Write for AWAI:
We have an ongoing supply of freelance marketing copywriter and content writer jobs

Every day AWAI publishes new copy and content aimed at teaching people how to become successful copywriters and build thriving freelance businesses. If you’d like to write for us, read on …

American Writers & Artists Inc.
Want to write for AWAI? Follow the guidelines to submit samples for our marketing copywriter and content writer jobs.

Ever since we opened for business in 1997, we’ve seen a spike each year in the number of copy projects and assignments needed for our programs. The growth of the internet, increased usage of social media, and ongoing changes in our industry require us to continuously adapt the way we update our members and help them build successful freelance businesses. Every day, we publish emails, sales pages, catalog pages, e-newsletters, blog posts, articles, news items, and other engaging online content.

And, we’re always looking for new writers! If you’ve got the skills and you’re looking for new marketing copywriter jobs or content writer jobs, start here.

Right now our biggest demand is in two areas:

  1. Sales-promotion/direct response copy (from online sales pages to emails), and
  2. Editorial/content marketing copy (blog posts, articles, and news items as needed)

You’re welcome to send in ideas any time!

If we run your copy or content, we’ll pay you for it. It’s as simple as that. Take a look at what we need now … and please submit your best copy for our consideration.

Marketing copywriter jobs:
Writing direct response sales promotions

We’re a classic direct-response company offering a variety of top-rated programs that help aspiring and experienced copywriters learn how to thrive. If you’d like the opportunity to write sales copy for us …

WRITE FOR AWAI – Sales Copy Spec and Instructions

Editorial/content writer jobs:
Writing blog posts and articles

Our mission is to be the go-to resource for all things related to copywriting success. To that end, our blog posts and articles cover the craft of copywriting (mastering the skills), setting up a copywriting business, marketing your copywriting business, and growing as a specialist or in a niche industry. This is not sales copy, it’s more along the lines of helpful tips and insights. If you’d like the opportunity to write blog posts for us …

WRITE FOR AWAI – Editorial (Blog and Article) Spec and Instructions

We look forward to seeing what you can do for us. Good luck!