as possible.

Because when you enter the safety of the Web Intensive zone, you accomplish two goals:

You teach your brain that you can, indeed, survive writing web copy for a real client …

And you have the freedom to make mistakes and learn without risk. There’s no pressure at all — and no fear.

So when you get home, you’ll have no fear getting started:

  • You’ll launch the self-marketing system you’re going to build in Austin without hesitation.
  • You’ll talk with your new clients like an old copywriting pro.
  • And you’ll quote them handsome fees with no problem.
  • Writing the project … and rocking the project … will actually feel comfortable.

You’ll have no fear because you’ve already done it, under the guidance of expert copywriters, and in the judgment-free safety of the Web Intensive zone.

From there, achieving all of your financial goals … replacing your full-time income … even quitting your job if you like … isn’t just easy …

It’s natural.

Can you imagine that?

Slipping into a successful and lucrative web-writing career just as easily as you go to your current job? With ease  … like you’ve been doing it for years?

That is EXACTLY what your training in Austin is going to do for you.

Experience 3 Days in the Life of a Web Copywriter

My team and I are going to walk you step-by-step through becoming a web copywriter by creating a three-day simulation of the entire web-writing experience.

Here’s the 10,000-foot overview:

As a web copywriter, it is your job to create written materials for your clients’ web marketing “campaigns” — highly organized, multi-day (even multi-week) digital efforts that sell their product or service.

But we’re not just going to throw you into the deep end.

Nick Usborne — one of my mentors and the man regarded as the “father of web copywriting” — is going to demonstrate every single step he goes through with his own clients … LIVE … right before your eyes.

You’ll watch him go through each step, from the first client meeting to submitting the final copy. You’ll learn each type of web copy as you go, then write along with Nick as he works his way through the entire campaign, top to bottom.

Even though it’s a simulation, there’s nothing fake about what you’ll be working on.

See, I’m going to be Nick’s “client” — and yours … and you’ll be working on a REAL web campaign for one of AWAI’s products. (And I’m so excited to see what you come up with!)

Let’s break this down, step-by-step.

Step One
Learn to rock that first meeting with your new client.

First up … you need to understand what I, your new client, need.

Nick is going to interview me, just as he would for a client of his own.

He’s going to ask me about the scope of the project — a 7-part campaign for my product, the Wealthy Web Writer membership site.

He’s going to ask about my audience and what we’ve sent them in the past.

And, he’ll ask about my budget.

You’ll see exactly how a pro copywriter gets the full scope of my needs, how he pitches his services to me, and how he follows-up with clear, appropriately-priced quotes.

This meeting gives you the perfect template for every client call you have in the future, helps you avoid any “rookie” mistakes, and demonstrates what you should be charging for your services … all at the same time.

Step Two
Learn how to write effective web copy like the masters.

Congrats! I’ve decided to “hire” you and Nick to write my 7-part campaign.

That includes:

  1. Attention-grabbing ads …
  2. A landing page designed to capture contact info …
  3. An autoresponder to welcome new people to my “family” …
  4. A teaser email to get them to my sales letter …
  5. A VSL (Video Sales Letter) you’ll create from the sales letter I already have …
  6. A blog post to engage my audience …
  7. And a social media campaign to support the whole campaign.

As we move through the live simulation, our experts will give you a crash course in exactly HOW they write these individual projects.

You’ll get the theory and “best practices” for each project … and then you’ll get a truly unique, “over the shoulder” look at each master writer’s process. (I’ll introduce you to them in just a minute.)

These master writers will compress their decades of experience down into the most essential steps … and train YOU to master THEIR craft.

You’ll get an intimate, insider’s look at …

  • How they approach each different type of copy …
  • The best outlines and freshest formulas you can use to ensure you’re never stuck with the “Blank Page Blues” …
  • How they write in a conversational tone; use power words to attract attention, stories to engage, and persuasion to make the sale …
  • Real-life examples from their own careers to show you what worked, what didn’t, and why  …

And, in some cases, they’ll even draft fresh, new copy right before your eyes!

Plus, you’ll have the chance to ask as many questions as you like … and Nick or I will also grill them to ask the questions you might not know to ask, to make sure you’re getting the most comprehensive education possible.

Again, you don’t need to worry if this is all brand-new to you — you won’t be alone … and I’m going to make sure you have the basics down before you even begin packing for Austin. (More on that in a minute.)

Plus, my team of master writers is ready to teach you everything you need to know. (And, I promise, it’s all very “non-technical.”)

In fact, because I want to get you up, running, and confident by the time you leave Austin, I’ve got all hands on deck  …

An “A-List” Team of Experts From All Different Niches Are Flocking to Web Intensive to Teach YOU to Master Their Craft …

The experts I’ve assembled are all doing what YOU want to do: they’re professional, independent copywriters and marketers who make a very comfortable living doing what they love on their own terms.

And, they’ve often been doing it for decades.

They’re widely regarded as THE expert in their field — often the person who defined or even created his or her specialty.

These “A-listers” will teach you the best practices for web copy that works today … and the genius little tricks that might take you years to discover otherwise.

Here they are … your 2016 Web Intensive team …

Nick Usborne
Master Online

Nick Usborne, Master Online Copywriter

I’ve introduced you briefly to Nick already …

Nick was one of the first direct-response copywriters to realize writing for an online audience was fundamentally different than writing for print. Because of that, he’s widely regarded as the “father of web copywriting.”

He’s been an in-demand freelance writer and consultant for Fortune 500 companies for almost 20 years — which is about as long as the Internet has been around.

But even better than that, Nick is a fantastic teacher … and I believe there’s no one better to guide you through this three-day learning experience.

“Nick is a calm, authoritative speaker who has both intelligence and credibility.”

— Sally Eastwood
Laguna Beach, CA, 2013 Web Intensive Attendee

“Nick’s quiet charm removes the anxiety from such a massive undertaking. (His rants are very amusing too!)”

— Vicki Corriere
Austin, TX, 2013 Web Intensive Attendee

“[Nick is an] excellent teacher. Really appreciate his kind, thorough teaching style. Very helpful. Thank you.”

