People Love Earning…


AWAI’s Brand-New “Professional Writer Verification”… in the 8 Collateral Marketing Projects Every Copywriter Must Know

Collection of all 8 AWAI Verified™ Badges

“The course videos are incredible”

“I jumped in right away”

“I’m loving it”

“Extremely helpful!”

“This program excited me”

“I am loving this approach”

“I'm really impressed”

“Like a GPS that guides you to your destination”

“Really helped me to understand”

“A fabulous program!

“So glad I signed up”

“I absolutely love ❤️ the program!

“Thank you… thank you… thank you!

Dear Reader,

Hi, Rebecca Matter here…

Our new “Badges” program is a huge hit.

It has very quickly become one of the most popular programs we’ve ever created here at AWAI.

People tell us they love it because:

  1. The writing is fun and “easier” than full-fledged sales letters, and…
  2. It gives them the skills and the confidence to start making money, as a writer, sooner rather than later.

And we’re getting raves like no other program.

Bonnie Schooler told us:

I just wanted to let you know I just listened to your course on SEO and it was the easiest explanation I have heard and really helped me understand it better. I aced the test too!

Joan Rothstein said:

Badges is a fabulous program! It’s focused… and allows you to “feel each of the eight types of copywriting we need to know.

Wayne Franway said “Badges” was just what he needed:

I want to thank you for introducing the Badges program. The combination of smaller projects, specific assignments and having my copy reviewed is just what I needed.
Getting a “badge” from AWAI is the cherry on top!

Kathleen Brown’s excitement got us excited too…

Today I went through Module 1 and passed the test! I am working on the assignments and should have them to you soon. I am so excited about this program! Online copy ads are a great way to sharpen headline-writing skills. What a great way to build skill and get paid while doing it! I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with the rest of the modules!

John Batson told us:

I`ve only just started the Badges program this weekend, but I love it already, just as I thought I would. It is like a college course with lectures, testing and certification. It will give us confidence – proof to ourselves and others – knowing that we are trained and tested with actual work submitted to an actual company. I love the format and the clear explanations!

Hellen Gable wrote to say…

The challenge is real! And I'm loving it! Without putting in a whole page of exclamation marks, I just want to let you know that I haven't felt this challenged since I got my 2nd Master’s Degree. I thrive on having my work appreciated, critiqued in a positive way, and to know that each badge is a building block to a new career

And that’s just a taste.

So, what’s all the excitement about?

If there’s one thing that’s clear about Badges – it’s that people love getting feedback… and love learning to write copy in small, manageable “bite-sized” pieces.

They also love that “Badges” is the quickest way to get the skills you need to start earning REAL MONEY sooner than later.

How do you start making money when you’ve yet to master writing a full-fledged sales letter?

You first master the other skills that are IN HIGH DEMAND right now.

I’m talking about the many smaller “collateral” projects marketers — like me — need every day:

All of these are crucial writing projects that can be learned quickly.

They’re projects that can be COMPLETED in a matter of days (sometimes hours!).

And learning them will give you the CONFIDENCE to call yourself a professional writer right away.

Therein lies “Badges” huge appeal for hundreds of AWAI writers who have signed up so far…

And why I’d like you to get an opportunity to be a part of this today.

It’s the perfect way to “kick-start” your copywriting career.

Fact is, I hire freelance copywriters to take on these types of projects every day – WAY more than the number of copywriters I hire to write sales letters.

Plus, the projects you’ll master in “badges” are the projects every copywriter needs to learn to write.

So why not master them NOW… so you can start using them to generate REAL INCOME while you further your copywriting career studies?

That’s why I’m excited to offer you an “encore” opportunity to be a part of this brand-new Skills Certification Program:

AWAI Verified™: Mastering the 8 Collateral Marketing Projects Every Copywriter Must Know.

That’s the “official” name for it.

But around here, we simply call it “Badges.”

Why “Badges”?

Because every time you successfully complete one of the eight learning sessions — you earn an AWAI Verified™ Badge.

This Badge will be awarded by a special AWAI Academic Advisory Board made up of professional copywriters and marketers…

And then posted, by us, on your special Advanced Member Profile Page housed on the AWAI website.

I’ll tell you more about “Advanced Member” status in a moment… and show you what your “Profile Page” looks like.

But please understand…

These Badges aren’t just for show.

They’re not handed out freely.

They’re serious symbols of accomplishment.

You earn them, through learning and effort, just as you would any professional accreditation.

And because of this…

They signify to us, colleagues, and — most importantly — future clients, that you have successfully completed a crucial element of study within this important level of training AWAI has initiated for its most serious members…

With You and AWAI Verified™, We’re Both Responsible for Your Success

Which brings me to the reason “Badges” is one of the most successful new programs AWAI has launched in a decade:

And that’s validation.

Validation that you’re grasping the concept…

Validation that you’re learning the skills…

Validation your writing is on the right track.

Instead of learning on your own and not being sure when you’re “ready” to enter the real world of copywriting…

AWAI Verified™ Badges hold both you and us accountable.

We teach you the required skills through a professionally structured curriculum created and approved by industry experts.

You’re tested on the material — just as you would be with any professional certification.

You’ll tackle real-world writing projects and submit them for expert review.

And only when you pass both the test AND the written assignment can you be 100% certain you have the skills needed to be a successful copywriter in the “real” world.

This will give you the confidence that “going it alone” can’t give you…

And it will give us the confidence to verify that you’re ready to work with clients… or hire you for projects within AWAI (more on this in a minute)…

So, not only will the AWAI Verified™ Badges program give you a chance to start earning money as a writer right away…

You’re learning skills you NEED to learn anyway.

The eight distinct collateral copywriting skills you’ll master as part of the AWAI Verified™ Badges program are crucial components of virtually every online marketing campaign you’ll be involved with as a professional copywriter.

You’ll be asked to write them in support of every sales letter you write.

They help attract more customers and generate more revenue for your clients.

Of course, that means more money for you in terms of fees and royalties.

And given these skills make you a better, more well-rounded copywriter, you’ll be in a much better position to command larger writing fees and negotiate far more generous retainer arrangements.

It’s like the difference between starting your career with a generic B.A.… versus a high-level Master’s Degree that’s 100% relevant to your field.

