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Dear Writer,

If you’ve heard of Google, then you’ve heard of the one skill that can supercharge your copywriting business …

 … Make you a more confident, masterful copywriter …

 … and attract a horde of clients hungry for your services.

It’s the one skill that other copywriters are scared to learn because they think it’s “too technical” … or is “just too scary” …

But what they don’t know is they’re leaving up to double their fees on the table …

And leaving a field of clients wide open … clients who are confused and desperate for someone to guide them … someone who they’d happily pay up to double their normal rates …

The one skill you can learn the basics of quickly, easily, and — right now — for FREE … then master hands-on in less than 8 hours …

The one skill … ?

SEO copywriting.

Why is SEO Copywriting So Essential to Success?

You know by now that if a business doesn’t have a website, they’re losing potential customers left and right.

Practically every business operating today understands that, too.

There’s just one problem. Unless a customer is looking specifically for your website, without a search engine optimized (SEO) page, they’ll never find it through their favorite search engine like Google or Bing.

The value of a search engine optimized website is simple to understand. Business owners and marketers know that if Google can’t find their page, it’s a crisis. They’re losing Internet “foot traffic” and lots of potential sales.

They just don’t know how to optimize it. And they’re desperate for someone with professional training they can pay to do it for them.

That’s where you come in!

As a certified SEO copywriter, you can be the “go-to” writer for hundreds of clients in your niche … and stand out from the crowd of other good writers who were too scared to learn this skill.

(And P.S., if your clients aren’t asking you for optimized content already … they’re going to be asking for it soon.)

Why Listen to Another Word I Have to Say?

My name is Heather Lloyd-Martin; I’ve been working as a copywriter for over 20 years … and I’m widely considered the pioneer of SEO copywriting.

I’m a fast-talking, fiery red head with an equally fiery passion for SEO.

And as AWAI’s Co-Managing Partner Rebecca Matter has said, I’ve “literally written the book on SEO copywriting.”

A few quick bullet points about my expertise …

  • I’ve written two books and hundreds of articles on SEO copywriting …
  • I’ve developed a DVD training series with AWAI …
  • I share my expertise at over 12 conferences a year, including the AWAI Web Copywriting Intensive and Bootcamp …

I’ve also developed a program called the SEO Copywriting Certification program — which is the only industry-endorsed program for learning the basics of this precise but accessible skill.

“Heather’s SEO Copywriting course is the best. I found it enjoyable and easy to use, because Heather’s friendly tone and clear explanations make it a breeze to understand. Heather is the only one I know who can take a complicated subject like SEO and make you want to read more!”

— Lynda Goldman

Now, I regularly charge $769 for this Certification program, and hundreds of copywriters have become certified through it — to their great financial benefit.

But today, I want to give it to you for FREE.

I believe that the power of SEO is so strong, I want you to start learning SEO basics immediately after you’ve finished this letter … and start earning more money for every project you write.

Am I nuts?

Well, perhaps. I’ll explain exactly why I’m doing this in just a minute …

But first, I want to tell you more about this SEO copywriting opportunity … how easy it is to learn … and how you can raise your rates (and raise them again!) once you’ve mastered it!

If You Know How to Write Copy, SEO is Easy!

As a copywriter, you already know how to write high-quality, targeted content that speaks to a particular prospect.

You know how to truly connect with your reader, and uncover their fears or desires … and how to make sure your copy presents the solution to the problem keeping them up at night. Once they find your content, their problems can be solved.

The “trick” is, how do you get the maximum number of people to find your content?

You have to show up at the top in the search engines.

And, that’s where SEO copywriting comes in.

SEO copywriting is the art of integrating specific, well-researched “keyphrases” into a web page to increase its visibility on search engines like Google or Bing.

When your web page is listed on the first page of Google, you can get tons of traffic to your website, and have more opportunities to solve problems — and to sell.

And with a well-optimized website, Google will lead them straight to your content.

Does that sound confusing? It shouldn’t … because here’s the crazy thing … you already know how to do half of it!