— Dr. Ron Jahner
Chicago, IL, 2013 Web Intensive Attendee

Pam Foster
Emcee; Business-Building Expert

  • Successful freelance copywriter in B2B, pet, and vet niches
  • Expert on choosing a niche, website audits, client-landing, and working with clients
  • Author of AWAI’s Site Audits Made Simple, Working Effectively with Web Clients, and How to Choose Your Writing Niche

Pam Foster

And, Pam Foster will be your emcee … and help Nick grill the instructors to make sure you get the best copywriting education possible.

Pam is an expert in practically everything freelance copywriting, including finding clients, building your business, and writing “bodacious” copy.

She once landed SEVEN new clients in just seven weeks by implementing one technique! (And, I’ll reveal that technique to you later on this page.)

You can expect Pam to be a highly energetic and entertaining emcee at this year’s event.

“Pam’s presentations are authentic. She inspires trust.”

— Elsa Wasserman
Boston, MA, 2014 Web Intensive Attendee

“Pam is so amazing — she provides structure for my business.”

— Brandy Booth
Saginaw, MI, 2014 Web Intensive Attendee

“She has so many ideas and systems in place. Invaluable.”

— Dede Sindelar
Tucson, AZ, 2014 Web Intensive Attendee

“Pam is your star presenter!”

— Kreutzer Garman
2014 Web Intensive Attendee

Especially as she and Nick work to help you wring every last bit of knowledge possible out of each of our instructors …

Including some who’ve rarely made themselves so available to up-and-coming writers, like Ben Settle.

That’s right …

The Email Specialist Who Makes Other
“A-List” Writers Green with Envy is Coming to Austin!

Ben Settle
Living Email Legend

  • 13+ years of experience in web marketing
  • The “Seinfeld” of email
  • Newsletter, “Email Players,” is read by people in over 26 countries
  • Praise and testimonials from the world’s most respected marketers and copywriters, including Brian Kurtz, David Deutsch, Ken McCarthy, Bob Bly, and Gary Bencivenga, who is universally recognized as the world’s greatest living copywriter

Richard Armstrong, AWAI’s 2012 Copywriter of the Year, says, “I start my day reading from the Holy Bible and Ben Settle’s emails … not necessarily in that order.”

And Richard’s not the only “mega-A-list writer” who considers Ben’s insights to be practically sacred text …

Bob Bly has called his email style “stunningly effective.”

Brian Clark swears Ben has “the best hooks and angles.”

AWAI’s very own Mark Ford even praises Ben, saying:

“He says, in very arresting ways, things I’ve been trying to teach marketers and copywriters for 30 years. I love it.”

Details on what Ben is going to be teaching are still forthcoming …

But it’s safe to say his session alone is going to be worth your entire investment.

Just a few of his tips have been known to double response (and sales). He’s going to teach you things like …

  • Subject lines that get readers to open your messages each and every day …
  • Powerful hooks that grab readers and keep them hanging on until the very end …
  • Using buyer psychology to get more sales — even from customers who swear they’re “just looking” …
  • And everything you’ll need to get mind-blowing results for your clients (or yourself!) just from using emails …

I am personally very excited for Ben’s session.

He’s going to shake up everything you ever thought you knew about email … and show you how to write email copy that doesn’t just work — but blows your clients socks off.

Plus, Clayton Makepeace Has Agreed to Leave His Beautiful Mansion on Siesta Key to Teach YOU the Ins and Outs of Writing Online!

I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am that one of the most highly-regarded copywriters in the country … Clayton Makepeace … has agreed to come to Web Intensive this year.

Clayton Makepeace
Master Copywriter

  • Master of financial copywriting and Video Sales Letters
  • Regularly earns six-figure royalty checks
  • Beloved speaker, instructor, and mastermind leader
  • Author of The Makepeace Method series of programs, 400+ articles on copywriting, and multiple books on the craft

Being at his feet is such a rare opportunity … he’s often far too busy cranking out million-dollar copy for his clients.

If you’re not familiar with Clayton yet …

Words like “good” or “great” don’t come close to describing him.

He is, hands-down, one of the world’s highest-paid copywriters. (I don’t know the exact figure, but I do know his clients happily write out royalty checks of over six-figures … and he recently bought a mansion on Siesta Key in Florida.)

He’s helped his clients sell over $1.5 billion worth of products in the health and financial niches.

As legendary copywriter Bob Bly says …

"Clayton is the real deal, having proven himself the master at selling dozens of products and services through his powerful copy and marketing strategies, from investment newsletters to vitamins.

"Let me tell you the truth, Clayton’s copy is so effective, his clients pay him more money than any other copywriter I know of (well over a million dollars a year). He is, without a doubt, one of the top three copywriters (maybe THE top copywriter) in the world."

He’s even been called the “Einstein of Direct Response.”

Plus, Clayton is responsible for some of the most successful web campaigns of all time.

He told me he recently launched a new web campaign for one of his exclusive clients, Weiss Research … and the thing is doing a million dollars in sales … PER WEEK.

Considering those results … and the fact that he’s taught some of the most successful copywriters in the world, like Carline Anglade-Cole, Parris Lampropoulos, and many more …

You can bet he knows some powerful secrets about writing for the Web … and he’s more than happy to share ALL of them with you.

What I like best about Clayton isn’t that he’s a world-dominating copywriter. He’s also an incredibly down-to-earth and generous teacher.

Most working copywriters, especially someone of his caliber, are so busy writing for clients they have little time to teach others. (Others, sadly, just don’t like sharing their hard-earned secrets with new writers.)

Not Clayton. He’s going to unveil his top techniques, his best “how-to’s,” and give you his most up-to-the-minute ideas for knocking the socks off your future clients …

Step Three
Let’s Write!

Then, after you’ve finished soaking up the wisdom of your incredible master instructors, you’re going to get your hands on the keys, apply what you’ve just learned, and write.

We’ll repeat Step Two and Step Three for EACH piece of the web campaign …

You’ll be instructed on writing an excellent ad and landing page … and then you’ll write one for your sample Wealthy Web Writer campaign.

Then Nick is going to come back in and show you how HE would’ve done it!