The fact that you’ve earned all eight Badges sends a clear message to any prospective client that you’ve done the work… you’ve mastered the skills… and you’re ready to take on any task a marketer hands you.

So, how does this high-level training work?

How long will it take?

And how will AWAI work with you to master all eight elements through this program?

Here’s How Our New Copywriting Badges Program Works

It works very simply…

You’ll work on each project — and earn each of your Badges — one at a time.

Your “job” throughout the eight-part program is to create all the collateral writing material needed to execute a high-level marketing campaign.

Things like space ads, lead-generation pages, and special editorial content marketers use to drive traffic to their sales letters…

You’ll learn about writing funnel copy, email “lift” notes, and Search Engine Optimization strategies…

We’ll show you how to write two to three-minute video scripts that lead readers into the main sales letters… along with ways to expand your campaign’s reach through social media…

And a whole lot more…

We’ll guide and teach you every step of the way.

We’ll give you everything you need: the product… the control sales letter from which to work… and all the support material you’ll need.

You’ll learn and you’ll write.

At the end of each project module, you’ll take a test…

And submit your writing project for review by AWAI’s Academic Advisory Board made up of professional copywriters and marketers.

Once you “pass,” you move on to the next project module…

But not before we award you your coveted “Badge” — and your completed sample assignment(s) are added to the “portfolio” section of your Advanced Member Profile Page.

If your writing sample still needs work, we’ll send it back to you with suggestions for improvement — until you have a clean, finished sample you can proudly and confidently show any prospective client.

Start Generating a Writer’s Income Immediately

Building, polishing, and perfecting this portfolio of work will make you stand out among your peers.

All the writing you’ll do will make you a better, more confident, more complete copywriter.

But by far the biggest benefit of learning these skills now is that you can use them to start making money as a writer right away

Thousands of direct marketers — including AWAI — need writers who can come in and handle these collateral projects while their more experienced copywriters start on new sales letters for future campaigns.

And countless clients who don’t use long-form sales letters need these different materials to drive traffic — and buyers — to their websites, whether it’s B2C (Business-to-Consumer) or B2B (Business-to-Business).

You’re like the baseball pitcher who comes in in the last inning to “save” the game.

And once you have the skills — the money is very good!

For instance, you can make a quick $150 for about an hour’s work writing a few Pay-Per-Click ads.

A good 500 to 1,200-word editorial or “content” piece written in support of a marketing campaign can pay anywhere from $300 to $800.

A series of email lift notes for a marketing effort can pay $1,000 or more, depending on how many you’re asked to write.

Typical SEO projects can land you $500 to $1,200 per web page, blog post, or article.

A simple two-to-three-minute video script that might take you half a day to write can pay as much as $500…

Or you might land a $2,000 monthly retainer to take charge of your client’s social media effort.

And the one thing these projects all have in common…

They’re “smaller” writing assignments that can all be completed in a day or less!

So even if you’re not ready — or you don’t want — to write full-length sales letters just yet…

You can still make a very good income as a writer “handling” all these vital projects.

Which is why Badges is the ultimate “learn as you earn” scenario.

Best of all, the learning curve on each of these projects is short.

Most of these training modules can be completed in a week or two.

And, because all eight programs are waiting for you now, online, you can get started anytime…

Even today, if you like!

You won’t be alone either.

You’ll have a direct telephone and email line to our dedicated Member Services Team if you have any questions about the program.

Any questions our team can’t answer… or any specific matters concerning the assignments or the learning material will be forwarded on your behalf to one of a trio of your Badges instructors.

Pam Foster

There’s Pam Foster, a 12-year AWAI member who has been a six-figure copywriter much of the last decade, as a freelancer and full-time staff member.

She’s worked and freelanced for such companies as IDEXX Laboratories, Today’s Veterinary Business, Springer Publishing, LifeLearn, LL Bean, American Cancer Society, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Today’s Veterinary Business, and many others.

She’s also a certified SEO copywriter and the expert behind many of our most sought-after programs — including How to Choose Your Writing Niche, Site Audits Made Simple, and Working Effectively with Web Clients.

And because she’s been where you are right now, nobody can help you overcome the fears and challenges new writers have like Pam can.

Sandy Franks

There’s also AWAI’s Copy Chief Sandy Franks.

Sandy brings decades of direct marketing and copywriting knowledge to the table — including over 26 years as a marketer, writer, and Copy Chief at Agora Publishing, helping it explode from $5 million in annual sales to well over half a billion when she left to join us at AWAI.

Sandy has worked with and learned from a “who’s who” of our industry — Master Copywriters like Bill Bonner, Mark Ford, Clayton Makepeace, Parris Lampropoulos, Doug D’anna, Bob Bly, Richard Armstrong, and Arthur Johnson, just to name a few…

But her true passion is working with new writers — and the reputation she’s gained for turning green, “aspiring” writers into seasoned control-busting “A-level” copywriters is second-to-none.

And finally, there’s yours truly…

Rebecca Matter

Over the past two decades, I’ve spearheaded multimillion-dollar online marketing campaigns for countless products and have trained hundreds of copywriters.

And I’ve developed numerous training programs and membership sites for AWAI like Build Your Freelance Website in Four Days, Wealthy Web Writer, B2B Writing Success, and our wildly popular Web Copy Intensive, which has been running every year for over a decade now.

For the past eight years, I’ve been AWAI’s President and the “de facto” overseer of AWAI’s marketing efforts…

And remain very active in teaching AWAI members the writing and marketing skills that keep you well ahead of the curve in the fast-paced world of direct-response and online copywriting.

Between Sandy, Pam, me, and the entire AWAI Member Services Team — you’ll have all the answers to any question, challenge, or concerns you could possibly have during your entire Badges experience…

And we’re all just an email or phone call away when you need us.


Before I dive deeper into the actual projects you’ll be mastering as part of the AWAI Verified™ Badges program, let me really emphasize the importance of the skills you’ll be learning…

By giving you a quick 30,000-foot view of a typical marketing campaign — pre-Internet and today.

Why Marketers (Including Me) Are in Dire Need of Writers Who Have These Skills

Pre-Internet, things were very simple…

A copywriter — someone like you — would write a sales letter.

