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Focus Equals Breakthrough: It’s Time!

Ann Jordan-Mills explains that when Ed Gandia and Pete Savage focused on their B2B niche they both experienced a significant breakthrough, and how you can do the same.

7 Tips for a Healthy Computer

It's easy to become complacent about computer safety. But if you do get a virus, it can cost you a lot more time and money to fix it, then if you had taken care of your computer from the start.

Words. Actions. Thoughts.

New copywriter, Ann Jordan-Mills encourages you to take advantage of every writing opportunity no matter your lack of experience.

Obsessions or Passions: Which to Go for?

Ann Jordan-Mills explains her personal approach to preparing for any piece of writing as well as much of her personal decision making.

In Search of the Magic Bullet

Ann Jordan-Mills answers a new copywriter’s burning question about how to accelerate the AWAI Copywriting Program and launch his copywriting career this week.

Copywriters – Let’s Get Going!

Ann Jordan-Mills gets inspired by Joshua Boswell’s Monday Morning Jumpstart and shares how you can take action with your copywriting career today!

Ramblings of an Emerging Copywriter

Ann Jordan-Mills explains the power of the blog and how her blog will give an opportunity to help new and experienced copywriters with their web writing.