February 2008

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Industry Spotlight: Catalog

Learn about trends and statistics in the catalog market.

Quick Tip: 4 Simple Secrets to Energize Your Writing

Will Newman offers four simple secrets for strengthening your writing.

Where does 1 + 1 = 10?

AWAI Vice President Rebecca McEldowney explains yet another benefit of copywriting for the catalog market.

How the Secret of the “Chinese Finger Trap” Can Transform Your Copywriting Career

AWAI staff writer Guillermo Rubio explains how he uses the “Secret of the Chinese Finger Trap” to keep his writing simple and conversational.

What Bob Bly Looks For in the Writers He Hires …

Bob Bly reveals the qualities he looks for in the copywriters he hires. Keep these in mind the next time you approach a prospective client.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom “Romance That Lasts a Lifetime”

Michael Masterson describes business with a client as a steadily improving romance that lasts a lifetime.

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