From Dan Kennedy

Exclusively for AWAI freelance writers

A pass-key to the vast treasure-trove of
freelance writing opportunities
 inside the ‘information marketing industry’

– where I’ve lived for 38 years…where good clients need good writers, right now…


Let me tell you who the info-marketers are, where to find them, how to write for them … give you templates and examples of what they need … prepare you in every way to succeed with these clients AND ARRANGE TO HAVE YOUR AVAILABILITY AS A FREELANCE WRITER ADVERTISED FOR YOU TO THESE CLIENTS, AT ZERO COST TO YOU.

It is a breakthrough opportunity. It is also limited and promptness of response matters, so please read this urgently.  This is a L-O-N-G letter because it deals with a very comprehensive approach to creating good writing assignments and clients for you.


Dear Fellow Writer & AWAI Member,

In 2012, after MUCH discussion, Katie Yeakle convinced me to take a limited number of AWAI writers inside the industry I helped birth and have developed and stand as the recognized leader of – information marketing – and to introduce them to “hungry” clients eager to find new talent and good, well-prepared writers.

Since then, about 450 have completed the special preparation, and many have connected with clients, and reports from writers thrilled with their new information-marketer clients keep pouring in.

Anecdotally, I can tell you of more than $200,000 that has been paid to writers CERTIFIED via this Program, by information marketers I know personally. The total, much higher. More importantly, the need of this industry’s information marketing entrepreneurs for capable copywriters as well as content writers is insatiable….growing…here and abroad. Its Welcome Mat can be out for YOU!   BUT – these clients have PARTICULAR needs and requirements.

What they DON’T want and have no patience for: writers who do not understand how their businesses work, why their customers buy, and what they need.

Since I just about invented their businesses and have been paid over $1-million a year to write for them, who better to prepare you to step in and succeed with these clients?

What you need, to support yourself as a professional writer, is a cadre of clients who “consume” a lot of writing repeatedly, month in, month out.   Clients you can “live with.”  Clients who provide you with certainty and security and steady flow of assignments. 

Well, there’s no better place to get them than inside the information marketing industry. Information marketers’ businesses use up more writing than any other, yet, ironically, many owners of these businesses are not good writers themselves or can do it but don’t want to. And the quantity they need precludes them from doing it all.

You may instantly think about newsletter publishers, but they are but a small part of this ‘hidden industry’ … thousands of complex, multi-product publishers, seminar companies, coaching organizations, membership associations make up the info-marketing world – and the question I and my friend, Robert Skrob, President of the Information Marketing Industry hear most is: where can I find competent copywriters I don’t have to school from scratch about my info-marketing business?

As a little demonstration, I had an info-marketer on a call for AWAI, who invited writers to “audition” – he promised to give a pay assignment to one but actually hired three, and one has, so far, gotten multiple assignments. He’s typical. These folks are H-U-N-G-R-Y for writers ready to work on their projects.

So – let me give you a look at typical clients … the size, scope and nature of this industry … the variety of writing it needs … and how you might fit. 

Then, if you like, I’ll give you the pass-key. I’ll invite you in. I’ll get you ready for these clients and these assignments. I’ll even arrange to have your availability advertised to them – for free. And I’ll even critique your first work (unseen by your client).

Who Are These Clients & Why Is Their Need
For Freelance Copywriters And Writers So Great?

Many are business/professional niche marketers.  Many are hobby/recreation/personal interest sub-culture marketers.  Some are mass marketers. Almost all are, in part, publishers – of offline books, courses, newsletters and other resources and/or of online courses, newsletters, blogs, multi-blog sites.

Most have ‘ascension models,’ so their customer begins with an info-product purchase then ascends with additional purchases, subscription or membership levels.

Many are also in the seminar, workshop, conference and convention business. Many are also in the coaching business. Many are also in the catalog business.  Some even provide ‘done for them’ services for their customers, like newsletters or marketing campaigns.

Many are small, solo entrepreneurs with tiny staffs and a lot of out-sourcing, quietly earning mid- or high 6-fgure or even 7-figure incomes. Others have big operations with 20 to 200 employees, salespeople inside and in the field, even brick-and-mortar locations around the country. Let me give you a few examples of each, without naming names, of course:

•  A company that provides advertising, marketing and management education, training, and coaching + done-for-them direct-mail, web site and social media services + several conferences a year in the restaurant industry. Its customers join a membership program, and, on average, there are 3,000+ members. The company is continually changing its own marketing in the industry as well as developing new campaigns for its members. Annual revenues approximately $20-million. (Very similar and similarly sized companies serve over 100 other niches including dentistry, home furnishings retailers, auto dealers, auto repair shop owners, real estate agents, insurance agents, salon and spa owners, etc. JUST ONE OF THESE COMPANIES AS YOUR CLIENT CHANGES EVERYTHING!)

•  A health care company with over 300 franchised clinics nationwide, constantly in need of new newspaper ads, direct-mail campaigns, online campaigns aimed at patients with chronic conditions. Annual revenues over $150-million.

•  A publishing company creating and selling DVD and online courses on wine, cooking, art, travel and health, anti-aging and longevity, which continually tests new direct-mail packages against controls for key products and solo offers, up-dates and publishes dozens of different catalogs each year, and feeds online and social media sites with content. Annual revenues approximately $10-million.