That way, you can compare your copy directly to Nick’s … and see exactly how to strengthen your copy in the future.

Then, we’ll rinse and repeat …

  • You’ll discover little-known, advanced tricks for writing ads that grab attention and “get the click.” Then, you’ll get to try it out for yourself! (Ads may seem small, but there’s a specific formula to them that you can use to impress your clients.)
  • You’ll soak up juicy secrets for writing autoresponders and sales emails that convert … watch one getting written right before your eyes … then sit down and try your hand at it.
  • You’ll get the BEST tips for writing killer blog posts that get shared and go viral … then put them to use in your own post.
  • You’ll also learn the newest techniques for leveraging the social web, so you’ll get to write purposeful social media posts that both engage and persuade.

So by the end, you will have written your way through an entire campaign … compared your work side-by-side with a Master Copywriter’s … revised and polished your samples …

And have a complete web-writing portfolio, ready to show clients!

But, Nick and Clayton and the expert speakers won’t be the only ones training and guiding you.

I’ve also arranged for a group of AWAI copywriters and staff members — ladies who regularly work with me on my campaigns — to act as “Copy Chief” for you and a small group of other attendees.

They’re going to be there for you every step of the way … from brainstorming ideas to the final, polished draft … to filling in any gaps in the simulation that you don’t quite grasp.

They’re going to be your Tour Guides for everything Web Intensive  …

And most importantly, with their feedback, you’ll be sure to leave with a portfolio of samples that glow.

Let me introduce you to them now …

Meet Your Copy Chiefs

You can ask these talented writers ANYTHING — about writing, getting clients, the freelance lifestyle, and of course, feedback on your writing after every session.

Jen Adams was a very successful freelancer until I took her off the market to write copy on AWAI’s in-house team. She’s been responsible for some of our most profitable promotions this year.

Charlotte Crockett splits her time between managing B2B Writing Success and writing for her clients across multiple industries, including insurance, info-marketing, scuba diving, and conservative political markets.

Heather Robson has made writing her life. She’s a prolific novelist, the editor of Wealthy Web Writer, and writes regularly for clients in the health and preparedness niches.

Mindy McHorse, AWAI’s 2007 $10K Challenge Winner, is editor of Barefoot Writer Magazine, and a six-figure copywriter in the cause marketing niche.

Rae Robinson is another member of AWAI’s staff copywriting team. She’s a successful web writer in the natural health and fitness niches, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Boardroom, Inc., Newsmax Health, Beachbody, and Natural Health Sherpa.

Sandy Franks has over 25 years of publishing and marketing experience, including notable time spent at Agora Publishing. She is the founder of the Women’s Financial Alliance and is proud to now be serving as AWAI’s Senior Copy Chief.

Jaclyn Mehler is going on 10 years with AWAI, currently serves as AWAI’s Marketing Director, and has been present for all eight Web Intensives. She works with copywriters daily to brainstorm Big Ideas, design new web marketing funnels, and improve sales copy. She looks forward to working with you in Austin and helping you achieve your goals.

If you have questions or need guidance during the writing labs … or at any time, about anything … your Copy Chief will be your “go-to” resource.

And there’s one more benefit to having these particular writers as your Copy Chiefs …

They all have super-busy professional careers and heavy client loads … which is good news for you.

Intimate, Targeted Networking Unlike Anywhere Else

You see, it’s actually quite common for advanced freelance copywriters to refer work to other writers. Sometimes they’re just too busy, the client isn’t in their niche specialty, or they simply aren’t interested in the project.

At Web Intensive, your Copy Chief is going to get to know your writing style, your niche, and your professional goals. And if, in the future, they have one too many projects, they’ll be more than happy to pass it along to you if they think you’re a good fit.

“I was a Copy Chief at the 2014 Web Intensive. I had a great group of up-and-coming writers, but I got along especially well with one of them, who was also in my niche. When I had too much work in the coming months, I emailed her to see if she’d be willing to take some of it off my plate. She was excited to, and we’ve been working together ever since!”

— Rae Robinson
Copy Chief & AWAI Staff Writer

Plus, I know the expert speakers on this year’s panel have a history of doing the same thing … and you’re going to have the chance to meet with one of them one-on-one.

That’s right — near the beginning of the event, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down with me or one of my web-writing experts for a brief one-on-one meeting.

This meeting is designed to help you get your bearings before the event begins so you spend your time in Austin most effectively … but it’s really up to you what you want to talk about.

You can ask any questions you have … get guidance on your next steps … or just solidify what success means to you!

You’ll get the information, motivation, and confidence you need to stay on track and create the most success possible … as fast as possible … when you return home.

So, Web Intensive isn’t just about the training.

It’s about getting to know the people in our very small, very tight-knit industry — and letting US get to know YOU. And this event is small and exclusive enough that you CAN meet everyone.

It’s only at the Web Intensive that you can experience 72 hours’ worth of face-to-face networking with high-caliber writers who need people to refer work to.

Who knows? You could make an instant friend at breakfast … take an elevator ride with a Master Copywriter … make a connection during your one-on-one expert meeting … or have a deep conversation in the lounge with someone at the end of the day.

All of these opportunities — on top of the quality time you’ll be spending with your Copy Chief — can lead to paying work.

Speaking of paying work and landing new clients …

You’ll Get the Goods on Landing Clients Fast … And Build Your Own Self-Marketing Plan Using Joshua Boswell’s Proven System

You’re not just going to rub shoulders with experts and advanced freelancers … learn marketing lingo like a pro … develop your skills … and get first-person experience handling clients …

You’re going to build the rest of your business in Austin, too.

After all, hands-on experience is only good if you have clients to pay you to use it!

Joshua Boswell
Business-Building Expert

  • Wildly successful  six-figure freelancer
  • Specializes in helping “total newbies” land high-paying clients with natural self-marketing techniques
  • Author of AWAI’s Getting Clients Roadmap, The Simple Path to Success, and the Christian Copywriting Program

That’s where Joshua Boswell comes in.

Joshua is an incredibly successful freelance copywriter … and he’s agreed to reveal the step-by-step marketing system he used to earn a six-figure income — and pay off nearly $200,000 of debt — in just 11 months!

