Mac Bull

Articles by Mac Bull

B2B Copywriting is Open to All

Mac Bull explains why there is an opportunity for you in B2B copywriting, even if you have a disability.

Are Start-Up Companies Good Prospects or a Waste of Time?

Start-up companies are an untapped resource for B2B copywriters. They can help you start or grow your business — as long as you avoid a common pitfall.

Your Next “Breakthrough”: By Not Writing Linearly

If you’re struggling to get a piece of copy written, try breaking away from writing linearly and watch your writer’s block vanish.

3 Strategies When You Don’t Have a Creative Brief for a Project

What do you do when your client doesn’t give you a creative brief before you start a writing project? Here are three options to consider.

Creating Your Own Luck

Are successful people just lucky or can you create your own luck? Mac Bull examines the source of one person’s “luck.”

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