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Client-Getting Tips from a “Madam”

If a company is making money and getting clients, they're doing something that you could apply to your business. Cindy Cyr takes this idea to bring "borrowing smart" up to a new level.

Millions of Dollars of Free Advertising

Cindy Cyr shares her secret, free way to attract attention to your copywriting business.

12 Steps to Writing and Sending a Press Release that Attracts Clients to You

Who doesn't love free publicity? Cindy Cyr explains how to write a press release that will get picked up by media outlets and drive clients to you.

How to Start Living the Writer’s Life ASAP

Many freelancers are reluctant to put together an overall master plan for their futures, even as they go through educational programs in anticipation of a freelance career. Cindy Cyr helps explain why this faulty logic should to be corrected.

What Tim Tebow Can Teach You About Winning Clients

Cindy Cyr tells us how the appearance of success in a copywriter can trump many other factors in a client's decision to hire.

How to Prepare a Client to Hire You

Cindy Cyr reveals how to build up your image with a client to pave the way for them to want to hire you.

How 20 Seconds of Insane Courage Can Change Your Life…

Cindy Cyr challenges you to face your fears and start approaching your ideal clients.

Create an Environment That Develops Customers for Life…

Cindy Cyr shares 12 things you can do to win customers and keep them

Create a 10-Second Commercial Guaranteed to Generate Interest in Your Business

Cindy Cyr tells us how a short commercial can generate huge interest in your business.

How to Create a Competitive Advantage Using Your Business Card

Cindy Cyr lays out several ways to improve your business card, and with it your overall self-marketing strategy.

How to Become a “Rock Star” in Your Niche, Part 2

Cindy Cyr lets you in on 4 more tips for self-promotion and turning yourself into a "superstar" copywriter.

The 19 Secrets to Selling Your Freelance Services Successfully

Cindy Cyr gives you a formula made up of a series of strategies, principles, and actions that will lead you to the financial freedom and work-from-anywhere lifestyle you’re longing for.

How to Become a “Rock Star” in Your Niche, Part 1

Cindy Cyr shares her secrets on self-promotion and turning yourself into a "superstar" copywriter.

Are You Committing “Self-Marketing Suicide”?

Cindy Cyr shares real-life examples of “self-marketing suicide” – mistakes many freelancers are making that you’ll want to avoid.

Use This “Monopoly Strategy” to Make More Money

Cindy Cyr shares a tip on how to use a strategy from the game of MONOPLY to instantly shift your business into high money-making gear.

How to Get A “Date” For Your Copywriting Business

Cindy Cyr provides one thing you can do today to start implementing the single most powerful way to get a new client.

How to Get Referrals that Impact Your Prospect’s Buying Decision

Some of the most successful freelance writers in business today get thier best clients came from referrals. Today Cindy Cyr shows you how to build “business champions” who will freely promote your business for you.

Guarantee Your Freelance Success

Cindy Cyr shares the one biggest thing you can do right now, today, that flat out guarantees your freelance success.

Build Business Momentum By Avoiding This “Speed Trap”

Cindy Cyr talks about the one simple thing you can do to build momentum in your freelance business so your career is no longer full of bumpy stops and starts.

How to Build a Steady Stream of Clients in 5 to 10 Minutes a Day

Cindy Cyr tackles three of the commonly-held myths of the freelance world which could be holding you back from getting clients and shares some easy shortcuts you can use to get your schedule overflowing with projects.

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