These sessions are a “MUST-SEE” … since anyone who follows Joshua’s simple yet effective techniques is practically guaranteed success.

You’re going to take his system, customize it to your own “marketing personality,” build out the pieces, and have it ready to be deployed the moment you get home.

In this client-landing crash course, Joshua will hold nothing back:

  • He’ll show you his cream-of-the-crop strategies for approaching a potential client … including what to say … what information to send (and how) … and the number one question to ask that practically seals the deal with your very first conversation.
  • You’ll discover where to find clients … and get the criteria for creating a list of your dream clients (including making sure they are the right fit for you).
  • You’ll learn to price your services appropriately … and talk to clients in such a way that your handsome fee becomes a total no-brainer.
  • You’ll get his personal tricks for creating a highly effective self-marketing tool called the “Info Packet” … and write the pieces of your own Packet, with your Copy Chief, then and there …
  • Finally, Joshua will help you create a complete self-marketing system … step-by-step … so when you get home, you’ll have a Joshua-approved, detailed action-plan to implement.
  • And, he’s going to show you how to implement his superstar secrets so effectively that … in just a few months … clients start coming to you.

“Joshua always inspires and motivates me, just when I need it.”

— Janice Sakata-Schultze
Golden, CO, 2014 Web Intensive Attendee

After Joshua’s sessions, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get home and put your ready-to-go plan into action … and start landing your first clients within just weeks after returning home.

I hope you’re starting to see the incredible value of having all of these experienced writers and web legends in one place. (It only happens at Web Intensive!)

Heck, sitting down with a meeting with Nick, myself, or any one of my expert team for one-on-one guidance is worth a small fortune in itself.

But they’re all at your disposal … for three full days.

By the End of the Event, You’ll Be an Experienced Web Copy Specialist …

As you can see, not even procrastination will hold you back once you’re in Austin with me and my team!

By the end of the three days, you’ll be an experienced Web Copy Specialist.

  • You won’t have to worry about having “no writing experience” … you’ll have it.
  • You’ll have trained under some of the best writers in our industry … who’ll help you refine your techniques into a master-level writing process you can repeat again and again for your clients … and charge upwards of $5,000 or more for!
  • You won’t have to fret about having no writing samples … you’ll have a complete web campaign to show your clients. (As a marketer who hires web copywriters all the time, I can tell you that kind of portfolio makes you very attractive.)
  • You won’t have to worry about procrastination, distractions, or what obstacles the future holds. You’ll get it ALL done in the safety of the Web Intensive zone.
  • And, you won’t wonder how to set up an effective marketing plan … where to find clients … or how to convince them to hire you. You’ll have a proven system, live “client-landing” experience, and a “money-list” of dream clients, all ready to be deployed.

You’ll have the confidence, hands-on writing experience, systems, and samples you need to land new clients the moment you get home — and start invoicing for those hefty paychecks.

Plus, you’ll have all the resources you need to continue moving forward, advance your knowledge, learn additional lucrative services, and wow your clients. (More about that in a second.)

I’m getting excited just thinking about all this!

But here’s the absolute BEST part of all of this …

You don’t have to wait ‘til February to start your Web Intensive experience!

You can start putting the pieces of your web-writing business into place immediately after you register today.

Sold Out: Add My Name to the Waiting List

I’ve mentioned a few times that you don’t need any previous writing or web experience to attend Web Intensive and come out the other side an experienced web writer.

Here’s why:

I have a lineup of three “pre-event sessions” waiting for you the moment you register, to teach you the basics, get you up to speed, and prepare you to make the most out of your time in Austin.

It’s all very linear and guides you one step at a time through the basics of writing great web copy and building a successful business.

Let me show you what I mean:

The first important decision to make about your web copy business is what you want to write about … and who you want to write for.

We call this a “niche” — and specializing in one particular niche is the fastest way to become the go-to writer in your corner of the web copy market … and get paid an expert’s fees to boot.

Plus, it will guide all of the decisions you make about your business, starting now.

But … choosing a niche tends to be a very common roadblock for beginning writers. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it hold writers back for years.

That’s not going to happen to you.

I promised you we’re going to bust down every single one of those obstacles. And I’m going to start fulfilling that promise to you the moment you get registered.

I’ve asked Pam Foster to give you access to her super popular webinar, “How to Choose Your Writing Niche,” which will be available to you on your Web Intensive Member Page instantly with your registration.

Pre-Event Session #1
Choose a Profitable Web-Writing Niche
You Love with Pam Foster —
Immediately After You Register

Pam Foster isn’t just going to be your guide and emcee during the event in Austin … she’s going to help you kick off your whole 2016 Web Intensive experience from your home office … starting right now …

One of Pam’s specialties is helping writers choose a niche.

When you choose a niche — or an area of web writing to specialize in — you automatically give yourself a promotion.

Higher fees, an easier time finding clients, and faster turnaround on projects are just a few of the benefits of becoming a Master Copywriter in a niche you’re passionate about!

Pam is the author of AWAI’s How to Choose Your Writing Niche: Your Step-By-Step Blueprint For Finding a Niche That’s Right For You based on the blueprint she used to land seven new clients in seven weeks.

And Pam has turned her popular program into a three-hour, one-stop-shop webinar experience.

All you need to know is what you’re personally passionate about … and Pam will guide you to a niche you love.

By the time your three hours with Pam are up, you will …

  • Confidently select the writing niche that’s perfect for you …
  • Know how to cast the most effective client-catching net, to capture plenty of marketers who value your expertise and are willing to pay you top dollar for it …
  • Use the secret of the “niche inventory,” to develop your very own unique and strong position in the industry (Pam’s secret weapon) …
  • Understand what it takes to make a money-making splash within your niche as quickly as possible …
  • And discover the connections you don’t even realize you already have to “launch with friends.”

This webinar alone is easily worth a few hundred dollars … but once you see how much easier things become for you once you’ve chosen a niche, you’ll see the value is quite a lot more.

And, when you register for 2016 Web Intensive, you’ll get instant access to it for FREE.

