AWAI Member Goals for 2010

The most important step you can take towards achieving your biggest goal next year is to write it down. Visit this year’s Goals Page to share your goals!

My goal is to finish the basic course, put together my first electronic portfolio of samples, and send it out!

Shartlesville, PA

I would like to generate an income of 2,500 a month. As a retired remodeler, I can hang up my hammer, and use my mind to create effective web copy, and the income to retire comfortably.

Centerton, Arkansas

Starting my online copywriting business in Duluth Minnesota. I have already started the process. I have a website that I am working on however it is not launch yet. I am almost finished checking with all the states to see if the name I want to use is available. Next I will be checking to see what office space is available in Duluth and what is the cost. I want to do this because people tend to think you are more legitimate if you have an actual business address. I hope to get my company up and running by the end of next year.

Duluth, Minnesota

Publish My book of 'Random Ramblings'.


I lost my job a week and a half ago and decided I need to go full time as a copywriter. So, my goal for 2010 is to become a six-figure talented copywriter by the end of the year. It's a matter of survival! LOL! This is what I want to do!!!

Fort Worth, TX

While I am a successful copywriter in one niche (the auto industry), in 2010 I want to expand my copywriting into new directions. In 2010 as I skyrocket my freelancing into different areas I am going to relish helping my clients prosper in these difficult financial times. I believe copy that sells is a client’s best avenue to regaining lost revenue while establishing their financial bedrock in today’s economy.

Trip Thunhorst
Bethel, CT

I will form a partnership with a website designer. I will market our services to various professionals, contractors, and other businesses, sending out 50 sales letters each week to build a website creating business. By continual self marketing efforts, writing improvement through peer group submissions, I will build a business to reach $8,000 to $10,000 per month in income by the end of the year.

Palmyra, New York

I would like my business's next year after-tax earnings to grow 30% compared to 2009 after-tax earnings.

Santiago, Santiago

I want to be able to say I am a writer when people ask me what I do for a living. By the end of June, 2010, working 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week, I want to be on the way to earning $40,000/year.

Batavia, IL

My goal for 2010 that I'd love to acheive is: Reaching financial freedom!

Corpus Christi, TX

Get my book of 'Random Ramblings' Published.

Rushville, Mo.

My goal is to complete the recently purchased Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and begin a new career as a copywriter.

Lowell, MA

To finally finish the Accelerated Copywriting course by March 31, 2010 and to earn at least $30,000 by December 31, 2010 from copywriting.

Royal Palm Beach, Florida

To be one of Nick Usborne's Website Entrepreneur Successes in 2010 … to complete the Accelerated Six-figure Copywriting Program, finally. I see I'm not the only one dragging my feet for whatever reason … let's just get it done. And I feel empathy for all those who have lost their jobs. In the 80's it happened to me twice. All the hospital depts. that made money (radiology, respiratory therapy, surgical nurses,were laid off plus the hospital CEO---the buyers bought the hospital from the doctors, changed the name, turned around and leased it back … then sent us all a pink slip w/a letter saying they no longer had to honor our pensions--cute trick, eh? But we're like ants, we'll find a way. Best to all and thanks AWAI. Your support is priceless. Patricia PS Somehow … I'm getting to Bootcamp this coming November.

Saint Louis, MO

I plan to write my first book. They say you can't mix politics with religion. I say they're wrong. Not only is it possible, it's a requirement.

Pleasant Valley, NY

I truly would enjoy writing a screenplay about the spiritual quest that would successfully entertain and challenge the hearts and souls and minds of kids all over the world. And the studios and production companies would desire more movies of this new genre to be distributed along with the popcorn stuff.

Santa Rosa, CA

Having been diagnosed with stage three Melanoma in 2007, I have had four surgeries in two years, My original goal was to be surgery free in 2010. In between doctors visit's,test's and surgery, I have studied the Six Figure copywriting course and I am Half way through the Masters program. I'm going to focus on B2B copywrting in 2010 along with turning my website and two blogs into my source of retirement income. I found out on Monday I have yet another area of skin that needs to be taken out and tested. So much for a surgery free 2010. Now more than ever I need to complete my goal of living the writer's life, working from home, setting my own hours and making a six figure income. Those are my goals for 2010.

Monroe, New Jersey

1. Complete the Pro Resume Writer's Program by Jan. 1, 2010 and write my first 4 resumes by Jan. 14, 2010. 2. Complete 'Starting and Running Your Business' by Jan. 14, 2010 and have each element in place. 3. Complete the 'Guide to Marketing Your New Business', have my plan outlined and active by Feb. 15, 2010. 4. Have resume earnings of $500 in Jan. and $1000 in Feb. 2010.

Belmont, Michigan

I plan to establish myself as an authority in my niche and gain at least five major long-term clients.


I'll finish the accelerated program and begin the desktop marketing program. I'll continue to develop crafting how-to books.

OFallon, MO

2010 is full of possibilities, all meant for me. I will begin my 5 Year Internet Retirement Plan, which includes 3 blogs, eBook, info products and an escalation of my copywriting business. Life is good!

Lees Summit, MO

1. to break free of everything holding me back 2. to break into copywriting to be on track for a $100,000 year 3. once successful, to break into song.

Manila, Philippines

To be able to start a career in copywriting and own a money making website before I retire from employment by end December 2010.

Manama, Bahrain

Let it be etched in stone. As a successful Publicist, my Stable of new clients will include 5 Authors and 5 Artists by July 1st 2010.

Franklin, NC

I will complete my resume website which will show people how to create their own resume or have me do it for them by Feb. 2010. I will also complete the Michael Masterson's 6 figure course and attain my first direct mail client by July 2010.

Plainfield, CT

I will double my 2009 income in 2010.

Glen Ellyn, IL

In 2010, I WILL complete the copywriting course and obtain the income, lifestyle, and most importantly freedom that comes from utilizing my talents. Also, I plan to make better use of the resume writing course because it could truly help lots of people in the job market today. I've purchased my 2010 planner and have assigned monetary and client acquisition goals to certain dates to keep me on track throughout the year; I look forward to reporting my success in this arena to you in the near future. Happy holidays!

Riverdale, GA

Complete the repairs on my Beech 18 to make it flyable again and sell it.

Van Nuys, CA

My goal for 2010 is to begin my freelance career focusing on B2B and webwriting and to earn 60,000. My other goal is to submit my children's book to publishers by the end of January.

Lakewood, CA

Jan: Finish Accelerated Copy writing course Feb: Win 10k Challenge Mar: $1000 in Income Apr:$2000 in Income May :$4000 in income Jun: $8000 in income Jul:$10000 in income Aug: $15000 in income Sep: $20000 in income Oct: $25000 in income Nov: $30000 in income Dec:$35000 in income.

Dublin, Ireland

In 2010 I will dare to dream and do what I love. Here are my goals: 1. I will complete the Six-Figure Copywriting course by January 31st. 2010. 2. I will complete the Masters Course by December 31st. 2010. 3. I will become a master copywriter in 2010. 4. I will start earning at least $1,000 per month from my copywriting business beginning in January, 2010. 5. I will earn a minimum of $100,000 in copywriting fees and royalties by December 31st. 2010.

San Antonio, TX

For me, it's all about balance. In this order: 1. Spiritual – these remain personal, but my spiritual goals provide my basic foundation, my serenity no matter what happens and an attitude of gratefulness for everything I have. No need to worry about what I don't have. 2. Health – always room for improvement as I grow older! Now that I write copy in the health field, I'm learning all sorts of things to apply to myself! I plan to eat more naturally and swim more. 3. Business – I lost my corporate job, which I thought meant 'security' in January 2009. I turned to AWAI and dusted off my six figure copywriting program. Thanks to AWAI, I've begun to build a copywriting business and my goal for 2010 is to replace my previous corporate income or surpass it in the coming year.(and again, thanks to AWAI – resources and bootcamp – I'm on my way!) 4. Personal – nourish my relationships with family and friends. Be there for them as much as they have been here for me this past year. I wish everyone a year of

Middletown, OH

Since I just joined AWAI my goal for 2010 is to complete the program and have at least two paid jobs before 2011.

Aurora, CO

I'll finish the accelerated program and start the desktop marketing program. I'll continue to work on my craft how-to books,

OFallon, MO

I will create additional income by completing the Accelerated Copywriting Program and starting my own copywriting business. All of my income through this revenue stream will go toward paying off debt and investing in my families future.

Kanata, Ontario

Commit to finally taking Matt Furey's 'leap off a cliff' and simply begin writing on the web. All the education in the world is not much value without action. It has been frightening just taking this 'simple leap', even with consistent encouragement from Rebecca Matter and Denise Ford. There have been too many 'good', 'old-school' reasons not to leap before. But, no longer … Tonight I enrolled as an auto-responder apprentice in Jay White's program (to begin writing for profit). I did it to supplement my income, while I work daily to build and publish my website. Let this statement be written record of my commitment to become a full-time web copywriter. It will take time! But cannot love of work and continual learning be a joy in life's journey? The recent series of teleconferences I 'attended' with Rebecca, Denise, Nick, and Katie, finally tipped the scales in favor of taking action. If they ever wonder if real people are greatly affected by their encouragement, expertise, and kind

Cumming, Georgia

Start and Finish The AWAI Copy writing Course To Improve My Writing Skills. A. Write compelling readable copy for personal use and customers orders B. Improve ROI for my customers C. Increase my online income by 10% D. Consistently seek new markets

Mary B
Greers Ferry, AR

Launch my first money-making website along side Nick Usborne and his Do-It-Together group. Take step-by-step notes through the process. Monetize the website to generate $500 or more /month. Then, repeat these steps to independently launch a new, money-making website every 60 – 90 days. And write, write, write – one article a day, 6 days a week – to continually enrich the content of each website, steadily building monthly revenue.

Apex, NC

I'm retiring from working for peanuts. I'll finish the Copywriting Program I purchased two years ago and improve my lifestyle. 2010 is going to be a great year!

Kingsport, TN

I enrolled in the AWAI program two weeks ago. Today, I submitted my first draft of a solicitation letter to a prospect in Phoenix, AZ. I don't know if it will be successful, but it is a start. My goals for 2010 are to become proficient at copywriting and to find an agent to represent my novel/screenplay/script for Runaway Yacht. As a retired computer geek I want to supplement my retirement income by a few thousand dollars a year so I can do the travel that I've always dreamed of doing.

Indio, CA

Finish the Accelerated Copywriting program by March 31, 2010 and earn at least $30,000 from copywriting by December 31, 2010.

Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Write less, earn more … *-)

Koeln, Germany

My goal is to write a television travel show, based upon a theme I have been researching for over a year. My plan is to first write a travel book based on this theme, illustrating it with my own photographs. I will attempt to find a publisher, but may also consider self publishing. Then I will use my niche theme, and break it down by locations into separate travel articles, with the intention to earn income along the journey to my ultimate goal. At that point I will begin writing 30 minute television scripts, including a short history of the location, what makes it unique, and some practical travel information targeted at the niche audience. Once I have 15 scripts prepared, I will design a stunning presentation book to use in pitches for my show. I plan to produce and direct the show, as I have many years of experience as a script supervisor. My goal has been slowly developing for the past couple of years, and I must give credit to AWAI for the tools and support to create the future of my dreams. The

Bend, OR

I would like to increase my copywriting and marketing skills and earn a substantial income($100,000+). I will study the b2b market much closer and hopefully gain some ground in that area as well.

Detroit, MI

To have my manuscript of my non-fiction book published. (About Africa, the people, and spiritual battles I encountered) Volunteer at an orphanage in St. Petersburg, Russia Finally, to make some cash somehow, somewhere with my photography

Wausau, WI

I have a vision! My goal for 2010 is firstly to become a successful internet entrepeneur, and when I have a reliable income stream and am debt free, to give up my 9-5 job. My passion is understanding how the universe works and how to overcome limiting beliefs and brainwashing, and my masterplan is to inspire and mentor others to achieve independence and to maximize their own potential in every area of their life. I want to be in a position by the end of the year where I can start to give something back to the planet, socially, spiritually and environmentally, by inspiring as many people as I can. The internet will be how I communicate with the world, and I intend to master as many skills as possible using this medium. One step at a time, I am learning the marketing skills first and in 2010 I will learn copywriting.

Townsville, Qld

I will quit procrastinating and finish the Photography and Copywriting courses; then apply what I have learned to earn enough income to sustain me in retirement.

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

My first goal is to finally complete the Copywriting Course. I have all the pieces. Now I just have to put them together and put the pedal to the metal.

Flemington, New Jersey

Generate a part-time income of $20,000 via AWAI along with completing my third year of college. I will create two other streams of income to strengthen my self-employment portfolio.

Charlotte, NC

I would like to sell four travel articles and four food reviews in 2010.

St. Paul, MN

To get out of my own way long enough replace the income of my full-time job. I plan to earn at least $3,500 per month by the end of 2010 from a combination of resume-writing, travel writing, and copywriting jobs. I want to achieve multiple streams of income in 2010.

Burtonsville, MD

I will work to make copywriting provide my primary income and quit my full time job.

Hong Kong,

I will complete Nick Usborne's money- making website course and get my first site up and running no later than June 2010. This will be the first of several sites that together will generate $50,000 a year within the next two years.

Williamsburg, VA

My goal is for and the books I've written and planned to write to support me fully before the end of May 2010.

Boyd, OR

I have one goal for next year. 100k

Spring, tx

Congestive Heart Failure and Kidney Failure have taught some very humbling lessons for 2009. I went from working 14 hour a day, 6 days a week to being flat on my face and unable to work at all. For 2010, I face a powerful quest: to give up the rat race and it's accompanying mentality once and for all, and gain real financial independence. I'll be starting with Nick Usborne's website project in January. Here's to giving up living in fear, and finding a road to true self empowerment.

Corpus Christi, Texas

After finishing the AWAI course, which is now on the way to me, I will, in a very short time, be writing for B2B on a consistent basis. I've been a writer for a long time, and am now going to put the training, and experience, to good use! Thanks AWAI!

Columbia, SC

To see my second book, Lizzie the Bag Lady, become a best seller. A work of fiction in the mystery genre.

Mansfield, PA

My goal is to complete my Advanced Copywriting course and land my first paid copywriting job.

Pearland, TX

I will publish the stories I have already written,and I will become a working(money making)copywriter.

Holden, MA

Finish the Accelerated Copywriting course by March 31, 2010; and earn at least $30,000.00 from copywriting by December 31, 2010.

Royal Palm Beach, Florida

My goal for 2010 is to finally have my own successful, prosperous business, and this copywriting course is going to take me there! I was laid off in September after 12 years at a firm. It's time to take life into my own hands. I'm looking forward to it!

Brooklyn, NY

By July 2010 I will be earning more than $5000 per month from copywriting and will buy a used Mercedes Benz 300D Turbo Diesel. Although I love my pickup, driving a nice car to meet with clients will give me a more professional appearance.

Bennett, CO

My goal is simple, I want to be gainfully self-employed as one or more of the following: A freelance copywriter A freelance webmaster for small business/non-profits using SBI A moderator for the AWAI forums (especially the peer review) An eBook author A successful web entrepreneur I never really used a computer before 2003, and now I don't know how I survived without one. The internet is the new revolution that can provide independence to millions to fulfill their dreams, provide financial freedom, and improve lifestyles by eliminating the dread and stress of a 'normal' job. I want to be involved in that process in one way or another, since it has helped me so profoundly. I am a firm believer in 'paying it forward'. Maybe AWAI would consider a 2010 goal forum, to help keep us all on track … Happy Holidays everyone, good luck on your goals.

Oak Harbor, Washington

freedom in our life

lahore, pakistan

To become financially free by setting up a profitable online system that generates at least $5,000 monthly beginning March 1st 2010 leveraging excellent copywriting and marketing skills that I would polish through AWAI's 'Writing for Web 2.0' program that I would start and complete between January and February 2010.

Lagos, Nigeria

My first goal in this new year is to complete and publish my first novel.

Khartoum, Alkhartoum

Make the leap to full-time freelance copywriter in 2010.

London, Outside US

In 2010 I commit to creating at least 50% of my income from sharing my insights and energy through writing.

Scottsdale, AZ

Six figures.

minneapolis, Mn

I intend to finish the Accelerated 6 figure copywriting course I purchased 5 years ago at about the same time I started building a 2400 sq. ft. log house, which I intend to finish as well this year. I have been building the house with 'a little help from my friends' and it has taken  up much of my time, but the end is in sight. I intend to have my novelty sock selling website, which I have been working on, up and running by the end of Feb. using what I am learning from Nick Usborn and his courses. I intend to the create a niche information website by fall, and use my autoresponder and email writing knowledge to insure it's success. I was laid off from the best job I ever had a year ago last October, and it is my goal for 2010 to double my income above what that job paid by the end of 2010, a modest goal. But, that would more than make me happy, and would show me that really big things are possible for 2011 and beyond.

Shell Lake, WI

I just began a position in the finance field, working in lending funds. It is a small company with only a couple of branches. Marketing is a huge necessity in this competitive industry. I am taking the masters copywriting course and hope to use my skills to write copy for the company to increase revenue and make myself money in the process. I am excited about the prospects of marketing for this company and helping it grow.

Hamilton, Ontario, canada

My goal for 2010 is to write and not be scared. I've been a member for several years, I've taken several courses, and now I want 2010 to be my year of success. Don't let fear keep you away from your dreams. 2010, here I come … can't stop me now!!

Bayside, NY

My 2010 goal is simple: By the end of the year, I will complete the Accelerated Six-Figure Copywriting course and be writing copy for at least two paying clients.

Seattle, WA

Get my internet marketing career started and replace my income that I made when I was employed before the end of 2010.

Temecula, CA

Finish my 6-Figure Accelerated Copywriting Course by Dec. 31, 2009 and earn at least $100,000 from my copywriting projects on or before Dec. 31, 2010.

Bacolod, Neg. Occ., Philippines

In 2010, I will have my own B2B copywriting business as well as become 'Twitter Girl' for companies who don't know how to use social media for marketing their business. I am done working for the 'MAN' and want to be my own boss again!!!

Madison, WI

This is it! In 2010 I'm going to REALLY FOCUS on my writing – getting out and about my fab City of San Francisco and writing about my adventures.

San Francisco, CA

I would like to find my copywriting niche – not just the industry, but the type. I have found that I am really good at web copy and am taking a turn at autoresponders as I know my limitations stop me before I can take on a full length sales letter.

Madison, New Jersey

Apply all I have learned in the Travel Writer's Program and secure at least one paid assignment per month in 2010. Already have my first one!

Nashville, TN

Start a successful, full time freelance writing business I can operate out of my home.

Rolling Prairie, IN

This year my goal is to have my home business earnings exceed my job's salary, allowing me to work from home full-time.

Hudson Valley, New York

To get my foot in the door in the copywriting business, and be on my way toward a rewarding career!

Philadelphia, PA

I have worked nearly 7 years with Special Needs and taken 3 injuries. I have aged myself into time for retirement from this work and something more gentle to my body and less stressful. While I finished my course over a year ago, it's time to get started as my job is decreasing my days. I haven't had the confidence and time to start sooner. I need to make more than $2000 a month by July and increasing it thereafter.

Ontario, CA

I would like to be successful enough at autoresponder copy that I can afford to fly home my son, his wife and their then 3 year daughter for Christmas. He is currently in Iraq, tour #3 for the Army. His brother had a daughter after he left and I would like to have a Christmas together with all our children and grandchildren. It is also their father's birthday 12/24

Great Falls, Montana

For many of us, 2009 was a rough year, but it was a year I was determined to become a copywriter and nothing was going to stop me. So I ruthlessly exploited all of my available resources and scrapped together enough money to get to Bootcamp this past November, and I haven't looked back since. It was the rocket fuel I needed to get myself off the ground. I will land my first big client by January, then enter into a relationship with a mentor by March and have two more major clients by July. By years end I will be earning at least $10,000 in writing fees a month!!

Ypsilanti, Michigan

My 2010 goal is to start making the big money that's promised to those who persevere and to keep it going. It seems every time I get close, there's a link missing. That's why I've placed myself on the Nick Usborne list to have him help me build a website as per his program that I purchased.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Find 5 good clients that keep me busy writing for them, and 5 good referrals that keep me writing steady all year!

Lucerne Valley, CA

I would like to help at least 200 people in the next year to find the career of their dreams.