You already know the challenging part of reaching a prospect and motivating them to take action … whether it’s making a donation or signing up for a financial newsletter. Optimizing your content means more people will have a chance to see it.

Learning SEO is nothing more than
adding a new set of rules to the good
copywriting techniques you already know.

It’s like taking the effectiveness of your copy to a whole new level.

SEO copywriting is not difficult. It’s not super technical. You’re just learning to work with a different medium — the Internet — with a different set of tools like keyphrases and SEO research.

I promise, you don’t have to be a certified Geek Squad guy or gal to do this!

But Heather, Don’t I Have to Know Code …
Or Do Other Geeky Stuff?

The easy answer is, “Not at all!”

There is a little bit of geeky work you can do if you’d like … but you don’t have to. More often than not, clients have their own “tech guy” that can implement your optimization blueprint for you.

All you have to do is apply the rules I teach you, and optimizing client websites will be a snap.

One more thing you should know though …

I didn’t come from a technical background. I wasn’t born writing code. I was a marketer, a copywriter just like you when I started.

So if I could do it then, you can definitely do it now.

There’s Just 3 Easy Steps to Mastering this Skill …
and Potentially Doubling Your Writing Fees!

When Rebecca approached me about helping you supercharge your writing business by adding SEO copywriting skills, she wanted an easy, fast, but in-depth program you could apply immediately to your business.

It’s a pretty tall order.

But after I thought about it, I said, “No problem! We can get your copywriters not only certified in SEO copywriting — but turn them into SEO copywriting masters — in three steps.”

She was ecstatic … and I’ll tell you why you should be, too.

Nowhere else can you learn SEO copywriting in such an easy format. And you won’t just learn the basics … you’ll master writing and research skills that only seasoned veterans know … along with the SEO industry-specific marketing skills that are guaranteed to take your freelance business to the next level.

I’ll tell you more about that guarantee in just a minute, but right now, I want to show you how easy this is really going to be … and how you’re going to metamorphose from an inexperienced SEO caterpillar to a confident SEO butterfly!

And by the way … even if you haven’t launched your copywriting career yet … or if you’re trying to decide on a niche … SEO copywriting is a fantastic skill and niche to come out of the gate with.

Step #1: Learn the Fundamentals

Remember I mentioned earlier that I’ve developed the only industry-endorsed SEO Copywriting Certification Program?

 … And that I usually charge $769 for it?

“This SEO Certification Program is a tremendous opportunity for all copywriters. It’s like getting a masters degree in how to build your Internet business into a profitable money-making machine or provide client services to increase their revenue and profitability.”

— Abdul Shadid Muhammad

Well, one of Rebecca’s stipulations for this program was that it had to be affordable, too.

Now, you can easily make $769 with one SEO assignment … in some cases, just by writing one page.

But when you register to meet me for the live master’s event in Phoenix, you’ll get my Certification program completely free.

You’ll be able to get started learning the fundamentals of SEO copywriting right away.

In my Certification program, you’ll understand the basics of SEO, including …

  • The nuts and bolts of SEO copywriting, including keyphrases, meta-tags, and how search engines really work …
  • The step-by-step background research Master SEO copywriters use to create highly targeted copy that crush their competition …
  • How to do fast, easy keyphrase research and use them to your advantage …
  • How a “seed list” can transform search engine rankings overnight …
  • How to create a laser-focused, site-wide keyphrase strategy …
  • How to write highly positioned web pages that convert like crazy …
  • Where to put keyphrases in your writing and how often …
  • 3 secrets to supercharging your existing site copy …
  • The ultimate Secret Google Trick …
  • How to measure your SEO success for free …
  •  … and much, much more!

But this program is much more than just a basic primer you could find on the Internet.

You’ll also get three months of full access to webinars, new videos, and blogs that give you all the most recent SEO best practices you’ll need to master this skill.