You could have a web-writing niche picked out just three hours from now … and most importantly, you’ll have this significant step out of the way well before you head to the airport in February.

The pre-event activity doesn’t stop there!

Get the “Basics” Down Before You Even Pack Your Bags for Austin

Earlier, I mentioned you don’t have to know a THING about copywriting or web marketing to sign up for the 2016 Web Intensive today.

That’s because I’ve arranged for you to take these two “pre-event” sessions that level the playing field, no matter how new you are to the freelance writing concept.

Yes — even if you’re a total “newbie” who just discovered freelance writing yesterday, you can still come to Austin with the skills you need to make the most of your time.

Pre-Event Session #2
Take My Crash Course in Basic Copywriting Theory

One of the most common questions I get asked about Web Intensive is whether you need to have finished AWAI’s The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting first.

The answer is it helps  … but it’s NOT a pre-requisite.

I’m going to give you a crash course in copywriting theory, including …

  • How to write a great headline and lead …
  • The basic elements of persuasive writing …
  • The secret to knowing your prospect …
  • The difference between features and benefits …
  • How to craft an offer, a guarantee, order devices, and more …
  • Secrets to power editing your own work …
  • And much more!

This is going to be a super compressed version of The Accelerated Program, but it’ll give you the basic understanding of copywriting you need to spend your time wisely in Austin.

(And if you’ve already taken the course, a refresher never hurt anyone! You might pick up something new.)

Pre-Event Session #3
Master the Fundamentals of
Effective Web Copy in a Matter of Hours

Then, once you have the basics of persuasive writing under your belt, you’re going to get your web-writing basics down pat.

Here’s how:

Once you register for the 2016 Web Intensive, you’re going to get instant access to two full-blown Web Intensive sessions with Nick Usborne on the fundamentals essential to your success as a web writer.

In these keystone sessions, you will …

  • Discover the fascinating origins of web writing … and why that history matters so much, your career depends on understanding it.
  • Learn the essential differences between writing for print and writing for the Web. Knowing these key differences will put you head and shoulders above the rest of most copywriters today … and your future clients will pay you handsomely because of it!
  • Discover the number one thing you can use to differentiate both your clients and your copywriting services from the crowd …
  • Learn to write the key types of website copy, including basic information pages (and how you can use these “simple” pages as a keystone in your digital architecture of persuasion) … effective home pages that both orient the reader and compel him to continue deeper into the site … and persuasive landing pages that grab him by the lapels and get him to take action now.
  • Plus, you’ll get 22 of Nick’s best optimization tips you can use to super-charge your websites, emails, and e-newsletters … and blow your conversion rates through the roof.
  • And much more!

In the past, these two sessions have taken a full day of Web Intensive … and the material is so important, it is worth dedicating a third of the entire event to it.

But as I’ve mentioned, Nick and I have far more “hands-on” activities for you in Austin, which is why you’ll be getting his primer on web writing with your registration today.

It’s like getting a full extra day of Web Intensive absolutely FREE!

Now, there are a few other pre-event bonuses and webinars you’ll be invited to attend so you stay motivated and excited over the coming weeks — but I don’t want to give away ALL the surprises!

Just be sure to keep an eye on your email inbox for updates.

So … is AWAI’s 2016 Web Intensive For You?

In my mind, it seems like an easy question to answer … this is, hands-down, THE fastest way to learn to confidently write the top-paying web-writing projects and launch a complete business at the same time.

But just in case, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you dedicated to being successful in 2016?

If you answered yes … then this event is for you.

All you need to know is that you are dedicated to your success, and my team will handle the rest.

If you just discovered web copywriting … and you know this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to change your life … this IS for you.

If you’ve been dancing around copywriting for years, but just haven’t made it happen yet … this IS for you.

If you’ve considered yourself a web writer for years, but you’re still missing some key elements or you haven’t yet found the level of success you desire, and you’re determined to make 2016 your year … this IS for you.

This is YOUR chance to master the skills … build a complete web copywriting business from scratch … and start living the writer’s life once and for all.

Now that you’re certain this event can change your life, let’s talk about your investment today to get registered. (You’ll be pleasantly surprised.)

Your Investment …

A ticket to an event like this … one that guides you down a proven path to success and leaves nothing to chance … could easily start at $7,500 … and run all the way to $10,000 … $12,000 or more. (I’ve heard of three-day retreats that cost fifteen grand!)

Considering the insatiable demand for web-writers now (and the handsome fees you’ll be confident charging), that kind of investment would be justified.

Personally, I’ve happily paid even a “beginning” writer $5,000 to write the full campaign we’ve been talking about here. And after you have a few clients under your belt, you can raise your fees.

But, at AWAI our commitment is to YOU.

Our mission is to help you succeed as quickly and easily as possible … and that means not charging an arm and a leg to do it.

So I always go out of my way to make sure Web Intensive is affordable for everyone.

I’m not going to ask you to pay $12,000 … $10,000 … or even $7,500 for a ticket to Web Intensive.

Nope — one ticket is just a $4,995 investment.

Really, when you consider the learning you’re going to be doing up front, and how desperate companies are right now for professional web copywriters, I’d be surprised if it takes longer than 90 days for you to recoup your investment and become profitable.

How can I be so sure?

1. I’m 100% confident in my team’s ability to transform you into a paid web writer in 72 hours flat. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times before.

Bob Edelstein is just one example.

After winning rave reviews (and a healthy-sized check) for copy he wrote at a Web Copywriting Intensive — he gained the much-needed confidence to shift his freelance business into high gear. Within weeks, he had three more assignments from contacts he made there.

Three years ago, he returned to the Web Intensive to tell us he had failed to meet his goal of replacing his full-time job salary with his web-writing income …

Instead, he had made three times as much money.

Henry Bingaman is another great Web Intensive success story …

Henry was a 23-year-old flight attendant when he came to his very first Web Intensive back in 2009. He was so inspired by what he learned that he quit his job when he returned home and started working as a web writer.

“It gave me enormous confidence,” he told me by email later. "I flew one more trip, they called me to fly to Munich, and I realized I could make more money if I stayed home and wrote two emails … So I turned down the trip and quit."