That letter would be laid out, designed, and printed at a lettershop… stuffed it into an envelope with an order form… and then stamped and mailed to people’s physical addresses on your client’s mailing list.

Sample Direct Mail Piece

Today, it’s quite different.

No paper.

No printers.

No stamps.

No mailing.

No envelopes.

Everything is online.

The good news for copywriters is — there’s a lot more copy required.

Let’s take a look at a full online direct-response campaign:

There’s still the long sales letter, of course.

Here, for instance, is the HTML version of Video Sales Letter from our friends over at Banyan Hill Publishing for a financial newsletter called Profits Unlimited.

Sample HTML Sales Letter

But just putting this letter up on the Internet and hoping people read it doesn't do much good.

You need to generate interest in the “Big Idea” and drive people to see it.

And for that, you’ll need the kind of “collateral” copy you’ll learn how to write in AWAI’s Badges program.

For example…

You’ll need a “Google” ad that people who are searching for investment ideas related to technology will see, like this one:

Sample Google Ad

You might want to pepper a variety of ads on Internet sites your prospects are likely to visit — like this one:

Sample Small Ad

A great Facebook ad can help marketers reach millions of highly targeted prospects:

Sample Facebook Ad

And because sites like Facebook and many ad networks don't allow these space ads to link directly to sales letters, marketers will need a variety of informational “news-style articles” and “advertorial” pieces that look like this:

Sample Advertorial

But that’s not all…

Virtually every online marketer needs “lead-generation landing pages” to build up their lists of new potential buyers:

Sample Sign Up

Marketers keep in contact with these new people by sending them free, useful information… which might contain a simple “space ad” like this one:

Sample Space Ad

Emails play a massive role in driving existing customers and free names to new product promotions.

In fact, some marketers need a new email every day the product is actively marketed — which means 10, 20… even 50 new lift notes over the course of a campaign.

I’m talking about short emails that look like this:

Subject Line

This Niche is Expected to Surge 8,000%

Lift Note

This Niche is Expected to Surge 8,000%

Dear Reader,

Did you know…

  • It took 40 years to sell 1 billion personal computers.
  • It took 20 years to reach nearly 7 billion cellphone users.
  • And it took 5 years to reach 1 billion tablet users.

Yet by 2020, experts expect a remarkable new technology to be in 50 BILLION devices.

This breakthrough will be 7 times BIGGER than computers, cellular phones, and tablets… COMBINED… in just 4 years.

(Click play for the full story on this breakthrough.)

Amazon, Google, Apple, Oracle, Ford, Samsung, Disney, Tesla, Microsoft, Intel, Pfizer… to name a few… are rushing at breakneck speed to get in on the action.

Experts project this technology breakthrough’s growth to go parabolic… and soar 8,000% by the year 2020.

On the cutting-edge of this technology revolution is an innovative company that’s begun massive production of a remarkable little device — that’s just a thousandth of an inch in size…

Bottom line: This device is not just a game changer. It is the game changer.

And it’s going to mint more millionaires than any other innovation in history. More than the steam engine, more than automobiles, and more than the Internet.

I want you to be one of them.

Click here to read the full story

Kind regards,

Jeff Yastine
Editorial Director, Banyan Hill Publishing

All this “collateral” copy…

It adds up to a ton of income potential for anyone who’s mastered all these writing skills!

But there’s more…

Sometimes, marketers will want to ratchet up excitement for a plain-Jane HTML sales letter by placing a 2 to 3-minute “introduction video” that’s scripted by a copywriter and read by someone central the campaign:

Sample Video Ad

And I haven’t begun to mention the role Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays in online marketing efforts…

Or all the “funnel copy” that goes into converting prospects into new buyers… and getting existing buyers to buy even more.

Sample Email Funnel

So, you see, it takes a lot of copy to make a modern-day marketing campaign tick.

A lot of highly nuanced copy that takes special knowledge and unique skills to write effectively.

And because these copy elements are crucial elements to every online marketing campaign…

They’re copy skills you, as a professional copywriter, will NEED to know in today’s Internet marketing era.

But because many of these elements are so new to the marketing world, most copywriters have no choice but to learn them on the fly… after they’ve landed a client.

But now, thanks to the new AWAI Verified™ Badges program — you can get a huge jump-start.

AWAI’s new AWAI Verified™ Badges program not only teaches you everything you need to understand and write these project elements for any client…

You’ll have “tangible” proof that you’ve mastered these writing concepts at the highest level!

That makes you better prepared for everything marketers are going to ask of you.

And because each of these collateral elements require the same persuasive writing skills that go into every sales letter… they’ll make you a stronger writer, faster.

But more importantly for you — right now — it gives you an opportunity to START EARNING while you build up your writing skills.

So, let’s get down to business…

Let’s take a deeper dive into the skills you’ll be mastering through the Badges program.

AWAI Verified™:
The Eight Crucial Writing Skills You’ll Master

Badges Module #1:
Writing Killer “Space Ads”

Online Ad Copywriter Badge

We’ll kick things off with the most fun — and potentially lucrative — project to master.

Even though they’re rarely more than 100 words and a few sentences, the impact a great space ad can have on a marketing campaign is enormous.

They’re designed to do one thing and one thing only: grab the reader’s attention by arousing interest and curiosity — so that he or she “clicks” to learn more.

There are different ads for different purposes.

Some ads take readers straight to the sales promotion.

Others link to an “advertorial” or news item, which expands on the idea presented in the ad.

Sometimes an ad serves as a lead generator, and takes the reader to a landing page where they enter their email address in exchange for a gift, a free report, or other irresistible offer.

But whatever the ad’s purpose, there’s massive demand for writers who are skilled at getting readers to click in as few words as possible.

The reason is obvious:

As a marketer, if you write me a space ad that generates twice as much interest and “intrigue” as my current ad… it means twice as many prospective buyers are likely to click to my offer — which potentially doubles the response to my marketing campaign.

Same is true when you’re writing ads for your own sales letters.

If the ad you write in support of your promotion gets twice the people to read your sales letter — it can double the response to your letter and potentially double your royalty payments.

That’s why every successful copywriter MUST master this skill.

Because once you do, the little time you spend creating simple yet highly effective online ads can impact your copywriting income by tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Even as a “hired gun” you can make $100 to $150 in just a few minutes writing a few effective 50-word space ads!

