Mac Bull

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B2B Copywriting is Open to All

Mac Bull explains why there is an opportunity for you in B2B copywriting, even if you have a disability.

Are Start-Up Companies Good Prospects or a Waste of Time?

Start-up companies are an untapped resource for B2B copywriters. They can help you start or grow your business — as long as you avoid a common pitfall.

Your Next “Breakthrough”: By Not Writing Linearly

If you’re struggling to get a piece of copy written, try breaking away from writing linearly and watch your writer’s block vanish.

3 Strategies When You Don’t Have a Creative Brief for a Project

What do you do when your client doesn’t give you a creative brief before you start a writing project? Here are three options to consider.

Take Action: How to Get Started as a B2B Copywriter

Don’t let the feeling of overwhelm intimidate you and hold you back. Here’s how to get started as a B2B copywriter.

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