Fort Collins, Colorado

I'm committed to make 2010 the year I finally live the life I've always imagined. For the past 22 years, I have worked in healthcare at a job that physically and mentally drains me, and does nothing to feed my spirit. So, in the next 12 months, I WILL: *finish the Accelerated Program *enroll in and finish Copy 2.0, B2B, and Heath Copywriting programs *attend BOOTCAMP 2010 *tackle a few 'live' specs *implement a marketing campaign to promote myself as a copywriter *land at least 5 clients *obtain my certification from the International Sports Science Association *continue to grow my 3 internet businesses, so they are earning me $10,000 per month *quit my job : ) *move back to the East Coast *be a calmer, happier human being *donate my time and $$ to help improve the lives of others *laugh more, stress less, live with passion I want to wish all of my fellow AWAIers the best of luck in 2010. May all your dreams come true

San Diego, CA

I have been an AWAI member since 2003. I've watched many people become successful. At the same time, I've found every reason, I could, to not get involved. Even my dog has detroyed my copywriting program. And I don't even own a dog! My goal for 2010 is to simply 'make the leap'. For 2010, I'm going to become a copywriter.

Forsyth, Georgia

I would like to write the book my friends have been encouraging me to write for years, about my life in Poland.

Hollister, CA

To be a sought-after, happy, six-figure freelance copywriter with plenty of time and energy available to work on other personal, wealth-building, creative writing projects and activities – and having the time of my life doing it!

Long Beach, California

I would like to make $50,000 through Direct Mail B2B selling my Non-Slip Solutions' slip resistant floor treatment.

Orillia Ontario, Canada

Since my husband died 4 years ago and left me on my own, I've been reluctant in doing things on my own. I plagued myself with endless questions, i.e, How will I make it? How will I pay the bills? Who will take care of me? Being a member of AWAI has made me realize that no one can make it happen for me, but me! It is my ultimate goal to establish a money making website advertising my copywriting capabilities. I hope to make $1000 to $15,000 minimum and the sky's the limit for the maximum aspect. I intend to make the money so I can buy many of the programs advertised on AWAIonline that will further help me succeed, like Desktop Marketing; Resume Writing; Create A Money Making Website, Autoresponder, and Writing For The Web, just to name a few – I want them all and to create a few myself! Last week, I decided to begin my success project by setting up accounts on five social networking sites, Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn; My Space and I See Color. I discovered how serious I am about the success of Possibilities I

Rhonda Little
Birmingham, Alabama

$100K or more for the year.

Milwaukee, WI

$5000 in my first year as an online website money-making entrepreneur.

South Sioux City, NE

For 2010, I would like to obtain the goal of turning my photos into a lucrative income stream. Make thousands of dollars on a weekly basis. I will also contact my family and spend quality and loving time with them. I will also get deeply involve with copy-writing and obtain an writing project that will leads to big money. I will start out to obtain these goals by obtaining the 2009 ultimate stock workshop-at-home package. Yes I will love the life I live, I will live the life I love.

Detroit, Michigan

To finally begin the Six Figure Copywriting course no later than February and have my first paying client by October.

St Paul, Minnesota

I will attend the 2010 AWAI Bootcamp.

Bellville, TX

For 2010, I would like to finish the Six-Figure Copywriting course that I purchased 6 years ago, the Catalog Copywriting course I purchased 3 years ago, and the Resume Writing course I recently purchased. I plan to become more focused and, using the knowledge gained from the three courses, establish a part-time income that will allow me to retire at a much earlier age.

Mobile, Alabama

I will achieve financial security and independence through my copywriting skills, in spite of the economic turmoil. I will have more time for my family and friends, instead of continuing to re-arrange deck chairs on the Titanic.

Fredericktown, Missouri

I will be a little busy because I plan on making 6-figures … 1. Publish and market my self-help/inspirational novel(s). 2. Set up a successful resume & desk top marketing copywriting business. 3. Set up a successful money making website to introduce my copywriting services & freelance writing abilities. 4. Attend Bootcamp. 5. Become a part of AWAI's Wall Of Fame. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Birmingham, Alabama

Our 2 websites producing enough to support us. This would mean no more commute. Specifically, that means no less than $100,000.00 net profits.


I would like to be able to make $2,000 a month in blogging health topics, affiliate advertising and stock photography.

Clara Mae
Tonasket, Washington

Learn the secret of the 3 winners from Texas and 2 winners from California. They must be doing something right. Merry Christmas to all of you great copywriter winners.

Margia Pretlow
Billings, MT

ENOUGH! I have started and restarted the Six-Figure Copywriting Course at least 5 times since purchasing it in 2004. My goal in 2010 is to FINISH it …  … And I WILL finish it!!! Along with building a client base and learning how to do autoresponders better. 2010 is my year of CHANGE!!! Now that this is all in writing, I had better damn well (pardon me) do it!

Barnegat, New Jersey

While I'm a currently a copywriter for a large technology company, my 2010 goal is focused on starting and growing my freelance copywriting business, with a specific goal of obtaining good projects that will earn me at least an extra $1,000 per month, and at least $100 an hour. This is where the AWAI course comes into play. To achieve this goal, I will: - Complete my recently purchased AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, which is amazing. - Network with my internet marketing friends and contacts, one who've I've already done some sales letter & autoresponder writing for. - Get a simple website up - Send out 50 direct mail sales letters monthly to local small & mid-sized businesses (Bob Bly's advice), and follow-up with phone calls. Longer-term, the results of this activity will help build the foundation, samples & experience to 'go after' some of the larger projects with the bigger direct mail publishers. All my best to everyone in 2010, and thank you AWAI, for all

Maywood, NJ

My entire department was laid off this year, so my goal for 2010 is to be able to replace my former salary through a combination of my websites and copywriting.

Sparta, TN

In 2010, I will: Make $50,000 from my freelance writing business. Develop a seamless, consistent process for running and marketing my business. Obtain 5 new clients.  Pay off all my debt. Make daily exercise a habit. Inspire friends and family to pursue their dreams. Laugh more often and love unconditionally.

Alvin, WI

Establish a self-sustaining home-based business, get out of all debt and share my great new life with my daughter.

Oshkosh, WI

By December 31st, 2010 generating over $10,000 in additional income from consulting and services relating to copywriting, infomarketing, and online business projects. I will have over a dozen new clients that are successful case studies and testimonials.

Cleveland, OH

#1) Finish the Accelerated Copywriting course #2) Finish the Graphic Design course #3) Save money for and attend Bootcamp 2010 #4) Start getting paid projects as I phase out of construction and remodeling work !

Dripping Springs, Texas

To begin my career as a copywriter while being employed full-time and make my first $10,000 by the end of the year.

Raleigh, NC

My personal goal is to get my family off ALL financial support programs with the various levels of the government by the end of 2010. Currently with only part-time employment and 6 children (one with special needs), you can imagine what handouts we 'qualify' for. Don't get me wrong, social programs have their place and they are serving their purpose for our family currently, but the wastefulness and inefficiency with which they execute, and the manner in which they are structured to welcome you in with little incentive to regain self-sufficiency is enough to make my wife and I sick to our stomachs. I have no desire to participate in these 'handouts' any longer than absolutely necessary. I love crafting words into sentences that engage and inspire others to improved personal growth and greater enjoyment of their human experience. So writing copy (likely B2B) is my vehicle of choice from which to evacuate 'handout' city in 2010!

Brillion, WI

To double my income every month.

Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire

I would like to have a sustainable second income from copywriting

Ambler, PA

My New Year’s resolution is quite simple. I shall make time for my loved ones and my well-being. I give them same priority I give to my career building and success. Time is the most precious thing in life. Once lost, it can never be recuperated or bought back … unlike success and money. Working for the inner satisfaction should be more rewarding.

Fairfax, VA

As painful as it was to watch my mother die, I learned a lesson that has never left me. We only have today, so let's make the most of it! In 2010, I want to find joy in something small each day - an empty inbox, a client's compliment, a silly 'only in New York' moment...

New York, NY

I intend to be financially independent within the next year.

Fort Worth, TX

By the last quarter of 2010, I will be billing for my copywriting/marketing services at the rate of half my full-time salary so that I can prove to myself that I am ready to take the leap to full-time freelancing in the first quarter of 2011.

Cathedral City, CA

In 2010, I will be my own client. I will allow time spent on my money making website, business website, writing reports and ebooks to be as valuable and protected as my business clients. I will stop letting my goal of developing passive income slip away.

Winston-Salem, NC

I am setting the goal of contacting 5 new clients in 2010.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My goal for 2010 is to be earning $6,000 per month by December 2010 from a combination of a Website selling an information product and from B2B copy writing projects.

Cleveland, Ohio

Achieve $2000 per month from internet businesses and websites by the end of 2010!

Scottsville, KY

Create at least 3 products to sell via Internet.

Cypress, CA

My short-term goal is to have 6 Internet businesses with my own killer sales copy up and running by March 2010. I have the products, the domain names, and the hosting. I just need the killer copy. The killer copy will be measured by the income sales it generates, and my initial target is for each to generate $500/month.

Perth, Western Australia

I am an accomplished copy writer making a living from it.

St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

To land 2 paying clients per month to boost my freelance writing for 2010.

Melbourne, Australia

Build my Career Coaching Practice so I can quite my part-time job and do what I love.

Munroe Falls, Oh

I will achieve gross income of $10,000 per month from B2B and autoresponder copywriting.

Jacksonville, NC

The income from my information publishing business will allow me to fire my employer. (Yes, I have a specific figure written down.)

New Hope, MN

Complete AWAI course

Glendale, AZ

My goals for 2010 are to: Finish the Master Copywriting Program along with the Photography program. Make a working website where I can make $15,000 per week income. I will be able to get the rest of the furniture that I need for my house that I just purchased in August of 2008. I plan on 'retiring' from tutoring one-on-one and have more time to spend with my grandchildren and get the swing set and slide for them to enjoy when I have them at my house. And finally,have the time to do the writing of my children's books and my book about my bout with Breast Cancer and how I have lived a much better life since the surgery and without the Chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Granite Falls, NC

Would like to open a new chiropractic office and use direct response marketing as my main source of bringing in new clients/patients. 20 new patients a month would be ideal.

Lakeville, Minnesota

I will make the switch from full-time procrastinator to full-time copywriter by Bootcamp 2010. A minimum of 5 regular clients will provide a copywriting income equal to my annual salary at my current job. By March 2010, my copywriting website will be up and running. Throughout 2010, I will constantly update content, create ebooks and information products to be sold on website. In addition, this January, I'll start work on a money-making website as part of Nick Usborne's group. I'll do my best to win AWAI's 10k Challenge. These will all put me in a position to earn my place on the AWAI Wall of Fame in 2011.

Framingham, Mass

I would like to complete AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting and send in the final assignment.

Washington, IL

I would like to earn US$5,000 per month through copywriting

Clearwater, Florida

My goal is to launch a web based jewelry business to raise enough money to take my father ( 75 ) to America to meet up again with his last surviving sister aged ( 80 ) so they can enjoy St Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston

Derby, England

In the year 2010 I plan to write several articles to submit with my current and future photographs of Cedar Island, North Carolina. My reasons are simple, to help the economy and people of Cedar Island and 'Down East' by bringing to light the beauty and history of the people and their homeland. Just you wait!

Jackson, NJ

Earn $10,000 per month as a result of my AWAI training in copywriting

Morgan Hill, CA

I would like to see real earnings, stemming from my Adsense account going directly to charities. I don't think this should be a waiting game, too many displaced people throughout the hemisphere rely upon immediate support, death takes its own toll by the measure of delayed action. For myself, I personally wish for nothing more than for what I'm worth and as I see my destiny before me, all that I can give is my time and perseverance towards helping the poor. Being a part of the wider community is my goal for 2010.

Bruce Rock, Western Australia

I will make at least $30,000 this year as an online copywriter focusing on emails and autoresponders as well as webpages and landing pages. Off to a good start this month (Dec '09).

Lenexa, KS

Buy back some retirement time so I can 'retire' from the government and work for myself.

Madison, WI

I'd like to reach my initial target of $10k per month by July 1st 2010, and double that amount by December 2010.

George Town, Grand Cayman

Build blog readership; secure advertisers for monthly newsletter; produce monthly newsletter.

Beautiful Southwest, Florida

Achieve 10,000 subscribers to my online website by Dec 31, 2010

Estero, FL

I'd like to start up my own selling business online (probably E-Bay) and have it earn an extra $300 to $500 to my monthly income.

St. Paul, MN

My goal is to make $100,000.00 in 2010.

Federal Way, WA

To finally complete the AWAI Copywriting Course, which I purchased 5 years ago, began, and never finished. Though I have made money writing, my true potential has gone unrealized. This course is the key, if I just unlock my personal doubts. I want to build a solid copywriting business, which in turn will set me free. No more excuses!

Kuna, ID

Before setting goals I always reflect on the advice given to Jim Rohn by his first mentor: 'Set a goal for what they will make of you'. By the end of 2010 I will be a successful (very competent and fairly compensated) professional freelance copywriter. I will stop kidding myself about being a copywriter, tackle my fears and reservations one by one and do the work. By January 1st I have a daily, weekly, and monthy schedule written out and I will start following it before the New Year. The schedule will include writing, studying , listening to copywriting seminars, and regular marketing of my services. I will set dates for each of the following: Find a mentor and a peer group. Finish the 3 AWAI programs I have started. Complete my personal cover letter. Detailed list of companies I want to work for and contact them. Earn at least $50,000 from my copywriting services. Attend the 2011 Bootcamp.

San Diego, CA

My goal is to make between $500-$750 online every month while I finish up my Massage Therapist classes.

Chicago, IL

To get my first website '' to the point where it does monetize and I have a reasonable plan to expand the monetization and then set up my writing web site to have a copy writing business to supplement it. I have a need/requirement, not just a goal, to replace my entire professional engineer's income with work I can do at home due to having two back surgeries and messed up mobility.

Oakton, Virginia

To follow and become more like Brian Edmonson and Nick Usborne by reading and doing all that they teach.

Canton, GA

My goal for this coming year 2010 is to obtain a minimum of 10 paying assignments before I reach 69 years old on May 16-and start to be an independent freelance copywriter. I will start now even before finishing the five present courses I am working on. By the end of the year my goal is to have completely finished and reviewed all these present courses and work toward purchasing the Master Copywriting Course. (P.S. I have already received a tremendous benefit. Since retiring I felt I was beginning to lose some of my 'wit' from not working these past 8 years. I sincerely believe that I am regaining my wit from studying and using AWAI's materials. Thank You All!)

Matthews, NC

Earn a minimum of $75K in my first year as freelance copywriter.

Cotati, CA

Finish the 6 Figure AWAI Copywriting Course and average $2,000 a month by September 2010 from copywriting, social networking and other writing.

Barryville, NY

Make enough money to begin a lifelong dream of traveling around the world.

Newcastle, WA

I will double my 2009 income in 2010.

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

To make $1 million from my copywriting business and my new online businesses.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Complete my website, linkedin and twitter profiles by March 2010 Twitter or blog at least once a week Build a repeat relationship with 5 new B2B/web clients Focus and follow through on all leads Make $50,000 copywriting part-time Transition from my full-time IT job to freelance copywriting by December 2010

Regina, Saskatchewan

I am going to complete the Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting.

Newark, DE

To be THE White Paper and Case Study Copywriter in Portugal. Thanks, P.S. I already wrote one White Paper about Cloud Computing ( and the feedback was very good :) - I 'owned' it to

Lisbon, Portugal

My vision and goal for 2010 is to help small to medium sized business owners undertand there is an alternate way to market their wares other than brand advertising - the written word. Creating a trap door for business owners to escape throwing their money away on 'throw against the wall and see what sticks' advertising I know will seem like a 'get-out-of-jail FREE' card for some, and the 'second coming of christ' for many others. Utilizing the resources I already have from AWAI and learning the ways of the force will indeed have me following in the footsteps of the Jedi of all mentors...Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. Roll on 2010...

Auckland, New Zealand

#1-I will learn a New and Marketable skill and that will be Graphic Design. #2-Do something that I have never done before-Create and E-Book, Fly to a far off Island with my wife. #3-Read at least 12 books this year. #4-Give myself away to a note worthy cause at least one evening a week.(Salvation army, Childrens Hospital,USO) #5-Loose 20 lbs by March 30, 2010.

Florissant, Mo.

To make my first $5000 in copywriting by learning the trade, securing an opportunity, and delivering the goods.

Richmond, Virginia

I have a few goals: a website for resumes, copy for other websites; blogging; be making 6 figure income for the year; repay all who helped through a tight and emotion year, and lose 50 pounds!

Congress, Arizona

I will make the switch from full-time procrastinator to full-time copywriter by Bootcamp 2010. A minimum of 5 regular clients will provide a copywriting income equal to my annual salary at my current job. By March 2010, my copywriting website will be up and running. Throughout 2010, I will constantly update content, create ebooks and information products to be sold on website. In addition, this January, I'll start work on a money-making website as part of Nick Usborne's group. I'll do my best to win AWAI's 10k Challenge. These will all put me in a position to earn my place on the AWAI Wall of Fame in 2011.

Framingham, Ma

To write a book with humour and human interest.

Geraldine, New Zealand

For 2010, my goal is to build up my copywriting, publicity and journalism business as I recover from Fibromyalgia, a rather nasty divorce, and suddenly becoming a single mother.

El Dorado Hills, CA

My goal for 2010 is to complete the six-figure and B2B courses, and to establish a passive income from the Internet.

Fresno, California

I intend on having a working website up that is producing 3000 a month by December 2010 thru my blogging, promotion of a product and investments, all of which I have yet to learn how to do except the blog, but only know how to submit entries at this time. Want to get more travel, copy and pictures to begin a travel log that maybe can lead to income generation. Have the travel writers coarse, but didn't have the funds to implement any of it till now. Am in a coaching program that will hopefully assist me in this endeavor.

Key West, Fl

Hi, I have following goals. - To quit my 8 to 12 hours job. – To become financially independent.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu,India

2010 is my year! My goals are: 1) 1st copywriting job by 12/31/09 (working on getting that now); 2) copywriting website up and running by 1/31/10; 2) one travel website up by 2/28/10; 3) $30,000 income by 3/30/10 - $100,000 or more for the year!

Orange County, CA

My goal for 2010 is to build a staff of 5 junior freelance copywriters and begin to build an online marketing focused direct response company offering consultation and copywriting services.

Lacey, WA

Finally make it to Bootcamp in November. I've cleared my schedule, so that's a first step.

Cincinnati, OH be debt free by creating a source of income as a copywriter...

Kula, Hawaii

My primary goal for the year 2010 is to start making income from my informational website on loose leaf teas. Then to earn enough off the website to increase my income, so as to quit my current part-time!!!

Jackson, Michigan

In 2008 I was hospitalized four months, then received six months home health care, and released January 2009 for rehabilitation. I started AWAI courses in 2007, but unable to continue because of medical reasons. Now I’m ready to continue, start over by applying Nick Usborne’s Million-Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting and AWAI Accelerated Program to earn at least $25,000.00 in 2010.

Rabun Gap, Georgia

My 2010 goal is to change my status from unemployed with severe economic challenges to a full-time,self-employed copywriter. First income goal: $3,000.00 per month minimum. An additional goal, as my income improves (and as soon as possible), will be to get involved in the next Circle of Success and the 2010 Bootcamp.

Jacksonville, Florida

There are 4 articles in my near future, that's 1 article every 3 months. I hope this will be the springboard for my new life!

Jackson, New Jersey

My goal for 2010 is to have fun writing for a living, earn $12,000 a month and find my niche that will allow me to double this earning level in the following year!

White Lake, Michigan

My goals for 2010 are: 1) Grow my active copywriting clientele to five major clients 2) Finish my copywriting website and have it live by Jan. 15th, then build my subscriber list to 500 by year-end 3) Build 2 money-making websites, one by June 1st, the second by Dec. 1st 4) Complete my first info-product by July 1st 5) Specific earnings goals 6) Become debt-free (exclusive of home) 7) Complete AWAI Master’s Course &Clayton’s Online Profit Multiplier

Northville, MI

My goal for 2010 is to build on the current momentum of my freelance copywriting business, and gain 10 new clients worth $5K or more each.

Lexington, KY

Goals for 2010: 1. to turn my design and copywriting skills into a full time career 2. to build my money making website

Hamden, CT

Jump with both feet into becoming a full fledged PROFESSIONAL international published photographer so I can see the world and share it's people, animals and natural wonders with thousands of others making their world better :)

Kristin Turner
Mission Viejo, CA

I live in a small city. One of my goals is to teach businesses in this small city proper marketing. My other goal is to be able to make 50,000 in profit in 2010 doing business to business copywriting

Hopewell, Virginia

I'd like to make at least $3,000 a month as a copy writer and proceed with writing for the web course.

Gardnerville, NV

My goal is to write a $1,125,000 control by July 1, 2010 and a $2,375,000 control by December 25, 2010.


The biggest goal that I would like to achieve is to make it to Bootcamp in 2010. First and foremost is to stop my procrastination, to set goals and action plans and then commit to them. To take baby steps that gets me moving in the right direction. To finish the basic course and have paying clients by July 4th a true independence that will be my proof and determination to strive for Bootcamp. I firmly believe that if I can only make it to Bootcamp, the knowledge, experience and friendships of this experience will help propel me into a new way of life.

