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Can You Write AND Get Paid Well?

If you look in from the outside, you’d think I was a typical middle-class mom …

I drive a messy minivan, holler at my kids to hurry up, come alive with my morning cup of Starbucks, and wave at my neighbors as they rush to work.

But my reality is a 20-hour work week … a six-figure income …

And the freedom to do what I want, where I want, when I want.

I’m a writer.

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How to Make a Six-Figure Income … WITHOUT Writing Sales Letters

The demand is sky high for a specific kind of writing that is anything but sales-y …

It’s short and quick to write …

And it’s in-demand by clients EVERYWHERE …

Plus, it pays very well. In fact, new writers are making $4K, $8K, even $15K a MONTH doing this …

You can, too — once you learn this one skill …

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Ensure a Consistent Feast in Your Writing Business - Free Webinar and Q&A

Join us for this FREE webinar to find out how to keep a steady pipeline of copywriting projects.

July Issue: The Messy Truth Behind Independence

Your July issue of Barefoot Writer is waiting!

Lisa Christoffel is the New Managing Editor of

Please join me in congratulating Lisa Christoffel for being named Managing Editor of, AWAI’s membership site aimed at helping B2B copywriters start and grow successful businesses.

Outback Road-Tripper Finds Fame through Writing

Andrew Murray experienced the trip of a lifetime when he took a 12-month journey around Australia, and from that moment on vowed never to be stuck in one place again. But to make his dream a reality, he needed a reliable, mobile source of income. And that’s where Barefoot Writing entered the picture…

Land a Paid Project by Next Week

Read on to find out why this is the fastest way to earn your first paid assignment as a writer.

The Easiest Copy You’ll Ever Get Paid to Write

If you want the fastest (and simplest) path to the writer’s life, this is it.

Deadline for Infinity is TODAY

This is the LAST DAY to take advantage of the huge savings deal on Infinity Program membership.

The Content Marketing Mentor You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let one of the industry’s top content marketing experts guide you to mastery in this in-demand niche.

One Of The Most In-Demand Copywriting Niches Today

Content marketing is hot right now and the need for qualified copywriters continues to grow.

June Issue: Karma for writers

Here in the Barefoot Writing Community, you have the opportunity to create new karma. The door is open to venture out into the world of paid writing. And while it won’t feel familiar at first, knowing others are on the same journey is a considerable help. Watching and connecting with other writers, and reading about their wins and challenges, helps your own negative habits disappear.

New $1,000 “No Excuses” Writing Challenge Offers Writers The Chance To Get Paid To Level Up Their Careers

The Professional Writer’s Alliance (PWA) has launched a new “No Excuses” writing challenge with $1,000 in prize monies available. Drawing inspiration from Dan Kennedy, the direct response industry’s self-styled Professor of Harsh Realities, the competition offers writers the chance at extra cash rewards for tackling their personal obstacles and excuses head-on.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Ben Phillips

Ben Phillips worked various jobs but none were fulfilling — until a letter in his mailbox changed the course of his career.

Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Online Ad Writing Contest

From over 500 submissions, the three winners of the $200 prize from our online ad writing contest in The Writer’s Life have been chosen by Nick Usborne.

And the 2019 AWAI Copywriter of the Year is … GORDON GRAHAM!!

Veteran B2B copywriter – and mentor to many AWAI members – is the new Copywriter of the Year.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Congratulations to the 2019 Bootcamp Spec Challenge Winners

These AWAI members earned $1,000 and the chance to work with AWAI.

Congratulations to the 2019 $10K Challenge Winner: A Full-Time Copywriting Career Could Be Around the Corner for Steve Maurer

A career as a full-time freelance copywriter could be on the horizon for Steve Maurer.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Keith Trimels

Read about how this engineer spun his writing talent into his dream life.

Newly Minted Six-Figure Barefoot Writer: Angela Payton’s Story

Angela’s Advice: Tell everyone you know what you do. Take a chance on every opportunity you see or hear about. The worst that could happen: You get samples/writing practice. The best? High-paying clients. Read her story now.

May Issue: Kitchen Sink Escape-Plan For Writers

Read on to see how this phrase was coined by writer Heather Robson, our Featured Interviewee for May. She’s spot on in her assessment that as writers, we tend to want to get good at everything before we venture out into actually doing something.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Sharlet Brennan

Sharlet Brennan had a job she loved — until the business was sold. Find out how she turned this sudden change into a career where she could be in control.

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