May 2017

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I Want to Meet YOU in Person

What would entice a self-described introverted “cave bear” out of his home to travel 2,867 miles? It’s the people he’ll meet when he gets there.

Why You Need to Know about the Dark Side of Email Marketing

How do you ensure your email sales copy reaches a customer’s inbox and isn’t marked spam? Best-selling author James Veitch talks spam in an epic TED Talk.

Copywriting: More Than The Writer's Life — A Lifestyle

Is copywriting a way to achieve the writer's life? To gain respect and status? A way of life? Or all of the above… and more?

Bootcamp Secrets Revealed

Join Rebecca Matter and special guests this Tuesday for answers to all your Bootcamp questions...AND sign up now for a FREE gift!

What Marketers are Searching for From Copywriters Today

Marketers line up to hire certain writers for one very important reason. Learn how Circle of Success, AWAI’s highest level of targeted learning, personal guidance, and professional mentoring puts you directly on the radar of the high-paying clients. Get the details here.

May Issue: This Might Go Down in History as our Best Content Ever

The May Barefoot Writer issue is live! Mindy McHorse reveals what is featured in this month’s issue.

Bootcamp BUZZ May 2017 Issue: Make Connections, Change Your Life

It's all about connections in this month's Bootcamp'll also get to meet the editor Pam Foster, AWAI's Member Services Team, and our Keynote Speaker Carline Anglade-Cole - get more details now!

4 Ways to Legally “Steal” Copy Ideas and Make Them Your Own

Stealing somebody else’s copy is illegal, but you can take their ideas and make them your own, legally. Jen Stevens shows 4 ways to cook an idea your way.

The Best Lead Magnet for Freelance Copywriters

There are many different formats for lead magnets. Which works best for freelance copywriters? Steve Slaunwhite gives you his advice.

May the 4th Be with Your Copywriting Career

What does Star Wars Day have in common with your copywriting career? You just need the Force to be with you. AWAI can put your career into hyperdrive.

5 Ways Jerry Seinfeld Can Help Grow Your Web-Writing Business

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld used a simple strategy to improve his comedic skills. You can apply the same daily action secret to building your business.

Circle of Success Leads to Copywriting Jobs

When a major career change was needed, Jerry Bures turned to copywriting and the Circle of Success. The program gave him the skills he needed to land high-paying copywriting jobs.

How Great Songs Illustrate This Basic Copywriting Principle

Copywriting seems far from songwriting. Or is it? COS member Rebecca Schwab explains how songwriting helped her understand a crucial writing secret.

Free “Open House” Webinar: How 3 Copywriters Went from Start to Six-Figures — and How You Can Too

Three Circle of Success members will be sharing their journeys to from start to six-figure success during a live “Open House” Webinar this Wednesday, May 3rd. Host Katie Yeakle will also be joined by COS Master Instructor Will Newman to discuss the impact Circle of Success has on copywriters’ careers.

Copywriting: My Odd Love Brought Me to The Writer's Life

The writer's life calls. The pleasure. Profit. Passion. But why? Here’s why COS member David Colbert chose copywriting for his path to the writer's life.

What Sort of Club Would You Join? Would It Help You with Your Dream of Living The Writer's Life?

What clubs would you join if you had the chance? Would you choose one that helps your quest for the writer's life? Here are Will Newman’s choices.

What Law Books Could Teach a Copywriter

The best way to use proof elements in your copy is to follow the “Persuasion Chain” technique, created by A-list copywriter John Forde.

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