Today he’s earning a healthy six-figure income in the financial niche — and tells us he’s well on the path to becoming a seven-figure copywriter by the time he’s 30!

And you probably know Mindy McHorse’s story by now …

Before sitting down with us at our Web Intensive in February 2010, she was making $24,000 per year as a part-time writer. By the end of that very same year, she reached her goal of breaking the $100K mark … by earning $100,598 as a copywriter. (And she’s broken the six-figure barrier every year since!)

2. Consider the rates you can charge for the skills you’re going to learn.

As a package, the 7-part web campaign you’re going to learn to write can easily net you between $5,000 and $10,000.

But, you won’t always have to write a full campaign, top to bottom.

Sometimes clients will only need one or two specific pieces. (And it’s so easy to “upsell” them on other projects, which you’ll have the confidence and know-how to do.)

If you break it down into individual projects …

  • You can charge upwards of $1,500 to write a single page of web copy — and Nick Usborne is going to show you exactly how to do it before you even pack for Austin!
  • For a series of 3 to 5 ads, you can charge $500 or more … and the focused “landing page” they lead to can net you an additional $1,200 or more. (Remember, Nick is going to show you exactly how HE would write these pieces!)
  • And how about email copy? A “lead-generation” email will likely get used over and over, so you can charge a minimum of $300 for it. “Content” emails and autoresponders go for $250 each … and a sales email? $500 or more, depending on length!
  • There’s huge demand for articles and blog posts because of how quickly they get used up. And smart marketers know “you get what you pay for” when it comes to engaging content — which is why they’re happy to pay $150 … $300 … even $450 each for fresh, informative content articles. (And you’ll learn exactly how to write one in Austin!)
  • Finally, for setting up and managing three Facebook pages … and managing two Twitter accounts … you can rake in a monthly fee of $9,500. And Nick is going to show you how to do that effectively, too.

These aren’t “pie in the sky” rates, either. They’re industry standard — and companies expect to pay them.

3. The one-on-one training experience will cut years off your learning curve.

If you could stuff all 42 years of Clayton Makepeace’s experience into your head, wouldn’t you think you could be successful fairly quickly?

Or how about Nick Usborne’s 20+ years of web-writing experience?

What if you could re-create Ben Settle’s blockbuster email formulas for your own clients … do you think they’d hire you again?

Yes, yes, and yes!

The chance to sit down and have THE top web experts, advanced freelancers, and me and my staff available to you for three full days …

To give you encouragement, answer your questions, look at your writing, and do nothing but help you succeed faster …

 … is going to save you months (if not years) of “trial and error” you’d have to go through on your own.

Don’t Let the Up-Front Investment Get in Your Way …

This is all about overcoming obstacles … eliminating fears … and making your future as a working web writer come faster than if you were to do it on your own.

Just imagine trying to get all the hands-on skills … the expert feedback … the coaching … the motivation … and all of the essential elements in place to launch your business … all on your own!

The cost would be tens of thousands of dollars (some of our instructors charge upward of $3,000 per month for their coaching time) … and could take months … if not years to complete.

I’m offering you the chance to do it in three days … February 28th to March 2nd … and for a far smaller investment.

Oh! And I almost forgot …

The Chance to Receive a $2,000 Paycheck

The 7-part Wealthy Web Writer campaign you’ll be working on with Nick and your Copy Chief is for a REAL product.

And what kind of marketer would I be if I asked a room full of copywriters to create full-blown campaigns for my product … without testing a few?

That’s right … the work you’ll be doing isn’t just for the sake of learning.

I’ve instructed my Copy Chiefs to be on the lookout for killer copy that they think is worth testing. (Yes, I’ve known even “newbies” to write killer copy — you’re not out of the running if you’re a beginner!)

I want to find at least THREE writer’s campaigns … put them through our Peer Review process … get the pieces professionally proofread and designed … and use them LIVE to promote Wealthy Web Writer.

And, I’m going to sign three paychecks worth $2,000 each … on the spot … right there at Web Intensive.

Just imagine having your copy beautiful and fully designed … with real results you can show your clients to prove you know what you’re doing.

Plus, if we test your copy and it does well, I’m not just going to let you go! I have a constant backlog of web projects I’m always hiring for. (And who better for me to hire than you, someone whom I know for a fact has the highest caliber training available today?)

Here’s the exciting part about making AWAI your client.

I’m proud to say our name holds weight in the web-marketing world.

We’re THE gold standard when it comes to copywriting instruction. The best marketers in the business all look to us for referrals to educated and talented writers.

So when you have a piece of copy that’s gone through our “Peer Review” system … and when you have the experience of working with our team … any other client you come across that knows our name is sure to be impressed.

It just makes getting in the door with clients in your niche that much easier … which is why I’m certain you’ll have every tool you need to be a success.

But, regardless of whether we want to test your copy, you’ll still have strong proof that you can plan and write a full web marketing campaign … and to your future clients, that is GOLD.

Let Me Take All the Risk with My Unrivaled 110% Guarantee

The 2016 Web Intensive is all about leaping over every single hurdle that currently stands in your way … or that could possibly pop up in the future.

You’re going to get the skills.

You’re going to create a polished portfolio, ready for your clients to ooh and aah over.

You’re going to build a self-marketing system that brings you new clients whenever you need them.

You’re going to have a new client, a new project, and a nice paycheck in the bag.

And more than anything else, you’re going to eliminate self-doubt and develop the CONFIDENCE to get out there and rock your web copywriting career!

(Plus, if you think of anything else between now and February that you’ll need to be successful, all you have to do is let me know. I’ll do my best to make it happen!)

Speaking of confidence …

I believe so strongly in the team of experts I’ve invited this year … the brand-new content they’ll be sharing … the live, hands-on workshop experience … the instant feedback … and all of the support and materials we’re going to give you …

I can guarantee you’ll walk away from the 2016 Web Intensive with everything you need to hit the ground running the moment you get home … and realize the success you’ve been dreaming of.