Brady, Texas

I will have my travel web site completed with plenty of affiliates bring in 4 figures, or more, per month. Thus allowing me to do the fun part, travel and write, as often as possible.

Senoia, Georgia

What is my goal in 2010? This past June I almost died from Level Three staph infection while recovering from hip replacement surgery. I promised the Higher Power that I would show my gratitude by serving in two humanitarian efforts. The process is very straight forward thinking. We show our love and gratitude to God by how we serve people. One project is a web site called Operation Just One Can. It is dedicated to resupplying American food banks via grass roots efforts. The other project is Labor of Love Afghanistan. This again is a grass roots program to motivate Americans to ship Just ONE Blanket to Col Abe Conn of the Florida National Guard who might be shipped back to Kabul Afghanistan in spring 2010.We ran this in 2006 and 3,000 little orphans were blessed. This time the number is 5,000 kids needing assistance. As I type this essay it is December 13th at 6:45 am MST.I turned 53 years old this day. What will I do on my birthday? Absolutely I will thank God for sparing my Life.


I would like to have my own money-making website up and running and be a PAID copy-writer! :) I've got everything in place, the training through AWAI's Six-figure Copywriting program and I just joined the Circle of Success. Now I just have to TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION to get to where I want to be.

Tulsa, OK

I feel as though I've been languishing for the past few years, and, although I've had some local clients, 2010 is my time to take a stand and fulfill my dreams. I have 2 important goals. Since I have recently narrowed down a very specific niche, I want to have at least 5 regular clients within it by the end of 2010. My second goal is to have at least 2 money-making websites fully operational and bringing in revenue. I have one started, but I need to finish it and create another. Or maybe two more! I'm committing to making these dreams real by the end of 2010.

Davenport, IA

(i) To land three copywriting projects (ii) To attend bootcamp in 2010

Richmond Hill, New York

To make $5,000 a month with auto-responder e-mails

Thonotosassa, FL

Build, create and maintain my first money making website and start a second website by the 4th quarter of 2010.

Troy, Michigan

1. Start and finish AWAI's Desktop Design course. 2. Get a desktop design business started. 3. Finally get my beading and jewelry design business up and running.

Farmington Hills, MI

I would like to achieve the goal of becoming an official B2B copywriter, so that I can pay-off all of my student loans and other debts.

Haslett, Michigan

I would like to make six figures in 2010 from my writing and marketing skills because I want to have the freedom and funds to help my mom, work with animals, and reserve my spot on the 2012 Titanic Memorial Cruise...all while having fun and creating lasting relationships with my clients.

Golden, CO

To work through the Desktop Marketing program, set up my business website, and have an established client base of at least 5 by March 25, 2010.

Delta Junction, Alaska

2010 is going to be the year of accepting the big D into my life - as in discipline! It will become second nature - which means that I will get out there and lay the groundwork for becoming one of the best B2B copywriters around. That means I will need to get my act together to market myself; to find two (loyal) clients for whom I will produce some excellent white papers, sales letters, brochures and web copy. So in December 2010 I will be able to look back at successful achievements so I can look forward to continuing to grow in 2011 - with confidence and experience and a healthier bank account.

Judy Ann
Raleigh, NC

My goal in 2010 is to get a book published, and that it will be well-received.

Hobe Sound, FL

Sell a travel article to a minimum of 5 publications by end of March 2010.

Ft Lauderdale, FL

My top goal for 2010 is to have an informational money-making website set up and producing a passive income. While I'm working with the website I'll be improving my copywriting skills. I would also like to acquire the psychological skills of persuasion, through a few books I've acquired recently.

Roseville, California

2010 is all about new beginnings. I will begin a new career and find a new home. I will finish my copywriting course and build my first website. My website will be written and online by March and my first sale by April. Consistently writing to keep the passive income growing. My goal is $3000.00 p/mo from my site by the end of September.

Kelowna, BC

Lose 80 pounds by eating healthier, exercising consistently, and enjoying life more.

Roswell, GA

Make a difference in 1000’s of lives by what I write, get out of all debt, exercise daily.

Matthews, NC

I want to break into the white paper market this year. Not only that, I want to have a steady supply of two white paper projects per month. My goal will be to become expert enough to charge $5,000 per project by the end of 2010.

Albuquerque, NM

2010 goals: 1) Learn enough Spanish to be able to communicate when I go to Peru in July 2010. 2) Finish my book and submit it for publication. 3) Create a website about the book and related topics, have it up and running and creating passive income by April 30, 2010.

Payson, Arizona

My goal I am setting to reach in 2010 is to be the successful writer that is inside me and I pray to do it cancer free, up and out of bed, getting back out in the world like I always had been before I gave up from fear, self doubt and my own pity party. There is so much to give in writing. People frantically search daily for a drip of hopeful or helpful, fun or exciting and incredible, life inspiring information to accomplish or live their dreams. These same people, all different but with the one thing in common..they hold the their own key..and mine. We all need guidance or to feel we have a hand to hold, at times. Possibly, we just need to be reminded of a better time and feel the rush of excitement we once felt abandon of guilt or fear. Words.. so simple, can be the words that motivates us to bounce back to life. To get my words written, published and help bring some smiles, relief in a crazy world or maybe a fantasy brought alive, will be my grand goal finally achieved.

Goodlettsville, Tn

By December 2010 I have 2 websites generating passive income of $1500 per month.

Tulsa, OK

I don't know about goals, but this is what I will do in 2010. The basics are out of the way, so I will complete the B2B and Masters Courses by April 30. The only other course is the one of action to secure clients. To that end, I will send 25 letters/emails to my prospect list each week. I picture myself in January 2011, sitting on the deck of a 5-star ship on the first leg of an 'around-the-world' cruise.

Aurora, Ontario

To kick self-doubt and negative self talk in the caboose and complete my website to earn $1000 in the first month of its launch.

Kingston, Jamaica

Though I have a full-time writing job and teach part-time, I really want to get my freelance writing business off the ground by getting a minimum of five small-business clients. That's just enough to convince myself that maybe I'll be able to quit writing for my employer and become self-employed.

St. Louis, MO

I'd like to make enough money to retire my debts and prove to myself that I can do ANYTHING I set out to do.

Bayonne, NJ

This month my copywriting income has already reached the level I used to make in a month at my full time job I was laid off from in June ($5500/month). In 2010 I plan to double my income and shatter the $100K/year 'barrier'. I also plan on earning a spot on AWAI's Wall of Fame.

Nashua, NH

My goal is to complete, maintain and improve my money making website to the point that I can have another website up and running the the 4th quarter of 2010

Troy, Michigan

Shift my focus from resume writing to full time copywriting within twelve months.

Cincinnati, OH

Helping other people setting and achieving their goals using the 5x5 goals booklet, downloadable from ISetMyGoals Enjoy and success!

Antwerpen, Vorselaar

I intend to establish an interesting and lucrative copywriting business that I can run from my home.

Seattle, WA

My goal is to be a fulltime copywriter by the end of 2010.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

My goals for 2010 are to become a healthy,happy, fit, 120 lb, energetic,woman. To become financially independent, earning no less than $10,000.00's monthly. In 2010 I want to finish writing my book and have it successfully published as a best seller. I want to become a successful, motivational speaker, earning thousands of dollars each time I speak to audiences and I want to be a guest on the Oprah Show. I want to meet my sexy, loving, truthful, gentle, handsome, romantic, caring and financially successful soul mate and begin our happily ever after together. In 2010 I want to finally have the tummy tuck and breast lift cosmetic surgery to enhance my self image and repair the damage from four pregnancies. In 2010 I want to develop stronger, more loving and intimate, caring relationships with all of my children. In 2010 my goal is to be able to live in a beautiful, spacious, loving home with my soul mate and have my own children with us whenever they are able to spend time with us.

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

To have 4 steady regular customers that give me constant work as a freelance direct response graphic designer.

Forest Hills, NY

By June 30, 2010 I will be earning no less than $2,000 per month from part-time copywriting income. By December 31, 2010, I will have left corporate employment to begin a full-time self-employed copywriting business.

Mission Viejo, CA

I finally have a website to sell, sell, sell my sought after photos.

Barrie, ON

Finish the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and actually write copy for at least one client. (I started reviewing the material in Nov '09)

Greencastle, Pennsylvania

My goal is to complete the basic copywriting course by June 30, 2010 and have my first client by October 24, 2010 (the date I first met my wife) and apply those proceeds from my first client to our 5th anniversary in 2011 for two weeks in Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!

Juneau, Alaska

My primary financial goal for 2010 is to generate #100,000 in revenue from just my copywriting business.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Give a go to Writing and Copywriting as my new career adventure.

Albuquerque, NM

To finish studying the B2B curriculum and begin to earn $4000/month from B2B projects.

Ithaca, NY

My first goal is to break in to the PAID world of copywriting! My second goal is to earn over $50,000 in 2010. Part of achieving this goal is continuing to clean and organize my home and home office to support my writing career. AND - my daily goals are to write, write, write! I have so many projects in mind . . .

Concord, CA

My goal for 2010 is to start a B-2-B business that will allow me to work at home, at my pace, and give me enough freedom to work when I am able. I have a horrendous headache problem which is very difficult to deal with at my current job. My goal is to get started on the copywriting path, so that I can make a living DESPITE my medical condition,and make it grow so that I no longer have to worry about medical bills … or any other bills for that matter! The B2B niche sounds perfect for me, and I am VERY excited about the prospect of being able to work in a writing environment that will allow me to be creative, and yet, not be as stressful and unrewarding as is my current position. I look to 2010 to be the year of my liberation, and the first year of my NEW Life!

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

I want to net $75K from my online copywriting/new media marketing practice.

Bartlett, IL

Build an internet business that is consistently making over $10,000/month.

Seattle, WA

I have several written goals for 2010: * By January 31, 2010 I will complete AWAI's Accelerated Copywriting course. * By February 28, 2010 I will develop and begin working a step by step plan to move from part time copywriting to full time B2B copywriting. * I will fully participate in the COS training in 2010. * By March 31, 2010 I will find a copywriting niche that excites me and in which I can excel. My overarching goal for 2010 is to be debt free by October 23, 2010 using income from my B2B copywriting business.

Cheyenne, WY

To become more comfortable in networking and marketing my business.

Shorewood, MN

I'm not going to worry about the income yet. I'm going to take every teleconference and read the daily words of wisdom from AWAI. I'm going to work on building my business in 2010, so that I can quit my day job in 2011!

Colorado Springs, CO

My goal is to be happy with the small accomplishments …and keep the baby steps going until I am a FT copywriter by Dec 2010.

Mount Holly, NC

1) To break through my current income ceiling and get above the 6-Figure mark. 2) To get my book published. 3) To have at least 2 very successful money-making websites. 4) To spend more time with my family and friends because the above things make that happen!

Rachel Karl
McMinnville, Oregon

My goal is to combine my photographic skills with my writing skills and be making a six figure income by this time next year. I believe I can.

Counce, TN

I'd like to find the time to work on my novel along with my business.

Wailuku, Hawaii

To make $2,000 a week or $400 a day. $9,000 a month equal $100,000 for the year.

Randolph Cain
PortsMouth, VA.

I KNOW I can swim, but I need to develop the bravery necessary to jump into the deep water.

Indianola, Iowa

An awesome sales letter and website for my financial services business that compels at least 50 new clients to demand my advice.

Lafayette, Colorado

My goal for 2010 is to completely rewrite, redesign, and refresh my business Web site. It's currently too overwhelming and not generating enough new business. I'm ready to put into use the great stuff I've learned about B2B and B2C copywriting through AWAI. I owe it to myself—and my potential new clients—to reintroduce myself in a more streamlined and productive manner immediately after the holidays!

MaryJo Regier
Littleton, CO

Start earning some money from the internet and get my MS under control with the Liberation Procedure.

Ste-Marthe, Quebec

To follow more and fit snuggly into the shoes of both Brian Edmonson (ETR) and Nick Usborne (AWAI). Talk about experts in their profession - both of them have made it to the big time.

Atlanta, GA

To become a self employed full time in internet marketing and/or writing

Karen Roberts
Mechanicsburg, PA

To earn $3000+ a month from my copywriting/editing business without having to work my patootie off.

Shawn Shearer
Payson, Utah

I will sign 4 or more $3,000/month retainer marketing and/or PR clients for minimum 12-month contracts.

Dayton, OH

I will make $50,000 in 2010, but mostly, I will learn how to do this good enough that someone wants to pay for it. I'm new, but willing and resourceful, and everything I hear or learn seems to confirm that copywriting is a great match for me. So my number one goal is to make it into the ranks of professional copywriters.

Elkin, NC

Since I am in retirement age, I would like to retire from work and enjoy each day learning everything. Since I only make the minimum social security, that does not pay all of the bills. I remember when I could live off of $200 a month, way back when. Now can hardly make it with $1,000. So, to not have to work too hard and have an income and still enjoy life would be great.

Ardmore, Oklahoma

1) Start my own website. 2) Complete C.Makepeace Ultimate course. 3) Complete HMA Consulting course. HardToFindSeminars 4) Land a copywriting internship. 5) Quit my 9-5 job!

Clayton, NC

Have my website up and running successfully.

La Canada, California

2010 Goals A general outline of the Web business I am establishing is one that specializes in general Business to Business Copywriting with an added focus on Businesses in the emerging Renewable Energy Sector. These B2B products and services might include Business and Sales Consulting Services. I intend to develop a minimum of two web-sites. One of these will be focused on developing and marketing B2B Copywriting products and services. The other will be targeted at B2B Copy for Renewable Energy Companies and Products. With an extensive background in Business Management, B2B Sales, and Sales Management dating from 1980 and including very successful positions in the computer industry, Internet Development and Communications, I feel very qualified to develop and perfect high quality copywriting skills and a superior business consulting service. My major 2010 Goal is to achieve a skill level and a level of B2B copywriting sales that will allow me to quit my current job and become a full-time B2B

Omaha, Nebraska

My goals for 2010 are the following: 1. Complete the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting by Feb 2010. 2. Participate in the $10K Challenge, submitting articles, ads, and letters at least twice a month. 3. Complete the Masters Program by Apr 2010.

Manila, Philippines

Be debt free.

Cumming, GA

Make a five fiqure income in 2010

Kingman, AZ

Complete Novel started and earn income to cover life's expenses

Kingman, AZ

To become an expert copywriter for my own 'collector car and truck' eBook/website projects and Christian fundraising/website projects.

Phoenix, AZ

12 B2B clients by year's end.

Orlando, FL

I will double my 2009 income in 2010!

Glen Ellyn, IL

My goal is to complete the AWAI Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting.

Aurora, CO

Land my first paid copywriting job by my 60th birthday in Feb.

Mount Vernon, WA

Part time copy writing income of $5,000

Brooksville, FL

I would like to achieve annual turnover of Rupees twelve lakhs.Initially first quarter from january to march will see turnover of Rs.50,000 PM. I would like to open a eating joint,Restaurant and a travel agency.

New Delhi, Delhi

My Goals for 2010 is to write my first novel while finishing AWAI's Writing for Love & Money course. Stop procrastinating and finally finish the Accelerated copywriting course. Also write and sell another short story or two, or three.

Havonerton, OH

Completely finish the Accelerated Copywriting course and have contracted my first piece.

Wooster, Ohio

I would like to start a money-making web site (or 2 … )

Ontario, NY

1/My mother (85) just fell and broke her hip. I've always been an organized planner, but with the rehab regiment and cognition problems, it was a challenge. Believe it or not, ETR has handed me a trump card with mapping out priorities and an action plan directed at the initial goal. With this trump card, I have my mother on track and a little more spare time. Thank you. 2/ With this added ETR spare time, I'm completing 1 or 2 small goals a day for my website business. My ultimate goal is to complete around 200 pages and get it published. Small completed goals not only moves me forward, but also gives me a sense of accomplishment. ETR published this idea a while ago, and I've been utilizing this strategy to get my other site published. Success with that! Onward and Upward!

Cape Coral, FL

I want to be making $50,000 in B2B copy writing by the end of 2010.

Jacksonville, FL

My goal is to be generating $2k/mo. through copywriting & online sales by May 31 so I can quit one of my jobs & then really turn it up to make enough money,$10k/mo. & be a full time copywriter/online marketer by the end of 2010.

Lincoln, Nebraska

I've purchased and completed five AWAI copywriting home study courses over the past two and half years. Now I need to put all that knowledge into practice and start making money. My immediate goals for 2010 are: to publish my copywriting services web site, and land two (or more) B2B and/or web-based business clients.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I move forward to my goal of God and Self realization by doing my exercise, meditation techniques regularly twice daily and visit my society headquarters once(1200 km away).I would have a stock holding to about 75000 dollars currently 14500 dollars), increase my annual household income by 50%, have a passive stream of income from net of min. 1000 dollars/month(currently 0). I go to one holiday with my family. I would clear a Higher specialization program in orthopedics (failed thrice as the result is only 5% & underprepared). I would weigh 15 kgs less.

Indore, MP, India

To sell my first screenplay, and then the next and the next, using the copywriting skills that I developed in the AWAI program.

McCleary, WA

To have 3 or more info-products for sale on my website.

Waukesha, WI

Start my part-time copywriting business as a full time commitment to achieve a minimum gross sales by September 2010 of $6000 each month through December 2010 in the Nonprofit markets and B2B in my field.

N Alben
Philadelphia, PA

I will lose 50 pounds in 2010 by working out a minimum of 5 times per week and correcting my poor food choices.

Tucson, Az

My main 'why' is for my husband to have the choice of retiring by spring 2011, so that we can each pursue our writing passions together. My passions are travel writing and photography, and almost everything internet-related, so my goals relate to Web Copywriting, and Travel Writing and Photography. By December 2010, I will: 1. Write and submit a minimum of 50 travel articles, with photographs, and get paid for at least 50%. 2. Participate in the Web Copywriting Intensive, March 2010. Result: an average of 5 ongoing regular clients. 3. Complete the B to B program by January 2010. Result: an average of at least 3 B2B web clients. 4. Develop and launch my personal money-making website with the support of Nick Usborne’s ‘creating a website together’ group. Result: increasing passive monthly income. 5. Submit photos to stock sites, be accepted, and build portfolio. 6. Join Linked-In. Build my social networking connections in Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In.

Didsbury, Alberta

I will write at least two direct mail controls this year and earn more than $150,000 in my copywriting business this year.

Cleveland, Ohio

I want to put into practice everything l I've learned this past year! That means putting up my 'Money-Making Website' and connecting with 'house sitters' locally and around the world. Then, I want to land my first paid copywriting assignment, which will truly give me the confidence to say I'm a COPYWRITER!

Bay City, Oregon

To get my hobby website up ASAP in 2010

Chapel Hill, NC

One of my goals for early 2010 is to put together an additional prospective client list of at least 100 names and to send them my self-promotion letter to let them know I'm ready, willing and available to become their go-to copywriter for their special projects. The letter I sent to my first list (48 names) generated 10 requests for my info package and one new client. I'm hoping to get at least 3 more new clients by the first quarter of 2010.

Chatham, NJ

Complete the copywriting course. Live the freelance writer lifestyle described in the copy.

Des Plaines, IL

My goal for 2010 is to continue finishing my 2009 goals. Which include finishing the Copywriters program, start part-time business of copywriting. (Already applied for part-time status at my job). Also, I want to be able to sell at least $1000 worth of pictures. And, Stop procrastinating!

New York, NY

Finish my accelerated program and sell my first piece of copywriting

Wolfe City, Texas

I would like to achieve an annual income of $120,000 in 2010.

Tega Cay, SC

1) Finish my book and submit it; and 2) launch my website and achieve one or more passive income streams and a new professional direction.

San Diego, CA

My goal is to complete the Accelerated Copywriting course in January, enter the 10K challenge, and have my 1st 2 clients or paying assignments by April. By mid-year I would like to realize my dream of being a full time copywriter and complete the B2B course.

Treasure Island, FL

I would grow my resume writing company and make over $100,000 selling my one of a kind eBook.

Cincinnati, OH

My goal is to become a published author with my first book, a memoir about my youngest son, who suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1991.

Carrollton, Texas

To become simply the best, RAM tough, just doing it, being all that I can be, and living life to the fullest.

Harrisburg, PA

Become established as a highly recognized copywriter in the New York market generating at least $50,000 in revenues and three new leads each month.

Liverpool, NY

I would like to have a resume writing business up and running by January 30, 2010. Because I am still employed full time my business will be a part time business, but by next year my goal is to turn it into a full time business with full time income.

Hempstead, NY

My goal for 2010 is to make $30,000 writing web copy and attend bootcamp.

Peyton, Colorado

By September 2010 or before I want to be earning enough as a copy writer so I can quit my full time auditor job.

N. Las Vegas, NV

Increase my online revenue by 50% by creating a membership site for use in conjunction with my ebook.

