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Living The Writer's Life: Casey Sollock

If you want to pump some enthusiasm into your writer’s life, connect with Casey Eden Sollock. As founder of, Casey not only follows her passion to empower women to reclaim their health, she also does it on a schedule of her choosing and uses writing as her catalyst for success. Read on to learn how she made it happen — and how quitting got her there.

How to Make $800+ per Day as a Writer

I’ve got the inside scoop on a project you need to know about…

Why Email Marketing Is Still Powerful in B2B — and What That Means for Copywriters

Email marketing is going strong in B2B marketing. And that means opportunity for qualified copywriters. Learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Last Day: Zero to Paying Client (in 6 Weeks)

Today’s the last day to get the personal guidance you need to go from “zero” to paying client in just 6 weeks with Ed Gandia’s coaching program.

Your First Writing Client — in Just 6 Weeks?

What if you could land your first client in just 6 weeks? And what if you could do it in a safe, easy-to-follow, step-by-step way? Get all the details here and grab your spot (before it’s too late).

“With his help, I’m not only getting more clients ... I'm getting better ones as well.”

Steve Maurer is steadily growing his B2B copywriting business. He says having Ed Gandia as coach and mentor has been a huge part of his success.

Living The Writer's Life: Dave Vigna

Dave Vigna is a terrific example of someone who searched for deeper meaning through his career… and found it. Despite success and proficiency in the legal profession, Dave dove into a brand new discipline and faced his fears head on. Since then, he’s developed smart ways to pattern his day and overcome his fears. Read on to discover how…

This Freelancer Landed His First Client Thanks to Bootcamp

Todd Geisen attended Bootcamp, submitted a spec assignment, and landed a freelance copywriting job with his first ever client.

Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Smarta Coffee Maker Online Ad Writing Contest

From 600 submissions, 3 winners of the $200 prize from our online ad writing contest about the Smarta Coffee Maker in The Writer’s Life have been chosen.

How the Infinity Program Can Change Your Career… Just like It Did for These AWAI Members

There’s no better program for up-and-coming copywriters. It equips with the skills you need to succeed.

September Issue: Writers Defeating Dorian

Your September issue of Barefoot Writer is waiting! The September issue of Barefoot Write has a boatload of insights into how your writing can increase your impact by exponential amounts.

$1,000 Awarded to Winners of PWA’s 2019 “No Excuses” Writing Challenge

The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA) has awarded $1,000 in prize monies to the 2019 “No Excuses” writing challenge winners. In addition to the prize money, the four winners have also earned a by-lined publication credit, success spotlight interviews, and new clients.

Living the Writers Life Questions for Karen McCauley

Karen McCauley’s story is one of the most heartwarming we’ve seen. Like so many other writers, she began this career full of trepidation and “What If” worries. But after finding support through a live AWAI event, she squelched those fears and is now pursuing her writing dream — and most of the time, from the beach! Better yet, Karen’s writing career made it possible for her to help two people who are very special to her, and she did it in an extremely empowering way …

Get All AWAI Programs and Resources for Pennies on the Dollar

With the Infinity Program, you have all the tools you need to succeed as a copywriter.

Living The Writer's Life: Maureen Lauder

While it’s true that a Barefoot Writing career can be built to suit any schedule and any interest … did you know it also suits a variety of temperaments? This world of writers includes every personality type, from bold and daring to shy and reserved. Maureen Lauder describes herself as the latter, which is why writing for a living was the perfect career transition for her. With Barefoot Writing, she’s found a career that complements her personality, complete with a specialized niche that builds on her previous work experience. Even better, Maureen’s writing focus resonates with her core values. Read on to find out why.

GrowRev Digital is Looking to Hiring Multiple Writers for Their Growing Copy and Content Needs

GrowRev Digital is a paid traffic digital agency specializing in multi-network paid traffic. Read on to find out more about this opportunity.

Living the Writer’s Life: Andrea MacDonald

Long-time journalist and mother, Andrea MacDonald, found her freedom in writing. We spoke to her about how she learned to aim high but still savor life along the way.

Living The Writer's Life: Tim Cotroneo

Tim Cotroneo’s travel writer’s life is not only the stuff dreams are made of, it’s become a reality that’s opened additional doors to publication. Discover how he took the tools and knowledge gained at a single workshop and turned them into a thriving writing career to envy.

VIDEO: What Type of Copywriter Are You?

Maybe you enjoy long-form sales letters and trying to beat controls. Or maybe you’re the type of copywriter that writes in a more conversational style, without all the hype. B2B Expert Steve Slaunwhite has a message – and a quiz – so that you can find out what type of copywriter YOU are!

Contacts Made at Bootcamp Lead to Working for a Top Financial Publisher

Copywriter Daniel Ross is moving up in the financial copywriting world, after landing some writing gigs with his dream client.

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