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Your Biggest Freelancing Struggle — SOLVED!

We’ve put together an on-demand library of 26 proven methods — to overcome what new writers tell us is the biggest obstacle — the biggest “worry” — they face when getting started.

Transform your biggest freelancing “worry” into the most enjoyable part of building your business.

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or somewhere in-between — you’ll find field-tested strategies that suit your personality.

Order for $95, before the price becomes $995!

Test Drive AWAI's Copywriting Program for $29

If you’ve ever been curious about copywriting, TODAY is your chance to test-drive our flagship program The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting for just $29.

When you master persuasive writing with our industry-leading training, you’ll be in big demand in this 2.3 trillion-dollar industry.

You can make a good living, choose your own hours, and work from anywhere in the world.

Hurry, this “test-drive” will be closing soon!

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Last Chance to Save Up to 90% on AWAI’s Top Programs

Kick-start your copywriting career this summer – or take it to the next level.

A Full Year’s Subscription to a Career-Launching Magazine for Writers... for Just $11

This magazine could be the launching point of your new copywriting business.

LAST CHANCE: “Live” at Noon!

Our FREE Circle of Success Virtual Open House event starts at 12 p.m. Eastern Time.

Today We’re Celebrating YOU!

If you haven’t seen it yet, now is a great time to check out all the programs and resources we’re offering for up to 90% off.

Here’s How You Can Still “Save” Your Summer

Check out the list of programs on sale now and grab the ones that will help you take your next steps forward.

Living the Writer’s Life: Brandi Chaney

Brandi Chaney’s story is a terrific study in the versatility of the freelance-writing world. She’s worked in a variety of niches but never felt tied to any specific field, thanks to the wealth of writing opportunities in every industry. Enjoy Brandi’s story …

It’s the Summer Sale! Up to 90% Off AWAI’s Most Popular Programs

Get the copywriting skills and business-building strategies to kick-start your freelance career.

Ends Today: New Writing Profit Opportunity

Today’s the last day to claim one of the remaining spots in the guided mentorship where you’ll master one of the BEST profit opportunities for writers (possibly ever!).

Secure One of the Remaining Spots in AWAI’s Site Content Audit

Thursday is your last chance to secure one of the remaining spots in AWAI’s upcoming mentorship on doing Site Content Audits for clients.

How to Market Your Services – and Make Money at the Same Time

Conducting a site audit unveils problem areas on a website. And, as a copywriter, you are uniquely suited to make necessary changes… for added fees.

The Inspiration – and Practical Advice – You Need to Launch Your Writing Career Could Be in These Pages

A full year of access to the industry-favorite Barefoot Writer magazine for just $11.

How – and Why – to Become an In-Demand “Website Doctor”

This is the perfect side-hustle for copywriters… and it requires almost no writing.

Living The Writer's Life: Apryl Parcher

From writer to speaker to trainer and now book author, Apryl Parcher is forging through the channels of communication and finding nothing but success. Enjoy her unique insight on getting started, as well as tips on how to use social media to advance your career even before you make a name for yourself.

How to Launch Your Freelance Writing Business During a Pandemic or Economic Crisis — Free Webinar and Q&A

Join us for this FREE webinar to discover how to launch your writing business successfully in the midst of a crisis.

Your Last Chance to Take This “Deep Dive” Into AWAI’s Flagship Training Program

If you’ve struggled to complete the Accelerated Program, this is the ideal solution to get it done.

Fun Ways to Get Inspired and Stay Connected with Us this Week …

With AWAI, you’re never alone. Join us for these live sessions where you can chime in, ask questions, and enjoy the company of fellow writers.

Living the Writer’s Life: Christopher Dean

Christopher Dean received a tip from a friend that opened the entire world of writing for him, and he’s made the most of it ever since. Find out how he escaped the daily slog of retail employment and replaced it with contentment and a relaxed lifestyle.

Living The Writer's Life: Jason Gaspero

“Incredible” is the single word that comes to mind when you read Jason Gaspero’s account of life as a Barefoot Writer. It’s beyond dream-worthy, since all he does month-in and month-out is travel to far-off, exotic destinations and write about his experiences — and makes a great living because of it. Plus, he enjoys a lifetime worth of adventure on a weekly basis (fried scorpion, anybody?). If you’ve ever entertained a fancy for travel writing, you’re going to love Jason’s story.

May Issue: The Writing Culture You’re Now Part of

Just released, the May issue of Barefoot Writer!

Meet The Winners Of The Professional Writers’ Alliance $1000 “Interesting Times” Writing Challenge

PWA Managing Editor Jen Adams put out a challenge for PWA members to share how they were figuring out life in our new reality. They answered in long-form essays, poetry, and deeply personal stories …

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