Meet AWAI-Trained Writer:

Jarlem Nascimento Junior

Jarlem Nascimento Junior

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Professional Background:

Hello dear fellow writers.
This is Jarlem, a Brazilian writer.
After a long journey to become fluent in English(writing and conversation). I feel ready to go for my dream job, which is copywriting. I´ve taken some writing courses. Dan Lok University; Copying class by Helena De Guide; Copy training by Infomoney; And an immersion with the great Ray Edwards.
There is a universal law, that says: Nobody ever said how the job should be done.
And this law, kind of blocks me. Preventing me from being a B2B copywriter.
As I am a methodic guy, I need some details to release my full potential.
Here I am to ask anyone of you.
Could you please show me a person, that would be interested in having a very committed copywriter junior, who likes to follow a methodic path to success?
I am a man who walks on my words.
I will not dishonour your referral.
Hope to here from anyone of you that is living this dream.

Kind Regards,
Jarlem Copywriter(linkedin, instagram)

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