Mathes Jones

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How to Write a “Rent” Story

Don’t put your screenwriting dreams on hold while you’re figuring out how to pay your rent. Use your gift of writing to support yourself while working on your screenplay.

From Screenwriting to Copywriting: Understanding Structure

In screenwriting, you know how important structure is for your screenplay. This can also be applied to writing direct-response copy. Learn more.

A “Magic Tunnel” for Writers?

Fast track your way to success as a screenwriter! Learn how you can make money in the copywriting industry using the skills you already have.

Crafting Your Copy in High Concept

High concept is a term coined by the film industry to define the premise of your story. High concept is very similar to the “Big Idea” in copywriting.

3 Screenwriting Essentials That Will Make You a Better Copywriter

As a screenwriter, you know how important it is to be able to tell a story. Learn how you can use your screenwriting skills to be a successful copywriter.

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