Richmond, Virginia

By September 29, 2010 I will no longer be employed at my part-time banking job. Instead I will be using that time to maintain two profitable money making websites and creating a web-writing business.

Madison, WI

My goas is to become AWAI's biggest success story for 2010 and beyond.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I have completed my AWAI 6 Figure Copywriting Course, sold my first piece and am absolutely in love with my new copywriting career! I have discovered the phenomenal sucess I've been in pursuit of my entire life. And it feels soooo good. :)

Coeur d Alene, Idaho

I would like to make $100,000 in 2010 writing copy and only working an average of 20 hours per week.

Aloha, Oregon

My goal is to be a sought after, highly paid copywriter and to be a best selling author of my currently unpublished books.

Los Angeles, CA

I have written a book on the treatment and cure of musculoskeletal pain. My goal in 2010 is to get my book published.

Pomona, Queensland

Use my AWAI photography lessons to make my first sale by January 31, 2010. Then to be making $2500 per month by the end of 2010. Lastly, to get my photos shown in an art gallery.

Sparks, NV

2010 is my year! I will complete the Copywriting program and be a major contender to win the $10,000 Challenge. I've been flopping around for the past two years, going in a hundred directions and getting nowhere. In 2010, I intend to streamline my efforts and focus my energies on the things that will turn my life around. This program is at the top of that list.

Jersey City, NJ

My goal for 2010 is to finish the Accelerated Copywriting program by the end of January and earning a six figure income by April. Also to purchase the How to write a money making web site for an additional income. By end of year to be financially able to help ministeries, family and friends. There are many people in this world who need help.

Streator, Il

To earn £10,000 in the next 150 days so I can leave my job and work full-time on the internet marketing business i'm part of.

Rickmansworth, UK, Hertfordshire

Contract with at least four clients to kick-off my product launch consulting business as a Jeff Walker trained product launch manager, and marry the love of my life with my first marriage at age 62.

Boerne, TX

My Goal for 2010 is to ask for B2B Study materials with a view to launching my own B2B Copywriting Business


Take the first steps to begin my five year plan to be independent from an employer.

Sevierville, TN

My goal is to open a private mentor & coaching program with Web Copy & Marketing as the focus. I've held a few small clinics this year that got huge results so I'm opening my doors with a 3-level program for 20 people who qualify with Web Copy & Marketing Mastery. This goal blows the doors on my comfort zone as a homeschooling Mom & full time marketer/copywriter because it will demand more of my time spent mentoring others & will mean I have to hire an assistant, a team to help facilitate, web guy to design & do what I typically do on my own. Financial goal for 2010 is bigger than ever before! BIG Giving goals as well as I've partnered with several organizations getting girls out of the Sex Trade. 2010 is gonna rock! Thanks AWAI for giving me the tools to go beyond myself & into impacting the lives of others! :)

Pierceton, IN

This is it! I've read all the books, ebooks and courses about starting a business but because I didn't transfer that knowledge to action, I'm stuck. My 2010 goal is to make my step by step plan and then do it on a daily basis. I'm not going to wait until January though, I'm on it now, today. No excuses. Thank you for this contest. It woke me up.

Ottawa, IL

I want to have a minimum of 50 photographies accepted by a photo stock website, by mid July.

Liberty Hill, TX

To obtain four regular copywriting clients in the fitness and fundraising niches, enabling me to pay off the remaining balance on my home equity loan 3 years early.

Downingtown, PA

In 2010, I will complete the 3 programs I am currently working on to specifically decide which writing niche is right for me. I want to earn an average of $7,500 per month. This will allow me to continue putting money aside to fully fund, within the next 10 years, a family foundation that will be charged with 'pay it forward.' The foundation would, among other things, include giving grants to local, national and international organizations that: 1)help eradicate illiteracy in the world; 2)start animal rescue retirement farms; 3) fund studies of 'at risk' wildlife with an emphasis on birds.

Baltimore, Maryland

I have a full-time job as a meeting planner and I recently started writing marketing copy for our events as part of my job. My employer needs copywriting help on some other products so we have worked out an agreement for me to write on a freelance basis and get paid per project. Yes! My first official PAID writing job! My goal for 2010 is to start building my portfolio and find some other clients while still holding down my full-time job. Yikes! I've dreamed of becoming a full-time copywriter for the past three years and it's time to finally start making it happen!

Phoenixville, PA

I will make $100,000 through my resume and copy writing business by December 31st, 2010.

Clayton, NC

In 2010 I will earn enough money as a copywriter to allow my husband to return to his second love, surfing. I'M his first love.

Fort Worth, TX

My goal is to overcome my inability to finish projects.

Pittsburgh, PA

Start and learn copywriting and replace half my yearly income the 1st year

Quincy, Michigan

My goal is to generate enough residual income to be able to quit my job and work from home.

San Diego, California

Dateline: November 3, 2010 I arrived in Delray Beach earlier today and just finished a long bare-foot walk along the ocean. I'm filled with pride and anticipation for the Boot Camp meet-up (my first!) about to start. One year ago, I signed up for COS and committed to this being the year I would gracefully & powerfully combine my certified coach, consulting and copywriting talents to produce stellar results for my clients and myself. I now earn more than $10K/month... easily. The investment in myself, and finding an accountability 'tribe' made the difference. I look forward to my next turn around the mountain, learning at a deeper level and attracting even better clients.

HIllsboro, NH

I made a decision in 1999 to quit a wonderful career position for the good of my family. Since then, I've been involved in two downsizings and a bad job I should not have taken and an ego-driven attempt at starting a business--all poor choices. No more! 2010 is the line I have drawn in the sand in which I will silence all questions about my ability and skill. I will succeed in starting and filling my pipeline with more than $60,000 in copywriting and other promotional ventures. Good-bye past failures. Hello to a bright, prosperous future filled with hope!

Wausau, Wisconsin

I have many that are important to me, but two that are critical: 1- To become a competent B2B writer, thus giving me sufficient income to live in a manner where I own my freedom of choice, once again; and, 2- To have the financial means to be able to look my aging father in the eye and say, 'You don't have to worry'.

Eagle Pass, Texas

Complete Tony Robbins - The Time of Your Life and RPM Planner Kit program. So that I can have a massive action plan to quit my 9 to 5 job by the end of 2010!

Germfask, MI

Having discovered that perfectionists (which I am one) have a major tendency to procrastinate. I have enrolled in the Accelerated Copywriting Program, the Masters Program and B2B Program. For 2010, my goals are to stop procrastinating and complete the Accelerated Program by January 31, the B2B program by the end of February, and continue working on the Masters Program throughout the year to effectively master each segment. When November arrives, have enough paying clients to provide income to attend Bootcamp. It is already on my calendar.

Farmers Branch, TX

Finish writing my book, get it published and see it on book shelves all over the country... on the best seller list.

Jacksonville, FL

My goal for 2010 is to launch my website/blog and make the equivalent of half of my current full-time job salary from web writing projects.

Kathy Sanders
San Francisco, California

• Develop and implement a detailed marketing strategy for my self-published book, Start Your Own Home-Based Summer Camp, and website, • Launch and monetize my website featuring artist interviews I’ve written • Line up at least 6 outlets for my cottage door prints and greeting cards to have an ongoing source of passive income • Sell at least 2 feature articles to magazines I’ve never written for before • Replace the office tenant who left this year for more passive income • Increase my income by 25%.

Dallas, TX

My goal for the coming year is to not only survive as a freelance copywriter, but excel. Lord knows I've thought, read, and studied about it long enough ...

Boise, ID

My goal is to finish the AWAI Accelerated Copywriting program and discover my niche.

Bradenton, Florida

For most of my life I’ve dreamed about doing something big – writing the Great American Novel, becoming the next Nora Roberts or (female version of) John Grisham, or perhaps just winning millions of dollars in the lottery and doing great things for a lot of people with the money! But somehow, life just got in the way, and not only have I NOT won millions in the lottery, I haven’t even finished a chapter of my Great American Novel! Along with a hundred other goals I’ve set and not met. But a couple of things happened this year that made me realize that anything is possible. First of all, I quit a job that I’d been in for 18 years – the last 5 or 6 of which were not much fun – and the world didn’t end. AND I found a new job that I really like, and even though the pay is not what I’m used to, I’m much happier now. I purchased the AWAI Copywriting program over a year ago, and started it, but didn’t finish. Now with this new job, I have a little free time during the day to work on it, so I have made the commitme

Midland, TX

I will land my first copywriting assignment with AWAI and take on the $10K challenge!

Saline, MI

Make $1,000,000 while running several business.

McKinney, TX

In 2010 I will surpass our total income with copywriting assignments and brokering joint ventures. By Christmas 2010 I will give my wife the gift of being able to quit her job.

Conshohocken, PA

By providing my professional proofreading service, I’m going to make at least 4 new copywriting clients error free in 2010!

Monroeville, PA

To have at least 1 money-making website operational by Mar 31, 2010 and make minimum $1000/ month passive income by year-end - to have at least 2 travel articles published by year-end

Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada

By the end of 2010, I will earn $500,000. $500,000 is more than a 10-fold increase over my 2009 income. I will give 10 percent of this to charities and causes that make my Community better, including my high school, St. Patrick’s-St. Vincent’s, our Symphony, and our Community Breast Cancer drive. My wife, Teena, is a 7 year survivor of breast cancer. I will take 3 months off to spend more time with my family and friends and to give back to my Community. During this time off, Teena and I will also travel to some special places.

JD Miller
Vallejo, CA

To complete the 6-Figure course by mid-year and to have written a successful sales package for a client within two or three months after that.

Christine Wilson
Elverta, CA

Become a full-time freelance copywriter

Charlotte, North Carolina

FIRST AND FOREMOST - Attend Bootcamp 2010. I've been an AWAI member for about 4 years now and every year I want to go so bad but never manage to pull the funds together. I've made up my mind - this is the year. I WILL finish my Accelerated Copywriting Program by end of June 2010. I WILL participate in the B2B Copywriting Workship in Dec 2009 I WILL attend Nick Usbornes Build a Website program starting January 18, 2010 I WILL begin my Masters Program in 2010 I have been procrastinating and feeling like I can't do this for too long now. I have made the conscious decision that I CAN and WILL do this. It's what I want, I know I can write, now I just have to get out there and do it. Good Luck to Everyone!

Dayton, OH

I am going to make $10,000 a month net working no more than 4 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

Coquitlam, BC

Have my online business create an income of $100,000 per year.

Bellingham, WA

Whatever luster this job ever had, it's gone now. My goal for 2010 is to start making money as a copywriter so I can retire and begin enjoying something of the writer's life.

Jacksonville, Florida

I'll start by completely revamping my website and launching two others by the end of January.

Jermyn, PA

Prepare a cocise, inexpensive marketing plan for a small business

San Carlos, AZ

Launch my own money-making website, part time, marketing my own self-published physical fitness products, courses, and coaching programs while using AWAI- copywriting tips and the Agora-inspired model.

Menominee, MI

I'm will launch my Money Making Website and get at least a Monthly Passive Income of $5,000 dollars by December of 2010. Thanks; Rene'

Isabela, Puerto Rico

Have my website up and running and generate $2500 a month in passive income by using affiliates and offering space to targeted advertisers.

Findlay, Ohio

I'd like to continue to stay home with my two children, one with autism, and help contribute to our family's finances by earning $5,000.00 per month in any combination of the following ventures: 1. Resume writing (bought a cool domain name and have done nothing with it yet); 2. My own internet business(es) (Yep, I've got the names bought and the hosting, too...); 3. Get my Web copywriting business for local clients off the freakin' ground already. 4. Monetize my blog on autism (StimTalk). It's time to stop being a student and make the leap already.

Lake Grove, New York

Get my new business to support me and my passion to travel as well as to become DEBT Free. I want to become a lender and not a borrower. I want to bless other's as I am blessed!!

Robbinsville, NC

My goal in 2010 is to build up my client list so that I'm booked solid, and pay off all of my 'bad' debt.

Los Gatos, CA

I am going to complete at least 2 of the many copywriting courses that I have purchased and I am going to write out a schedule for weekly progress so that I can stay committed and focused on them. On a personal note, I am also going to paint at least 2 rooms in my house and complete at least 2 cross stitch projects.

Evergreen, CO

Having been unemployed for the last year, and previously earning in the mid 30K's, my goal is to complete the Copywriting course as soon as possible, work into some projects, and replace enough of the lost income to give my family a nice vacation which they have not had in over 5 years. I have committed myself to completing this course before February, and my ultimate goal is to begin by doubling the income I used to make. Besides a vacation for my family, my goal is to invest enough of what I make through copywriting so that I can give my beautiful wife of 20+ years a second honeymoon to a secluded beach haven.

Cedar City, UT

My 2010 goal is to land a quality control job with AWAI. The online message content is good but too often has been marred with spelling, spacing and grammar errors. I want to fix that. Because one of the saddest sounds a copywriting education company can hear is the click of a delete key.

Burlington, Wisconsin

My goal for 2010 is to become the go to B2B copywriter in the field of telecommunications. This means that I will complete the AWAI B2B Copywriting course and launch my B2B business, targeting the appropriate businesses in the sector. This also means that in 2010, I will invoice and be paid $75,000 in fees for my first year of B2B writing.

Tucson, Az

I am still going through the material in the 'Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting' but reading the AWAI e-mails and the Golden Thread I am seeing that THE Workshop is the 'occasion' to attend, to help one leap high and far and really an trully move into the six figure earnings bracket, so my Goal for 2010 is to be at the November Workshop.

Bonita Springs, Florida

My primary goal the year 2010 is to complete the AWAI Copywriting Course and have 6 top rate clients which allows me to duplicate my salary, quit my day job and work full-time from home as a copywriter. My ultimate goal is to have the ability to work anywhere in the world and make a positive difference to the lives of people I encounter.

Vancouver, British Columbia

I'm leaving the procrastinating behind: In 2010 I will have a money-making website up and running. Copy-writing success, here I come. Photography is not only enjoyable but profitable too! I WILL be part of the solution!

Edmond, OK

To become a profitable copy writer.

Las Vegas, NV

My personal fitness goal is to restart my four times a week exercise program and lose 35 pounds. My learning goal is to complete the Six-figure Copywriting Program, the COS training and the Web Intensive. My financial goal is to earn at least $2,000 per month writing part time in 2010.

Evie Disbro
Ooltewah, TN

Get out of the maddening rut of living paycheck to paycheck and become the SEO copywriter I know I can be. My family deserves nothing less.

Pompano Beach, FL

My ultimate goal (in the next 3 years) is financial independence, meaning having enough cash flow from my writing business to support the family plus some of the 'little extras': vacation, being able to make a significant contribution to my favorite charities, and so on. My immediate means for doing this in 2010 are: to get my AWAI resume business--which is in its beginning stage--up and running via personal marketing, seminars, and website and blog. Since I know little about internet use, this is already a huge learning curve for me. I've signed up for the Las Vegas March convention, but have set a $ goal I must meet from my resume business before I can afford to go. Workin' and prayin' here! Next in 2010 I want to develop an information product (at least 1; preferably 1 per quarter after testing) for more passive income and look into affiliates and AdWords. Finally, I want to finish my Accelerated Copywriting and develop B2B leads locally, contacting and designing 5 business campaigns to pitch.

Cobb, CA

To complete the Jim Rohn 12 month goal setting program and to finish the Accelerated Copywriting program with AWAI and become a working copywriter.

Divide, CO

For starters, launch two of my own information websites.

Califon, NJ

Finish my Accelerated Copywriting course and get my first clients to begin making an income from writing.

Nicholasville, Kentucky

The goal I am reaching for in 2010 is actually two that go hand-in-hand: to live life traveling the country in an RV and to be debt-free. Wanting to travel and see many parts of the world has always been a dream of mine, and one I keep putting off. This year, I made the decision to do it - no matter what. So, I am begun the process of becoming debt-free while saving funds for the purchase of an RV. It is my hope/wish/desire to have it accomplished by April 2010.

Golden, CO

Become free from anger and derive lots of tolerance and patience.

Sheffield, Yorkshire

My goal is to TRIPLE the number of clients my company had this year. We are a very new company, so I believe this number is possible. It will take a lot of communication with potential clients. Because both the core of my business and the marketing of my business are HEAVILY dependent on my copywriting skills, I have my work cut out for me! I believe I can achieve it! While not all businesses have copywriting at their core as mine does, it has become quite clear to me that almost any REALLY successful business has a great copywriter in there, communicating with their clients.

Chicago, Il

I would like to achieve financial success at working from home in either copy writing or some type of web based business.

Nampa, ID

To make a huge beneficial difference for myself and in the lives of those around me by making an outstanding success of the network marketing business with which I have just got involved.

Vacaville, California

To have two paying clients by the 2010 Bootcamp.

Braintree, Massachusetts

I would like to have a four hour workweek.

Sells, AZ

I would like to achieve a minimum of three paid assignments in 2010. At this point, I can only commit part time to copywriting, so I feel this is a realistic start.

Ocala, Florida

My #1 goal for 2010 is to get out of this 9-5 job and into B2B copywriting full speed! I can't really afford to take the webinar in a week or so, but would love to soon. I'm still working on finishing my practice letter, but that won't stop me from moving ahead. Writing this down is my first step toward the reality of it all.

Raleigh, North Carolina

I would like to get a multi-million dollar deal for a set of children's stories that I have been writing. I will be pitching my stories with a sales letter using the principles I have learned from the six-figure copywriting course to appropriate companies. I would also like to quit my regular day job. At the moment I'm taking the chicken entrepreneur approach.


Stay focused in the now, waste less time working on projects that don't matter that much in the end.

New Albany, OH

I hope to be able to start earning enough to pay off my bills and live comfortably while working from home.

Cambridge, Ontario

Would like to pick up enough business to equal 1/2 of what I am making now (on an annual basis) working at a regular job. Lose 60 pounds by Sept. and be near my ideal weight by the end of the year.

Centreville, VA

Make $3000 - $5000/month as a professional copywriter. That's a 50 - 75% increase in my income as a copywriter right now.

Clarksburg, WV

I want to make enough money in 2010 so that I will be able to not only support myself but pay all on my sister's living expenses while she goes back to school to become a Nurse. I want to be able to give my ex-husband (who is much older than I am) $20, 000.00 a year. And I want to pay for my nephew's college of choice. And pay for my daughter and her husband to take a trip back to his country, Capetown, Africa. And I already know how much money I have to make in 2010 to accomplish all of this.

Louisville, Kentucky

I will earn at least $75k by Dec of 2010 as a working copywriter using the information in the six figure course.

Parker, CO

Stop telling myself that its not achievable. It is. Then finish the Masters Program and the Travel Writing Program, publish at three travel articles, and get at least two paying clients for copywriting.

Billings, Montana

Since there will never be another Nick Usborne or Pam Foster, I'll have to settle for developing myself into a respected authority on web content and usability. I'll try to convince at least a dozen people of that in 2010!

Evansville, IN

  1. Complete, publish and sell an ebook with my mastermind group.
  2. Finish my money making website by March 31st to provide some passive income.
  3. Get 2 more ongoing clients (I have two now but I need 2 more) so I can reach my monthly income goal.
  4. Rank higher than Pete Savage for 1 day on Google. :) We're both on page one, but he's always a couple of spots above me for our keywords.

Phoenix, AZ

I will purchase my dream home in Hawaii.

Seattle, WA

To complete the Accelerated Copywriting course and send it in by January 31st 2010. Get my Resume writing website up by February 2010 and get a money making website up by June 2010. Finally, to attend Bootcamp in November - A goal I have tried to reach for 2 years now! This year is it!! I'm doing it!

Aliso Viejo, California

To go full time with my own business!

Grand Forks, ND

MARK S. will travel to write in 2010 and MARK S. will write to travel in 2010. MARK S. will succeed as a travel writer in 2010 and MARK S. will write about his travel writing success in 2010.

Owensboro, Kentucky

I am going to be a full time paid copywriter in 2010…

Durham, NC

I would like to make $25, 000 in B2B copywriting assignments in 2010.

Fredonia, NY

I will have my resume business website up by 1/31/2010

Pismo Beach, CA

Financial abundance and freedom with the ability to have and do all that is necessary or desired; myself and others.

Barrington, RI

In 2010 I will be a knowledgeable, respected, sought after, successful (6 figure) Online Copywriter.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

2010 is going to be a busy year for me. I want to build six money making websites that will each return $4000 per month by 2012, leaving me free to write my first novel.

Balranald, NSW, Australia

In 2010 I will be a knowledgeable, respected, sought after, successful (6 figure) Online Copywriter.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I will acquire the six-figure income that will allow me to travel internationally.

Yorktown, va

I would like to weigh 135 pounds by this time next year.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Make the leap from full-time Director of Marketing for someone else's company to full-time freelance B2B writer, fiction writer, and marketer for my own information product.

