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Why Today’s Economy Spells Massive Opportunity for Web Copywriters

While the offline world of business is shrinking, the online equivalent is growing fast. And fast growth spells massive opportunity for copywriters. But in this economy, which program is best? Should you learn how to write direct-response copy, or write for the web?

How Do SEO Copywriters Know When Their Work Actually Makes a Difference?

SEO copywriting expert Heather Lloyd-Martin explains how to know if your SEO copywriting efforts are making a difference, even if your clients aren’t willing to share results.

The Best Ways to Break in to the SEO Copywriting Market

SEO copywriting is a web-writing skill that everyone needs to learn. Learn the best ways to break in to the SEO market and the biggest mistake you should avoid … from an interview with SEO copywriting pioneer, Heather Lloyd-Martin.

The Six Top Opportunities for SEO Copywriters

A brand-new SEO copywriter can jump in right away and start making solid money from day one. And as they learn and continue to build their skills, each opportunity builds on the last one and warrants a much higher fee. It very well may be the easiest and fastest way for a web writer to get started working with paying clients

A Goal Plan That’s Designed to Ensure Success

Rather than making empty general New Year’s resolutions like drink less, make more money, and exercise more; use this plan that’s designed to ensure you succeed at achieving your goals.

More Opportunities for Web Writers and What to Charge Your Client for Them

As a web writer, you have a lot more opportunities to earn money from your clients … most of which don’t involve writing any copy! Take a look at the top six opportunities, and how much you can make.

How Much to Charge for Web Copy Projects

Curious what to charge your client for web copy? Use this handy pricing guide and never worry about under or over-pricing ever again.

To Spec or Not to Spec

Aspiring copywriters always ask the question: “Should I work on spec?” And depending who they asked, the answer was always different. Now the jury has reached a verdict, with a definitive answer on when it’s right and when it’s wrong.

Practice Landing Your Next Client With Nick Usborne

Even though you may feel confident that you can write effective web copy, the thought of pitching your services, negotiating your fees, and ultimately collecting your money leaves you feeling anxious. Learn how to do it with ease.

Advice From Michael Masterson on Writing Stronger Email Leads

See first-hand how to improve an email lead from legendary copywriter Michael Masterson.

A Blueprint for Landing the Highest-Paying Web Clients

Use this easy-to-follow outline for landing clients who have the biggest demand for web copy: SEO, PPC ads, websites and eletters.

Spin Your Web Copy Dreams Into Gold … in Only Six Steps

Rebecca Matter, VP of AWAI and Director of Web Marketing shares a plan for web copywriters to achieve their financial goals.

Master One of the Most Important Components of SEO Copywriting in Seven Easy Steps …

Learn how to strategize, research and include keyphrases in your web copy in seven easy steps.

Solve Your Client’s Biggest Problem … While Making $750 (or More) for Writing One “Page” of Copy

Copywriters need to be able to write for the web in order to be competitive. Learn the four key opportunities for online copywriting.

The Most Indispensible Page On The Internet

A copywriter who knows how to write a landing page that quickly engages and establishes trust with its visitor - and then leads him, either indirectly or directly, towards a purchase - will never be short of work.

For Eager and Ambitious Copywriters, the Modern Day Version of the California Gold Rush is Taking Place Right Now

The Internet is fertile ground for copywriters who take the time to learn how to write and/or improve each page of a client’s website.

The Direct-Response Industry Has Changed … Forever

Five years ago, people were reluctant to buy online. Now they prefer it.

Become a Best-Selling Author

Here is a way to join other best-selling authors, speakers, trainers, mentors and world-class business leaders in a book project that will give you instant credibility, not to mention bragging rights.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … Thinking Like Your Prospects

Rebecca McEldowney talks about the importance of thinking like your prospects when writing for the web.

AWAIer Keith B. Asks Rebecca … Is Nick’s New Program Suitable for Newbies?

AWAIer Keith B. asks Rebecca McEldowney about Nick Usborne's new AWAI program.

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