That’s why we’ll delve as deeply into learning to write 50-word Online Space Ads as we would full-length sales letters.

We’ll cover all the main ad “types:” insert ads, Google, and other Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, banner ads, and ads tailored specifically to highly targeted Facebook audiences.

You’ll learn:

  • How they work — the “secret psychology” of successful ads
  • How many words is the optimum length for each
  • When you should — and shouldn’t — use a picture or image (and which kinds are the best)
  • When it’s critical to weave keywords into your ads (and how to do it)
  • Crafting the ultimate “fascination” so your reader can’t help but click
  • How to write a clear and compelling “call-to-action”
  • Three “can’t fail” ad formulas
  • The secret to eye-catching design
  • The 21 most powerful words you can use in any space ad
  • Which ads should have “more headline, less copy” (and vice versa)
  • Ad writing dos and don’ts…
  • And much more

Like every module that’s part of the AWAI Verified™ Badges program, you’ll earn your Badge by passing a 10-question test based on the material covered… and, of course, by submitting written work.

In this case, you’ll write four ads — from scratch — based on an AWAI control letter we’ll give you: an insert ad, a PPC ad, a Facebook ad, and a banner ad.

Once you pass your test… and your written ad projects pass muster with our panel of experts, you’ll be rewarded your Online Ad Copywriter Badge and move on to the next module of your choice.

If you don’t pass the test and/or we feel your ads need more work, we’ll send your writing samples back with constructive suggestions for improvement.

You simply edit the draft based on our suggestions and resubmit when you’re ready. And we won’t stop working with you until you master this all-important collateral copywriting element.

Then, it’s on to the next module…

Badges Module #2:
Editorial and Content Writing

Editorial/Content Marketing Copywriter Badge

Editorial and content writing is one the fastest-growing areas of demand in the copywriting world.

It started when companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and many ad networks prohibited ads within their platform linking to a blatant advertisement.

The reason was simple.

Once people realized that clicking on an ad would lead to an obvious ad, fewer people would click and their ads wouldn’t be as valuable.

That’s why the most trusted and widely viewed advertising platforms on the Internet require that all ads lead to useful “content” — something that offers their readers information of value…

Like something newsworthy… a solution to a problem… a story of interest.

As it turns out — they were right!

People would much rather read stories of substance rather than something they know is an advertisement.

More and more, content has become the preferred method of “first contact” with new potential customers.

Because an effective news item offers useful information — readers trust you more… and are more likely to engage with you when they’re finally invited to click to a landing page or an actual sales promotion.

The bottom line is this:

You can’t be a copywriter today without knowing how to write an effective news item or “content piece.”

Because of that — as well as the massive demand for “A-level” content among marketers — writing highly effective “News and Content Items” is the second of our Badges sessions.

You’ll learn:

  • The differences between “editorial,” “content,” and “advertorial” writing — plus where (and how) to use each format
  • How to write a news piece that “gently persuades”
  • The “secret” structure of highly effective content pieces
  • The “one problem, one solution” method when it comes to content writing
  • How content headlines differ from sales letter headlines
  • The power of “real-life examples” — where to find them and how to use them
  • The number one secret that will differentiate your content copy from all others
  • How to make your reader first and foremost in every content piece you write
  • How to connect and gain trust from your reader in your first three paragraphs
  • How to use “today’s news” to supercharge your content
  • Seven questions you need to ask every client before you write
  • How to research your news article
  • The “five elements” every successful news item has
  • And much more

Again, you’ll learn by doing.

After studying the techniques, you’ll write a piece of news-style content based on an AWAI resource and submit it to our experts.

Once your news item meets our Academic Advisory Board’s high standards — and you pass our content knowledge test — we’ll award you your Badge…

And you’ll have another marketing piece you can add to your Advanced Member Profile Page portfolio.

Then, on to the next module…

Badges Module #3:
“A-Level” Email Copywriting

Email Copywriter Badge

For some clients, you’ll spend more time writing sales emails as a copywriter than anything else.

You’ll write “lift” note emails — short one-to-two page personal messages to your list encouraging them to open and read your sales letter — sometimes called “prep for sales” emails.

You’ll write “Welcome” or “stick” emails that reaffirm your new customer’s decision to buy… and keeps them engaged and excited about what’s coming, so they’re not tempted to experience buyer’s remorse and ask for a refund.

You’ll write emails that link to other products related to the one they just bought…

There are “upsell” and “downsell” emails…

In some instances, and for certain types of offers, an email is the sales letter — a direct sale email which clicks through to a landing page or an order form.

You’ll even write “clicker” emails — autoresponder emails that are sent to people who read your sales letter but didn’t buy, offering them a “second chance” to lock in their purchase.

Bottom line: If you’re going to be a copywriter, you’re going to have to master the art of writing short, concise, and high personal email messages.

That’ll be our entire focus in the email module of our Badges program.

You’ll learn:

  • How to write an email that’s ultra-personal
  • How “The Power of One” applies to email marketing especially
  • How to write subject lines that break through the email clutter and get your email read
  • Who your email should be “from”
  • The “sweet spot” for emails in terms of length and word count
  • The best kind of visuals and graphics to use in your emails
  • The art of the tease — why you don’t want to give away too much in any sales email
  • Everything you need to know about open rates, read rates, and click-through rates
  • Who your lift notes, welcome letters, sales lifts, etc., should come from
  • How to instantly connect with your reader in the very first sentence
  • And much more

You’ll write and submit four email types: a stand-alone sales email, an email that links to a sales letter, a welcome letter, and a customer engagement email.

Pass the test and the written assignments and your AWAI Verified™ Email Badge will be awarded and posted to your Advanced Member Profile Page.


Marketers are constantly re-running sales promotions where the original copywriter has moved on to other projects, so there’s constant demand for new “prep for sale” emails that can inject new excitement into previously marketed campaigns.

Toss in all the demand for welcome emails, upsell emails, “clicker,” and other crucial engagement emails — and the need for great email writers is virtually endless.

But that’s not all. Next up is…

Badges Module #4
Lead-Gen Pages

Lead-Gen Copywriter Badge

New leads are the lifeblood for any direct marketer.

