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Buckle Your Seatbelts: Transitions Can Get a Little Bumpy!

As you proceed through any business transition, you’ll likely experience bumps, some bigger than others. Here’s what to do if you encounter a rough patch.

Big Transitions Require a Leap of Faith

Big transitions don’t come with a roadmap. They often require a leap of faith that can be scary. Ed Gandia shares what he learned about the growth process.

Transitions Can’t Be Rushed

Change can take a long time and often involves very small steps, so you may feel like you’re not moving forward. That’s why it helps to track your progress.

Transitions Require Time and Space, So You Can Think

As Dianna Huff explains, when in a transition, you need to create time and space for reflection, so you can begin to hear your inner voice.

Business Transitions: The Bumpy, Scary, Thrilling Path to Self-Discovery

As marketing consultant Dianna Huff explains, personal and business transitions can be complex, because they often put us on a path of self-discovery.