SEO Copywriting Certificate ProgramPLUS — once you finish the modules and pass the exam, you’ll get an official SEO Certification badge you can put up on your website. The official badge is well-known throughout the industry … giving you the credibility and the proof of your expertise that you deserve!

And you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your own freelancer’s website. You can even add SEO copywriting to your menu of services … which, of course, means raising your rates, too!

Step #2: Attend the Live, Master’s Event in Phoenix

On May 22nd, I’ll be holding a live, hands-on master’s training event at the Royal Palms Hotel & Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.

At the event, you won’t just hone the skills you’ve already learned … you’ll get the hands-on training you need to become a Master SEO Copywriter.

But can you really master SEO copywriting and all of the business skills you’ll need to cash in on this skill … in just 8 hours?

Yes! Because I’m going to walk you through it, every step of the way.

I talk fast and I’m full of energy — which I’ve been told is contagious. We’re going to have a whirlwind experience in Phoenix … but as you know, immersion learning is often the best kind of learning.

“Why learn SEO the boring way when you can choose to do this? The materials in this course are easy to understand, interesting, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable to go through.”

— Esther Yeap

Here’s a breakdown of the Agenda …

We’ll have registration and a welcome reception during the evening of the 21st, but the real work starts at 9 a.m. sharp on May 22nd.

In the morning session, you’ll attend the Master SEO Copywriter’s session, and discover …

  • Why you, as a copywriter, are the most powerful optimizer out there … and how to take advantage of it!
  • Why Google+ is so darn important … and how it can benefit you and your clients …
  • How to think like Google and spot weaknesses before they go live on the Internet …
  • How to evaluate a search listing and website from your target audience's perspective …
  • The world beyond Google's free keyword tool: Other free ways to mine keyword ideas …
  • 5 title-writing strategies that get the click …
  • How to seduce your reader with hot Google site links …
  •  … and much, much more!

After the whirlwind morning session, we’ll break for a working lunch. I’ll do a brief copy review of your work before we jump back in to the afternoon session.

A Complete Session on Marketing Your New Certification and SEO Business

The afternoon session is unlike most other SEO programs out there …

I know what you really want to hear is how to get clients … what you can charge … and how to make serious money from SEO copywriting.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to just that!

You’ll discover …

  • How to find clients that are hungry for and appreciate the value of SEO copywriters …
  • How to find your copywriting niche …
  • How to sell SEO copywriting to the clueless client … (they’re rare, but out there!)
  • Why you can and should raise your copywriting fees — and raise them again!
  • What kinds of rates you can charge for a variety of projects …
  • How to take your clients to the next level with YouTube, LinkedIn Groups, and guest blogging …
  • How to strategically repurpose current content to get your clients ranking higher, faster …
  •  … and much more!

We’ll wrap up the afternoon session with an open Q&A, where you can ask any and all questions you have about SEO copywriting … whether it’s something technical … something about getting clients … or what you should expect in any hypothetical situation.

I am an open book, and no question will go unanswered!

We’ll then toast to your SEO success before we go home. But of course, this event isn’t over when it’s over …

Step #3: Attend the Live Q&A Teleconference

When you return home from the event in Phoenix, you’re going to be bursting with energy to apply your new skill to … well, everything! Your professional website and blog … your Money-Making Websites … and all of the current projects you have.

“As soon as I got my Certification, I emailed all my contacts about it. I immediately won two projects on the back of that email that were worth a few thousand dollars.”

— Carole Seawert

And as you work through each step of your master background research process, keyphrase research, and implementation … you’ll likely have more questions to ask.

Not to worry. I’ll be right there for you.

Within 30 days of the event, we’ll hold a live Q&A session for event attendees only. I’ll answer all of your questions and guide you through any obstacles you encounter.

We’ll also talk more about taking your Certification exam, getting your SEO Certified badge, and marketing your new SEO Certification to make sure the clients who are looking for you can find you!

Unwind in Luxury Before and After the Event

The SEO Copywriting Certification Event will take place in one of the most beautiful, luxurious hotels that Phoenix has to offer … the Royal Palms Resort & Spa. (Don’t you just feel relaxed thinking about it?)

