A potential new client asks,
"How much do you charge
to write a _________?"

Do you know how to answer that question?

If you don't, it will be difficult – maybe impossible – for you to earn a good living as a B2B copywriter.

Read on and I'll show you how to answer that question – and get my other "Power Pricing" secrets to quoting and winning high-paying copywriting projects.

Dear Reader,

It's frustrating. You can do everything right. You can learn how to write great Business-to-Business copy. You can promote yourself well. You can get calls and emails from potential clients eager to hire you.

But, if you don't know how to price and quote effectively, you may never land a decent-paying project with a good B2B client. Ever.

Pricing is that important to your success.

Consider this scenario …

Say a potential new client phones you to discuss a copywriting project: a white paper. At some point during that conversation, he's going to ask you about price. How are you going to respond?

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Pricing B2B projects is tough! No wonder it makes so many copywriters break into a cold sweat. You make one wrong mistake and you not only lose the project – but probably any other opportunities from that same client as well.

The good news is, there is a specific process to follow that virtually guarantees that you'll handle pricing and quoting the right away – and land more high-paying B2B copywriting projects.

And, in my new program, How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects, I give you that process – along with all the scripts, model emails, and quotation templates you need.

Plus, as a bonus, the 2011 Almanac of Professional B2B Writing Fees.

Click here to get access right now. And, never sweat over pricing and quoting again.

I wasn't always good at this …

I have a confession to make. I wasn't always as savvy at pricing and quoting as I am today. In fact, early in my B2B copywriting career, I struggled. I didn't know:

As a result, I lost a lot of project opportunities. And, the B2B clients and projects I did land didn't pay very well.

I soon realized that if I was to earn a great living as a B2B copywriter, I needed to become really, really, really good at pricing, quoting, and winning projects.

So, I developed a set of "Power Pricing" techniques that I've now been using for years to:

When I began to use these pricing techniques, the results were dramatic. In a very short period of time – I'm talking just a few weeks – I DOUBLED my income. It was amazing.

But, what was even more incredible was the reaction from prospects and clients. Suddenly, I was getting more respect because I was discussing pricing in a more professional manner, and quoting accurate, professional rates.

"The very first time I used Steve's pricing techniques, they worked like a charm. A marketing manager called asking for my price for a series of press releases. I followed Steve's instructions and used his scripts and pricing guidelines. I was a little nervous quoting such a high price. But, the client said “Yes” almost immediately. Easily it was twice as much as I would have normally gotten."

Deborah Becker
Marketing & Corporate Writer

Want to learn the "Power Pricing" secrets I (and other successful copywriters) use to consistently land B2B projects that pay more than $200 per hour? These techniques are easy-to-use, as you'll discover in my new program: How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects.

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Get top dollar for your B2B copywriting services without breaking a sweat

Pricing B2B copywriting projects doesn't have to be agony. In fact, if you follow my simple "Power Pricing" system, you'll be able to:

Grab the program today and find out:

And, much more.

Warning. If you don't know – and use – these "Power Pricing" techniques, you risk landing projects at low rates and being paid peanuts, or worse, not landing any clients at all.

As I said earlier, no matter how well you promote yourself or how good a copywriter you are, you cannot make a good living if you don't know how to price and quote effectively.

The step-by-step "Power Pricing" system

As will all my books and programs, How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects is focused on practical strategies you can use right away. No theory for fluff here. You'll learn exactly what to do and how to do it, and what to say and how to say it, to consistently get the best price for your B2B copywriting services.

The program is comprised of six modules that walk you through my "Power Pricing" process.

Each module contains:

MODULE 1 shows you how to leave "hourly rates behind" (which clients hate and seriously limits your income.) This module alone will significantly improve your ability to land more projects at higher rates.

MODULE 2 takes you through the process of creating a fee schedule. You'll learn how to set your fees so you NEVER accept a project for less than a professional rate again. (That's because you'll know what the professional rates are!)