Whether “success” to you means creating a profitable hobby you enjoy doing on the weekends, which allows you to save up for an extra vacation, a home remodel, or a new car …

Or you want to quit your day job and not just replace your full-time income, but bust through to more earning potential than you ever imagined (there’s no glass ceiling in web writing!) …

2016 Web Intensive WILL make it happen for you.

In fact, I guarantee it … 110%!

I’m not exaggerating for the sake of hyperbole. I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

If you participate in the pre-event sessions (which I strongly recommend) …

Come to the first full day of Web Intensive, attend every session, write with your group and your Copy Chief, and get expert feedback on the pieces you write …

And you’re not convinced that you’re:

  • (A) learning a financially-valuable skill set from the most qualified people in the industry …


  • (B) putting a complete web copywriting business framework in place …

All you have to do is let me know by the end of the first day.

I won’t just refund the entire fee you paid … but I’ll give you an extra 10% on top of it to compensate you for your time.

That’s right:

I guarantee you’ll be an experienced, confident web copywriter, or I’ll refund 110% of what you paid!

And you can keep everything you’ve received up ‘til then.

In My Opinion, You Can’t Afford
to Delay with an Opportunity Like This …

The coming tsunami of demand is no joke. There will be more demand for web copywriters than ever before.

Right now is the perfect time to get trained and prove to yourself that this is THE opportunity you’ve been waiting for to start living the writer’s life as fast as possible.

And, there’s never been a more comprehensive, top to bottom, “one-stop shop” kind of training experience for even brand-new web writers than the event happening in February.

So …

You can either spend the next several months getting the training you need, wondering if you’re “good enough” …

Spend weeks trying to pick a niche in your spare time …

And even longer “flying blind” trying to land a client …

Or you can dive in and do it ALL in just three days!

It will be intense. And it will take work. But by the time you’re done, you’ll have built a brand-new career for yourself — one that’s well on the way to being profitable.

The decision is up to you. No one is going to force you to do this.

But if you’re committed, and you’re willing to put your success in my hands for just three days, I promise you’ll come out the other side a working copywriter.

Sold Out: Add My Name to the Waiting List

Decide Fast … 100% of the Tickets Are Already Gone — and Seats Are Extremely Limited!

Due to the extreme hands-on nature of this event … and the size of our space in Austin … I can only offer entrance to a very limited number of writers.

Plus, I want to be able to talk to every single person … know your name, where you’re going, and what your goals are.

And, I want YOU to feel you’ve had at least two sets of expert eyes on every piece of copy you write — your Copy Chief’s and either mine or Nick’s.

That’s not the only reason to make your decision quickly …

Last year, I opened up registration for Web Intensive on November 19.

And ALL the seats were sold out by December 9 … just 20 days later!

Not to mention that 100% of the tickets are ALREADY gone from pre-registration!

So when we’re sold out … and it’s a matter of when, not if … well, that’s all she wrote.

We’ll open up a waiting list … but because I’m asking only the most dedicated writers to sign up, I doubt any spots will open up.

Sold Out: Add My Name to the Waiting List

Oh — And There’s One More Thing …
We’ll Be with You After You Leave Austin to Keep You Motivated and Advance Your Skills

I want to make absolutely certain you can confidently pull the trigger on your web-writing career.

Even though you’ll be fully qualified and ready to go out on your own, to start landing clients and billing for fat paychecks …

I want to give you the support and continued education you need even after the event is over.

So there are three more things that come with your registration today …

  1. 30 days after the event, you’ll get a group coaching call with whomever you meet with at the beginning of the event.

    You’ll get the chance to ask any follow-up questions … discuss any challenges you’ve discovered as a working web writer … and get the solutions to any particular issues you’re facing.

    I want to make sure you’re pointed in the right direction and taking steps to meet your goals!

  2. Access to the Continuing Education series, exclusive to past Web Intensive attendees — and now, to you.

    Previous editions of this webinar series, designed to keep you in-the-know long after the event is over, have included tips on researching and identifying clients … self-promotion … pricing, proposals, and contracts … and more strategies for success.

  3. An incredible set of At-Home Advanced Bonus Sessions — worth $1,289 together — to advance your skills even further when you’re ready.

    These skills will really set you apart from the crowd and allow you to offer even more lucrative services to your clients. This is an advanced web-marketing education to cover ALL your bases and ensure you are truly a Web Copywriting Specialist. It’ll be ready for you when YOU are ready for it … whether that’s immediately upon returning home, or a few months or even a year after the event.

Let me tell you a little more about these At-Home Advanced Bonus Sessions very quickly …

Advanced Bonus #1 Help Building Your Freelance Website

As a web copywriter, having your own website is an essential part of your business framework … but it’s another one of those ‘little’ obstacles that can hold you back if you let it.

That’s why I’m going to guide you click-by-click through the ENTIRE process of building a simple but professional-looking website.

It’ll all be done via webinar after you leave Austin — an incredible bonus that makes the whole process a cinch!

Advanced Bonus #2 Learn Ryan Deiss’ Million-Dollar Web Marketing Techniques

In this ridiculously valuable bonus, Ryan Diess, a.k.a. the “Digital Marketer,” will show you how to automate and super-charge the 7-part marketing campaign you learn at Web Intensive.

You’ll have the advanced training you need to be a knowledgeable web marketing consultant … and blow your clients’ campaigns out of the water.

Advanced Bonus #3 Boost Your Ad-Writing Skills with Brian Edmondson’s Ads That Build Lists

By the end of this Bonus Session, you’ll have Brian’s advanced tricks for writing ads that drive targeted, qualified traffic to your clients’ websites … and the truth about online marketing that will make you the most valuable part of your client’s innermost team!

Advanced Bonus #4 SEO Copywriting Crash Course with Heather Lloyd-Martin

No advanced web copywriting education would be complete without a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

And that means you’re getting a Bonus Session with the pioneer of SEO copywriting herself, Heather Lloyd-Martin.

SEO copywriters can earn anywhere from $50 to $1,500 per page … and it’s not as hard or as technical as it sounds … especially when you have Heather at your side to make it a snap!

Advanced Bonus #5 Advanced Content Marketing with Brian Clark

There’s no one more qualified to give you an advanced education in content marketing than Brian.

