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Build a Thriving “Zero-Client” Writing Business

As a copywriter, you have a financially valuable skill that can be used to make money in numerous ways for the rest of your life.

Some of the money comes from clients… you write, and you get paid.

But a far greater amount (we’re talking seven figures) can come from clientless revenue streams that don’t require your hours in exchange for dollars.

That’s what we’re going to help you do…

Build a scalable asset with your writing that can pay you for many years to come.

And that’s whether you’re “working” or not!

Click here to join us.

Now Accepting New Writers

If you want…

  • high-paying gigs,
  • predictable writing income,
  • greater flexibility…

AND the satisfaction that comes with LOVING what you do for a living…

Then getting accepted into our influential club of Barefoot Writers can set you up for everything you’re looking for in a writing career.

NOTE: Your acceptance window will be closing soon!

Apply Now

Friday, December 1st — NOON (ET)

Most writers can’t fathom just how far this superpower called “copywriting” can take them.

Friday, YOU WILL!

Do Not Miss This!

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Now Accepting New Writers

Are you ready for the writer’s lifestyle? Here’s your first step!

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What Every New or Aspiring Writer Should Be Doing Now

We 100% believe every new or aspiring writer should build a “clientless” business. Why? Find out here!

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Living the Writer's Life: Rob Gramer

Though Rob Gramer was on his way to a safe and reliable career in the world of engineering, a goofy trick played on a classmate wound up introducing him to the world of freedom through paid writing. Once he’d gotten a taste for it, he couldn’t shake it, and today his life looks every bit as fun, profitable, and relaxing as the best writer success stories. Enjoy Rob’s entertaining and inspirational journey.

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Living the Writer's Life: Gloria Rand

Gloria Rand was born with a love of writing but never expected the different twists and turns it would take her on. From finding connection in a new hometown to working in SEO to writing her own book, the skill of copywriting has allowed her to pivot in her goals and business interests many times. But along with personal satisfaction, writing has brought immense life satisfaction, thanks to the freedom to be there for others when it mattered most. Read on to discover how Gloria reshaped her writing business to fit her life needs many times over.

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