West Orange, NJ

By March have at least two clients; by June quit my 9-5; by December have all my debts paid in full!

Tobyhanna, PA

I live in a small city My goal for 2010 is to be able to educate the business people of this (I repeat small) city on proper marketing. step two of my goal is to do $50, 000 profit in business to business copywriting by Dec. 30th. of 2010, and be to the point that I am able to pay off all my loans and credit cards.

Hopewell, Va.

Change the sign on my balance from minus to plus.

Jeffersonville, IN

I want to boost up my career in 2010, in future it may help me to be a formal socialworker and employ some unemployed and distressed female in my small agricultural farm.

Rangpur, Bangladesh

I want to be able to travel with my wife, not be tied down to an hourly job where my future and income are limited. And to work hard and reap the benefits of hard work instead of my employer being the one enjoying life.

Farmersville, texas

I'd like to generate 10K monthly of residual or passive income from copywriting, after becoming a master at producing super-persuasive copy, that is.

T. Handy
Houston, Texas

I just lost my job and now I've decided I will be a copywriter full time! My goal is to make no less than $100, 000 by December 2010. I already have the business up and running but now am going into full gear! No more retail, thanks!!

Fort Worth, TX

To get my next business (another business)going in 2010.

Salisbury, NC

I have several goals for 2010. 1. To make at least $10, 000/mo online using attraction mktg; 2. Make at least $10, 000/mo through MLM activities, 3. Become a certified coach, and 4. Start a company that gets the expired shelf life food of grocery stores to hungry people in America. Sounds like a lot, but I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Columbus, OH

To finish my first novel and make $ 75, 000 for the year copywriting.

Tustin, Ca

Sell my photos to Online Stock Agencies.

Clarksville, TN

I really have most of the tools I need to succeed already-a bachelor's degree in English, a Masters in Information Technology…and the absolute desire to make my living doing B2B and technical writing. I'm taking AWAI's course in B2B writing in December and I believe it will be the impetus that gives me the push in the right direction toward a career in writing for industry. My goal is to follow the advice of my instructors to launch my writing business and begin getting paid writing assignments within the first month after taking the class. My goal also is to invoice and be paid for $75, 000 in technical and B2B writing assignments my first year of working in my own freelance writing business. Diane B. Tucson, Az.

Tucson, Arizona

My goal for 2010 is to, first, keep a personal fitness schedule that I actually DO every morning. Good health is important to reaching your goals. And then I want to earn at least $1K a month as an autoresponder and web copywriter to show myself that I can really do this.

Simi Valley, California

Feeling confident about my ability to write GREAT copy, consistently.

Seattle, WA

In 2010 I will complete my revisions for the sequel to my YA novel, obtain an agent who will sell the sequel and paperback rights to my first novel.

Vicksburg, Mississippi

I would like to finally get started on the writing courses I have purchased and make a commitment to myself to begin actually writing and creating multiple streams of income.

Lompoc, CA

One of my goals for 2010 is to continue working on a goal that I set aside in 2009 when, between February 7th and October 16th, I lost almost 78 pounds--peeling off the weight day by day, week by week, month by month--until I achieved my desired goal weight. In 2010, beside maintaining my 2009 goal weight, I want to finish AWAI's Acceleratged Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Before I took my little detour and veered off course, I was reading, studying and eagerly working through the writing exercises. I completed the course through Part II, Section 10. I am enthusiastically looking forward to starting Part III, Section 11 and finishing the course. The information is excellent and energizes me allowing me to pursue my passion for writing--even writing about this goal, energizes me. In 2010, I want to work day by day, week by week, month by month pursuing my writing passion and moving closer to being a six-figure copywriter--making 2010 a very good year.

Chandler, AZ

My goal is to get started in writing for income by March and by the end of the year have earned $10, 000 at it.

Ashburn, VA

My goal is to have at least one website up & running.

Gentry, AR

I want to earn 1000 euros per week as a B2B copywriter, while living overseas.

Quebec, QC

My goal for 2010 is to finish AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, write my first copy, earn my first $100K and to become a full-time copywriter, which I strongly believe will lead me to be financially free and live my life my way!

Singapore, Singapore

My interests are in two areas. Finish and sell both ms currently in works. Learn and get three clients in scriptwriting

Milltown, Wisconsin

I want to generate $4, 000 per month with my copywriting and consulting services each month.

Miami, Fl

“I want to be the next Pam Foster! :-) Seriously, I'm setting a big goal for myself. I want to be AWAI's $10K challenge winner in 2010.”

Oviedo, FL

“2010 will be my first six-figure year, created through a combination of active and passive income streams.”

Springfield, OR

“In 2010, I will pay all my bills as a copywriter by invoicing at least $50,000.”

Paicines, CA

“I would like to first start out by saying there are so many goals that I want to accomplish in the year 2010. However, I know that short term goals are the easiest to accomplish, then I can work on my long term goals. The first short term goal I would like to accomplish in the year 2010 is to finish my AWAI accelerated program and write my first control letter. I want my copywriting career to take off the way I would like it to. I know with this I have to put in the time and effort to make this happen. I want to start to build a name for myself in the copywriting industry. This goal I know is acheivable with setting my mind to it.”

Phoenix, Arizona

“Complete the three levels of classes for coaching certification.”

Irvine, CA

“Generate an average of $2000 per month in copywriting business”

Fontana, CA

“I would like to become completely self-sufficient in the fitness and sports field of copywriting so I can start giving a monthly amount to help impoverished entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries to also be self-sufficient.”

Huntington Beach, CA

“To have 4 repeat clients, at least one US based, providing me with enough work to cover my basic living costs.”

Lawrence & Larchmont, NZ & NY

“Complete loan repayment with bank XYZ by 12h00 on Friday, 17 December 2010 (2 years early)”

Kawerau, New Zealand

“I would like to do $35,000 of B2B copywriting business.”

New York, New York

“To go full time with my own business.”

Los Angeles, CA

“Earn money, earn money, and earn some more money.”

anderson, south carolina

“My goal is to get my first paying client and I am going to do it too! Along with finishing the Masters Course.”

Rosamond, California

“I would like to write one direct mail piece that generates $200,000 in sales for our company by April 15, 2010.”

Altamonte Springs, FL

“First year in business as a Freelance Copywriter maing $75K”

Marion, MA

“Have all credit cards paid off by income from Resume writing.”

Sparks, NV

“Going to join the New Rich (Tim Ferriss) and freelance copywriting is the vehicle!”

San Jose, CA

“I want to complete the Masters program and go for the spec assignments until I succeed.”


“I want to earn a monthly six-figure income in 2010.”

Muntinlupa, Metro Manila, Philippines

“My goal for 2010 is to get enough paid web copywriting projects to pay for Web Copy Intensive 2010. It probably will be sold out before I earn the money, but it gives me a goal!”

Stafford, TX

“My goal for 2010 is to finally get my first paid writing assignment by January and my first control under my belt by March.. April through December my goal is to make a steady $2000 or more a month.”

Clendenin, WV

“One goal for 2010 is to work on selling articles with my photography for an emphasis.”

Powder Springs, GA

“In 2010, I want to FINALLY get my freelance copywriting career under way. I started with AWAI several years ago, but a career change due to the economy caused me to put my pursuit of making this a reality on hold. 2010 is the year I want to change all of it, and take back my life.”

McLean, VA

“My goal is to make $100,000 in copywriting fees!”

Los Angeles, CA

“I will complete my second novel and become at least a paid writer before the end of the year.”

Memphis, Tennessee

“Get started and continue on AWAI.”

Brooten, MN

“Begin my copywriting career (part-time) and earn on average $1K per month over the course of the year.”

Los Angeles, CA

“I'd like to publish a novel in 2010. It's the reason I started my own writing business, so I'd have time to focus on my fiction projects. I've written many manuscripts and even had an agent for one but no contracts yet - I need to submit to more publishers. 2010 is the year!”

Longmont, CO

“Our parents are in their late 70s and early 80s and fulfilling the dream to take care of our families will be most satisfying. My goal is to generate enough income to position my wife and me to follow through with our current plans to begin construction on what we affectionately call 'The Family Compound.' Included in the goal is to become totally debt free in the process. Setting aside enough combined income to make our inter-generational home self-sustaining, utilizing the latest in off-the-grid technologies and organic gardening.”

Arlington, Texas

“My main goal for 2010 is to become self-employed as an online business owner,copywriter,or both.”

Branchport, N.Y.

“I want to make it all the way through AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. I bought it this year, but have had fits and starts, and plenty of interruptions. But I'm making a statement that I want to complete the program during calendar year 2010.”

Hanover, PA

“I will state my goal as an experience: 'It's first day of May, 2010. Morning, 6:00. I'm going to take a shower and then plan out my day. I feel joyful to start working - coaching people to achieve their goals. I'm a coach who successfully works with people. I'm earning $ 2000 per month. I have a lot of free time for my passions (reading, learning new things) and I effectively market my services'.”

Almaty, Almaty

“To FINALLY begin my travel writing career by visiting my village of Vitorchiano, Italia, photographing and writing about it.”

sebastopol, california

“I'd like to use the Wordpress Mage software & membership package I just got, to put up a minimum of 1 site every day, & be independent of a job by year's end.”

Delphi, IN

“I'm going to get up a minimum of one Money Making WEB site up. The first will be a travel WEB site focusing on Sedona, AZ ... where I'll be for two weeks starting tomorrow!”

Houston, TX

“I would like to put 6 months of basic expenses into a savings account by July 31st.”

New Westminster, British Columbia

“Make enough money to start trading options again.”

Houston, Texas

“I want to be on AWAI's Wall of Fame by Bootcamp 2010”

Cambria, CA

“To write my American dream Book.”

Lawrenceville, Ga

“I have devised a plan to have both my husband and myself free from the shackles of 'working for the man'. Starting in January, I have scheduled to start a weekly mailing of a sales letter for a new start-up company. Mine. A syndicated newsletter utilizing the experiences and knowledge I have gained through the passed 17 years in the graphic design and training business.”

Pensacola, FL

“Get published!”

Huntington, WV

“The goal I am achieving in 2010 is to earn $4000 a month or better as a copywriter.”

Toronto, Ontario

“To become completely debt free and to be able to pay for my son's college education.”

Kearney, NE

“I'd like to find a second home outside the US. I'm test driving Ecuador in the spring, with the runner up candidates scheduled for summer and fall. Now that I write full-time and don't need to be in one fixed geography, it's time to fulfill some of my other life goals!”

Raleigh, NC

“To complete my book, Selling Success, and to have it published and available on Amazon.”

Saint Paul, MN

“To stay true to myself.”

Seattle, WA

“Get my photography website up and going!”

Taylor, AR

“I wrote Tales of People Who Get It in 2007, which is based on interviews of 34 highly accomplished people. It's a very good book, which I am very proud of but I noticed sections that could be better. I also want to add a new section called Invisible Mentors where 10 unique leaders will be featured. It was my intent to complete it by November 2009, but I didn't write it down and life got in the way. I have interviewed nine of the 10 people but I have to transcribe the interviews and write stories based on the interviews. So my goal for 2010 is the update Tales of People Who Get it by April 1, 2010 and the timeline includes getting it published on”

Toronto, Ontario

“My goal is creating several income streams to replace my full time job.”

Tucumcari, NM

“I got stuck in the middle of the copywriting program when my fiance got sick and left, leaving me with bankruptcy, and foreclosure. My goal is to start over and finish the program!”

Cape Coral, FL

“I have just purchased the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. This purchase was made specifically to address one of my 2010 goals - begin the journey to personal financial independence. In 2010 I want to step out of my comfort zone. By March I want to earn my first check through copywriting. By June I want to start to see some regular income as my current job does not extend through the summer. With earned income, I would like to invest in further copywriting training. By the end of 2010, I will be earning an income of $2,500/month through copywriting . . . at a minimum.”

Lethbridge, Alberta

“Would like to expand my part-time marketing consulting biz to full-time and not have to work for anyone but myself ever again!!!”

Cedar Rapids, IA

“Create multiple income streams with the overall purpose of reducing debt.”

Cypress, Texas

“To become a six figure freelance copywriter working in the self help and B2B fields.”

Flowery Branch, Georgia

“I want to earn my wife's respect once more. Due to my own negative self-talk I became my greatest enemy. I stated I would do something and 'something' always came up to stop me. Example: 'I will be a copywriter this year.' She believed me. This was three years ago and she's still 'waiting' for me to do something. Therefore, before all my friends in AWAI, I state that I WILL earn my wife's respect once more, even if it kills me.”

San Juan, Puerto Rico

“To send in a completed copy of my practice letter which has been 2 years in the making.”

Peoria, AZ

“I'd like to have a tracking article published in a major magazine (paying), complete with photos I've taken in the field.”

Duvall, WA

“I would like to get paid for writing something.”

Newark, CA

“My goal is to earn enough money by copywriting to pay my way to the Web Copywriting Workshop in Las Vegas, NV.”

Berkshire, New York

“I would like to launch my web content writing website as well as work on creating some money-making websites that I have been 'sitting on' for a couple of years now. So far, I've enrolled in the Internet Money Club, and am very anxious to get started. My ultimate goal is to make at least $60K for 2010.”

Huntington Beach, CA

“To submit my completed practice letter which has been 2 years in the making.”

Peoria, AZ

“I will have an income of $125,000 by the close of 2010.”

Chesterfield, New Jersey

“I am helping raise money for a small pet rescue group in the Antelope Valley in California. It's in a very poverty stricken area with drug labs all around. Animals are abandoned in the desert and left to die or be attacked by wildlife. My goal is to write a cookbook. I know every non-profit does this, but I have a few ideas I haven't seen before.”

Altadena, CA

“Land a new client by 1/31/2010.”

West Lafayette, IN

“My goal in 2010 is to avoid misdating my personal checks with '2009' and to build my direct response radio advertising business income to $200,000,00 annually.”

Glendale, CA

“As of July 1, 2010, I want to be able to gain at least a gross revenue monthly of $1 000 from my skills and promotion as a B2B copywriter.”

Ottawa, Ontario

“I want to become a professional phothographer. My first goal for 2010 is to complete the Turn Your Photos Into Cash, and actually sell some pictures.”

Lakeland, FL

“Completely revamp my website to be ecommerce friendly and making a minimum of $3000.00 of sales through the site.”

Fort Worth, TX

“I will have regularly published articles in the web for my Mega Red Packet reseller and franchise websites, as well as my PlugInProfitSite.”

Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila, Philippines

“I have 5: 1) To work through, and finish, the Graphic Design Success program I purchased in September of 09. I got through a few of the lessons, but I want to finish the course! 2)I'm a graphic and web designer by trade and I also happen to teach a Flash class part time; my next goal is to prepare my Actionscript class by updating all the code for the Spring semester! 3)I want to become more active in local government 4)I want to knock off a few more pounds and hit my goal weight of 185....AND STAY THERE! 5)I want to consistently hit 50-60 miles per week on my bicycle...because I'd love to do one of the cycle events for charity”

Willow Springs, NC

“My goal for 2010 is to finish my money-making website,!”

Jacksonville Beach, FL

“I want to get into B2B field. So, one of my goals for 2010 is to finish Steve Slaunwhite's 'Secret of Writing High Performance B2B Copy' program.”

Falls Church, Virginia

“financial freedom”

Norco, CA

“I would like to finish my Six Figure Copywriting course and begin to make money with my new found skill from home.”

Lumberton, North carolina

“Take my resume-writing career 'live' in January 2010. Earn at least $1000/month writing resumes part time by March 31, 2010.”

San Leandro, CA

“I've spent over a decade in the corporate world, and never had the guts to jump off into freelancing; never thought I could afford it. But a danger in corporate life is downsizedness - an affliction with which I am now quite familiar. I'd like to, for 2010, replace the former corporate paycheck without spending the former corporate hours to get it. To spend time with my family and with *me*!”

Delray Beach, FL

“In 2010 I would like to launch my own freelance copywriting business.”

Lumberton, NJ

“Commit time to become master copywriter and make first professional dollar as a copywriter.”

Superior Township, Michigan

“Reach $2000 per month revenue part-time as a combination of copywriting projects and passive website income.”

Warminster, PA

“To have my B2B copywriting business, up, running and making a specified profit by June 1, 2010.”

St. Paul, MN

“I'd like to finish my halfway-complete novel and get it successfully published via self-publishing or e-publishing.”

Eagan, MN

“I'd like to get one children's story publshed in a magazine.”

Strasburg, VA

“Start writing articles in local community papers and Set up resume writing business.”


“My goal is to become a copy writer in 2010. I can't write that well and i fear this a little,in my mind something is still saying i can do this with a little help and i do know once i get the right mentor i will suceed.”

Detroit, MI

“Publish my first book.”

Mountlake Terrace, Washington

“One of my goals for 2010 is to earn enough writing this year for a trip to Ireland.”

Inglewood, CA

“Get rid of $75k credit card debt”

Matthews, NC

“I'd like to get a photo website up. I'd like to buy a home. I'd like to make at least 25% of my income from photography. Gotta start somewhere!”

“Create my first ever affiliate website on a subject I enjoy but not related to my job.”

Calgary, AB

“I would like to win the Newberry Medal for YA fiction.”

La Crosse, Wisconsin

“My goal is to have at least one money making website up and running and generating income.”

Brooklyn, New York

“Write my second book - 'Autobiography,' together with copywriting assignments.”

Mary M
North Port, Florida

“My number one goal for 2010 is to replace the income from, and bid a fond adieu to, the one client who provides 30% of my monthly gross and 70% of my daily stress!”

Mountain View, CA

“By fall, when my daughter begins kindergarten, I would like to have enough clients (B2B, fundraising, grant writing) to be able to work part-time at home again so I can put her on the bus and be there when she gets home.”

Grand Rapids, Michigan

“One of my main goals for 2010 is getting my copywriting business up and going and getting my first client.”

Kingsland, Arkansas

“I would love to accomplish becoming a successful stock photographer. Just bought me a reasonably priced 10 mega pixel point and shoot. I am hoping this will get me going and pay for its second payment, due monthly :) Then, When I make it big, I will purchase a professional SDL. My dream.”

Bellingham, WA

“Get 3 new copywriting clients during the year.”

Wheaton, IL

“To obtain my first B2B assignment.”

Lexington, Virginia

“I would really love to be able to achieve my goal of working from home and become financially independent. I've always wanted this, and only now if I complete the copywriter course I wiil be able to attain my goal.”

Omaha, NE

“To become a six figure copywriter by the end of 2010!”

Spring, TX

“I have three solid website ideas that I would like to take action on and actually get them finished and live on the internet. My goal is to then develop each site (one at a time so I can focus and do a quality job) by adding great content, writing and posting articles, and starting a list of opt-ins. The list of to-do's for developing a successful website seems endless, but my goal is to focus on the step by step process of getting it accomplished so that I actually take action and don't succumb to overwhelm and inaction!!”

Dallas, TX

“Learn the skills and methods of copywriting and start doing paying projects.”

Lebanon, ga

“My goal is to create a B2B copywriting business and supplement that with some resume writing. My goal is to make 60K my first year and lay the foundation of an extremely successful business for years to come”

Ft. Myers Beach, Fl

“Among other goals, I want to make my first dollar as a travel writer and photographer!”

Palmer, Alaska

“I would like to increase my clients by 50%.”

Crestline, OH

“I am setting a goal for 2010 to be pursuing some form of copywriting, whether direct, B2B or web and finally take my back my financial freedom. To give my family more of my time and attention.”

American Fork, Utah

“To earn enough money as a resume writer to take my two daughters, ages 15 and 12, to Disney World in Florida for the very first time.”

Kansas City, KS

“I would like to complete a small direct mail test for a information marketing product that my business partner and I have created. In addition, I want to develop and market a back-end offer at the same time. I have like to accomplish this goal by May, 2010.”

Rowlett, TX

“I'm going to get my first paying client in 2010.”

Farmersville, TX

“I want to finish reading the material and then decide if this is actually something I can do. It is a bit intimidating to me. Thanks. :)”

Burlington, Iowa

“I would like to become financial independent by providing value added services to my clients.”

Chandigarh, Punjab

“MY gold for 2010 to be diat free Moor money 500.000.00 in bank account.A New home 2 new car new boat. Work for myself at my home 4bedr 3bt 2gaur,big car new BMG2010.”

Greensboro, NC

“In 2010, I'd like to replace the income I lost when my teaching job was eliminated this school year. It has been my goal for the last few years to develop my own online business. I always said that I never had enough time or brain cells left over at the end of every week to really be able to do that. Now that my job is out of the way (hooray!!) I'm pursuing that goal wholeheartedly! At a minimum, I want to be making $10,000 a month.”

