August 2009

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Breaking News: Copywriting Legend Dan Kennedy to Speak at the 2009 FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp

AWAI announces that Dan Kennedy – perhaps the most successful (and exclusive) copywriter working today – will speak at this year’s 10th Annual Fast Track to Copywriting Success Bootcamp.

Creating a Roadmap to Effective Web Copy

Discover five questions you need to answer in order to build a roadmap to an effective and informative website that gets results...

Unlock The Twitter Traffic Tempest – 5 Traffic-Getting Tactics For Your Money-Making Website

Roy Furr explains how to use Twitter to drive traffic to your money-making website.

How to "Steal" Videos and Quickly Add Content to Your Money-Making Website

AWAI member Roy Furr shares how to quickly add content to your money-making website and the steps needed to make it work for you.

How “B” Copywriters Can Become “A” Writers In Four Easy Lessons

Clayton Makepeace explains how to make good sales copy great by connecting with the reader’s dominant emotion. Follow his four steps to become an “A” copywriter.

Everybody’s Gone Surfin’ – on the Web

Tom Kavala explains how to build your own financial arc by creating money-making websites – a perfect business model for these turbulent economic times.

Everybody Is an Expert

Herschell Gordon Lewis explains how controversy in marketing is worthwhile. In his session at Bootcamp Herschell will discuss “social media” vs. conventional Web marketing.

What You Can Learn from Herschell Gordon Lewis at AWAI’s 2009 Bootcamp

Herschell Gordon Lewis will kick-off AWAI’s 2009 Copywriting Bootcamp by giving attendees an inside look at what’s working in copy today, and sharing his easy keys for overcoming automatic click-outs and shortened attention spans.

Job Opportunities … World’s Leading Toy Retailer, Toys “R” Us, Seeks Full-Time Web/SEO Copywriter

Toys “R” Us Seeks Full-Time Web/SEO Copywriter in Wayne, NJ. You’ll write ad copy, catalog copy, and more for use on the Toys "R" Us blogs & websites.

Ask Your Clients to Provide You With the Facts!

Learn the questions you need to ask clients in order to properly present products and services and target buyers with purchase intent...

How to Land a Spot On Your Dream Client’s Hot List of “Go To” Web Writers

Learn four different techniques from four web writers who landed spots on AWAI’s hot list of go-to copywriters.

Just Announced … Master Copywriter Clayton Makepeace Coming to Bootcamp 2009

Today Master Copywriter Clayton Makepeace was added to the 2009 Bootcamp agenda. During his session he’ll teach attendees how to become their client’s most valuable asset.

It’s Time to Start Building Your Own Financial Ark

Tom Kavala explains why 95% of Americans are dead, disabled or broke by age 65 – and how you can make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Sacrifice, Easy Money, and the Stuff Life Is Made Of …

Joshua Boswell explains how Bootcamp helped him succeed as a copywriter. He shows how you, too, learn from the masters and get clients at Bootcamp.

Don't Get Caught In This Sales Letter “Trap”

Join Jay White as he introduces this most lucrative copywriting niche on the internet. Learn how you, too, can become an autoresponder copywriter.

Don Hauptman to Reveal the Hidden Key to Copywriting Success at AWAI’s 2009 Copywriting Bootcamp:

Don Hauptman is joining other modern copywriting masters at this year’s AWAI Bootcamp to share his 30-year career winning secrets about the single, hidden key to copywriting success that many writers overlook.

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