•  An “opportunity company” that researches and assembles information for one to several new moneymaking opportunities per month and then develops comprehensive, multi-step, multi-media campaigns reaching as many as 1-million people. Annual revenues approximately $10-million.

•  A parenting skills coaching business that publishes Christian and secular books, home study courses, online courses, and newsletters and conducts conferences. A relatively new business developing dozens of new products this year along with web sites, e-zines, and other online support for them, amazon store content, and social media content.

•  A for-profit trade association in the martial arts industry that publishes a monthly online magazine, newsletters, done-for-the-academies advertising and marketing campaigns (often tied to martial arts themed movies like Kung Fu Panda), conducts conferences for academy owners, conducts webinars and tele-seminars. Annual Revenues approximately $15-million.

What ALL these businesses share in common:
their businesses revolve entirely around the written word!

Their products as well as their marketing – all must be written. For most, there are a certain number of major campaigns and product launches occurring each year, for which they may, frankly, already have freelance or staff copywriters they rely on.

But for most, there are also copious day-to-day needs for e-mails, e-zines, webinars and webinar promotion campaigns, follow-up campaigns, blogs, social media, print newsletters and more. Many of these businesses were born by their owners writing all that copy themselves but have out-grown the ability of that one person to keep up.

These businesses’ sales are fueled entirely by direct-response copy for ads, sales letters, brochures, catalogs, web sites. Their appetite for copy that sells is insatiable. Beat-the-control opportunities can be had. These doors are open for ‘new talent’ who can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. Even those who hire me from time to time also use several to many other copywriters.

Everybody knows about the handful of big-name newsletter publishers that many AWAI Members write for – and many more lust after. But there’s a giant “cottage industry” here of info-businesses unknown outside their own niches, each generating from $1-million or so as a “kitchen table operation” to $20-million or more … hundreds and hundreds of them … all still run by their creators, so you work with the man or woman at the helm. These are entrepreneurial people, open-minded about new ideas, eager to find new, knowledgeable, capable writers.

New companies begin all the time too, so opportunities to “hook up with” a new info-marketer and grow right along with him or her occur constantly. In fact, this year, I’ll have over 125 “start-up” information marketers with me for a day for the information marketing industry’s yearly convention (GKIC’s INFO-Summit), and one of the things I’ll be telling them about is the little, elite tribe of my Certified Copywriters for Info-Marketers, and the online directory of them maintained by AWAI with the Information Marketing Association.

There are also many more writing opportunities here than just sales letters.  Info-marketers need new online, website, e-zine and social media content, constantly. 

They need their speeches, seminars and other training converted into articles that can be syndicated, resources for coaching members, product that can be sold. They need books and courses ghost-written. BUT ORDINARY FREELANCERS FAIL to get and keep these clients and get this terrific writing work – because info-marketers need all this writing done in a certain way, engineered to fulfill a particular, multi-faceted marketing agenda.

Fortunately for you, I am intimately familiar with that hidden agenda. The unseen-by-naked-eye engineering within all the written media these info-marketers distribute. When I hand you this “code” and make sure you understand it, you’ll be able to talk about these projects with these potential clients in a way that instantly gains their trust and telegraphs that you’re no ordinary writer; that you “get” what they’re about. (And keep in mind most feel they’ve wasted a lot of money on writers who deliver ‘product’ they have to rewrite to use, so they’re reluctant to experiment.)

Also, when I give you this “code,” you’ll be able to deliver the kind of writing they need and want. You will succeed where others fail and have failed.

Having completed my Course and having my Certification will mean something to these clients.  Until recently, I’ve done my best to keep this source of clients to myself. But truth is, there are thousands of clients here who can’t, aren’t yet big enough to or just won’t pay MY fees, and that have needs I’m not interested in fulfilling even if they would. But most know that I am the #1 go-to copywriter for info-marketers. So when you approach these clients having been CERTIFIED BY ME as a copywriter well-informed about info-marketing, you’ll get a good hearing.



Thanks to a cooperative relationship with the Information Marketing Associationyour availability as a freelance copywriter/writer specifically schooled in the info-marketing industry will be advertised for you, at zero cost to you … to the entire membership of the Association.  Read that sentence again.  Further, this is an EXCLUSIVE service, meaning only the writers with this Certification will get this benefit.

Here’s how this works: AWAI and the IMA maintain a Kennedy Certified Copywriters for Info-Marketers Directory accessed through link in the IMA Buyer’s Guide. ONLY Kennedy Certified Copywriters will be presented in this Directory. Each copywriter’s listing can include name, complete contact information; up to 350 words describing self, specialization, experience; and link to writer’s own web site. This Directory is actively promoted to IMA Members by means of:

  1. An ad and link in the IMA Buyer’s Guide
  2. Periodic promotion in the Resources section of the bi-monthly No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter – the newsletter that I personally write, that top authors, speakers and publishers subscribe to
  3. Promotion in the Welcome Sequence for new IMA Members
  4. Certified Copywriters who have success with projects for info-marketers are invited to submit the “case history” and examples for publication in my No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter or in other IMA offline or online material

Above promotional benefits may vary over time, as the nature of IMA and its services to members and the INFO-Marketing Letter may change. Also, no warranty of receiving writing assignments as a result of this promotion is made. 