Concord, CA

“I need a kidney transplant so I have a goal to find a kidney donor. One more in tune with AWAI is to build my business consulting company that I will be starting in Feb to book 3000 a month in steady copywriting and DM consulting by June, then scale the business to feed off of the needs of clients, then focus on that to develop an income of 50,000+ by the 18 month point. This all depends upon getting a new kidney. If I remain on dialysis during these 18 months, I expect to do half of my goal only because of the time I lose in dialysis treatments. Thank-you All!”

Maple Lake, Minnesota

“In 2010 I will earn over $50,000 from my freelance copywriting business.”

Sydney, NSW

“I would like a house. Nothing fancy, just something decent, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I've had a couple of houses that I bought with both ex-husbands. But they got the houses while I got the kids. Of course I wouldn't change the kid part, but I have given up on buying a home. I don't make enough to qualify and the prices keep going up. So that's what I would like, a little house.”

Vancouver, Canada

“My goal for 2010 is to break the six-figure mark, specifically $103,400. That means making $440/day, 5 days/week, for 47 weeks (a writer needs rejuvenative vacation time, right?) More importantly, I call January 1-March 31 the 'sprint', so I'm going to make $25,850 during the first quarter. The clock is ticking...”

Verona, WI

“Develop and publish a hobby website - a fundraising portal for non-profit organizations - and have it throwing off $1000/month to me.”

Redwood City, CA

“To have up and running an online sustainability magazine”

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

“My main goal for 2010 is to finish revising my novel and then find a literary agent to represent me and/or find a major publisher to buy my manuscript. A related goal is to have a lucrative part-time B2B copywriting business that allows me to focus on my fiction.”

Portland, Oregon

“To write and publish my book in the field of self development, concerning the use of habit development, and how creating habits for accomplishment also use the old methods of addressing the powers of 'the Universe' to assist in the bringing of circumstances, people, and self together to make it all happen.”

Wichita, KS

“I'd like to get get my first B2B job through online marketing and earn a total of $12,000 working part-time. I presently teach English in S.Korea and my next contract starts on Dec 13, 2009, and ends Dec 14, 2010. If I can accomplish the aforementioned goal, I'll be set to ramp up my efforts, move to some beautiful foreign country and continue to build my net-based copywriting business.”

Daegu, S.Korea, (Clovis, NM)

“My goal for 2010 is to be consistent with marketing my copywriting business; thus, resulting in a steady stream of jobs that would allow me to eventually become a full time freelance copywriter.”

Oakland, CA

“earn 1 million dollars”

Phoenix, AZ

“After having been laid off since 2 days before Thanksgiving last year, my goal for 2010 is to (finally) pursue my lifelong dream of being a successful freelance writer. I believe my association with AWAI will help me fulfill this goal. :-)”

Wichita, Kansas

“To acquire 10 new writing assignments for a minimum income of $25,000.”

Raymond Terrace, New South Wales

“I want to teach my boys to speak English.”

Soren Gade
Zurich, Switzerland

“I would like to - I will - make one concrete step toward becoming a professional copywriter in each month of 2010: make 30 cold calls, learn one new skill, create a spec or mock piece.”

Fairview Heights, Illinois

“The goal I would like to achieve for 2010 is to make the complete transformation from a 9-5 job with little promotion prospects to a career of internet copywriting and other compensatory writing disciplines where my success is potentially unlimited.”

Dallas, TX

“ I will mount my copywriting Web site early in 2010 ”

Aguanga, California



“I'm going to earn $1500 a month through my website and my resume business combined... enough to get off of welfare and possibly to quit one or more of my 4 merchandising jobs.”

Stockton, CA

“I want to have sent out my first self promotional package to a select self help publishers by January 30, 2010.”

Onset, MA

“I would like to be financially self-sufficient by June of 2010.”

White Rock, BC,Canada

“Twofold: sell 2 luxury homes/month and have my internet niche marketing sites become profitable with passive income of $10k/month by year's end.”

Kissimmee, Florida

“I would like to finally complete my Resume program and begin a resume services business!”

Glenpool, OK

“Finish my copywriting course and start selling my services.”

Hendersonville, NC

“I want to achieve the goals of becoming a full time copywriter, earn £25,000 and spend four weeks in Spain, all in 2010!”

Southampton, England,

“My goal is to expand my current nutrition and stress management business. I will successfully offer my skills as a health copywriter to other businesses. My goal is to write 4-6 articles per month. I have such a passion to teach and inspire.”

Alamogordo, New Mexico

“My goal in 2010 is to grow to be the best copywriter that I can possible become to the extend that one of my copies get selected to be added to the AWAI's Hall of Fame book. An awesome, breathtaking and achievable goal worthy of my time and 1000% effort.”

Doral, FL

“I want to get my website up and running!”

Evanston, Illinois

“To develop three clients who pay well for services and have enough work to keep me busy full time . . . :)”

Huber Heights, Ohio

“The goal I'd like to acheive in 2010 is to complete AWAIís 'Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting' course and begin a successful career in copywriting.”

West Melbourne, Florida

“That's an easy one. I just ordered the AWAI Masters program. My goal for 2010 is to start and finish the Masters program!”

Hudson Falls, NY

“Complete the Michael Masterton course on accelerated programme for six figure copywriting”

Rotherham, United Kingdom

“Landing a client in the fundraising niche. It's where my heart lies, although in the market today, there's an even bigger challenge in getting people to donate to causes I love!”

Malad, Idaho

“After a couple of years of procrastinating my goal in 2010 is to complete the six-figure copywriting program and completing at least 1 paying assignment by the end of the year.”

Reynard Douglas
Port Allen, LA

“My main goal for 2010 is to do the work and complete my 3 main projects that I have set for myself. That may seem incongruent but I don't think so. In the past I have set goals and not completed them. This year I will complete the Copywriters Course, complete Early To Rise's new Internet Money Club, and Rich Dad's Real Estate Investment training. I have decided to prusue these 3 paths for diversified income streams. I am taking a year off (which I can't afford) to accomplish this. By taking time off I am hoping the necessity of making an income will force me to stick with my goal. Wish me luck”

Enfield, NS

“I would like to start and run several money-making web sites. I'd like to include blogging, advertisements and money-making links.”

Stouffville, Ontario

“I would like to earn $20,000 from coywriting in 2010.”

Overland Park, KS

“Attend Boot Camp and earn $25,000 as a part-time freelance copywriter.”

New Port Richey, FL

“Where to start, there is so much I need to do: *Launch my copywriting career, Earn my first five-figures (we have to be reasonable), *Launch my website-goes with the career, *Market myself by ALL means possible. I would say that is not a bad start...”

Clermont Ferrand, Puy du Dome, France

“I will achieve the goal of obtaining 2 copywriting assignments, one for pay and one for a cause I support, by completing the entire AWAI Copywriting course entitled: Accelerated Program for 6 Figure Copywriting.”

Olin, North Carolina

“One of my goals is to attend Bootcamp for the first time since becoming a member of AWAI.”

Lincoln Park, Michigan

“My goal is to finish the Graphic Design course and start my own business as a freelance Graphic Designer!! Can't wait!”

Benton, Kentucky

“I would like to become an in demand 6 figure copywriter this year. I would like to achieve this by becoming a successful B2B copywriter.”

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Become a half-time B2B Freelance Copywriter”

Syracuse, UT

“Two years ago, I bought your 'Accelerated Program For Six Figure Coypwriting'. In those two years I have not been able to complete the course. So no more procrastinating! This will be the year that I get serious and complete the course and begin my career in copywriting.”

Elgin, TX

“Add 3 new copywriting clients each quarter in 2010.”

Tillson, NY

“My goal for 2010 is to focus on writing my info packet and to land my first paid copywriting assignment.”

Pennsauken, New Jersey

“Generate $500 a month in affiliate / adsense commissions through my websites.”

Mokena, IL

“I would like to see the direct mail letter I wrote for Nick Usborne's online copywriting course be produced and become a successful control.”

North Brunswick, NJ

“Finally started my novel -- now the challenge will be to get back the momentum after the holidays and finish the first draft. So 2010 goal in its entirety -- finish novel first draft and do at least three rewrites to make it presentable.”


“Increase income by $60,000”

Marshall, TX

“First my Accelerated Program for Copywriting and contract my first assisgnment for a fee $2500.00 minimum.”

Colorado Springs, CO

“Be working in the perfect job”

Gananoque, ON

“Break into the B2B market, and become a six-figure copywriter. Hey - enough is enough! The time is NOW...”

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Finish my resume writing ebook.”

Yulee, FL

“Now that the hernated disk in my back is pain free, my New Year Goals are to pick up on the Copywriting studing and writing that I was doing prior to Jan of this 'old' year. I will finish the Masters Program and land some great copywriting assignments. Half of achieving any goal is to know what you want and to take steps towards it every single day.”

Denton, TX

“My goal for 2010 is to double the number of clients I have every quarter!”

Cold Spring, MN

“Become a professional copywriter/graphic designer and be highly sought after by clients!”

Lawrence, Kansas

“Finish the AWAI Six-Figure Copywriting Course.”

Grand Rapids, MI

“Get out of debt. Credit card debt”

Mauldin, South Carolina

“I want o create a company that collaborates with all the companies that manufacture goods, that wind up on grocery shelves in America,to pay for every recyclable package we can get off the streets of America, for recycling.”

Grand Blanc, Mi

“Complete the launch of the resume writing business my wife and I want to start. For me personally, determine if B2B copywriting is for me. I am currently a tech writer/instructor for a large company but would rather work for myself if my skills would transfer to B2B copywriting.”

Rosendale, WI

“My goal for 2010 is to earn $60,000 from B2B copywriting by Dec. 1.”

Chanhassen, MN

“I would like to achieve my life long dream of becoming a Writer/Author. I would like to help people better themselves so that they can live happier everyday of their lives.”

Edison, New Jersey

“Buy a house”

Sacramento, CA

“Become debt free.”

Littleton, CO

“Complete AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and start generating a six-figure income.”

Baltimore, MD

“Get my copywriting business started and flourishing. Launch 3 income-augmenting websites for personal interests. Successfully refurbish and rent a newly-purchased house.”

Toronto, Ontario

“My goal is to make enough (working part-time) to replace my current full-time salary.”

Alexander, AR

“My goal for 2010. Change my approach to writing and gathering information for my projects. The same way you change things in your life. Change my way of thinking with my writing. Allow myself to shift my thoughts from a fear of being overwhelmed or a sense of defeat into a sense of curiosity, a sense of wonder. To find my ìrhythm of successî. Capitalize on my strengths, minimize my weaknesses, and meet the core needs to help me succeed. To measure my degree of desireÖnothing will be altered unless I am prepared to open my mind to the possibilities. Knowing that with diligence, and some proven smart direction, that I can become a very accomplished writer. Understanding that the time it takes to achieve my goal is necessary research for servicing my most valuable client. Myself, who could be more important?”

Ruidoso, New Mexico

“I am going to become a dreamer in 2010 and have the courage to follow and allow my dreams to come true and then repeat the process with new dreams!”

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I want to be making 50% of my husband's salary by the end of 2010.”

N. Little Rock, AR

“I will start my copywriting business with a focus on case studies and blog writing in 2010. It's time for me to stop reading, researching and wishing and start 'do'-ing.”

Bethesda, MD

“My goal in 2010 is to find enough time to become a good copywriter. Working full time leaves little spare time so my goal is to focus on learning everything I can about copywriting and having the opportunity to have a new and exciting career.”

Tucson, AZ

“I want to create my website and newsletter about big game hunting in the Southwest, and beging selling products and maybe advertising space in the website and newsletter.”

Decatur, GA

“Turn my learning into earning! I've been so fortunate to have found great places to learn (like AWAI) and now it's time to put all that to good use. I'll be collaborating with some of the great writers I've met (through AWAI) and together we will build effective web writing services for clients, plus put some dough in our pockets! It's a great feeling to give myself permission to really go for it!”

Carrollton, TX

“I have two goals: 1. Establish my website and newsletter about big game hunting in the Southwest. I plan to sell products and ad space through the site and the newsletter. 2. I want to begin my copywriting career. I want to earn at least two accounts this year.”

Decatur, GA

“To publish our digital magazine by the end of the first quarter of 2010.”

Wellington, FL

“To get published in 2010.”

Defiance, Ohio

“I would like my new book, It's Never Too Early, But It Can Be Too Late, which will be published shortly after the first of the year be an astounding success. My goal therefore in 2010 is to do all I can to promote this book.”

Prescott, AZ

“To be generating a steady income from my own business that allows me the freedom to do the business from anywhere in the world.”

Medical Lake, WA

“To be a SUCCESS!!”

Elizabethtown, KY

“Get 5 new clients for my B2B business”

Fontana, California

“I intend to make at least $30,000 in 2010 by establishing and growing my own resume business. It's been my goal to have my own business since I was very young, and I've let my confidence block any progress. This is going to be my year!”

Cranston, RI

“I want to get my consulting business off the ground and sign up my first client by the end of January and book my first (paid) speaking event by the end of March!”

Pittsford, NY

“My goal for 2010 is to build my spare time business email list to over 10,000 names.”

Reading, Pennsylvania

“Finish the AWAI Accelerated Copywriting Course! I ordered it 5 years ago got 85% of the way through, then found the AWAI Graphic Design course which I pursued instead (and have made it the cornerstone of my business since 2007). But I'd like to go back and finish the Copywriting course, to expand my client offerings. I've begun re-reading the installments, and I really do want to finish and hand in the 'Live' assignment at long last! (And the followup goal? Attend next year's Bootcamp -- I went in 2005 and 2006, but it's time to return in 2010.)”

Watertown, MN

“I want to submit my children's picture book to at least one potential publisher.”

Ronda Payne
Maple Ridge, British Columbia (Canada)

“I want to retire as a litigation paralegal and work full-time as a freelance B2B copywriter.”

Peoria, Arizona

“One of my goals for 2010 is to become a sufficiently accomplished copywriter enabling me to write sales letters resulting in my first $10,000 income from online marketing.”

Lakewood, New Jersey

“I would like to be sufficiently busy that I have to pay taxes next year.”

Nathrop, CO

“I will achieve $1000 a month in the first 10 months of my new resume writing business.”

ault, co

“Establishing and operating my own writing services company is a goal I would like to achieve in 2010.”

White Plains, MD

“I am certain to launch my internet startup that's positioned to serve massive amounts of people with a simple but essential service..My goal is to launch this web site by March 2010 and also create many well written landing pages to bring in targeted traffic using some good copywriters I met at the recent InfoMktg Bootcamp.”

Fremont, CA

“I would like to make $10,000.00 net (USD) each and every month beginning in January, 2010.”

Snellbille, Georgia

“To finish the six-figuer copywriting course in 2010, and start making money,,big money..”

Fontana, California

“Be a successful copywriter representing AWAI for its support to overcome hurdles.”

New York, New York

“My goal is to grow my side business to the point where I can go full time and leave by corporate cube by 12/31/2010!!!”

Dayton, OH

“I would like to achieve, a long time dream of mine. To have a Grandmother House. A place my Granddaughter can come to and live - love- learn . Grow to Know.”

Atascadero, California

“Get published. I've written a very god piece on the new River Walk Extension in San Antonio. I've submitted to a few of what I thought might be good publications for this type of piece with no favorable results. Also have a good adventure story.”

Wichita, KS

“To create and market a niche tour that melds travel with instruction in plein aire painting and art appreciation that will generate enough profit to pay for my trip and finance my painting habit for the year.”

Portage, OH

“I would like to be able to quit my part time job.”

Houston, Texas

“I intend to make at least $50,000 writing B2B copy. I also intend to add ebooks to my accomplishments and sell them from my website.”

Brogue, PA

“Put in place the necessary plans to begin my first novel and really concentrate on getting my copywriting business up and running”

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

“Financially debt free enough money so wife can stop working lean and muscular physique”

Billings, MT

“I would like to establish a working relationship with at least two health-related organizations as their business to business Medical Copywriting Specialist. Toward that goal, I am in the process of setting up a marketing campaign.”

Greene, New York

“First, I will publish the Web Tour Guide that I already wrote but have not yet submitted for approval. Then I will become a certified cruise counsellor. Between booking and guiding cruise tours, and writing about the cruises and their destinations, I will be able to 1)retire from my day job; 2)live in retirement, and 3)fund my retirement, all in one fell swoop!”

Honolulu, HI

“I would like to take major steps to market myself and expand my services from strictly resume writing to online copywriting after I complete Nick's program.”

Downers Grove, IL

“I'm moving into my own spacious and beautiful new home!”

Pasco, WA

“My goal is to make as much at copywriting as I made at the job I was laid off from, before they may be calling me back in spring.”

Pittsburgh, PA

“I want to get something published, so I can feel that I can call myself a writer legitimately.”

Courtenay, British Columbia

“I will launch my B2B copywriting business by - completing my self-promo letter (I'm close) - writing two relevant reports - creating a Website - posting my self-promo letter, two free downloadable reports, and seven writing samples to my Website - contacting prospects relentlessly, seeking that first client whom I will spoil with the best of my energy and creativity!”

Milan, Michigan

“After to many starts and stops, my 2010 goal is to complete the AWAI Copywriting Program by March 2010, have 5 copywriting clients by September 2010, attend the AWAI Bootcamp in October 2010 and be recognized as a rising Copywriting Star.”

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

“PEACE. World peace would be great, but I'll be happy with peace in my home and my head. Transfer to a safer place. Get an article and a photo or two published. Pay off some bills, be out of debt by the end of the year. Find a doctor that will really listen to me. Be a better correspondant. Nothing too lofty in my desires for 2010. Happiness and peace will do just fine, thank you!”

San Pedro, CA

“Hi, I'm a writer at an advertising agency. It's hard for me to write all day, and then write some more on the evenings and weekends. Kind of a bus man's holiday... I would like to write one article each month in 2010. And I'd like to send out 3 queries per month. I think this would help me stay on course throughout the year, nice and steady progress.”

Milwaukee, WI

“My goal for 2010 is to complete Year One of Circle of Success and use what I learn to help my clients achieve their goals for the year! Here's to a full writing schedule for the coming year!”

Livingston, Texas

“By the end of the year I would like to have earned an annual income of $40,000. To achieve this, I have enrolled in the following AWAI programs: Accelerated Copywriting, Freelance Writing Success, Masters Program, and Bootcamp-in-Your-Home. I'm also eyeing programs such as B2B, Website Copywriting and SEO. I plan first to build my foundation and credibility by reading and learning from AWAI's great copywrite leaders, working on actual assignments provided by AWAI, get feedbacks and learn from mistakes, move forward in this journey and try not to look back until I reach my goal! And when I reach that goal, set an even higher more challenging goal next time. Along the way, I wish to be able to help others, to lift them up too along their journeys.”

El Monte, Ca.

“I will double my income in 2010”

philadelphia, PA

“One goal is to make $ 507.00 in copywriting fees so I can rub my husbands nose in it.”

Nashville, Arkansas

“1. T0 put aside the things that interfere with my goals. 2. get 100 travel articles published and at least 5 major publications. 3. To write a book I have been 'Thinking' about and self publish it and sell it online. 4. To land 5 new copywriting clients. 5. To complete a 12 month e-zine series with additional specials. 6. All this to establish myself as a full time writer.”

Victorville, Ca

“Write my 2nd book”

Freeport, ME

“I would like to be earning a full time income working part time hours with multiple streams of income from coaching, internet marketing and residually from books.”


“I will stop working 20 hour days in my present business and start making more money in copy writing than I do from Barrett Adventures.”

Barrett Town, St. James, Jamaica

“Break into copywriting and earn more than $100,000 in my first year!”

Boynton Beach, FL

“To earn more from my writing fees than from my software, database and website skills.”

Garland, TX

“I will bring in one new, long-term client to manage their PR and marketing activities by the end of January 2010.”

Redondo Beach, CA

“I would like to get my Web site up and running and bringing in a nice monthly income. I want to incorporate the direct mail, copywriting and design skills I am learning through AWAI to help achieve this goal. I expect to have the site up by the beginning of next year and my marketing goals are to start for the new year.”

Charlotte, NC

“I intend to ride a motorcycle from sea to shining sea (Atlantic to Pacific), on a 2-week cross country boondoggle. This will by my gift to me for finally breaking out of a job and breaking into freelance freedom.”

Roanoke, VA

“In 2010 I want to create sources of passive income to support my growing freelance writing business. To this end, my goal is to create two money-making websites by mid-2010 and have them producing passive income before the end of the year.”

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“For 2010, my 'financial goal' is to achieve a steady ONLINE income of $3,000 per month by 31 Dec 2010.”

Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

“12 Client Projects”

New York, NY

“To set up a mentoring centre for children 9-14, training them to become enterpreneurs.”

Jos, Plateau State

“I have so many good ideas for articles, but have never submitted them. (fear?) My goal is to get 5 articles published next year.”

Brockville, Onatrio, Canada

“Put my 'Big Idea' into motion by creating a very profitable and valuable online information marketing business by becoming a master marketer through the use of the sales copywriting skills I am developing by studying Michael Masterson, Gary Bencivenga, and AWAI.”

