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When to Quit… and When to Fight Like Hell for What You Want

Sometimes quitting is the right move to make. But if you’re ever considering giving up on your goal of becoming a paid writer, follow these five steps.

The Smartest “Harder” Route You Can Take to Fast Writing Income

There’s often a right hard way and a wrong hard way to achieve something. Understand the difference before you knock off an opportunity that looks too easy.

The Government “Perk” That Can Hand Copywriters (Like You) a $2.52 Million Windfall

There’s a wealth-generating tool ideal for freelance writers, yet many don’t take advantage of it. Here’s how you can make more money in the long run.

How Long Does It Take New Freelancers to Earn a Living Wage?

How long it takes to make a good living as a writer is a common question. With four decades of experience, Bob Bly offers his answer so you know what to expect.

How to Make Decisions with Confidence to Reach Your Writing and Financial Goals Faster

If you want real transformation in your life, you MUST do this. In this video, Ted Capshaw will teach you what you need to know to move forward to success.

How to Identify the Best Small Business Prospects

While the majority of small business owners need your help with their marketing efforts, only a minority knows it. Here’s how to know which ones to pursue…

If You Want to Write for Small Businesses…

To get paid to write, all you have to do is find people who need your copywriting services. Starting with this target audience is perfect for new writers.

9 Dream Writing Projects + Fees

Check out 9 writing projects companies need written right now… see what they entail… and what you can expect to get paid.

Write a Powerful, 309-Word Blog Post about a Good Night’s Sleep… And You Could Get a Check for $200!

Practice is a great way to improve as a content writer. Follow the “client brief” to do this practice assignment, using tips from a content expert.

3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Could Be an Ideal Fit for You

Hard-hitting ad campaigns have been replaced by a steady feed of useful information. Follow this trend, and take advantage of this growing opportunity.

HOT Opportunity for Paid Writing

Looking for a writing path that in big demand? This is it …

Freelance Lifestyle + Steady Paychecks = AWESOME Writing Gig

Learn about the writing project that gives you predictable income, along with the freedom that comes from freelance writing.

You’re Already Doing This — Get Paid for It!

Check out one of the best-paying “side gigs” for writers.

6 Reasons Every Writer Should Offer Social Media Services

Being a social media writer offers six important benefits that help you land more clients and make you an integral part of their marketing campaigns.

How to Get Started Making Money as a Writer

There’s a reason Nike’s “Just do it” has resonated for so long, not just for athletes but for anyone who wants to achieve a goal. Here’s where to start.

When Did the Writing Bug Bite You?

All aspiring writers have one common trait: they were all bitten by the writing bug at some point or another. But they have something else in common too… read on to find out what.

Follow These 4 Steps to Land Your First Writing Paycheck

See how easy landing a paid assignment can be with these four simple steps.

From Wishing to Becoming a Well-Paid Writer

AWAI has loads of success stories, and yet no two are ever the same. Check out this one… and start planning to write yours!

Try These Fun, High-Paying Writing Projects

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned professional, these assignments offer a ton of benefits and huge demand.

Quiz: Is this a good writing assignment for you?

If you enjoy writing stories and sharing good news, this might be the perfect assignment for you. Take this quiz to find out.

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