In addition, if you choose to maintain IMA Membership yourself*, you will have access to other self-marketing opportunities and resources (*2-month FREE trial membership available as bonus with this Program.)

The Information Marketing Association publishes my NO B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter and Special Reports monthly, provides training for beginners and a wide array of support services for established info-marketers, conducts special networking activities for its Members, and is the international trade association for this unique industry. Its Members include everything from 1-person, home-based businesses (many generating 6-figure and even 7-figure incomes) to larger companies, with 20 to 200 on staff. The scope of Members’ business activities includes book, home study course and newsletter publishing; seminars and conferences; coaching programs; consulting; and services. Combined, IMA Member-businesses’ reach exceeds tens of millions of end-user consumers, exceed hundreds of millions of dollars in sales, spend millions each year on advertising and marketing utilizing every offline, online and broadcast media, and purchase millions of dollars of consulting, copywriting, graphics, and related services.

Golden Keys To Demand For You & Higher Income

I would now like to tell you of a profoundly important reason why the training and info-marketing industry knowledge I provide in this Program … and your use of it and your Certification to “establish a beachhead” in this industry … may be the greatest asset you could ever get your hands on, for purpose of establishing a steady flow of assignments, good income, fascinating writing opportunities and respectful, appreciative clients:

The jack-of-all trades handyman, the anywhere ‘n everywhere travel agent, the ‘generic’ real estate agent, the ordinary M.D. … all make eons less than the expert craftsman renowned for his hand-carved, custom-built cabinetry,  the world cruise, safari and extraordinary-experiences travel consultant, my client who specializes only in heartland-of-America investment properties, the heart surgeon.

Most copywriters are jack-of-all-trades handymen. Some specialize as writers for the web or in B2B, in a type of writing work. And that gets closer. But the even more valuable specialization is in an industry … where there’s enough diversity to prevent conflict of interest, but enough commonality that you can be the expert writer for that type of business.

Specialization – and being known for specialization – in writing for an industry with abundant, constant need and great appetite for copywriting and writing at all levels of experience and proficiency makes it much easier to get clients and enjoy the kind of income you want as a writer.

That is exactly what you become via this Program – fast!

Of course, no specialization or related Certification does much in and of itself. Ask the legions of “life coaches” who’ve paid big fees to be certified by some entity but still have no clients. If a Certification falls in the forest but no one is there to hear, has anything actually happened? That’s an ethereal, metaphysical question about the very nature of reality, better left to discussion some evening on backyard deck beneath moonlit night, with friends and plenty of wine. But the practical question is important: how can you make your specialized training matter? Simply put, how can you guarantee yourself real opportunity, not just talent, ability and knowledge?

That’s why I have arranged to have your Certified status linked to a market where it hasmagnetic attractive power. MY name is “magical” in the info-marketing world. Holding the Dan Kennedy Info-Marketing Copywriter Certification will matter.  Then, further, I’ve arranged to have your availability advertised for you. And I will show you exactly how to find lots of info-marketers you can directly connect with – in your own area; in the product category that interests you most. This “has teeth”!

This is an amazingly comprehensive program exclusively for AWAI Members – providing  (1) thorough, specialist preparedness for certain writing opportunities + (2) pointed access to opportunities and clients + (3) endorsement via Certification + (4) actual advertising of your availability done for you direct to the potential clients. Literally, everything you need to succeed as a freelance copywriter and/or writer for the info-marketing industry


The Course itself includes four online modules. They are:

Module 1 Comprehensive ‘Tour’ of the Info-Marketing Industry
Module 2 Needs of these Clients & Specific Writing Opportunities
Module 3 Client-Getting: Who, Where & How: Who They Are, Where ToFind Them, How To Effectively Present Yourself To Them
Module 4 Effective Copywriting for Info-Marketers with a Portfolio of Samples and Analysis

You will also receive an (offline) Reference Manual, including Writing Templates, Outlines, Checklists and Samples, a copy of the up-dated Official Get Rich Guide To Info-Marketing from the Information Marketing Association, published by Entrepreneur Press as a course textbook, and my exclusive Certification.

Module 1 will thoroughly familiarize you with the different kinds of companies and entrepreneurs in the industry illustrated by actual examples and give you insider understanding of how their businesses work, where their profits are derived from, and how their owners think about advertising, marketing, customer development and retention, and products. You’ll also learn the lingo, the industry/tribal language, so you can communicate with these clients with confidence and avoid mistakes that would mark you as outsider or ill-informed amateur and raise doubts about your capability.  These clients do NOT want “just a copywriter” that they feel they have to school, bring up to speed and work with extensively; they want somebody ready to write for them. This Module makes sure you are NOT perceived as ‘a stranger in a strange land.’

Module 2 explores the various needs of these clients, such as lead conversion, monetizing resistant or inactive leads, new customer acquisition, upsells, etc. as well as all offline and online media used and how it is used…leading to a “catalog” of writing opportunities available with these clients. Armed with this insider information, you don’t just show up at their door carrying a “Will Write For Food” sign and a laptop; you are able to ask intelligent, probative questions about their needs (that demonstrated your preparedness to work with them) and able to suggest ways you might be of service. You’ll also get a Resources Directory of respected experts and vendors to the info-marketing industry, of direct-mail services, Google and SEO services, social media marketing, etc., so that (as “on your own homework”) you can visit their sites, access their literature, and build your understanding of who-does-what-for-whom in the info-marketing world.