Maryville, Illinois

“My goal is to finally launch my copywriting business and make at least $40,000, enough to leave my current job.”

Portland, OR

“In 2010, as a 70 year lady still teaching in thePublic Schools, my goal is to stay healthy and keep on teaching.”

Pikeville, NC

“Publish my Family Management Education Manual in order to mentor and teach in Neighborhood Learning Centers, so women can become supported in the primary job of nurturing families who provide the foundation of our economic future.”

Orinda, CAlifornia

“My goal is pretty bold but quite possible to achieve. Simply put, I'm planning to make a million dollars in 2010 and give 10% of it back to the community. I have a very specific plan on how I'll do this, and it involves helping many people thrive this coming year! Stay tuned. :-)”

Eugene, Oregon

“Writing a Book and Having It Published.”

Nassau, Bahamas

“I want to truly live, love, breathe, and deliver my proofreading business, Word By Word Writing Services.”

West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“I would like to have a minimum of 50 photographies accepted by July, for sale by a photostock website.”

Liberty Hill, TX

“It is not only my intension to attempt to finish all my lessons but, to be on my own, in business as a B2B copywriter. I have a fishing boat to build with my son in Montana. As well as see my grandkids. I will work my business fron there. Successfully.”

Ashland, Oregon

“I would like to complete the Accelerated Copywriter's course and earn more than $60,000.00 befor ethe end of the year. If I can do that, I will retire from government service and begin my new career.”

Clint, Texas

“Double revenue to $300,000 per month in our electronics recycling business--Recycletronics (”

Marietta, GA

“To have a smooth running internet business which earns my 2009 annual income each and every month in 2010.”

Orlando, Florida

“Call be ambiticious but I have three Big Goals for 2010. My mentors call it THINK BIG. Set a goal and then double or triple it. So... Here goes ! Goal # 1 Complete a fully functional multimedia freelance copywriters website. Goal # 2 Become a Mexican Citizen (No I don't have to give up my US Citizenship to do it.) Goal # 3 To JV with a new personally trained and mentored Exclusive Buyer's Only Realtor here in Mexico to free up my time to focus on Freelance Copywriting Services”

Chapala, Jalisco, MEXICO

“Officially named: B2B Copywriter - Graphic Designer - Copywriter P-E-R-I-O-D”

Billings, MT

“I will be a self-published author in 2010. I'm writing a book that has the potential to help millions of people and I am grateful for the opportunity.”

Kansas City, MO

“In 2010 I would like to create multiple income streams”

Springdale, Maryland

“My goals for the upcoming year are to complete 'The Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting and attend Bootcamp next November, where I intend to land a couple of paying gigs. In the meantime, I am going to work on building my portfolio and supplementing my current income with at least two catalog copywriting jobs. By 2012, I intend to make the switch from full time National Account Manager to full time freelance copywriter! Since the economic downturn, my company has had to cut back in Marketing (they let our only Marketing person go last June). Since then, I have stepped up to the plate and created three direct mail and e-mail pieces that have had very favorable response rates. I had a ball creating those pieces in the evenings and on weekends, and have realized this is definitely something I want to do for a living! Before I stumbled upon AWAI, I never realized people could actually make a living writing copy, let alone a six figure income. Thank you AWAI...I know I'm on my way!!”

Jefferson, Georgia

“I joined AWAI back in 2005. Four years later I have still not gotten off my duff. I have written a few things and published a few articles, but really have not made the effort to break into this career full time. 2010 is going to be different. I am setting a goal to get my resume writing business up and running. My goal is to create enough income by the end of 2010 to sustain my current lifestyle.”

Tucson, AZ

“Learn German.”

Nyack, New York

“Establish my new Web Copy Business with great support of AWAI__COS”

Dr. Hugh
Fruitland Park, Florida

“I would like to earn enough money so that I can work no more than 20 hours per week, pay the bills, save, and travel!”

Chicago, IL

“To have a minimum of 5 paying writing projects each month This will mean an income of at least $4000 per month - $48,000 for the year. This will be a huge step forward in my development as a copy writer and will make me feel terrific!”

Suzanne Elliott
Santa Cruz, CA

“I would like to be a home-based, independent writer making at least a six figure income every 6 months.”

Saint Louis, MO

“I will earn $100,000 on 2010 with my copywriting talents.”

San Jose, CA

“Sell one photo per month.”

Dallas, Pennsylvania

“I would like to finish my novel and find an agent.”

Briarcliff Manor, New York

“My goal for 2010 is to crack that 'magical' 6-figures a year compensation from my copywriting skills!”

Houston, Texas

“My goal for 2010: I am grateful to have 3 ghostwriting clients, 5 regular online content clients, and 1 major project client in 2010, which gives me a net income of $175,000 (or 9,760 euros a month.) Oh... and I'm also happy to be traveling to the eastern U.S., Bulgaria, London, Dusseldorf and Paris this year... And for writing a regular syndicated travel column, getting paid for every travel article I write and having my radio show take off and being the 'next big thing'... And finishing my book about how to get publicity now... Wow - what a great year this is!”

Toulon, France

“I would like to create an online business that sells an e-Book and audio CD to help others promote themselves on social networking sites.”

Naperville, IL

“It may not seem like a big goal, but I am disabled and unable to work very much. My goal is to earn $900 per month using my writing and researching skills.”

Livingston, TX

“Losing as much as 135lbs. as I can safely & stay healthy.”

Wood Village, Oregon

“I would like to work in a field that I simply love and get paid extremely well on a continual basis. I strongly desire to get out of debt. Move into a house. Start gardening. Get married. Get pregnant. Love more, Live more, and Do more for others...”

Chicago, IL

“To make at least $100,000.00”

Lake Sherwood, MO

“To develop my creative kits into profitable workshops and tours for midlife women to rediscover their creativity.”

Lansdowne, PA

“Starting my own business that generates enough income so that I can eventually quit my 'day job'.”

Honolulu, Hawaii

“My goal is to earn $65,000 copywriting for the B2B market.”

Clarksville, Tennessee

“I will write and sell atleast one ebook.”

New Bern, NC

“I would like to finish the courses I need to start Ryan's Outreach Progam which is a Grant Writing Service for people in need of a grant.”

Hempstead, New York

“This is the year that I truly will belong on the AWAI Wall of Fame by using my copywriting/webwriting and photography skills (learned at AWAI) to catapult my earnings into six-figures.That means I should earn at least $8,400 per month/$2,100/week/$300/day.”

Fair Lawn, NJ

“I have Asthma,and copd...Im over weight and am currently unemployed,so for 2010 my goal is to loose weight,get healthy and work towards a new career as an Occupational Therapist or a counselor for troubled teens ;)”

Altoona, Pa.

“I would like to earn $30,000 above and beyond my usual household expenses for the year. I expect to do this through my e-commerce sites using what I learn about how the system of internet marketing works across all possible aspects of business.”

Santa Barbara, CA

“publish a childrens book”

Victoria, British Columbia

“I would like to be on the Wall of Fame- making over 100,000 in one year and being recognized as a valuable and in demand copywriter in great demand.”

Boynton Beach, FL

“I will become a freelance copywriter and flee from my dayjob in 2010.”

St. Augustine, Florida

“I intend to return to South Africa to spend the rest of my life there and I will be financially secure there.”

Manchester, Lancashire

“I want to earn a minimum of $25,000 while working part time hours so I can be home with my kids and add at least one new B2B copywriting client in the first six months of the year.”

Columbus, OH

“To start using the information that I have been studying this past year, and actually start to write. To not let my fears get the best of me and simply try.”

Clear Lake, Iowa

“To be debt-free”

St. Catharines, Ontario

“After being unemployed for over 4 years, I would just like to earn a paycheck and stop the seemingly endless cycle of rejection in the job hunt.”

austin, Tx

“I will have written an action-romance novel. I commit to having the novel submission ready to a publisher by 12/31/10.”

San Dimas, CA

“I am going to work on SEO for my website and hope to get more clients. I also will be working on my novel.”

Des Moines, Iowa

“I will finish developing my 'Mothering' blog and will include exceptional parenting advice and products that will help moms and others better love, understand and parent their kids.”

Bentonville, Ar

“Happy Holidays! My goal for 2010 is to become completely autonomous with my writing (screenplays, children's books, travel writing, copyrighting, articles, etc.). A quote in front of me: 'Words are the friends you have decided to spend the rest of your life with.' I am challenging myself to finally live my dream of spending every day with my 'best friends.'”

Mary Jo
Sheridan, Wyoming

“Travel in India for four months. See old temples of Southern India and Kahjuraho, work on organic farms, visit the progressive state of Kerala, the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, the small town of Rishikesh, Pondicherry... Spend four weeks with my grandson and daughter in a holiday, relaxed setting. Buy a home, with land for permaculture. Create a synergistic relationship with a man who fires up my imagination and creativity.”

Victoria, BC

“I got the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting course over a year ago and I'm on Chapter 1. Why? First my dad died, then my brother got hospitalized for three months, then my mom's Alzheimers took a turn for the worse and I had to put her in a home and then I had to go through a hysterectomy and the resulting hormonal dysfunctions. Excuses, excuses, rigth? Yes, but you must agree that they're pretty good ones! So my goal for 2010 is pretty humble: To finish the course and to start working as a copywriter.”

Glendale, CA

“I would like to become a full time freelance copywriter.”

Rahway, New Jersey

“I want 2010 to be the year of realized dreams. I am looking forward to reaping the rewards that come from preparing yourself to meet the destiny you desire. I will use the tools given me to accomplish what I started out to do, no procrastination, no hesitation, just pure unadulterated fun; living a life I only dreamed about. I love writing and all the freedom it affords me. I will use my skills to break the $200,000 level in 2010.”

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

“Well, as my 2010 goal involves AWAI, it is only right that I share it. My goal is to attend the online writers workshops in Las Vegas in March, and from there learn the skills to market my online services as an 'online expert' copywriter. This will enable me to stay home with my 3 small children, all under the age of four (one only 6 days old!)and still provide the financial assistance needed at this time while my husband's job is slow. Plus, it sounds fun! Hopefully I will be able to achieve my goal, and I will see you all there in Vegas!”

Lincoln, CA

“My goal for 2010 is to get my resume writing business up and running part time and to be earning an extra $500 per month from it.”

Mechanicsburg, PA

“For many years I've written down my goals, but seldom shared them with anyone, along with little to no success at achieving those goals. This year is different. I'm studying the Accelerated Copywriting Program with the first of my goals being very specific. I want to achieve Financial Peace of Mind in 2010. In the last two years we have watched all around our country hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their jobs, homes, and dreams of a future not wrought with dispair. My past has been one of dispair, financial and personal, and this is my year to change all of that. The first goal then has to be to gain the knowledge and ability to become a great copywriter! The 'I want' list of goals will come later and certainly Financial Security will provide the income necessary to fullfill those goals, but the first has to be to work hard to achieve the means of reaching all of the other goals. After 12 years of searching, spending money I really couldn't afford to spend, and facing one disappointment”

Homosassa, Florida

“I want to land my 1st copywriting job by March 2010 and one every 2 months for the rest of 2010 so that I can do it fulltime to replace my current job by 2011.”

West Ossipee, NH

“Having just purchased AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting, I would like to be paid for at least 4 copywriting projects in 2010.”

Marengo, IL

“My goal for 2010 is to get my 1st client and start my copy writing career”

chilliwack, Britsh Columbia

“10k per month income”

Newcastle, NS

“I would like to get 2 great B2B clients by January 30 who will keep me busy with ongoing work at least 20 hours a week.”

Apex, NC

“Hello AWAI and all striving for brighter tomorrows. $12,000 Per month and growing from my own online business. My son starting his first year in the college of his choice.”

Avila Beach, CA

“Thanks to AWAI's 'Golden Thread' I am working at becoming a Catalog Writer this year as well as finding some writing assignments with local businesses.”

Atwater, Ohio

“I will finish and publish 2 books this year; 1. a success manual/self improvement book, and 2. a fiction novel.”

Tremonton, UT

“My personal goal for 2010 is the global goal that every Miss America contestant for decades has voiced: to be an agent of peace ~ in each opportunity that presents itself in the coming year, I pray for the courage and perseverance to be the change I would want to see in others.”

Hillsboro Beach, FL

“My goal for 2010 is to write an international best seller.”


“Complete the course that has been lying dormant on my shelf.”

Pinole, CA

“I would love to start writing some commercial, so that I stop the 5am to 5pm job killing me. I can write stories, poems, and I have started story of my life. The title 'The Shepherd Girl' Help, Help, I need coaching|||| How can you help me? I can see success, but I cannot reach it why? I have done literally everything you people have sent me. The problem I have has been time.”

Schenectady, New York

“I will be a freelance photograher and travel writer in 2010...”

Paradise, CA

“Achieve the Wall of Fame in time for the 2010 Bootcamp”

Indianapolis, IN

“earn at least 1000000 euros”

Prague, Czech Republic

“Actually finishing the copywriting course and becoming a working copywriter is my ultimate goal for 2010! I've been sitting on the wall for over a year now, using every excuse under the sun for not finishing, when the only REAL reason is that I've refused to face all my fears..what if I'm not good enough?..what if no one will give me a chance to prove myself? etc.,etc...Enough of that stuff! I've decided to forge full steam ahead and make 2010 the year that my dream of being a copywriter becomes a reality!”

Wapwallopen, PA

“Finish developing my geology web site and start marketing the site.”

Tucson, AZ

“Earn at least $50000 in my first year as a B2B copywriter!”

Charleston, S.C.

“I would like to triple my fees in 2010 which will mean I become a six figure copywriter!”

Sydney, New South Wales

“What I would like to achieve in 2010 is set up a series of income streams to satisfy my financial obligations so I can focus on my personal pursuits.”

Worcester, MA

“My goal is to be a successful new grad nurse =)”

Homestead, Florida

“Making my upcoming book, 'Breaking The Rules' a bestseller on Amazon!”

Daman, UT of Daman (India)

“I am in my second year with AwAI. I have studied all the books and this year I intend to start getting clients and become a full time copywriter. I have two websites which I will keep working on. I am a member of 'Circle of Success' I will attend the B2B classes next week and Web Copy Intensive in March. I know I am in overload but I have so much energy and can devote 24/7 to this wonderful world of Copywriting.”

Lantana, Florida

“I will be free from all of my debts by April 1, 2010 and have a very prosperous year ahead!!”

Atlanta, GA

“One goal I have is to complete the AWAI course I bought about 3 years ago and find the courage & confidence to market my writing services professionally - and make $$$ doing it in niches that compel my passion. I don't know how to make the differences I want/hope to see occurring in the world, but perhaps through words and causing influence to propel readers, those I write for can.”

Lakebay, Washington

“Complete and sell my screenplay.”

Dickinson, ND

“My goal for 2010 is to work smarter, not harder, so that my copywriting career can launch and skyrocket to great success!”

Haines City, Fl

“Self-publish my first book on creating online marketing systems for local, offline businesses by 8/15/10.”

Rock Hill, SC

“To have my new Internet Money Club website up and running and my investment in the club repaid before Feb. 26th, 2010.”

Grand Junction, Colorado

“I will remove the perpetual writer's block that I live with. I will pore the web for resources that will buy my writing and make my 1st pure writing income this year. I will. I will. I will.”

Mumbai, Maharashtra

“I would like to help lead all of my children, grandkids, brothers, sisters, and as many of my friends to know Christ as possible.”

Fayetteville, Arkansas

“To have my website up by January, 2010, to develop a client list in January, to have my first project by February, to have a second project by March, to begin phasing out of my day job in March, and to say 'Good Bye' to my day job in June.”

Grants Pass, OR

“I would like to start back to college for a bachelor's degree.”

Tucson, AZ

“My goal is to launch my money-making website and see real revenue flowing in by year's end.”

Victoria, British Columbia

“After just finishing the rewrite and editing of my vampire novel, my major goal for 2010 is to find a literary agent for it who will then sell the novel to a major publisher and get a great book and movie deal. And, now that I'm finished rewriting my novel, I can finally complete AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. That way, I'll have two ways to earn money writing in 2010.”

Reno, NV

“Have at least 1 b2b copywriting job”

Victoria, B.C.

“Be debt free.”

Tacoma, WA

“I've been a radio broadcaster for almost 20 years and I plan to set up a podcasting blog and start producing audio products by March 20110”

Norwich, Norfolk UK

“I would like to achieve E100,000 through my marketing and PR work, and by monetizing my blog and other websites I create and operate during 2010. Furthermore, I would like to increase that amount by 50 percent by year's end 2011.”

Miami, FL

“To finally figure out what type of on-line business I would be best at doing and START DOING IT!”

Coon Rapids, Minnesota

“To be more financially stable. To have more money for my family so that my children can have the clothing that they need for the weather conditions that we have here in Michigan. (As I write this my children are wearing boots without liners because we don't have the money for new boots.)”

gowen, michigan

“I will write my Brain Tumor Survivor story this year and publish it.”

Germantown, Maryland

“Build a part-time resume-writing business for myself.”

London, England

“I am a disabled older woman and had to go back to working 5 years ago due to the down turn in construction that affected my husband's business. I am a self employed accountant and I am basically sole support of our family. My goal is to increase my knowledge and skills in a career of a copywriter and be able to grow my income within this field to become a copywriter full time. I want to tell my demanding, egotistical clients goodbye!”

Rexford, NY

“I will pay off my mortgage in 2010 and no longer owe the bank any money.”

Bushkill, PA

“New to the world of copywriting, my number one goal is to stay motivated to complete the Accelerated Training Course to help me land a copywriting job before Bootcamp 2010.”

Okeechobee, Florida

“My goals are to set up my web site and get my business off the couch and start my journey down the road to success. I've spent a year reading and learning and i'M ready to make it big. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All”

Francitas, TX

“My goals are to set up my web site and get my business off the couch and start my journey down the road to success. I've spent a year reading and learning and i'M ready to make it big. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to All”

Francitas, TX

“10 B2B Clients”

Oakton, VA

“My goal is to get my resume business up and running by March 1, and to do $25,000 in sales by Bootcamp, 2010.”

Woodstock, Georgia

“My goal for this coming year is quite simple, WRITE A MINIMUM OF 500 WORDS DAILY, MONDAY-FRIDAY. It doesn't matter what I write as long as I write and it's coherent. Eventually a focus will be apparent, whether it be a for a living or a novel, whatever, or both. It's important to me to be in the habit of writing every day.”

Amarillo, Texas

“There are several goals I have for next year: the first one is becoming fluent in both Spanish and French so when I travel I don't feel like such an idiot. The next big goal is to work to become totally independently employed, doing what I love to do, which is writing.”

Exeter, ME

“My desire is to be an expert stock market trader and a childrens book writer and top notch copywriter. I would also like to be a fantastic photographer and travel the world with my 'significant other' enjoying different cultures, making friends and taking awesome photos.”

Eastpointe, MI

“Work full-time as a copywriter!”

Palmdale, CA

“Earn $50,000 my first year as a copywriter.”

Abilene, Texas

“To write a travel/photography article and see it published! To begin serious research for a children's book.”

Pensacola, FL

“I want to finish the Accelerated Copywriting program and attend BootCamp 2010 using money I've earned from copywriting.”

Olathe, CO

“I am retired and in order to make ends meet I must work part time at a store. My goal is to start a home-based business, hopefully in CopyWriting, within the next 6 months. Then my wife and I can enjoy our senior years without worrying if the next SS check will pay the bills. I trust AWAI will help me achieve this goal.”

Anderson, SC

“My goal for 2010 is to kick my copywriting career into high gear, land a steady stream of high-paying clients, and make over $100,000.00.”

Lawrenceville, New Jersey

“To become a better artist and sell more artwork.”

Alton, IL

“I want to be faithful and daily complete my AWAI work so I can become a copywriter as ASAP.”

Front Royal, Virginia

“Have recently bought the B2B virtual workshop and Desktop Marketing Packages from AWAI. Am very grateful for the step-by-step plans for success in these programs. By December 2010 I hope to be booking the monthly equivalent of $50,000 a year in business ($4,200 per month).”

Brentwood, TN

“I'm improving my website: that has not been productive. I'm adding coaching diabetic program, affiliates and sell related books to the site to further monetize it. I'm going to write a book, create more money-making websites and conduct telesiminars. I expect to generate more income and have a very productive year.”

Gervais, Oregon

“The goal I will achieve in 2010 is to have successful online businesses that will enable me to fully embrace the entrepreneur lifestyle.”

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

“I will be a high five figure copywriter this year.”

Sparks, NV

“To have my own domain and fully functional blog up.”

Portsmouth, NH

“I commit to finishing my book, 'Inside the Silver Lining.'”

