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How to Land Your First Client Without Any Writing Samples or Previous Experience

Jeff McGeary shares his valuable insight about building relationships with potential clients.

Getting Your Reader to Say “Yes”

Learn the art of getting your reader to say “yes” to your copy and how to trust plays a vital role in hearing “yes”.

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Interviews with Jeff McGeary

Jeff McGeary on the Challenges and Rewards of Writing Great Copy for Supplements

In an interview, Jeff McGreary shares secrets for successful copywriting in the supplement industry.

Success Story: Jeff McGeary Tells His Secrets

AWAI Member Jeff McGeary shares his most important success secret.

Success Story: Jeff McGeary Tells Us How He Went From Disaster to Full-Time Copywriter

In an interview, Jeff McGeary reveals how he went from a failed business venture to copywriting success.

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Success Story: Congratulations Are In Order…

Three new copywriters have been added to AWAI’s wall of fame.

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