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In many ways, it’s as if they’ve retired early.

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Wealthy Web Writer’s “Live Blog Challenge” Could Get You an Inside Track to Bootcamp

This year, Heather won’t be at Bootcamp. Instead, she’s choosing one lucky Wealthy Web Writer member to attend in her stead. The selection process for this year’s Bootcamp Live Blogger is underway.

Meet Steve Slaunwhite at AWAI's Copywriting Bootcamp 2020!

See Steve LIVE at our upcoming Copywriting Bootcamp & Job Fair, May 12-15 in Delray Beach, FL!

One of the Most Lucrative Niches in B2B – $1,500+ Per Project

Success stories create trust with potential customers. And now marketers in all industries are clamoring for this kind of copy.

Prize Winner Announced for AWAI’s SEO Magnet Spec Challenge

And the winner is...

Make $250+ Per Hour in This Copywriting Niche

Email is still one of the most effective marketing channels. And that means big demand for qualified copywriters.

Carline Anglade-Cole Is Still Getting Paid Well for Doing Something She Loves!

See Carline LIVE in May at AWAI's Copywriting Bootcamp in Delray Beach, FL! Tickets on sale NOW at…

Revival Point LLC Freelance Health Copywriter Wanted for Emails and Content

Watch this short video to learn about an exciting opportunity for a freelance health copywriter specializing in wellness and diet for mature women.

Get More Clients With Less – and Easier – Self-Marketing

If you’re not comfortable with going after new copywriting projects, it’s time to put in place a system that brings them to you.

The Right Mentor Can Change Your Copywriting Career – Here’s How to Get One Now

A good mentor can change your career… and your life. Speed up your mastery of critical copy concepts with expert-led live learning sessions.

3 Writing Challenges to Make this Your Best Year Yet — Free Webinar and Q&A

Join us for this FREE webinar to learn how to make progress with your writing and financial goals this year.

Newest AWAI Member Case Study: Christian Nix

After years as a medical professional, Christian Nix was ready for a career change — preferably one with more earning potential. Find out how copywriting opened up a new path with a higher income.

The Push You Need to Complete the Accelerated Program 5 Times Faster

These copywriting veterans are standing by to help you get more out of the Accelerated Program — and complete it in record time.

January Issue: Your “Writer-Athlete-Brain”

Your January issue of Barefoot Writer is waiting! Plus, this January kicks off a series of new interactions in our Barefoot Writer Club Members Only Facebook group, including video Q&As with me, more contests, and “flash specs” (i.e., more chances for you to get published).

Digital Marketing Veteran, Russ Henneberry, is Bringing the Latest Marketing “Secret Weapon” to AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp

At AWAI’s Bootcamp 2020, he’ll explain how copywriters are leading the way in producing stand-out content for digital marketers… and what this opportunity means for you, the professional writer. Here’s a short video from Russ to tell you more…

Freelance Copywriters Wanted!

If you’re a veteran … know a veteran … and/or want to help veterans, Loxley Services is looking for AWAI-Trained writers to join their growing team of freelance writers …

Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life iRoboclean Vacuum Cleaner Online Ad Writing Contest

From 600 submissions, 3 winners of the $200 prize from our online ad writing contest about the iRoboclean Vacuum in The Writer’s Life have been chosen.

December: Celebrating our 100th issue

Your December issue of Barefoot Writer is waiting!

Living The Writer's Life: Susan Nickerson

What started as two assignments written on spec (meaning without the promise of pay), very quickly turned into a long-term lifestyle of high enjoyment for Susan Nickerson. Discover how she went from running an office in Colorado to lounging as a writer with a view of the bay from the Florida Keys. No matter which way you look at it, Susan Nickerson’s writing lifestyle has brought her a lot of joy — and there’s no end in sight.

Is This the End of Jobs?

The U.S. Labor Department released their annual report last week, and national workplace productivity is experiencing a negative trend. Output dipped 0.3% - the first decline in almost four years. Could this be signaling the end of jobs? But not the end of working as we know it…just how we work.

Living The Writer's Life: Richard Lacey

Richard Lacey’s writer’s life has been packed with adventure, everything from hitting rock bottom in business to penning a book for a U.S. President. But through it all, writing was his constant. It was the thread woven through every career he’s ever had, and it’s the foundation of the new business he’s building. Read on to discover why Richard calls this era we’re in — and rightly so — the “Golden Age of Opportunity for Writers.”

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