Just consider…

If you have 100,000 free names and your marketing is proven to convert 2% of them to a sale, that’s 2,000 buyers.

Boost the number of leads to 300,000 names through lead generation — that’s the potential for 6,000 buyers.

500,000 new names… 10,000 buyers.

You get the picture…

You’ve just quintupled the size of your client’s business!

That’s why if you can become a “master” in the lead generation space, you can practically write your ticket as a copywriter.

So, what is a lead generator?

Simply put, it’s a single “page” where prospects land — and in exchange for their email address, they typically get something of great value to them… absolutely free!

Think you can write and design a landing page where your primary job is to give away free stuff? Most copywriters miss the fundamentals of what works… but YOU WON’T!

We’re going to make sure of it in Badges Module #4 — Creating and Designing Effective Lead Generation Pages.

We’ll show you:

  • How to match the “give-away” to your prospect’s needs
  • How to maximize your client’s credibility
  • The role graphics and images play… and when it’s “too many”
  • The unique role of the lead-gen Headline
  • How much copy?
  • How to “lay out” your lead-generation page
  • How much information you should ask for in the “opt-in” form
  • Why it’s important to know “how” people got to your lead-gen page
  • And much more

Again — you’re going to learn the principles of a great lead-generation landing page and you’ll have a lot of fun creating one for one of AWAI’s most popular resources.

Pass the test, submit your assignment — and you’ve got yourself another Badge… and a lead-generation sample page you can proudly display on your Advanced Member Profile Page.

Badges Module #5
Sales Funnel Copy

Funnel Copywriter Badge

Marketers have two goals:

To get prospects to buy… and then get buyers to buy more.

But at the same time, you want to give them a good experience to ensure they get the solutions they need… when they need them.

That’s where something called the “Sales Funnel” comes in.

It’s a delicate “dance” between engaging your customer or prospect with great, useful information… and moving him to the next action or sale.

Mastering part of this customer conversation is just one more way you can bring added value to any client, and further increase your own copywriting fees and potential royalties at the same time.

And believe me… once you’re AWAI Verified™ as a “Funnel Copywriter,” you’ll be one of the few writers out there who truly understand just how powerful this skill is when it comes to generating more and bigger sales.

You’ll learn:

  • How to “construct” a simple funnel that can take your reader from getting something for free… to multiple purchases in five simple emails
  • The six “actions” funnel copy (also known as “autoresponders”) gets readers to take
  • How autoresponder emails are different from regular sales emails (and how they are similar)
  • The singular secret to a successful funnel or “gauntlet” email series
  • 13 client questions that will tell you everything you need to know to write your first funnel series
  • 4 things you should do before you sit down to write
  • The six-email sequence for a “can’t fail” funnel series
  • Tips for writing emails your readers can’t wait to read
  • And much, much more

To help you master funnel and autoresponder sales copy, we’ve lined up a challenging four-email funnel series that you’ll write for Barefoot Writer.

And I want to make sure you understand…

My marketing team and I will be looking very closely at all the copy coming in from these learning modules.

And if anything catches our eye, whether it’s new ideas or particularly strong copy — you can expect to hear from us…

We could either pay to use the copy you’ve submitted — or hire you to potentially write one of the dozens of funnel series we need written.

But it all starts with racking up those Badges.

So, once you’ve landed Badge #5 with funnel copy… it’s on to Badge #6…

Badges Module #6
Video Scripts

Video Script Writer Badge

One of the most powerful ways to generate interest in your client’s products is through creative use of visually powerful, two-to-three minute videos.

They’re great for demonstrating how a product works… showcasing user testimonials… building your client’s brand… or offering useful tips and information related to your product’s benefits.

What’s more, these short videos are highly versatile. Use them on client websites, YouTube, Facebook, landing pages — even in your email marketing.

Video is exploding. And a video’s ability to immediately engage potential clients and create a positive impression of your client, the company, and the products offered makes it a powerful marketing opportunity in today’s Internet world.

In our Video Script Writer Badges module, you’ll learn:

  • The five most popular marketing video formats
  • When, where, and how videos are used — and how to connect them to a bigger marketing strategy
  • Techniques for “shaping the message” — and the “secret structure” virtually every successful video follows
  • How to replace words with visuals that are 100 times more powerful
  • The most common myths about video and five biggest mistakes copywriters new to video make
  • How to position your product as the solution
  • Why every video needs to tell a great story — and how to tell it
  • What every successful marketing video MUST end with
  • The “team approach to success” — learn who else is involved in video teams for most clients and how to work with them in smooth, effective ways
  • And much, much more

And what’s great about mastering video scripts for you — besides the $125 to $150 per “script minute” you can be paid to write them — is…

You get to use your creativity in a new way…

You get to play “director.”

In addition to having total control over the script, you get to define the visuals and construct the video’s imagery so that it’s fun and memorable.

Then, once you’ve locked up your Video Scriptwriting Badge, it’s on to Badge #7…

Badges Module #7
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO Copywriter Badge

The numbers are staggering…

93% of online experiences begin with an online search…

81% of people perform an online search before purchasing something…

And 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results.

That’s why there’s a massive demand for copywriters with the ability to write web content and content-marketing copy that gets your client organic (a fancy word for “free”) Page One search results on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.

As a copywriter, this is one of the most valuable services you can offer a client.

Most clients, frankly, are baffled and frustrated by the rules, strategies, and technical aspects of effective Search Engine Optimization.

But you won’t be. That’s because you’ll know it’s all about “content” — and knowing what keywords and keyphrases to use in websites, content, and video tags — and exactly where to weave them into your sales copy.

It’s all covered in Badges Module #7:

  • You’ll master the 6 key principles of professional SEO guidelines
  • You’ll learn the surefire techniques for identifying the keywords and keyphrases that drive search results on Google
  • You’ll see dozens of examples of successful SEO pages — and learn exactly why they work
  • You’ll be able to work from successful SEO templates to create powerful pages and articles of your own
  • You’ll discover the secret to using Google’s “people also ask” and related searches — to write amazing “Google-love” content
  • You’ll know exactly where to place keywords in websites, blog posts, and articles
  • You’ll know the questions to ask your client to make sure you have all the information needed for total optimization
  • You’ll discover online tools that help you find ideal keywords
  • You’ll learn how to write “tags” — the copy Google and all the other search engines need to favor and display your pages in search results
  • And much, much more

When it comes down to it, great SEO copywriting is all about great content — with keywords smoothly placed in strategic “power positions.”

