February 2017

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Content Mills: 5 Ways They Can Boost Your New Writing Career

Having trouble launching your writing career? Find out how the content mills can set you on the path to success as a writer.

Final Call for AWAI’s Brand-New Business Building Intensive

If you haven't hear by now, there's a new way to launch your freelance writing business - virtually - in less than 30 days with AWAI's top team of experts. But because of the feedback and hands-on training, space is limited and seats are filling quick! So sign up now...and save $1000 on registration.

Simple Steps to Boost Your Marketing Confidence

If you want a steady stream of writing gigs, you have to market yourself. Use this 3-step process to boost your marketing confidence.

The Key to Seven-Figure Copywriter Success

Master copywriter reveals how he wows clients, makes more money for himself and his clients, and achieves seven-figure copywriter success.

The Day I Lost $5,000 is the Day My Success Finally Began…

Does rejection drive you into depression and non-action? Or can you turn it into opportunity like Joshua Boswell did?

Master the Business of Freelancing and Achieve Copywriter Success

To have six-figure copywriter success, you must learn how to attract clients, set the fees you deserve, pick a profitable niche, and more.

How a “Dream Team” Made Me the Copywriter I Am Today

Isolated. Frustrated. Unsuccessful. This is how I felt in my early copywriting career. That is, until I met my "Dream Team."

Package Your Copywriting Services in 8 Simple Steps

You’ll get more copywriting clients and make more money if you follow these eight steps to properly price your freelance writing services.

Don’t Stifle Your Success Making the Mistake I Made

There are times when "less is more." That's seldom true, though, when it comes to having clients. Here’s how one copywriter learned the hard way.

Landing a Copywriting Job with Smart Self-Marketing

This Circle of Success member has secured an ongoing copywriting job, plus several freelance projects, by marketing her copywriting services effectively.

America’s Highest-Paid Copywriter Hosts Two Free Webinars to Show You How to Write Better Copy … Faster

This week Clayton Makepeace will be hosting a two-day webinar series and you don't want to miss it. Register now to learn his tricks to copywriting success AND some special bonuses!

How to Raise Your Rates with Existing Clients

Many beginning copywriters start their careers asking for bargain rates. But what can you do when it’s time to ask for what you’re worth?

The Seven People Who Can Launch Your Copywriting Career

AWAI guest writer Stacy Fox introduces you to people who may help launch your copywriting career. Just one can turn you into a full-time writer!

All The Tools You Need For Your B2B Business - For Less Than A Cup of Coffee!

There are very few things a dollar will get you. And for two days only a Platinum membership to the B2B Writing Success Site is one of them! Get all the details about this exciting opportunity and all the included resources to help you build your B2B business.

Creating a Buyer Persona for Your B2B Client

Creating the perfect persona helps you write great copy for your client, faster and more easily. Expert B2B copywriter Steve Slaunwhite shows you how.

From Nightmares to Living Your Dream Life as a B2B Copywriter

Get insights from Lynda Barry and Stephen King about turning your dream to be a B2B copywriter into a successful freelance career.

Why is Writing for B2B So Great? Let Me Count the Ways...

Writing for B2B companies offers many great opportunities. Off the top of his head, B2B copy expert Steve Slaunwhite counts 10 ways…

B2B Was My Lucky Break. Could It Be Yours?

Steve Slaunwhite “backed into” a lucrative career that doesn’t involve hours of researching the prospect, her emotions, or the Big Idea. How’d he do it?

The Mixed Martial Arts Technique That’ll Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills (Without the Blood, Sweat, and Tears)

Apply the technique fighters use to learn new moves to your copywriting training. See the whole concept, practice the parts, and put it back together.

Where to Find an Avalanche of Hidden (Plus Lucrative) Writing Projects

Why would copywriters consider taking short B2B projects paying less than long-form sales letters? Because one B2B project often means many lucrative ones.

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