Module 3 lays out WHO these clients are; WHERE to find them via various sources online and offline; and HOW TO effectively present yourself to them via distance communication or in-person.  In this Module, you’ll also be shown how to create your listing for the AWAI-IMA Online Directory of Dan Kennedy Certified Info-Marketing Copywriters, and how to make use of it, as well as having other opportunities to market yourself to clients “on Planet Dan.”  You’ll get tips for finding “hidden info-marketers” quietly based in your own town, city or area too. THIS IS “WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD”: where you are pointed at clients who are hoping somebody just like you shows up!

Module 4 is the critical preparation to actually write copy that sells for info-marketers. We’ll look at copy for info-products, courses, moneymaking opportunities, seminars, tele-seminars, webinars, conferences, conventions, coaching programs and much more. The key copy elements for each specific purpose as well as general issues about “why customers buy information” are included. You’ll also be told how to find and observe campaigns in progress from top info-marketers online. You will also be prepared for non-sales writing for these clients, with key elements for books and courses, newsletters, online content, and other deliverables. This Module is all about shortcuts and speed, so that you can apply your writing skills to info-marketing needs immediately. KEEP IN MIND: over 50% of my work as a copywriter is done in this industry, for which I’m paid well over One Million Dollars a year in fees and royalties. I’m at my pinnacle after 30+ years, and have some clients who’ve been with me nearly that lon…and a “bank” of material and samples unmatched by anyone in the world.

Each Module consists of a 60 to 75-minute voiced slide-show presentation with integrated examples, delivered online; a homework assignment; and directions to additional free resources. Plus, a printed version of the presentation will also be included in your Reference Manual.

Keep in mind that I PERSONALLY PREPARED this entire Program.

CERTIFICATION: Your Certification is issued after completion of the Course and an online test.  With compliance with certain rules, you will then be able to identify yourself as a Dan Kennedy Certified Info-Marketing Copywriter in any or all of your marketing and professional literature.  And, you will be able to advertise yourself in the above-described exclusive online directory.


(1) - AS A FAST ACTION BONUS, you also receive online access to an interview series created exclusively for this Program, with IMA’s President Robert Skrob talking directly with info-marketers about their use of freelance copywriters, the kinds of projects they deal with, and what they look for in the freelancers they hire.

(2) - EXTRA BONUS: IMA MEMBERSHIP free for 2 months. ($9.78 shipping/handling). You can fully participate as an Information Marketing Association Member for two full months, a terrific opportunity to familiarize yourself with the info-marketing industry as a true insider, with web site access, tele-classes and my No B.S. Info-Marketing Letter. After the 2 months, you may continue IMA membership at its lowest monthly fee or cancel as you prefer. Obviously, if you are serious about writing for info-marketers, you’ll benefit enormously from being an active IMA Member yourself, but there is no obligation to do so. With Program Module #1, you’ll be given an exclusive AWAI link to an IMA site, to register for your 2-month trial membership.

There’s a second possible bonus to all this too: as you discover how the info-marketing industry really works and how much money there is to be made, you may decided to become your own client, and enter the field as an entrepreneur and publisher. If so, your IMA Membership, access to its resources and my No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter will be invaluable!

(3) - POST-CERTIFICATION SUPPORT: From me, you get one Critique of rough-draft-stage work for an info-marketing client at no additional charge plus up to two 1-hour private tele-consulting calls to discuss your work with clients if you need to, at a deep discount from my standard rate. You keep all this in your back pocket, to pull out and use if any when the need arises.

1-hour private tele-consulting calls to discuss your work with clients if you need to, at a deep discount from my standard rate. You keep all this in your back pocket, to pull out and use if any when the need arises.

(4) - ONE MORE BONUS:  I recently recorded 3 no-holds-barred Q&A sessions with upcoming Info Marketers.  You can listen in and hear what I have to say about …

And much more.

Let’s review key FACTS about the unique opportunity waiting for you, writing for information-marketers:

(1): There is an entire industry with enormous need for freelance copywriters and writers schooled in its business and needs – ironically, not saturated with writers at all.

(2): Most of the businesses in it are small to mid-sized companies, with revenues from 6-figures to 7-figures, where the owner is engaged as entrepreneur, and you get to work with the ‘top dog.’ 

(3): These businesses’ have excellent profit margins and good equity in long-term customer value as well as “big pay-day opportunities” like seminars and product launches, so these clients can afford to pay – and will pay – good fees to writers they come to rely on.

(4): There is constant need, as these businesses rely on putting out written communication to their customers daily, weekly, monthly, online and offline. All their sales activity and all their deliverables revolve around the written word! This means you can cement on-going relationships and create a steady flow of “next assignments.”

(5): These clients tend to be clannish and work together in joint ventures and alliances, so success with one virtually guarantees referrals to others. 

(6): Because they can be located anywhere, they’re located everywhere – there are multi-million dollar info-marketers quietly working from their homes, in small offices or at the corner Starbucks in your town, but these clients are very accustomed to working with vendors and professionals at a distance and eager to out-source, so you have the entire industry as your market no matter where you live.

