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Self-Confidence and Success as a B2B Copywriter

Think you need heaps of self-confidence to be successful as a B2B copywriter? Turns out you don’t! Here’s what you need instead…

This Writing Niche Will Welcome You with Open Arms

B2B clients can be the easiest to get for 3 reasons. Charlotte Hicks outlines them… and why even brand-new copywriters are highly valued by B2B marketers.

$1 Gets You Immediate Access to 150+ Training Webinars, How-to Videos, Quick Start Writing Guides, a Job Board, and More …

If you're a B2B copywriter or an aspiring one, you're not going to want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to get complete access to our popular B2B Writing Success website ... for only one dollar. Check out the details now before the test drive ends.

What Are Today’s Top-Paying Gigs in B2B Writing?

What are today’s top-paying B2B writing gigs? Steve Slaunwhite lists six opportunities to make good money writing for the $5.6 million B2B industry.

The Head Start in Copywriting (You May Not Know You Have!)

You may have the head start you need to earn good fees as a copywriter. Steve Slaunwhite reveals the advantage you may not even know you have…

Working with Small Businesses as a B2B Copywriter

Small businesses are often overlooked as potential clients for B2B copywriters, but working with this market can be profitable as well as satisfying.

3 Ways to Pick a Niche in B2B Copywriting

Increase your chances of success by doing this one thing. You’ll attract B2B companies who need a writer like you — a writer they’ll happily pay good fees.

B2B Copywriting and the $20 Million Toaster

The toaster may cost $40, but this household staple has hundreds of copywriting opportunities supporting it that can lead you quickly to the writer’s life.

Video: 4 Tips for Breaking into B2B Copywriting

Want to break into the world of B2B copywriting? Watch this video for four tips from Steve Slaunwhite – and also find out how you could be one of 75 lucky writers selected to work him!

When You Need to Quit a B2B Copywriting Project

At some point, you may have to quit a B2B copywriting project. There’s no perfect way to bail on a project, but here are some tips to make the best of the situation.

Find Copywriter Success in Content Marketing

Online marketing is trending towards a whole different approach. And companies large and small are using it. In fact, they’ll be spending $300 billion in this sector next year… a good slice of that going to copywriters trained in this specialized type of writing.

3 Ways to Make Your B2B Copy More Compelling to Decision Makers

Follow these three tips and your B2B copy will be more engaging, more appealing to decision makers, and more likely to get the results your clients want.

How to Raise Your Fees Without Breaking a Sweat

Want to raise your fees without stress? Try this strategy…

How to Keep a B2B Client When Your Contact Leaves the Company

When your main contact leaves, you might lose that B2B copywriting client if you’re not proactive. Here are 5 tips to help survive the changing of the guard.

A 5-Step Method for Writing Better B2B Sales Copy Faster

Stay on target when you use this 5-step strategy to write high-performing B2B sales copy faster and easier.

When Should You Charge for B2B Copywriting Revisions?

When a client wants revisions to your copywriting project, you might be justified in asking for more money. Here’s how to have that difficult conversation.

2018 Trends in B2B Copywriting

Discover the latest trends you can take advantage of in B2B copywriting, so you can get your share of this growing $6.5 trillion industry.

Millennials Bring Change — and New Opportunities — for B2B Copywriters

Thanks to Millennials, B2B copywriting is changing. But the opportunity to land high-paying projects is as great as ever.

Veteran Freelancer Pinpoints Copywriting as the Smartest Career Option

After experiencing a variety of employment scenarios, Dave Vranicar found career freedom and flexibility that pays off now and long into his golden years.

B2B Copywriting Boring? Think Again...

B2B copywriting doesn’t have to be boring or technical. In this $6.5-trillion market, there are clients in unexpected places. Here’s how to spot them.

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