December 2001

Quick Tip: The Envelope Teaser

Michael Masterson on how to write better teaser copy.

Getting Clients: Three AWAI Members Share Their Secrets for Success

AWAI members share how they've built their copywriting clientele.

Five Absolute Essentials for Making It as a Copywriter

John Forde tells you what you need to make it as a freelance copywriter.

Quick Tip: Peter Beutel on Getting Clients

Peter Beutel reveals what works best when approaching prospects and how to turn them into clients.

Masters Checklist: Elements of a Strong Order Device

Strategies for writing thoughtful order devices that deliver results.

Success Story: Recent AWAI Grad David Wells Lands His First Assignment with Agora Health

In an interview, AWAI member David Wells shares the steps he takes to find new clients and land projects.