(7): They gather at key conferences each year, so there are in-person networking opportunities, speaking opportunities, even exhibit-hall opportunities, should you want to promote yourself that way.

(8): Your Dan Kennedy Certification will have significant influence with these clients. Many have been “birthed” by me, many more have studied my materials and followed my lead in launching and developing their info-businesses, many more observe from afar, thousands get my newsletter specifically for this industry, and I am very well-known and respected throughout this field.  (9) This is one of THE MOST COMPLETE PROGRAMS ever offered to AWAI Members!

Imagine….finally….having a readily accessible “pool” of good potential clients eager to find good freelance copywriters and writers, knowing exactly how to present yourself to them and even having direct assistance in attracting them … and creating on-going relationships with clients who “consume” enormous quantities of writing, who can keep you busy with interesting work, and are happy to support you in style! THIS IS BIG, isn’t it?

THIS is exactly what this industry has done for me over years and continues to do at present. Writing for this industry has paid for my two homes, a debt-free life, my classic cars, my racehorses, my private jet travel, my charitable giving – and allows me to make thousands of dollars a day at home, with a 3-minute commute. The week I’m writing this letter to you I’m also completing a $56,000.00 fee writing project for an info-marketer client I’ve done work for one to several times a year for the past 11 years. And beginning work on a 6-figure project spanning 3 months for another repeat info-marketer client.  IMAGINE THAT! – clients you can count on! What would it mean to YOU to have this kind of clientele?

This is far, far, far more than “another Program.” This is a very real opportunity to ESTABLISH YOURSELF with a stable clientele ready, able and willing to give you all the writing assignments you want and support your Writer’s Life going forward. Of course, it is NOT “cheap” – sorry. In fact, it’s probably the “priciest” specialty-market training ever offered by AWAI. But for the right person ready to really get established in a unique market capable and willing of giving all the writing opportunity ad income desired, the investment required is tiny.

If this is THE PATHWAY you’ve been hoping for, to the ‘PLACE” you hoped existed, I know you won’t question the investment.


Very early in my business careers – which were and are plural; writing, copywriting, consulting, speaking – I got a piece of very sage advice. Wisdom. Made me see my future differently.

I was told that talent or skill, hard work, persistence, and all the rest can only provide rich rewards ONLY IF you find a ‘place’ where you can prosper and flourish.

“I owe a great deal to Dan Kennedy. In fact what I’ve learned from him has drastically changed my income and my life. I’ve been able to design my life so that I can enjoy a six-figure+ income working from wherever I want, with whom I want, on projects I enjoy while traveling around the country.”

– Cindy Cyr
Kennedy Certified Info-Marketing Copywriter


This does not refer to geography. It refers to a specific market for your services that you can plant yourself in, become prominent in, be embraced and supported by. It is better if it is comparable to a small town than a giant urban city, so that you can be known to all in short time. It needs to need and desire and consume the services you provide – constantly.

This advice changed my thinking about what I was doing at the time and motivated me to focus, to find roles as specialist (not generalist), to concern myself with ‘place’ and insider status there, even more so than with skill. This advice saved me a great deal of struggle and made me modestly rich. It got me to 6-figures at rocket speed. Today, I earn 7-figures from copywriting part-time.

Now I give you this same piece of million-dollar advice. There aren’t a lot of millionaire copywriters. There are a lot of pretty darned good copywriters who never achieve stability, security or wealth. There are a lot of long-experienced copywriters still desperately scurrying around in search of their next new client, even after 10, 20 or 30 years in this business. You may not want to be rich. But surely you’d like stability.  Demand stability, income stability, client stability. For that, fixate on ‘place’.

With my assistance, you will find a welcome-mat with your name on it in front of an open door to the rather closed society of info-marketing entrepreneurs and this ‘place’, this unusual industry where writing reigns supreme; writing is the marketing and the product; and industry-ready, industry-knowledgeable writers are in need, are desired, respected and rewarded. Where you can quickly build your own stable of good clients who provide you with uninterrupted, reliable flow of work and income.

For this, there is a toll. As there should be. In Ohio, where I reside most of the time, we have a cross-state, multi-lane, well-maintained toll road where you can safely and legally drive 75 miles an hour with no stops or slow-downs to your desired destination.

You can save paying the toll by driving via a patchwork of poorly maintained freeways, surface streets replete with stop-lights, through small towns with speed-trap cops hidden in shrubs and behind signs, and get where you’re going much more slowly.

If you want a Writer’s Life in a ‘place’ you can depend on for support, you certainly can set your sights on the info-marketing industry purely based on the encouragement I’ve given you here, and find your way to opportunities there on your own….and save paying the toll. But if you want speed and certainty, my toll’s small, and an investment a smart person must make.

I want to say one more thing about this investment. If you buy a Subway®, Quiznos® or similar fast food franchise or get the equipment and do the advertising you need to start a carpet cleaning business, you’ll easily invest $50,000.00 to $150,000.00 – for the potential of about a $50,000.00 a year income, working like a whipped dog. 