In these sessions, he’ll show you his comprehensive approach to content marketing and how to develop a killer content marketing strategy for yourself and your clients.

Prove to your client that you can write consistently, combine it with Brian’s in-the-trenches experience, and they’ll never want to let you go. (And they’ll be happy to pay your $300 per article fee!)

It’s Decision Time …

In my mind, the only reason you won’t be at the 2016 Web Intensive is if you’ve decided that 2016 just isn’t your year. (Or if you wait too long to register and the event sells out!)

You have EVERYTHING you need. I have covered ALL of your bases … and we’re going to bust down ALL the obstacles, together.

This is, quite literally, a web copywriting career in a box.

You’re getting …

  • A full walk-through of what it feels like to be a fearless, web copywriting professional … the value of which is priceless  …
  • A hands-on, “over my shoulder” learning experience with Master Web Copywriters in the major projects you’ll need to know … also priceless  …
  • Feedback and critiques from your Copy Chief, which will give you complete confidence in your ability to serve any client … priceless …
  • Guidance creating a complete, polished portfolio …
  • A one-on-one meeting with an expert during the event (plus a follow-up group call after) … the results of which could also be priceless to your career …
  • Priceless networking opportunities that can lead to referrals and lifelong friendships …
  • Joshua Boswell’s step-by-step self-marketing system … the same system he now teaches other newbie writers for no less than $2,500 …
  • Pre-Event Session #1: Picking Your Niche with Pam Foster … a $199 value …
  • Pre-Event Session #2: My Copywriting Crash Course — where you’ll learn the basics of persuasive writing …
  • Pre-Event Session #3: Nick’s Web-Writing Fundamentals — what used to comprise a full day of Web Intensive … a $1,665 value, FREE …
  • At-Home Advanced Session Bonus #1: “Click-by-click” help building your freelance website, a $399 value, for FREE …
  • At-Home Advanced Session Bonus #2: Million-Dollar Funnels and Advanced Email Systems with Ryan Deiss … a $297 value …
  • At-Home Advanced Session Bonus #3: Ads that Build Lists with Brian Edmondson — a $148 value, FREE …
  • At-Home Advanced Session Bonus #4: SEO Copywriting Crash Course with Heather Lloyd-Martin — a $148 value, FREE …
  • At-Home Advanced Session Bonus #5: Advanced Content Marketing, Brian Clark’s course in content marketing theory and building campaigns … also a $297 value …
  • PLUS — the chance to collect a $2,000 paycheck if we decide to test your copy!

At face value, that’s a total of more than $7,500 … almost double what you’re investing.

And all of this with my 110%, airtight guarantee that you’ll become an experienced web copywriter!

The only way I could make this process faster or more effective is to upload a web-writing career into your brain, like something out of The Matrix.

But … only you can make this decision.

So if this is your time …

If 2016 is your year …

If you’ve been waiting for an all-in-one, hands-on training experience like this …

One that meets you where you are right now … transports you in just 72 hours to where you want to be … and helps you advance your career even further after that …

You do not want to miss this event.

If you’re getting a tingling sensation of excitement in your mind right now …

If the thought of spending three days in Austin, Texas with me and my “A-list” team is giving you butterflies …

Then I recommend clicking the “Register Now” button and signing up.

Don’t wait.

I believe you ARE ready to realize your dream in the new year … and I’m ready to make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to do it.

The moment you register, you’ll get access to Pam’s Picking Your Niche Webinar … my copywriting crash course … Nick’s web-writing fundamentals sessions … and all the other info you’ll need, like hotel information and a preliminary agenda.

I’ll see you February 28–March 2, 2016, in Austin!

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI
Founder, Wealthy Web Writer

Sold Out: Add My Name to the Waiting List

P.S. Even though Web Intensive is just that — intense — this event isn’t all work, work, work.

It’s a lot of fun, too!

We’ve got tons of exciting things planned. (Denise and Kayla, our Event Directors, are always fully prepared with fun things to do.)

In the past, we’ve had authentic luaus … beachside barbecues … pool parties … and gatherings at famous restaurants.

And other times, we’ve had a web writers’ “dance off” — there’s nothing quite like seeing Pam Foster do a cartwheel across the ballroom floor!

I can’t wait to host you in my hometown of Austin. Now that I’ve been here over eight years, I know all the best eating spots — and all the best places to hear the kind of music Austin is famous for — from contemporary rock to jazz to down-home country.

It’s going to be THE event of the season … and I can’t wait to see you there.

Sold Out: Add My Name to the Waiting List

P.P.S. If you’re still not sure, have a look at what Rae Robinson had to say about her first Web Intensive experience … I think she sums it up quite nicely at the bottom!

“I had hemmed and hawed over going to the Web Intensive for a long time … and it wasn't so much the money or the time or the travel …

It was that I knew going to the Intensive would mean finally jumping off the cliff and getting started as a copywriter. That both scared and thrilled me.

Would it be everything I had hoped? Did the people who I read about for so long really exist … and can you really make that kind of money?

When I shared a van ride to the hotel with Pam Foster, I knew this was the real deal and I’d made the right decision.

I had finally arrived in the real world, where real copywriters really make six-figures doing what they love.

The very first night, I met Joshua Boswell (my longtime hero) and Rebecca Matter (my longtime heroine) and thought, ‘This alone was worth the fee!’

Especially since that one conversation with Rebecca led to my leaving the Web Intensive with a $1,000 check!

During the first presentation (Nick Usborne on Web Copy 2.0), I vividly remember thinking, ‘Okay, THIS alone was worth the fee!’

In fact, I remember thinking that after every presentation. It was all there. How to write killer emails. How to snag a customer with a solid landing page. Everything I wanted to know (and tons more!) was at my fingertips.

The accessibility of the speakers and the AWAI staff is a resource you won't get anywhere else. And I don't think you can find a happier group of people that will go out of their way to make sure you are confident and successful. The atmosphere and the confidence alone is priceless.

You can count on Rebecca and her team to put on the most relevant and useful information that will get you working easier and faster than any other program.

You have to go to the Web Intensive. You just have to.”

— Rae Robinson

Sold Out: Add My Name to the Waiting List

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