Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer

Location: Baltimore, MD
Professions: Copywriter, Graphic Designer
Specialties: Fundraising

Professional Background:

I help foundations develop compelling annual reports that become a vital part of their philanthropic toolkit. I also help nptech and graphic design tech companies create explainers that bridge the gap where the UI/UX isn’t enough.

I look for a deep understanding of patterns and ways of organizing and fitting pieces together that make sense. My approach to developing publications brings:

• Attention to every detail while also holding in mind the big picture — branding, strategy, timing, and budget.
• A knack for design that connects with diverse audiences.
• A passion for clear written and visual communication … and an aptitude for melding them into a cohesive whole.

I always look for ways to help my clients make a meaningful connection with their stakeholders.

I work with:

• marketing, communications, and development teams
• foundations and philanthropies
• copywriters
• human services and educational organizations
• agencies
• nptech companies
• graphic design tech companies

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