Rochester, Indiana

“To do whatever I feel I should be doing rather than simply think about it and not allow my shyness, nervousness, lack of interest and negative thinking and pessimistic attitude come in between living I feel like at each moment.”

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

“My first goal for 2010 is to earn the web copy business for 5 new clients. My second goal is to maintain a long-term relationtship with those clients.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado

“By summer 2010, I will be sitting aboard our sailboat, the Wild Irish Rose on Lake Pepin, combining my new copywriting career with the lifestyle I have always dreamed of!”

Bloomington, MN

“I will replace my current income plus 25% and leave my job by October 2010.”

Dennis Port, MA

“I will double my earnings from writing in 2010.”

Flint, MI

“For my 2010 goal, I plan to gross $60,000 from my writing projects.”

Harrison Township, MI

“By Dec. 31, 2010 I will have made $50,000 from my copywriting business. Furthermore, I will provide my clients valuable marketing advice as part of my service to them.”

Jerusalem, Israel

“My goal for 2010 is to achieve greater control over my life and move towards improved quality of life and financial independence for myself and my family.”

Launceston, Cornwall, UK

“Right now, my income comes 100% from affiliate marketing. In 2010, my goal is end the year having transitioned successfully into copywriting and be earning enough that I can support myself fully doing only that. I want the freedom of not having to worry about whether a change in some search engine algorithm has undermined portions of my income stream.”

Nicholasville, Kentucky

“Eliminate my corporate cubicle from hell job with income from freelance B2B copywriting.”

Winter Park, FL

“My number 1 goal for 2010 is to increase my savings balance to $5,000.”

Spokane, WA

“I have opened my own bookkeeping, tax return preparation, and consulting business. My goal is to be able to allow a least one person to be able to feel confident enough in their financial situation to be able to start their own busines. Additionally, I would like to be able to make my tax customers feel confident that their taxes are done correctly.”

Manassas, Virginia

“I have joined The Circle Of Success and will be a working B2B copywriter with cheques coming in and at least $30,000. earned in 2010...also my website will be up by April 1st and be bringing in a minimum of $2000. per month by next November.”

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“My goal is to complete my e-book on elder home care giving and sell it on my website I have my domain name, working on a website. In 2008 I came to Bootcamp and brought my mother. I have walked the walk and now with 1 out of 4 homes caring for an elderly person, I think it is timely information.”

Loveland, CO

“First of all, thank you, AWAI, for your stairway to success. You have offered so much and each step has built my confidence to know that I can succeed. All the courses I have taken through AWAI and all the e-mails I have received---many I have kept---I have learned and accepted that I am a creative writer and that's where my passion connects to the wealth of opportunities offered through AWAI. My goals for 2010: Create a website; start a publishing company; publish JOY, a newsletter; publish my children's series---BABY; and begin to get all my manuscripts in publishable format. A lot of work is before me; a lot of fun too! I can hear Gary say, 'Just do it!' Thanks, Gary. And Happy New Year to you all. Nancy”

Nancy A
Trenton, Georgia

“In 2010 I am setting several goals. My primary goal is to write down specific goals this year with a specific action plan to acheive each goal. In order to ensure that I remain on track, I will review each goal on a regular schedule and adjust my plan as necessary. Afterall, an unwritten goal is nothing more than a fantasy.”

Frankfort, IL

“I would like to finish the last six classes at Northwood University in order to earn my Bachelor's in Business Administration degree.”

Oxford, M

“My husband and I have decided to semi-retire in the Dominican Republic. That's why I have decided to take AWAI's course. One thing that is really important here is to learn Spanish. So my goal in 2010 is to learn Spanish and be comfortably fluent by the end of the year.”

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

“I intend to hone my skills as a copywriter/ web copywriter so that I can start making some serious income, pay off some debt, and start living again the way I want to. For me, it will be like the phoenix rising from the ashes. Believe me when I say that I have a lot going against me right now, but I am determined not to let any more obstacles get in my way. I CAN do this!!”

Cicero, Illinois

“I will achieve a garden of success! I will start my AWAI lessons before the snow flies. My blog will have 500 subscribers by the time crocuses bloom. My website will be complete with a portfolio, clips and samples by the time daffodils bloom. I will be actively marketing my services while the lilacs bloom and I'll have my first paying clients when the roses bloom! As I achieve each goal, I will press the flower representing it in my journal.”

Pickerington, Ohio

“I have had the Awai Copywriting Course for several years now and I have never completed it. I always feel afraid that I will fail and that I won't be good enough to become a successful copywriter. My goal is to complete the entire course and obtain my first paying copywriting assignment, no matter how small, within the next year (2010).”

Brooklyn, New York

“In 2010, I want to have a money-making website... I have JUST purchased the website.”

Picayune, MS

“I plan to finally launch my copywriting and freelance writing career to quit my part time job.”

Lakeville, Mn

“My goal is to hit the high spot of my profession, copywriting. I commit this day, December 5, 2009 to earnestly get after finding more jobs to bring me to that high regulate my time so I can reach that goal. That 'high spot' must reach $100,000. At that moment, you will hear a loud 'Eureka' clear to Florida from me.”

Las Vegas, Nevada

“My goal is the combination of two goals. Weight Loss by building a healthy lifestyle combined with the use of my blog and website. To incorporate that into my income from the same. The goal is a FULL LIFE - healthy lifestyle, weight loss and money to support that lifestyle.”

Napa, ca

“In order to get more writing samples and more clients, I want to submit at least one spec assignment a week all year.”

Los Alamos, NM

“To become a copywriter. I want to work when I want, where I want and make lots and lots of money. Just instruct me as to what I have to do. Thank you. I also want to lose weight.”

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

“I want to achieve a minimum of 10x the cost of what I paid for the AWAI copywriter program with copywriting assignments by June 2010.”

Westfield, NY

“To get my online info business combined with a money-making website off the ground with a few successful product launches that build on each other.”

Rochester, NH

“Although perhaps small and humble by other goals,perhaps, I want to earn enough from writing to pay off the home improvements I spent in 2009.”

Dixon, CA

“To finish the book I have been working on for most of 2009 and try to get it published.”

Indianapolis, Indiana

“To complete my money making website.”

Newburyport, MA

“Put together a money making website with Nick Usborne's program. (I purchased it already and have begun reading it.)”

Jerusalem, Israel

“I would like to have enough income in my new resume-writing business to cover the mortgage.”

Pinellas Park, FL

“My goal for 2010 is to get 10 paying clients.”

Midland, MI

“My goal is to get good enough with InDesign so I can complete the graphics course and have at least one paying job by April 2010”

severn, Maryland

“To learn and apply the steps of successful resume' and copywriting within the first six months of the new year. And aquire at least one client during that time frame.”

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

“This may seem very 'pedestrian,' pun intended, and extrinsic to professional success, but I plan to learn to drive this year. I spent many years of adult life utilizing public transportation and New York City's trains and buses are very user-friendly, but getting around to my customers has become more difficult and more tedious because of the constant constuction inundating the city. And I'm exhausted from trying to keep up with all the service changes and running after whatever mode of transportation will dispatch me to my destination in the timeliest fashion. I never thought I could or would want to, but I now realize it's a necessity. So, although I won't be the youngest driver and maybe not even the most adroit, I will be a driver by the end of 2010.”

Brooklyn, New York

“In 2010 I will become financially independent,copywriting and AWAI are helping me to achieve this.”

Traverse City, MI

“The goal I would like to achieve in 2010 is to land my first paying client.”

Columbia, South Carolina

“I plan to cultivate financial self-sufficiency in 2010 via a freelance copywriting career. It is very important that I have the ability to create my own schedule and manage my own time so as to be present for my infant son...ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!! I'd like to travel more to visit beloved friends in Florida, and I'd like to provide my husband the opportunity to explore his innermost self and begin to execute his own personal goals for 2010.”

Macomb, MI

“Design a brilliant B2B lead generation campaign.”

Woodstock, IL

“Get published as a photo and travel writer. Of course, I have to submit my pieces. I have to, I have to…”

Carmen Perez-Febles
Coral Gables, FL

“To coomplete my copywriting course and begin earning my way through my copywriting business out of my regular JOB.”

Merrickville, Ontario

“My goal is to start my career as a freelance copywriter. After reading the inspirational profiles on the AWAI Wall of Fame website, I am determine to succeed!”

Lexington, Ky

“Complete and have published my NF; Complete and have published my children's picture book; Be a well-fed writer, following in Peter Bowerman's footsteps, with a reliable monthly income of $4,000.00> in the first six months;”

Irving, TX

“To go completely full-time as a copywriter before 2010 ends.”

Raytown, Missouri

“I want to become six-figure copywriter by December 31,2010.”

Corona, NY

“My goal for 2010 is to have my money making web site fully functional with a minimum of 75 pages. I want to have this part done by the end of the 1st quarter, then I want to turn my attention to starting the to starting the accelerated writing program, continue tweaking the web site, and begin transitioning out of my current job. Note; the web site is currently under construction”

Keizer, OR

“My goal(s) for 2010--The Power of Ten-- 1. Write Every Day! 2. Be consistent with my blogging 3. Up-sell one current client each month 4. Introduce myself to one perspective client each month 5. Create a personal weekly challenge 6. Think outside of the box 7. Find a way to incorporate my love of photography into my work 8. Network whenever possible 9. Positive attitude only zone! 10. Have Fun!”


“My commitment in 2010 is to become a part-time B2B Copywriter by June 1, 2010. By the end of the year I will be a full-time B2B Copywriter, replacing a $50,000+per year income with copywriting assignments. I will accomplish this by finishing the B2B coursework and the Boot Camp materials by the end of January. I will have my website up by the end of February, and be consistently posting to the website weekly. March will be devoted to building and marketing to a list of businesses that I will develop, starting January 1. By April 1, I will have found my niche and begun to write copy for clients for free in return for referrals, and possible future assignments. March will be devoted to building my portfolio. May will be ramp-up month as I pull it all together to attract at least one paid assignment completed by June 1. June through December my goal will be to write two assignments per month creating a monthly income of $2500 to $5000 per month, or more, while working no more than 4 hours per day.”

Grand Junction, CO

“By Cecember, 31 2010, I want to break the shackles of 9 to 5 drugery that I am engaged in now and achieve the freedom I seek in a copywriting career.”

Garden Grove, CA

“My goal is to see my novel published and be contracted to write the sequel!!!”

Cougar, Washington

“By 01/01/11, I would like to be a full-fledged professional copywriter, with a sufficient number of clients to sustain a six-figure income, and to be able to retire from my day job, after 55 years of government service.”

Waimea, Hawaii

“My goal for 2010 is to be making $500.00 a month marketing online within the first 3 months. Then by years end $500.00 daily.”

Saint Marys, Ohio

“Be a copywriter”

Yaoundé, Cameroon

“I want to get my copywriting business turning a profit and develop some information products to earn income 'while I sleep.'”

San Luis Obispo, CA

“I will establish my full-time copywriting business, with two or three regular clients.”

Redondo Beach, CA

“I want to see my writing make enough money that my family and I are comfortable this year and in the years to come.”

Austin, TX

“I would like to get my Interior Design Business to the one million in sales....on a personal level I would like to complete my novel ....and take the next step in learning the guitar....I also would like to purchase a small home in Costa Rica...”

St Catharines, Ontario

“My goal would be to start study what I love to do in my life.I will become an fytotherapist and also work with frequency medicin.Helping people to help themselfs.I also would love to spred the word about why it¥s so important to look after ourselfs and NOT expect help from others(goverment etc).It¥s all up to you!”

Gothenburg, Sweden

“Launch my writing/photography business and be doing it full time by the end of 2010.”

Dunnellon, FL

“The one goal I would like to achieve in 2010 is to be financially able to continue to care for my elderly mother, comfortably help my children and granddaughter, and purchase my first home!”

Richmond, Virginia

“I would like to grow my copywriting business to a minimum of $75,000 for 2010. More than 75K would be acceptable, of course. But I need it to get to that level so I can permanently quit my day job.”

Whippany, NJ

“My goal for 2010 is to be a full time freelance copywriter, saying 'good-bye' to the corporate world forever.”

Anoka, Minnesota

“For past 5 years have put my copywriting on back burner. Now I want to get going and break into the business and start to make ends meet that aren't quite meeting at this moment. Also plan on getting the desktop marketing program within first 3 months and have that in play by August.”

Merrimack, NH

“For years, I have prepared myself to write in all phases of the profession. Upon retiring, I can write comfortably from home and not have to worry about money. Whereas, one can retire at any age; I have purposely worked toward a lucrative writing career for my retirement . Therefore, being fully credentialed in all aspects, I would like to earn at least six figures in the next six months. My capstone writing experience is a course that I am completing, and that is the Accelerated Program for six-figure Copywriting taken at AWAI. As the old saying goes 'I am ready to get paid.' My prayer is that 2010 will bring in those paying rewards.”

Raleigh, NC

“2010 is going to be my break-out year for financial independence! In 2009, I achieved early success writing resumes and a couple of small copywriting projects. In 2010, I'm going take the next step: - Continue to study copywriting techniques - Establish a steady monthly copywriting income - Build one money-making web site, and - Bring home $7,500 by th end of the year Each of these steps will get me to my eventual goal in a few years - trade in my 3-hr daily commute and an incredibly demanding day job for a more secure future with multiple and greater streams of income!”

Snohomish, WA

“To be come a successful B2B Copywriter and professional photographer.”

Palisade, MN

“Since I was a kid, I've loved looking at bits and pieces of life through a lens. I had a little Brownie camera. In college, I got a used Pentax. Still have it. Then the digital revolution happened, and I got one of those. But I never really made the time to pursue photography as an avocation. I want to learn everything about it, from nuts and bolts to technique. I want to learn how to become a good photographer. That's my goal for 2010 -- to learn the art and science of fine photography, and to start a portfolio.”

Coral Springs, FL

“I would like to send out at least 6 to 8 articles/assignments and have 2 to 4 accepted for publication(travel articles with photos).”

Glen Gardner, NJ

“My goal is to mail a direct mail package with a bulky insert to marketing managers of 250 high-tech companies offering them a free white paper, and follow up on each mailing to promote my copywriting services.”

Torino, Italy

“To discover exactly how I might best develop and utilize my writing and networking skills both to my own fulfillment and benefit, and that of a specific sector of our challenged but still vital economy.”

St Augustine, Florida

“The goal to really be complete in 2010 is finish the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.”

West Palm Beach, Florida

“In 2010 I will achieve the following: I will become a full-time freelance web copywriter writing for top web gurus on the net and replace my present income doing what I love most-writing.”

Austin, Texas

“I would like to launch my copywriting business with an initial goal of at least one client no later than the first quarter of 2010. I will focus on primarily marketing my services and offering the best results for my client. My plan is to concentrate on a B2B client.”

Locust Grove, Georgia

“I have committed to making this my full time career. My goal is to complete every single assignment in MM's Accelerated Copywriting Program and to complete every spec challenge.”

Grapevine, TX

“To have three articles published.”

Pickering, Ontario, Canada

“To continue to work for AWAI :)”

Delray, FL

“My goal is to replace my 'job' income with my B2B copywriting income this year, so that I can quit my job before the end of the summer!”

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Get my first copywriting job so that I can finally move out to S.E. Asia and work from my laptop. Financial Freedom. Help my son solve his problems. Meet interesting ladies.”

Vancouver, BC

“My goal for 2010 is to land 2 clients that either pay a retainer or provide a steady stream of assignments.”

Madison, AL

“I am going to to double my monthly income with existing & new business while enjoying time with friends, family & myself.”

Encinitas, CA

“Complete the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting and earn a minimum of $20,000 copywriting (part-time) in 2010.”

Hermitage, TN

“To get a reliable and steady income from copywriting from nurtured leads and ongoing clients and to break the six figure barrier by year end.”

Sydney, NSW

“I will market my services and contract for copywriting work billable for at least $20,000 by November 30, 2010”

Brooksville, Florida

“Deep Janardhanan, Glen Allen, Va will achieve at least $100,000/- in income from business after taxes by December 2010 while working 40 hours a week at my regular job.”

Glen Allen, VA

“By the end of 2010, I want to be spending a majority of my career time succesfully writing and copywriting. I want to be making money at it. I haven't had the courage to step away from my present career to give the copywriting the time it needs. I haven't used the tools I've been given. My goal is to be past the fear and excuses in 2010, looking back next December and wondering what took me so long.”

Anne Marie
Peachtree City, Ga.

“In 2010 I will be a B2B Copywriter and producing Online Marketing Videos.”

West Orange, NJ

“In 2010 I am a 100% independent entrepreneur who creates my desired lifestyle through my writing projects, the launch and success of my professional association(s), and by giving back and sharing my abundance with others.”

Corrie Ann
San Pedro, CA

“Launch my copywriting business”

Auburn, Washington

“Considering I purchased the Accelerated Copywriting course in June of 2007 and have only gone part way through the course, I must set a goal that will propel me along. With that in mind, I expect to complete the accelerated and masters program and have one paying client before the end of 2010.”

Bailey, CO

“By 30th June 2010 I will have written & published a book specific to the Restaurant Industry on marketing.”

Sydney, NSW Australia

“I am well into my journey towards continuously improving and succeeding in mastering the art and craft of copywriting. My work results in a powerful emotional experience for all my readers and clients. I wholeheartedly pledge and achieve this goal resulting in becoming the next AWAI Wall of Fame inductee, the first to do so offshore from outside the USA.”

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

“My goal for 2010 is to finish my copywritting course before May. This will help me to become self-sufficient and to stabilize my family.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I am committing, here and now, to finishing the Accelerated Program by moving forward one day at a time. No more stopping and starting.”

Akron, OH

“I intend to train myself for and be successful in a B2B venture that will generate at least $40,000 yearly income after expenses.”

Durham, NC

“Complete Masterson's Six-Figure Copywriting course by March30, 2010”

Lyndonville, VT

“To complete the copywriting course and begin earning an income with this new knowledge.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado

“To have an internet business that is productive enough that I can stay home and take care of the kids etc...”

Alvinston, Ontario/CANADA

“I would like to get a money-making website up and running.”

La Canada, California

“By the end of the year I would like to be earning $1000.00 a day from my online efforts”

Hawker, SA

“I want to be a good paid copywriter.”

Antiguo Cuscatlan, La Libertad

“Start a blog & get published in a major trade journal.”

Salem, OR

“I am going to sell at least one book and two articles in 2010.”

Salt Lake City, Utah

“I will stop using insecurity and laziness as roadblocks to my happiness and success in the coming year.”

Beijing, China

“I want to finish my 'Accelerated Program for Six-figure Copywriting' and attend the 2010 Bootcamp. See all yall there!”

Baton Rouge, LA

“Come 2010, God sparing my life, I have two main goals; 1. I wish to purchase a brand new car – a Honda, and 2. I wish to purchase a house of mine … may God almighty help me.”

Surulere, Lagos

“I have just started on the copywriting course and would like to land my first paying client within the first half of 2010.”

Harare, Zimbabwe

“I am going to write at least 50+ pages for my new money-making website My goal is for sewithjo to make $5,000 per month in 2010.”

Jo Ann
Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

“My goal is to start and grow my copywriting business by finding my niche, writing to make an impact, and making great money so I can get out of my Corporate job which I hate so much.”

Pittsburgh, PA

“I intend to have my first paying client by the end of March, and will shoot for adding a client every quarter for the rest of 2010!”

West Grove, PA

“A submission of any kind would be a crown upon my efforts to recover from the setbacks of Hurricane Katrina and the effects of surgery on a recently discovered birth defect.”

Terrytown, Louisiana

“2010 Goals total earnings goal = $15,000 Repeat client goal = 2-3 clients Contact 100 personal network contacts - 25 per month starting in January Jan 15th - find 5 business organizations to network with. Feb 20 - Create Direct Mail letter for client acquision March 20 - create Free report for direct mail March 20 - create mail list - Mail 10 letters per week to potential clients April 15 - Target 50 wesites to approach for potential web projects Learning Plan Dec- Attend B2B client acquision teleseminar Feb - complete 6 figure class complete 1 copywriting/direct mail business book per month”

Suwanee, Georgia

“Bootcamp '09 blew me away with the number of interesting and motivated people I met. Afterward, myself and 5 incredible people established a peer group we named LJ MAGiC. We know it won't be easy but our team discussed helping each other enough to arrive at Bootcamp '10 with over 100k bookings by then at our table. Based on the commitment I've seen so far, I believe we can exceed our goal. My goal is to produce 40k towards the total.”

Doylestown, PA

“Currently checking with others to see about forming a small group for future marketers in town, ages 17-19. This makes one of my 2010 goals to 'instruct and lead 10 upcoming marketers on the ethics and value of becoming trustworthy internet marketers.'”

Diana Cacy
Hebron, Nebraska

“Complete the Accelerated Copywriting and Masters Copywriting Program, and be earning copywriting income by end of the year. (And lose 100 pounds)”

Wichita, KS