August 2016

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It’s Back! And it’s My Top Pick for Writers…

The search engine optimizing trend is back and growing! And for a limited time you can save $100 on Heather Lloyd-Martin's program. Get all the details here.

The Secret of Deeper Benefits and How They’ll Get You The Writer's Life Faster

Many copywriters understand that benefits — not features — sell. Digging deeper than superficial benefits makes you a more successful copywriter.

Grow Your Copywriting Business With Social Sharing

Making connections is key to building a copywriting business. You need to get the word out. These social sharing methods to get the word out effectively.

Bootcamp: The Six-Figure Boost for this Newbie Copywriter

Julie Hassett had taken our Accelerated Program and gotten a few clients, but the biggest career-changer was her decision to attend Bootcamp! You can read her whole story here.

The 50-Year-Old Secret of What Really Makes Your Prospect Buy

Why does your prospect buy your product? Is it the pretty color? Or the strength of the supplement? These dead-end ideas won’t work in B2C marketing.

A Day with Dan Kennedy — The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Finding and Getting High-Value Information Marketing Industry Clients

If you're coming to Bootcamp this year, stay an extra day and spend time with Dan's a great chance for more training in info marketing and getting clients. Katie recently had a chance to discuss this opportunity with him - listen to what he had to say here.

Get a Proven Roadmap to Copywriter Success

At Bootcamp, Joshua Boswell reveals how you can achieve copywriter success by following his system for building your copywriting business.

Why You Should Break the ‘2nd Commandment’ of Copywriting

Prospects buy because you highlight product benefits that touch their emotional core. But how do you figure out which product benefits to highlight?

Mega-Best-Selling Author Reveals Secret of Getting Started as a Writer

To be a great, go-to copywriter, you can never stop learning about copywriting. It’s a never-ending process.

NFL Great Jerry Rice Holds the Secret to Long-Term Copywriting Success. It’s as Easy as Grabbing Pen and Paper

Jerry Rice is one of the all-time greatest National Football League players. But what does he know about achieving the writer's life? Plenty!

Is Your B2B Copy Going Into the “A-Pile”?

Discover how important it is for your B2B copy to land in a prospect’s “A-pile” and what you can do to get it there.

Most Copywriters Are Afraid to Take This One, Simple Step to Ensure Successful Promotions

The best way to know your prospect as a real, flesh-and-blood person is to talk to a real flesh-and-blood person. This can seem scary. But it doesn't have to be.

Top Financial Copywriting Jobs Available

Get to AWAI’s Job Fair for your chance to land one of the most sought-after copywriting jobs in the financial niche with Stansberry Research.

How to Talk to Your Prospect to Build a Winning 3-D Image and Promo — Without Ever Talking to Him

Demographics and psychographics don't give enough info for a 3-D prospect image. You must talk to him. Here’s how to do that without talking to him.

How the Pokémon GO Craze Can Help You Find New Web-Writing Clients

Innovative businesses are taking advantage of the Pokémon Go craze in their online marketing. Take a look at how you can help your clients get on board.

New Jersey Man Turns Writing Sideline into Full-Time Income

AWAI member John Torre already had a passion for writing, and lucky for him he was able to turn it into a full-time copywriting career. You can read his whole story here.

Get to Know the One Person Who Can Make Your Writing a Success …

"Know your prospect" is the first commandment of successful copywriting. But how do you start?

Always Do the Work Needed to Get Testimonials for Your Sales Letter

Testimonials are often neglected, but they are like word-of- mouth advertising and help you get the sale.

The Lesson That Kept Me from Quitting Copywriting — Ignore It and Risk Being a Mediocre Copywriter

Struggling and new copywriters take on each assignment as a job to sell something. But their careers won’t advance until they learn this useful lesson.

Jon Stoltzfus: Rocket Scientist by Day Pulls in Well Over $100K – Copywriting in His Spare Time

Find out how a second career in copywriting is helping engineer Jon Stoltzfus prepare for an early retirement.

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