In this case, you have the potential to make that year’s income in a month or two or three, when you get really good, from one assignment or just a few assignments. You have no bricks-and-mortar overhead, pimply-faced staff, and related burdens.  But you are prepared and taken into an industry that supports countless freelance writers now but needs more. You are given nearly the equivalent of a franchise via your training + Kennedy Certification.  And you should be charged $10,000.00, $20,000.00 or more for it! And eagerly pay it!

That demand, however reasonable, would limit participating to a privileged elite, and that does not serve the purpose I’m fulfilling for the IMA and the info-marketing industry, of bringing forward a good-sized number of writers readied to take on their projects. I’ve told the President of the IMA that I can again “deliver” at least 50 to 100 such writers in 2014, and it is on that basis he’s agreed to provide everything I’ve described here from the IMA. And to keep telling IMA Members the good news – that the cavalry’s coming. So, I must make your Program Fee affordable. You also have Katie’s insistent urging for ‘affordability’ to thank for this, not my generosity. For everything baked into this Program, the fees are, bluntly, bargain-basement. This is also a “roll-back fee” – it has NOT been increased, and has been kept at the same level as it was in the limited 2013 enrollment period. But when this is again offered, presuming it is again offered, it will increase. This is the last opportunity to participate and get all these benefits at this fee.

The fee is $1,997.00. You may divide the fee into two installments, as a convenience as you like. There is also an annual Certification renewal. You’ll be provided with an Up-Date Package of information and resources, and you’ll be assessed just $297.00 to renew your Certification. You may, of course, cease use of the Certification and opt out of renewals. And, there is a contingency payment due of 20% of your first writing assignment secured as a direct result of this program – on the Honor System, of course. I’ve done this to keep the fee itself as low as possible. I’ve trusted people this way in the past with good results, and I’m happy to trust you.


If you want in, here’s what to do next – and you must do it now.


If, as you progress through the entire program, you find anything stated as false or misleading, I’ll not only refund your fee, I’ll pay you an extra $250. Further, you can review the program for a full 30 days, and then if you decide it's not for you just return everything provided to you, and claim a full refund.. I doubt very seriously that anyone else offering to boost your success as a freelance copywriter has ever – or will ever – provide such a bold guarantee. This is how certain I am that my training and certification program can, in fact, change your business life.


So, please…

Complete the Enrollment Form at the end of this document – it appears after Questions/Answers or you can leap to it now <click here>.

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An industry that needs properly prepared copywriters and writers is waiting for you. I will prepare you and swing its doors open for you.


Dan S. Kennedy

PS:  To state the obvious -- this fee is less than what you’ll earn from just one good client you won’t get otherwise, and probably less than the fee from just one good assignment. I realize that is “cold comfort” when you are making the investment, especially if having to stretch to do it, but in return-on-investment potential, and perhaps in criticality to your hopes for your writing life, this IS a bargain. Candidly, it should sell for 10-times this fee, as it sets up a lifetime of excellent income.






A Few Q&A’s

I worry I’ll be over my head. Will I? And what happens if I find a client, project, opportunity where I am in over my head?

Are you a capable copywriter or writer?  The info-marketing industry’s clients’ needs are so varied and large in quantity and scope that there are ample opportunities for copywriters of vastly different levels of proficiency and experience. This Program is built to prepare you with insider understanding of this industry, tools, samples and resources so that you can confidently present yourself, find your appropriate starting point, and competently meet client needs. I would not be permitting use of my name in a Certification if I thought we’d be turning loose people “in over their heads.” 

But, if you encounter a major opportunity or project you believe beyond your level of expertise and skill, you can bring your client to me, and if I accept them, I’ll pay you a 15% commission on my fees and royalties and/or collaborate with you, and divide fees and royalties accordingly. If I’m unavailable, have conflict of interest or, for other reasons, won’t accept the client, I will endeavor to find you a capable substitute, who will work with you. I am also giving you post-Certification support (described above) you can keep in your back pocket and use when the need arises.

However, you ought not worry much about this problem – it’s a good problem to have!  In most cases, these info-marketer clients are very savvy, will fairly assess your capability level, and use you in ways you can perform successfully. Many either use top-level copywriters like me to do their few major projects each year, or they  do those themselves, but need a good writer for the volume of secondary writing work that fuels their business day to day. And remember, there’s more need than just sales copy. There are manuals, courses, books to be researched and ghost-written, blogs, e-zines, newsletters, seminar materials, etc., etc.

Why are you doing this? – creating competition for yourself as a copywriter in this industry?

There are a number of reasons why spilling all these beans and opening these doors is okay with me now – not the least of which is that I am, at most, a few years away from retiring and closing off access to me but for a tiny cadre of existent, long-time clients. Beyond that, I nearly always have more demand than ability or willingness to take on work. Also, I’m very, very pricey, so only a small number of info-marketers have (size and scope of opportunity) reason + ability to pay my level of compensation + willingness to pay my level of compensation. Different info-marketers need writers with different levels of experience and expertise, and a great many info-marketers need a lot of “bread ‘n butter” writing done that I don’t do at all. There is plenty of room in this ocean for new copywriters without me risking going hungry. And  I did build an option for major projects to move upstream to me – see above Q/A. 

