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Online Sales Copy Worth Betting Real Money On

Successful direct-response marketers know that testing is the heart of successful marketing, but most online marketers don’t test. Here's how to transform those online marketers’ blunder into your own success.

Make Your Story Sing

Using story leads in your copy can grab your reader's attention unlike any other form of communication. But, for story to be effective, you must follow these simple rules.

Pool Pumps, The 5 Senses, & Successful Leads

The Golden Thread editor, Will Newman, shares a draft lead he is working on to show how story leads can make copy more powerful, memorable and effective.

When Web Marketing – Think Small

Whether you are writing copy that will be read on a computer screen, a smart phone or a tablet, you still must incorporate all the strategies of effective copywriting - even if you have to tighten the copy to fit the device.

Act Now Before Disaster Strikes

Regardless of what type of copywriting you do, computers are the very foundation of our careers. Here are four huge computer mistakes you could make and how to avoid them.

Making Social Proof Work for You

Your success in convincing your prospect to buy your product isn't guaranteed just because you use social proof. Here are best practices and some things to avoid when using social proof.

How “What Do You Think About It?” Can Make You a Better Copywriter

If you want your prospect to buy, support, subscribe or act, you can’t expect him to act simply because you say so. You must provide proof. Here are four kinds of social proof you can use.

The Five Most Common Blunders My Copy Cubs Make and How to Avoid Each One

Are you making any of these common copywriting mistakes? If so, take this advice from one of the highest-paid, most successful copywriters, Clayton Makepeace.

I’d Love to Meet You

As much as Will Newman loves presenting at Bootcamp, there is one thing about his yearly Bootcamp experience that he enjoys even more. Read on to find out what it is.

How to Make Every Sales Letter a Blockbuster

Of every tool and technique copywriters use to write copy, implementing the Big Idea effectively can have the strongest impact on package performance.

Who You Are Professionally in a 20-Second Sound Bite

Your elevator pitch should let potential clients - and anyone interested in what you do - exactly what you do. Here are some tips for crafting a clear and concise pitch.

What Clients Look for in a B2B Copywriter

B2B copywriting master Steve Slaunwhite shares six assets B2B clients are looking for when hiring a copywriter.

No Excuses for Success

This well-known health copywriter didn't allow obstacles to stop her from reaching great success, and she now holds 75 controls in her industry. Read her story here.

A Sharp Word Scalpel Makes Your Copy Stronger

Use these power-editing strategies to cut out unnecessary words - valuable real estate in your promo - and make it easier for your reader to never put your copy down.

Serious about living the writer’s life? Do this…

Constant learning is crucial to copywriting success. Here are three ways to keep yourself educated, knowledgeable and - as a result - creative.

Making Every Word Count for Leaner, More Convincing Copy

Every inch of space in your promotion is important and every single word counts - regardless of the length of the sales letter. Use these tips to tighten your copy.

Are You Using These “Mini-billboards” to Entice Your Reader?

Many copywriters often forget or misuse this important element of copy. Find out here which element that is and how to effectively use it.

Bring Your Promise to Life

Being a successful copywriter depends on your prospect’s belief that your promise will fulfill some deeply felt need in his life.

Becoming Deaf to “No”

Hearing "no" from a potential clients shouldn't stop us from pursuing their business. Try this strategy when you are confronted with that powerful, two-letter word.

How Long Should a Sales Letter Be?

Even in today’s age of the Internet, multitasking and on-the-go lifestyles, long-form sales letters still out-perform shorter ones. Mark Ford goes into detail here.

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