MODULE 3 explains exactly how to discuss pricing during that all-important first meeting (in person or on the phone) with a client. You'll learn the questions you need to ask. And, how to respond to typical questions and other responses by the client.

MODULE 4 is where I tell you EXACTLY what to say when the client says, "Your price is too high." Let's face it. If you're going to be pricing your copywriting services at a professional level, you're going get some price resistance from time-to-time. (If you don't, your prices are too low!)

MODULE 5 teaches you how to create and submit a persuasive proposal. This is where you learn the 4 ingredients of a persuasive quotation. You MUST have all these ingredients in your proposal. If you don't, you risk losing the job.

MODULE 6 explains how to follow up and land the project. You'll learn what to say when you make a follow-up call. And, what to do if you can't reach the client.

Because this program is comprised of a series of audio recordings, transcripts, and handouts, you can get through it all quickly – in less than a day. And, start using my "Power Pricing" techniques right away.

But, this program comes with more than just lessons …

Scripts, Templates, Model Emails, and More

Have you ever learned a technique but struggled to implement it? I have. And, it's often because there's a bunch of stuff I need to create first. Who has time for that?

That's why I included all the ready-made scripts and templates you need to start using my "Power Pricing" strategies right away. You get:

And, many more.

It has taken me years to create these scripts and templates and get them working well for me. You can get themtoday.

Bonus #1: The Almanac of Professional B2B Writing Fees

Over the past few months, I've researched the "professional rates" for more than 50 of the most common B2B copywriting projects. Everything from case studies and white papers, to brochures, online videos, websites, and more.

Need to know how much to charge for a web page? Check the Almanac. Struggling to quote an online video script? The recommended price is in the Almanac.

This Almanac will virtually guarantee your prices are consistently at the right level for B2B copywriting projects.

So, you'll never have to worry about your prices being too low or too high again.

BONUS #2: Quotation Template

Think a quotation is just a quotation? It isn't. It's actually a sales letter … a piece that must convince the client to hire YOU for the project, at YOUR quoted price.

When you get your copy of How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects, you get a model quotation that you can use in your own business.

(You'll also discover an amazingly simple technique – just one sentence I put in my quotations that motivates 18% of clients to pay my entire project fee up front!)

BONUS #3: Common Pricing Questions … And the Answers

How do you raise your fees with current clients?

Should you ask for a deposit? And if so, how much?

What do you do if the project takes longer than you expected?

What if the client cancels a project before it's completed?

There are numerous problems you'll encounter as you price and quote B2B copywriting projects. In this bonus recording, I give you step-by-step instructions and solutions for them all.

Never lose a project again due to pricing

Please, please, please, don't let all the work you've done learning B2B copywriting and promoting your business go down the drain, simply because you're losing projects during the pricing process. Learn my "Power Pricing" techniques and – if you're like most of the writers I've taught these to – you'll win a lot more projects and much higher fees.

So, let's review what you get TODAY when you grab your copy of How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects :




The 6-Module Audio Program.
Contains my complete "Power Pricing" system. Equivalent to a half-day seminar.



My "Power Pricing" scripts, templates, and model emails.
(I can't believe I'm giving these away!)

(at least)


The Almanac of Professional B2B Writing Fees.
Suggested prices for more than 50 Business-to-Business writing and copywriting projects.



Sample Quotation.



Common Pricing Questions and the Answers.
Audio program.


That's a total value of $1,208! (And, my estimates are conservative. The Almanac detailing the writing fees alone would take you weeks to research and compile.)

Your price for everything: Just $199!

If you've struggled with pricing, and want to win more B2B copywriting projects at higher rates, then you need this program. These "Power Pricing" techniques helped to boost my income and business over the years. They will help you, too.

To your success,

Steve Slaunwhite
Master B2B Copywriter,
Author of many how-to guides for copywriters

P.S. Copywriters tell me they're able to get 24%-50% more per project using my pricing strategies. So, if How to Price, Quote, and Win B2B Writing Projects helps you land just one new project at a higher fee, that will more than pay back the cost of the program.

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