In addition to all that, there is the need expressed by so many info-marketers who are Members of the Information Marketing Association for referral to copywriters and writers reasonably prepared to work with them. As Chairman Emeritus of and an advisor to the IMA, I need to help it meet this demand. I am committed to the IMA’s success as the trade/professional association of this industry that I’ve helped grow.

Finally, of course, obviously, I’m creating income for myself through this new Program.  I have assets: my unmatched knowledge of this industry and the clients within; and my reputation and influence with them – I wish to convert those assets to cash. It’s the entrepreneurial thing to do, and you shouldn’t begrudge me doing so; this should be about your gain.  Candidly, it has to be worth a certain dollar amount to me or I wouldn’t do it, and that governs the participation fees. We’ve kept them at the lowest point possible, for their aggregate to meet my compensation requirement. Putting this Program together has required a great deal of time and work, and the cooperation and assistance of the folks at the Information Marketing Association as well. Serious investment made, significant compensation required.

How can I be sure I’ll ‘take to this’ and profit?

You can’t. I can’t. And I certainly can’t guarantee that you will apply yourself to the Program or actively market yourself to clients you’re directed to afterward or handle them competently after you get them, so I offer no guarantee whatsoever of income or success or orgasmic happiness. Sorry. What I can guarantee are that the facts I’ve presented here about this market and its needs and your opportunities are absolutely accurate. If, as you progress through the Program, you can find evidence that anything I’ve stated here was false or misleading, I’ll not only refund your Program fee, I’ll pay you an extra $250.00. Further, you can review the program for a full 30 days, and then if you decide it's not for you just return everything provided to you, and claim a full refund..

By the way, over the years, I’ve helped quite a few beginners become high-paid copywriters for the info-marketing industry. One went from “zero” to 6-figure fees in 14 months’ time. Another had struggled just to eke out a living as a copywriter until I took her inside this industry, coached her up, let it be known I’d been training her, and almost overnight, she had a dozen clients bringing her work month in, month out. I could name others. You can be secure in the knowledge that I know this industry and the clients within intimately, inside and out; understand ‘what makes them tick’ and what will motivate them to bring on a new copywriter.

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& His Role In The Info-Marketing Industry


Dan Kennedy is a well-known serial entrepreneur, marketing strategist and consultant, and direct-response copywriter, with a long list of ‘brand name’ corporate clients like Guthy-Renker (Proactiv®),  Weight Watchers International, HealthSource, Mass Mutual, Nightingale-Conant, and many others…some with him continuously or repeatedly over 20 years. But his #1 area of specialization – and fame – is as a marketing strategist, consultant and coach to professional info-marketers, as well as the inventor of much of this multi-billion dollar industry as it exists today.

In the late 1970’s, Dan began developing sophisticated, multi-faceted business models, bringing together disparate career and entrepreneurial activities – such as authorship, newsletter publishing, audio and video product and course publishing, speaking, seminar and conference promotion, etc. – into unique multi-income stream, integrated enterprises. For himself, he created the largest integrated seminar, training and publishing company serving the chiropractic and dental profession which, in just 3 years, put over 15,000 doctors through its programs; his own info-products sold via national magazine advertising, in catalogs like SkyMall, Day-Timers and Nightingale-Conant, and via speaking…one of these topping $50-million in sales; and a newsletter-membership based business centered around his NO B.S. MARKETING LETTER, which he built from scratch, sold to Bill Glazer, then becoming Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™, recently sold again to a private equity fund and management group with significant expertise in the mid-sized company/corporate training market.

He says he can now say he was once the opening act for KISS!

(Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™ currently has 25,000 Members, over 300,000 online subscribers, a thriving catalog business, coaching programs, local Chapters throughout north America, and two major international conferences a year featuring celebrity-entrepreneur speakers like Gene Simmons of KISS fame, Ivanka Trump, Joan Rivers, George Foreman and Kathy Ireland – and, of course, Dan. Info@

Much of the modern info-marketing industry is comprised of ideal copywriting clients:  “kitchen table” entrepreneurs and part-time operators (still, also, operating their original core businesses) – generating from $1-million to $5-million yearly, as well as entities grown larger, with staffs of five to fifty, revenues from $5-million to $50-million….most using ‘Dan Kennedy models, inventions and methodology’, many launched, privately consulted with or trained directly by Dan….all totally dependent on WRITING, for their advertising, marketing, sales and product deliverables, almost all using every available media, offline and online.  To give you some flavor of the diversity and size and scope of these businesses…..

There are niche-industry companies like Great Legal Marketing and Restaurant Marketing Systems that specialize, respectively, in serving thousands of lawyers and restaurant owners, each marketing book, courses, newsletters, conferences and seminars, online resources, software and services. In the same category, a prime example is Joe Polish, once a “dead-broke carpet cleaner” who transformed his carpet cleaning business with Kennedy-style marketing, then created an info-marketing business teaching marketing to the carpet cleaning niche (that, a million dollar+ yearly business), and then went ‘mainstream’ as an author of numerous info-products including a top-selling Nightingale-Conant album, business mastermind groups requiring yearly fees of $25,000.00 per person, and business alliances with celebrity entrepreneurs like Richard Branson.

TWO OF DAN’S CLASSIC CARS – this Dean Martin’s 1986 Rolls-Royce convertible, bought and paid for with money made from writing copy for info-marketers!

