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The First 8 Questions Your Client Should Answer Upfront

Krista Jones gives you eight questions you should ask your client before beginning your next project.

Five Tips I Picked Up at Last Year's Bootcamp for Writing Winning Catalog Copy

Krista Jones shares five secrets she learned about writing catalog copy from attending AWAI's bootcamp.

Get It in Writing: 6 Things You Want to Include When Writing Letters of Agreement

Krista Jones shows you how to write a letter of agreement.

5 Things I Learned From Michael Masterson That Are Helping Me Achieve My Copywriting Goals

Krista Jones shares how Michael Masterson has helped her achieve her copywriting goals.

The Simple Secret to Getting Royalties

Krista Jones shares the easiest way to get a royalty agreement on your next package.

Sell Yourself With a Verbal Tagline

Krista Jones shows you how to formulate a verbal tagline and how this can help your business.

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