After your SEO training module, you’ll know how to write copy that appeals to two vitally important audiences: your client’s prospect AND the search engines.

Your assignment?

Following all the rules you’ll learn, and the special templates we give you — you’ll create your own “Optimized Content Page” for AWAI’s Barefoot Writer.

Pass the test… ace the writing assignment… and you’ll be able to bring another valuable set of skills to any client… and add one more Badge to your Advanced Member Profile Page.

Which brings us to our final — and probably the most fun — Badge…

Badges Module #8
Social Media

Social Media Copywriter Badge

Social media is one of the fastest-growing areas of spending for marketers worldwide.

Over 90% of companies say social media is important to their business… and 75% report a substantial increase in traffic when they use it.

As a result, social ad budgets nearly doubled from $16 billion in 2015 to $31 billion in 2016… and when 2017 numbers come out, it’s likely we’ll see another huge jump.

That’s great news for copywriters who know how to run — and write — effective social media campaigns.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn — they’re all in play.

The overreaching goal of social media copy is simple: drive new traffic to current marketing campaigns.

But it’s also vitally crucial that your social media marketing reflect your client’s personality… and that you use social media to build up relationships among new and potential followers and create goodwill by offering information of substance.

In earning your AWAI Verified™ Social Media Badge, you’ll learn:

  • Why “human interest” rules the day on social media and how to find subjects who are meaningful to your list
  • What never to talk about on social media
  • The secret of “glow by association,” one of the most powerful social media promotional techniques you’ll ever use
  • How to learn what your social media audience really wants
  • A 4-part formula for writing a winning post
  • The power of “social purpose” with social media marketing efforts, and how to merge them with your client’s business objectives
  • The eight important questions every social media strategy must answer
  • Common social media mistakes to avoid (especially #2!)
  • And much, much more

Much like video marketing, social media marketing can be fun — and rewarding.

It’s a place for you to genuinely help your reader by delivering valuable content… and to connect with your client’s prospects directly… all while introducing your reader to the great products and solutions your client offers.

Like most “collateral marketing,” it’s a deft skill… one that requires different strategies and a slightly altered frame of mind before you sit down to write.

In earning your AWAI Verified™ Social Media Badge, you’ll be an expert — with several “A-level” posts to show: a long-form entry… a short-form entry, and a video post.

It’s also a great income opportunity — either as a freelancer… or on a “retainer” basis, as someone who handles all aspects of a client’s social media efforts.

Two or three small to medium-sized clients here could easily give you a recurring $2,000 each month from each for writing quick posts — a few hours a week.

A Brand-New World of Demand and Opportunity

There you have it…

The eight crucial writing projects every marketer needs to successfully execute online marketing campaigns.

Tiny Space Ads, that grab attention and drive traffic…

Editorial articles that deliver trustworthy, valuable information…

Simple Emails, the marketing “workhorse” that gets readers to the sales letter and keeps customers engaged…

Lead-Gen pages, where you’ll give away irresistible information and get rewarded by opt-ins…

Sales Funnels, where you boost sales, make more money, and become a hero to your clients…

Video scripts that not only inform and drive traffic, but are also fun to write…

Search Engine Optimization — the in-demand skill of weaving the right words and phrases into content pieces and bringing in more traffic…

And social media — where you can have fun connecting with your client’s prospects directly and driving sales…

Master these key skills and you’ll not only become a much better copywriter — but you’ll also be in massive demand.

Everyone thinks copywriting is all about “sales”…

But marketers need writers like you who have the skills to help them plan and write all these smaller, but campaign-crucial copywriting elements just as badly.

Take AWAI…

As President, I’m deeply involved in the day-to-day marketing efforts of the company.

At any given time, we’re running three, four, even five individual marketing campaigns targeting various segments of our audience.

Each campaign needs at least a dozen of these collateral copy elements — including the multiple emails that are sent daily over the course of these five to 10-day campaigns.

Do the math and that’s as many as 60 pieces of copy needed for active campaigns at any given time…

And as many as 2,100 of these copy elements for a year’s worth of marketing — not including the actual sales letters!

How many in-house writers do we have?

Just two. And they pretty much focus on writing sales letters. (Their goal is one a month!)

That’s why I’m constantly hiring freelance writers — most of them to handle smaller, but critical, day-to-day copy needs like the ones these Badges programs teach you.

It’s also why it’s no coincidence that the products and “control” sales letter you’ll be writing about throughout your Badges learning modules are for an AWAI product.

And believe me when I say…

If any of the projects you write and submit show us you can handle any of the projects that we need written every single day — you’ll be sure to hear from my team!

Which means there’s a very good chance that AWAI could become your first “earn while you learn” client.

For a small group of people who are “ready” and serious

Now — I’m going to explain how you can get onboard with “Badges” in a moment.

But first, I do want to make a point that may already be obvious to you.

AWAI Verified Badges is a serious learning opportunity.

It’s designed exclusively for people who are committed to advancing their copywriting skills and are ready to start earning real money right away.

As I’ve said, you’ll learn from a very structured curriculum.

You’ll be tested at the end of each session on what you’ve learned.

You’ll write copy in every module… and submit your assignments for review.

To earn your AWAI Verified™ Badge and AWAI’s endorsement, you must pass both for each element.

For instance, in the “Space Ad” module, you’ll write and submit a series of space ads for different applications: Facebook, newsletters, ad networks, etc.

In the “Content” module, you’ll write and submit an editorial piece based on the product the control is selling.

In the email module, you’ll write and submit sales, welcome, and other “engagement” emails.

Same with Lead-Gen pages, funnel copy, video scripts, social media posts, and SEO…

You must submit the work and “pass” to earn your Badge.

We’ll help you — until you “get” it

But don’t worry…

If your writing needs work, you don’t “fail.”

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Members of our copywriter Academic Advisory Board will send you positive, constructive feedback on how to “fix” the problem with your copy — until you have a piece of writing that can compete and win in the marketplace.