There are book publishers like Advantage Publishing, major conference promoters like The National Publicity Summit® and the Get Motivated! ® events, franchisors like HealthSource (in chiropractic), and diversified online marketers like (which, in part, builds and hosts web sites/online catalogs and provides SCO services to thousands of independent marketers) all assisted in their business launches or development by Dan Kennedy.  Top internet marketing “gurus” like Ken McCarthy, Yanik Silver, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss have all, also, utilized Dan as a consultant and/or copywriter.

HERE’S DAN IN THE SULKY, CROSSING THE FINISH LINE FIRST with one of his racehorses at Northfield Park, in Ohio. Currently, he has horses racing at tracks in 3 states, but keeps a small number to drive personally, some 200+ times a year. If you have “TVG” in your cable-TV system, you can usually catch Dan’s racing televised from Northfield weeknights, year-round. Dan’s motto: “I Write For Oats ‘n Hay.”

In short, Dan is widely regarded and respected as THE “KING” of the info-marketing world, a maker of more info-marketing millionaires than any other dozen people combined. HIS NAME IS INFLUENTIAL AND  HIS LEADERSHIP RESPECTED throughout this industry….which is why possessing the ‘Dan Kennedy Info-Marketing Copywriter Certification’ can be so valuable. And nobody understands every aspect of this industry’s members’ businesses better than Dan, so you can be sure of being properly and thoroughly prepared to work with these clients by his training.

The largest annual conference exclusive for professional info-marketers, The INFO-Summit™, was created by Dan and is hosted each year by Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™, attended by over 1,000 info-marketers from all over the globe. Dan also co-created the trade association for info-marketers, the Information Marketing Association, and writes the trade journal/newsletter of this industry, the NO BS INFO-Marketing Letter. His current Private Client Group of elite info-marketers includes a solo entrepreneur with a multi-million dollar publishing and coaching business in the gym/fitness center industry, a consultant and coach to financial advisors, a business opportunities marketer, the #1 coaching company in the real estate industry, a publisher/marketer of online/e-commerce training in the U.K., and others. These clients are running full-page ads in over two dozen national magazines, mailing hundreds of thousands of sales letters and brochures every month, publishing newsletters, books, courses and products, conducting webinars and tele-seminars often attended by thousands, engaged in social media marketing, using radio and TV, and – as is typical of all info-marketers – requiring mountains of writing and copywriting!  Virtually every day, Dan is consulting with, coaching, copywriting for, ghost-writing for and developing marketing projects for info-marketers (although for him, this is now a part-time endeavor).

There is no one but Dan more completely and intimately familiar with “who’s who” in info-marketing, what they want as clients, how to find the hidden ones, how to best approach the visible ones, and how to effectively get, keep, and enjoy on-going, profitable relationships with these clients.

As an aside, Dan continues as an info-marketer himself as well: as strategist and content provider to Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle™, he continues to create and bring forward a number of new info-products, books, online course content and seminars each year, many of which generate 7-figure sales; writes five monthly newsletters, a weekly bulletin, and a blog. In relationships with other info-marketers, he often co-creates products or events. And he is a very successfully published author, with 19 books now at booksellers, including the latest in the NO BS series, NO BS PRICE STRATEGY, and new (4th/20th Year Anniversary) editions of ULTIMATE SALES LETTER and  ULTIMATE MARKETING PLAN. His books have ranked high on the Business Week Magazine Bestseller Lists, amazon bestseller lists, on Inc. Magazine’s 100 Best Business Books Lists, and been featured in full-page ads inEntrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc., Investors Business Daily, Continental Airlines’ Magazine, and over 50 industry trade journals. (Book information @; books available @, all booksellers) His articles are syndicated to over 300 newsletter and online publishers. He also writes a weekly political column for  Of course, in conjunction with AWAI, he makes his LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER monthly newsletter for copywriters available, exclusively provides the MARKETING YOUR SERVICES LETTER, and created the BUSINESS-OF-Copywriting Academy, available in an At-Home Edition. Although he, by choice, greatly reduced his speaking schedule in recent years, he is speaking at seven conferences and seminars this year, including one via Skype to an event in the U.K. with over 1,500 in attendance.

Info-marketers continually look to Dan for guidance, innovation, new strategies and business breakthroughs – as example, 150+ attended his newest multi-day training, on ‘Opportunity Concept Marketing’ , each paying about $3,000.00 to attend, some traveling as long as 39 hours (roundtrip) from Australia, some with a history with Dan as long as 20 years, and, combined, representing well over $500-million of yearly revenue from info-marketing.

On a personal note, Dan is married (his 2nd wife is his 3rd wife), and lives with Carla and their Million Dollar Dog in homes in Ohio and Virginia, and frequently vacation in Florida. (Dan is a Disney ‘freak’). He owns over 20 Standardbred racehorses and drives in races professionally over 200 times a year.  His entire business life is arranged to facilitate his personal interests, a practice he champions and teaches to others – made possible in part by having a highly developed, high value skill-set (featuring copywriting) for a specific, specialized market offering clients of significant, on-going value. He is a high school graduate and never attended college – although he is on the Advisory Board of the School of Communications at High Point University; his advertising acumen, copywriting skills and entrepreneurial strategies are entirely self-taught through diligent study and good, old-fashioned hard work.

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