But don’t worry — AWAI has made sure this desert oasis is going to be affordable. With our group code, you’ll get an extra special deal on your room at the Royal Palms Resort.

And considering that you’ll be raising your rates by 50% or more upon your return, that’s a nominal fee to consider!

Plus, you only “have” to stay for one night … unlike other conferences that last 3 or 4 days.

But trust me — this hotel is so gorgeous you might want to plan a little mini-vacation after the event. And after the whirlwind I put you through, you’ll definitely deserve some R&R!

The Confidence to Raise Your Rates …
and Raise Them Again!

When copywriters talk about raising their rates, we often don’t feel confident that we actually “deserve” the money that we’re asking for.

After 20+ years in the game, I still feel that way sometimes!

As an SEO copywriter, you can charge between $50 and $1,500 per page of search engine optimized copy.

So how would you like to know — without a doubt — that the rates you’re asking for are completely legitimate, and that the work you do will be worth it?

After you’ve worked through the SEO Certification Program … the live master’s event … and the live Q&A teleconference, you’re guaranteed to have the expertise and confidence to do just that!

AND you’ll have the confidence to claim SEO copywriting as your niche and really get your copywriting career rolling. If you’ve been waiting for the “green light” to get your career started, this is it!

Remember, when you register today, you’ll get:

  • Immediate access to my industry-endorsed SEO Copywriting Certification Program … a $769 value, completely FREE

    You could earn your official Certification before the event!

  • A full day of master-level, hands-on training in Phoenix

    I’ll discuss master secrets that will skyrocket your SEO results and supercharge your copywriting business. You’ll learn to market your services with confidence … at 50% higher fees — minimum!

  • A LIVE follow-up Q&A teleconference where you can get all of your questions answered.

    I normally offer an event similar to the one you’ll be attending … but it actually has less information than this Agenda I’ve put together for you — and it certainly doesn’t include my SEO Copywriting Certification Program — for over $10,000.

But when Rebecca, Denise, and I sat down to plan this Master’s SEO Copywriting Event, we all decided this event would be as affordable as possible … so that you could quickly earn your registration fee back … possibly before you even set foot in Phoenix.

So you definitely won’t pay $10,000 for the live event.

In fact, not even half of that … remember, you’ll be able to make your registration back with just one SEO copywriting assignment.

Registration for this event is just 12% of my normal rate … at $1,295.

Register Today!

Your Experience With Me is Guaranteed …

Your entire SEO Certification experience comes with a 100% airtight guarantee.

Go through the SEO Certification Program modules. Come to the event in Phoenix. If — as late as the end of lunch on May 22nd — you don’t feel that I’ve delivered on my every promise, or you don’t feel SEO copywriting is worth your time and financial investment … just let me know. I’ll make sure every penny is refunded (minus a nominal processing fee).

I’ve seen so many successful SEO copywriters come out of my Certification program alone — that’s not including the live master’s event or follow-up teleconference — that I can make this guarantee 100% airtight for you.

So register now … get the $300 savings … and get started working through the SEO Certification Program. In less than 8 weeks, you’ll be an SEO copywriting master — with all the honors and financial benefits granted therein!

Remember, SEO Master Copywriters can make anywhere from $50 to $1,500 per page. And companies in a wide range of niches are clamoring for copywriters with training.

Why not take the first step today toward revolutionizing your freelance business … banking higher fees than you thought possible … and getting a horde of clients pounding down your door?

And after you’ve tasted the success and all the potential that opens up for you with your Certification, I’ll see you in Phoenix for your master’s training!

To your SEO success,

Heather Lloyd-Martin
SuccessWorks CEO & President
SEO Copywriting Pioneer

P.S. In my experience, even newly-trained SEO copywriters that charge appropriate rates can earn their training fee back with just one assignment — often, just one page of SEO copy. With that kind of Return On Investment, why wait any longer?

Register Today!

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