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Why B2B Copywriters Are Needed Desperately

Find out what makes B2B such as great opportunity for freelance copywriters.

Maverick Entrepreneur, Author, and First-Time Bootcamp Presenter Yanik Silver Is Shaking Things Up with His “Evolved Expression” Technique

Read on to see what you can expect with Yanik Silver's game-changing attitude and BIG impact when you meet him at Bootcamp, where his “Evolved Expression” Technique will dramatically change the way you look at copywriting.

The Quickest Way to Master High-Paying – and In-Demand – B2B Copywriting Projects

Here’s how to get the skills you need to land clients in B2B.

Expert Career Coach, Ilise Benun, Will Walk You Through Finding (and Landing) Your “Dream” Clients

Ilise is the founder of Marketing Mentor, and a national speaker and business coach … author of 7 books … writer of the Marketing Mix Blog … and host of the #HOWLive podcast and the Marketing Mentor Podcast. This year at Bootcamp, she’ll help you lock in on your perfect target market, play on your unique strengths, and start confidently landing “dream” clients with higher fees.

Kept Under Wraps: Something big is happening

Starting April 2nd, you have the opportunity to be part of a new kind of training program … one designed to get you up to speed as quickly as possible on how to write the most in-demand B2B writing projects.

Dan Kennedy Will Tell It to You Straight: There’s Big Money to Be Had

When Dan Kennedy talks, people listen. That’s because he’s a multimillionaire serial entrepreneur, one of the highest-paid direct-response copywriters in the world; and a sought-after speaker, seminar leader, and author. And we’re thrilled to welcome him back to our stage at Bootcamp this May!

Get Ready for a Big A-ha Moment as Henry Bingaman Demystifies the “Big Idea” His Way

Henry has become one of the most brilliant writing talents in our industry, writing show-stopping controls for Natural Health Sherpa and Agora’s Money Map Press. His promotions, including “Neural Imprinting,” “Infinite Power Nano Grid,” and “One Device to End All Devices,” have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues — and many millions in royalties.

More Than $55,000 Worth of AWAI Resources for a 91% Discount

With the Infinity Program you get everything AWAI for one low price.

When They Joined the Infinity Program… Things Started Happening

New skills, new clients… the Infinity Program gives you the tools you need to succeed.

Brian Kurtz is Set to Reveal Knock-out Secrets to Boost Your Writing Career

Brian Kurtz has been a serial direct marketer for almost 40 years, and he's never met a medium he didn't like. He's been a key business builder at Boardroom, Inc. with founder Martin Edelston, and he's worked with many of the top marketers and copywriters who've ever lived.

Take on Any Copywriting Project That Comes Your Way

The Infinity Program gives you the on-demand training your need to land high paying copywriting projects

Infinity Member earns back membership fee in a month!

Read on to see how Waldemir Marques, Jr., has had a pretty good start to his Infinity membership and how he has already earned back more than his full investment in his Infinity membership!

Once in a while we do something crazy ...

AWAI’s Infinity is the best educational value you’ll see anywhere. For one very low price, you get access to EVERY home study program we offer. Get all the details here including an exclusive “preview” of all the latest new moneymaking programs for writers.

Gone tonight: your bonus package + $150

Just a courtesy reminder that your chance to claim your bonus package AND save $150 when you get Nick Usborne’s best-selling Web Copywriting 2.0, expires at midnight. This is THE groundbreaking program that’s helped launch so many AWAI members’ careers. Read on for more details.

Find Copywriting Jobs in the Web Copy Niche

There are more web copywriting jobs out there than qualified writers to fill them. Learn how to get in on this action with Nick Usborne’s help.

Find Your Next Copywriting Job on the Web

The highest paying opportunities for freelancers are in web copywriting. Land a copywriting job from the thousands of potential clients hiring right now.

The PERFECT “Beginner” Writer’s Market

If you’re a new writer and you want a quick way to get your career up and running… then this is it. In my opinion, it’s the biggest and best “beginner-friendly” market to write for.

LinkedIn Now: Best Practices for Getting Great Writing Clients - Free Webinar and Q&A

Join us for this FREE webinar with Ilise Benun to learn how to land new writing clients by making the most of LinkedIn.

March Issue: Irish luck vs. writing luck

The March Issue of the Barefoot Writer is now live.


We’re celebrating The Writer’s Life this month … and the folks who are living it … with a fun contest I hope you’ll be part of. It’s easy. Just do what you do best – Write! Read on to find out more about the contest.

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