Earlier today, we asked five of the BEST copywriters working today: Is AI About to REPLACE Human Writers?

Here’s the Rebroadcast You’ve Been Asking For!

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We promised these amazing writers would deliver THE DEFINITIVE WORD on writing, AI, and you…

Nick Usborne
Nick Usborne
Digital Copywriting
Brian Clark
Brian Clark
Copyblogger & Further.net
Guillermo Rubio
Guillermo Rubio
A-List Copywriter
Heather Robson
Heather Robson
Professional (UX) Writer & Managing Editor, digitalcopywriter.com
Bob Bly
Bob Bly
Top Copywriter

They delivered — AND A WHOLE LOT MORE!

If you missed it — watch it now.

If you saw it — watch it again!

That way, you’ll be sure to have the answers to all the questions on the minds of writers everywhere:

  • Is AI the future of writing in general?
  • Will companies still need to hire writers?
  • Just how GOOD is AI at writing, really?
  • Is it ethical to use AI as a copywriter? If so, how?
  • What does the future hold for writing in general as AI continues to improve?
  • Where does that leave copywriters and freelancers?
  • And so much more…