Lane Sennett

Articles by Lane Sennett

What to do When Clients Call

Now that your self-marketing is out there and your business is up, your getting calls. Lane Sennett is here to help you answer the phone.

The "Scariest" Step on the Path to B2B Success

Lane Sennett has some great advice for marketing your new copywriting business.

Your Support Network is Already in Place - Just Reach Out

Finding like minded individuals on your path to copywriting success is a must. Lane Sennett shares how she has found a great support group and how you can too.

Building Your Portfolio is Easier Than You Think

Lane Sennett shares how she built an integral part of getting hired, her portfolio.

How to Become a Working B2B Copywriter in 90 Days

Lane Sennett introduces you to the five things she focused on when starting her B2B copywriting business that led directly to her success.

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