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Great news if you’re looking for clients! The demand for skilled direct-response copywriters and online content writers is at an all-time high, and we want to help you find those jobs now.

The team here at AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute) has pulled together your best resources from around the ‘Net to help you find the perfect freelance clients or staff gig.

The following resources are updated daily, so be sure to bookmark them and check back often to see what’s new. Some of them also offer email alerts, bringing new job opportunities to you.

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These two job sites often have thousands of copywriting jobs in their databases. Granted, many of the jobs are full-time staff positions, but full-time may be your dream situation when you’re writing copy at a company you really enjoy. To find jobs on either site, type the word “copywriter” into the box and click SEARCH. Also try entering “editor,” “social media,” web content,” “SEO,” etc.

You can refine your searches even more by typing in a niche-industry phrase, such as “sports copywriter.” Many companies are posting jobs with niche phrases like this, to find the most qualified candidates.

This website lists jobs for part-timers, telecommuters (work from home jobs), freelance copywriter jobs, and more. Say you’re looking for “freelance content writer jobs” or “copywriter jobs.” Simply type those phrases separately into the search bar, and you’ll find a variety of opportunities.

This website is different in that it’s a bidding site, where you set up a profile, search for freelance writing jobs, and then bid on each job that interests you. Check out their How It Works page to get all the details on this option for freelancers. We include this website because some copywriters tell us that they’ve found well-paying projects from time to time.

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