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June 2002

Putting the Internet to Work for You: 20 Must-Have Links for Your Online Research

Twenty links to Internet sites that can help you do your research faster.

How to Prepare for the Tax Consequences of Being a Self-Employed Writer

How to get ready for tax time when you are a self-employed writer.

Secrets of a Master: 3 Ways to Give Your Letter the Proper “Voice”

Paul Hollingshead reveals three ways to capture the best voice for your promotion.

So You're a Procrastinator. What Do You Do About It?

Michael Masterson shares secrets for overcoming procrastination and accomplishing more.

Success Story: How AWAI Member Cathy Cairns Landed the Copywriting Job of Her Dreams.

In an interview, AWAI member Cathy Cairns shares how she landed her dream job.

Is Procrastination Interfering With Your Goal to Be a Top Copywriter? Take This Test

Take this test to find out if procrastination is interfering with your success.

Secrets of a Master: How to Write Guarantees That "Guarantee" You a Winning Package

John Forde shares secrets to writing better guarantees that boost response.