And at the end of all eight learning sessions — you’ll have a full and impressive “portfolio” of over a dozen tangible pieces of writing you’ll be proud to show off to any potential client.

The point I’m trying to make here is…

With all the interaction you’ll have with us, there’s a limit as to how many students can take part at any given time.

In the case of AWAI Verified™: Mastering the 8 Collateral Marketing Projects Every Copywriter Must Know, we’ve set participation at a very strict participant limit.

There will be no exceptions to this.

We want to make sure you get the support you need and that your projects are reviewed, “marked,” and commented on in a timely fashion…

That way, you can master these elements quickly… move effortlessly from one module to the next — and start earning a writer’s income just as soon as humanly possible.

We’re able to open up “Badges” again today because most members of our earlier group have “graduated” and some spots have opened up.

That said, only a small group (out of over two-hundred thousand) of AWAI members will be accepted through this limited invitation.

I also want to make it clear that Badges is a premium-level program.

So, it’s not cheap.

But we have made it so that nearly anyone who’s serious about learning all these critical copywriting skills won’t be shut out because of cost.

I’ll explain that in a moment.

Your Advanced Member Profile Page

But first, I want to expand on something I mentioned before: your Advanced Member Profile Page.

This is something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time.

As a Badges member, we’ll know that you’re serious about copywriting and mastering all the elements needed to execute any sophisticated e-commerce marketing campaign.

But we also want the entire industry to know it as well.

That’s why every member of AWAI’s high-level Badges program will have their own Advanced Member Profile Page — where all your earned Badges will be on full display… along with all your other accomplishments and finished writing samples.

You can send potential clients directly to this page…

Feature the link on business cards or on your self-marketing material.

Or you can link to it from your own website.

Clients will get to see everything about you:

Your name, your picture or your company logo, contact information, where you’re located, your specialties, the “verification” levels you’ve achieved, and of course, you can give them access to all the samples you’ve written through Badges and AWAI’s other verification levels.

Every time you earn a new Badge — AWAI will (and only AWAI can) upload it to your Profile Page as a symbol of your hard work and success.

So eventually, your Advanced Member Profile Page will look like this:

Sample Completed Advanced Member Profile Page

In an instant, you, your colleagues, AWAI, and other potential clients can see all the training you’ve completed and everything you’ve accomplished.

Everyone Will Now Know Just How Serious You Are About Your Success!

Your Advanced Member Profile Page is a clear indication of how seriously you take your work.

When prospective clients visit your page — and see the initiative you’ve taken and the effort you’ve put into mastering the skills they need — they can’t help but be impressed.

This will set you apart from everyone else…

Your effort… your determination… your accomplishments.

So, very quickly let me quickly recap what will happen the moment you sign up for Badges.

First and foremost, you’ll have immediate access to all eight Collateral Marketing learning projects.

You can take them in any order, but we strongly recommend you take them in the sequence we recommend, since each new skill builds on the last.

You’ll learn through a combination of video instruction and “textbook” style study.

You’ll have access to all the research, reports, samples, templates, and the “control” letter you’ll need to complete the required written assignments in each module.

You’ll receive a welcome from Pam Foster, with tips on getting the most from each of these sessions and instructions on how to get answers anytime you have a question or need some good advice.

You’ll also receive instructions for taking each test and for submitting your writing samples to our Academic Advisory Board.

You can take all the time you need to complete any module. We know you’re busy. So there are no deadlines or time limits. Once you’re a Badges member, you’ll have access to the material for life.

That said, if you can dedicate an hour or two an evening, two weeks should be enough time to learn the material… take the test, write the assignments… get back comments… complete any necessary editing… and earn your verification.

Advanced Member Profile Pages will be set up in the order we receive your Badges application. If you’re the first to sign up — yours is the very first Profile Page we’ll build. We’ll send you a short information form to complete… and send you a link to review before we take your page “live.”

Badges will be awarded for each of the eight learning modules, and will be posted on your Profile Page by AWAI upon successful completion of each final test and writing assignment.

You’ll also have AWAI’s express permission to use copyrighted images of the Badges you’ve earned on your personal websites and self-marketing materials.

Once you’ve complete all eight (8) Collateral Marketing Elements Badges…

We’ll recognize your accomplishment in AWAI’s “Week In Review” — and send you an official Collateral Marketing Elements “Certificate of Accomplishment,” suitable for framing, to your home or office address.

Sample Certificate of Completion for AWAI Verified™ Badges

So, what does it take to be a part of Badges and be AWAI Verified™ in each of these writing elements?

First and foremost, it takes swift action from you.

Remember, only a small group of Badges members will be accepted through this initial invitation.

And since this is the first time we’ve opened this opportunity up…

And the fact that thousands of AWAI members have been asking us for this kind of “verified” learning experience over the years…

We expect this to fill up very quickly.

So if you’re at all interested, you should sign up now.

The Cost…

AWAI Verified™: Mastering the 8 Collateral Marketing Projects Every Copywriter Must Know is an investment in your future.

That’s why I urge you to only take this up if you’re serious and you’re committed to becoming a professional copywriter.

As far as educational value goes, it’s safe to say each learning module could easily be valued at $495 — or $3,960 for all eight.

Add to that the “verification” element, where we’ll test your skills, review your writing, and offer you personal feedback — that’s easily an added $90 per module value.

All elements totaled — that’s $4,680 value for this complete education in all the “collateral” project copywriting skills you’ll ever need…

Skills that can start earning you real income right away…

From $100 for a 50-word space ad that might take you an hour to conceive and write with these skills under your belt…

To $800 for a simple editorial article that you can write in half a day with the knowledge you’ll get here.

Or $1,500 for a series of emails you can wrap up in a single day!

Your Price, Today…

Of course, as a charter AWAI Verified™: Mastering the 8 Collateral Marketing Projects Every Copywriter Must Know Badges member, we won’t ask you to pay the full $4,680 others might pay to join in the future.

Today, charter members can join and get everything…

For just $1,895.

That’s a better than $2,785 discount off the full price…

And a mere $236 per module — for both the lessons AND all the testing and feedback required to earn your Badge.

But just remember…

We can only accept a small number of new “Badges” participants in.

