January 2005

Quick Tip: "Words Fail Me"

Do you know how to put your words together effectively? If you don’t, it weakens your writing.

Do You REALLY Need a Guarantee?

Master copywriter Will Newman illustrates the potential power of a well-written guarantee, and gives you reasons why you should always include one in your promotion.

Quick Tip: Using Old, Forgotten Business Cards to Develop Your Client Base

Ask everyone you meet for a business card; no matter what they do. They will come in handy when the time comes to build your client base.

Success Story: How My First Real Assignments Will Pull in $28,000

John White used old business cards to land a $28,000 (so far) client using techniques he learned in AWAI’s Masters program. Use his idea to build your client base.

Quick Tip: Demystifying RGB and CMYK

If you're a new graphic designer, you will need to know what RGB and CMYK are. Find out and learn how to convert them.

Keeping Your Marketing Director Happy

Lori Appling gives four “proper handling” tips on how to work with marketing directors, so that they think of you when they have new assignments.

Quick Tip: Don’t Rile the FDA With Questionable Health Claims

If you write for the health market, there are certain claims you can’t make. Find out what they are.

A Powerful Self-Marketing Tool

Master Copywriter Bob Bly gives new freelancers a self-marketing tip to help them get around the “chicken and egg” situation and find their first job.

Quick Tip: How to Use Reverses & Screens (If You Must)

How do you use a screen or reversed type, which is known to reduce readability, when a client insists on it? Get tips, here.

Goal-Setting: The Most Important Step in Building Your Career

Learn how Michael Masterson uses “goal setting rules” to tackle big projects. Break long-term goals down into smaller, easy-to-achieve objectives to make success realistic.