Once it’s full – that’s it. We’ll have no choice but to withdraw this invitation and you’ll have to wait months for the next session.

And given the amazing response we’ve had, I suspect it won’t take long for this new “Badges” session to fill up.

Badges member Molly Hobbs told us:

“I love this program! Really useful information that I can apply right away and now I'll have actual samples to show potential clients. I've just taken the first test, online ad copy writing and nailed it. I'm starting to work on the first assignment. I really love the way this program is set up”.

Here’s a note from Steve Sonn

“I've really been impressed with the Badges Program. All the modules are filled with easy-to-understand, actionable information. Most important to me, however, has been the feedback on the writing assignments. I've received some great tips that have helped me improve as a writer. I'm looking forward to the rest of program!”

We just loved Julie Carroll’s note:

“This was just what I needed. I quick became verified as a copywriter and then went right to work on the ads badge which is exactly what I needed to work on. Today is the day that my butt is in the chair and I am writing those ads. Thank you for this program and this email. Both are timely and helpful.”

And Ken Hill summed up how a lot of Badges members feel about the program:

I am loving this approach. Somehow it feels less daunting than the when I started the Accelerated course. Maybe it is because it is broken into bite size pieces. I have already passed the test for the first module and am working on the assignment. I am looking forward to the comments on my assignment and moving forward to the next module.

If you see the value in becoming a “verified” expert in all these campaign-critical writing projects…

And you’re eager to use these new skills to earn money as a writer sooner, rather than later…

Then I urge you to click here to sign up immediately — before all the spaces are gone.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Before you do, there’s one more assurance I want to pass on to you.

Badges, as you know by now, will take a higher level of dedication and effort on your part.

That’s what’s makes it so valuable… and why potential clients will give it so much weight in the decision to work with you.

That’s also why it’s vitally important to the integrity of the Badges program that everyone taking part in it is happy and enjoying the learning experience as they progress through the various projects.

So, for that reason, we want to give to ample time to ensure Badges is truly for you.

If it is, you’re in for a learning experience that can have an immediate and tangible impact on your writing career. After all, you could literally be “writing for money” within the next two weeks.

But if you get in and you decide for some reason it’s not for you — we don’t want you to be stuck.

If that happens, simply let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund every penny you’ve paid.

That should give you ample time to finish two, perhaps three modules and get a feel for the work.

If You Really Want It… We’ll Make Access Easy

One more thing before I leave you to sign up.

I know from talking to many AWAI members that, even at the discounted price — $1,895 is a lot of money to put out at once.

So, to make things easier, I’ve authorized our Member Services Team to break that amount into smaller “easy to swallow” payments.

You can see those details on the sign-up page when you click here.

So, with your “no risk” guarantee…

And special payment options…

I’ve done everything I can to make this important learning resource accessible to you.

The ball’s in your court now.

Aside from rapidly gaining the skills every copywriter will need to learn eventually…

Badges has the potential to launch your writing career far sooner than you ever expected.

Because when a client sees those coveted AWAI Verified Badges on your Advanced Member Profile Page, it not only means you’ve studied a program…

It means you’ve PASSED the test… and that your writing meets the very high standard of AWAI’s Academic Advisory Board.

That should give YOU as much confidence in YOUR ability… as clients have in you once they see what you’ve accomplished.

So, let’s not waste another moment.

It’s time to take that next giant step in your copywriting career.

Sign Up Online Now… Or Call Toll-Free866-879-2924

Sign up for Badges right here.

If you’d like to sign up by phone, by all means — please call our fantastic Member Services Team here in our Delray Beach home office at 561-278-5557 or 866-879-2924 (toll-free).

They can answer questions about the program… secure your spot… and explain the payment plan if that’s the route you want to go.

Either way, I can’t wait to welcome you to Badges…

I’ll see you on the other side!

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

P.S. I’ll say it one more time. Given the massive demand we experienced for our first-ever offering of this “verified learning” program — and the fact we had to turn people away — I’m all but certain the handful of spots we’re offering during this very limited campaign will be snapped up very quickly.

That’s why — even if you’re on the fence — you should sign up now. And if it’s not for you, simply take advantage of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and you won’t risk a penny.

P.P.S Like I said accolades for “Badges” keep pouring in. Here are a few more:

“I enjoy the accountability of the Badges program in that you HAVE to do the writing assignment to pass. That was just the little extra motivation that I needed. This has been one of the best learning experiences within AWAI so far. I think that is because the lessons are very focused on one particular type of writing. Thanks for offering this program.”

— Maynard Sammons

“I think “Badges” is a great part of the copywriting training process. For me, the feedback on my submissions in Badges is even better than submitting work to the hot seat sessions.”

— Connie Quiring

“I love the Badges program. The courses are very clear and succinctly written. I find putting the learning into practice right away is very helpful. It is also helping build my samples. I finished the Online Ad Copywriter and got my Badge. I passed the exam for the Editorial Content Marketing Copywritier and I’m working on the assignment. Love the challenge to use Mindy McHorse’s ‘voice’. I think the Badges program is one of your best and would recommend it to anyone. It seems to be pulling everything together for me.”

— Catherine Morris

“I’ve only just started work on the Badges program, and I’m loving it so far!”

— Carson Darbyson

“I jumped in right away and reviewed all the modules and got started. I like that it seemed thorough, concise, and you can complete each module at your own pace.”

— Henry MaCallum

“I was thinking before I got the course, ‘How can I learn how to do these online services faster.’ Then it appeared in my email, The Badges Program.”

— Shelley Biggs

“The course videos are incredible. The knowledge is given in a way that makes it easy to digest and retain. Being able to rewind and play again is wonderful, especially if you’re interrupted by normal activities. Plus having them to look at for review later is awesome! Thank you so much!”

— Jessie McPeeke

“What I like best about the badge program is how conciseness the information is. I have a major client who continues asking me for more and more services. SEO was a request a few weeks ago. Although I've taken a course, the AWAI badges course put it in easy-to-understand terms. I follow it in order and can give my client what he needs. Now he's asked for scriptwriting. The badges program gives me everything I need for that in a nutshell.”

— Holly Helscher

We would love to hear about how you feel about “Badges” too. So be sure to send us an email just as soon as you get started with your thoughts. To sign up, go here now.

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