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Living the Writer's Life: Michael J. Thompson

Stroll along the streets of New York City, and you may come across Michael J. Thompson taking a midday walk with his camera. This web content auditor has built his business around the idea that websites should be accessible to all users. His story illustrates how someone can find quick success by applying skills learned from AWAI

Follow a Simple Checklist… and Earn $2,000 Per Project (No Writing Needed)

With this specialty, you can quickly start to earn paychecks for easy work and zero writing. Just follow a checklist, report your findings, and collect your fee. Here’s how…

Living the Writer's Life: Ann Jamieson

Ann Jamieson’s dream of traveling to Turkey came true when she bartered her writing for a free tour. Since then, she’s been building her business within the equine, travel, and alternative-health niches. Discover how this longtime horse enthusiast has managed to turn her passions into writing gigs so she never has to “work” again.

$200 Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life SpringDawn Air Purifier Ad Writing Contest

Nick Usborne announces the 3 winners of the $200 prize from our The Writer’s Life writing contest about the SpringDawn Air Purifier, and offers some valuable copywriting tips.

Chatbots Are Becoming the “New Norm” for Businesses — and the Driving Force Behind A Lucrative Writing Niche Where Writers Can Earn As Much as $2,000

Chatbots are the next frontier for marketing and customer service, as the market explodes. Find out how copywriters fit in and what the opportunity is.

How to Make it Big in B2B Copywriting — Live Q&A

If you're looking for a sure path to success as a freelance copywriter, this niche is for you. On Tuesday, November 10th, at noon EST, chat with Lisa Christoffel, managing editor of B2B Writing Success, and learn how to take advantage of this lucrative writing niche.

The Quickest Way to Become a Chatbot Copywriter (and Why You Want to Be One)

Nick Usborne has been writing for the web since the late 90s. Find out what he’s working on now.

Creating Your Own Personal Roadmap to a Well-Paid Writing Career — Free Webinar and Q&A

Join us for this FREE webinar to find out to how to navigate the opportunities for lucrative careers in writing, with a personal roadmap for success.

Living the Writer's Life: Tim Geiger

Tim Geiger was working full-time — and then some — as an attorney in private practice with his own solo law firm. Then one day, he received an email from AWAI that changed his life. With his eyes open to the possibilities, Tim left behind his old 70–90-hour workweeks in pursuit of the writer’s life.

November Issue: Contagion You Want to Catch

Just released, the November issue of Barefoot Writer! Our focus this month is work culture, the role it plays in success and satisfaction, and what a culture of kindness looks like for a freelancer.

The Best Resource for Writers Who Want to Turn Pro — Available Today Only for $11

Discover career tips, news on writing opportunities, client-getting strategies, and more in this digital monthly resource for aspiring and experienced writers.

Why B2B Marketers Are Desperate for Copywriters With This Specific Skill

If you want to be a B2B copywriter, you must know how to write emails for clients

AWAI’s Highest Level of Personalized, Mentored Training Is Now Open for Enrollment — Last Chance to Join Circle of Success Before the Price Goes Up in 2021

Enrollment is open for Circle of Success, AWAI's highest level of personalized, mentored training. This could be your fastest path to copywriting success. Learn more about this comprehensive training here.

Living the Writer's Life: Kristen Stelzer

Kristen Stelzer did a surprising amount of writing as an engineer — constantly persuading politicians or stakeholders to buy into a project. She was selling without realizing it! That’s why copywriting felt like such a natural switch. Today, this Maryland mom enjoys more flexibility and time for her family with a new career.

Living the Writers Life: Scott Jones

Before life as a freelance writer, Scott Jones recognized he’d been building his writing skills for years while in previous careers. Others realized his potential as well, and soon after launching his writer’s life, he forged partnerships that expanded his client base. Find out how he did it, and take note of his advice on starting out.

PWA Announces 5 Winners Of Fall 2020 3-Sentence Cash Writing Challenge

Five writers from around the world will each receive $100 as winners of PWA's 3-Sentence Cash Writing Challenge. Roberta Anderson, Cynthia Besse, Celia Conrad, Ginika Ifeabunike, and Olivia Pipis each used this challenge to test out a new strategy for creating fresh personal bios. The strategy - designed to reduce the stress and anxiety of self-marketing - provided a framework to quickly redesign your "bio blurb" for a new audience when approaching clients, publishing articles, or updating your website.

Living the Writers Life: Julia Borgini

Julia Borgini is in the process of growing a focused, poised, and powerful writing career. Long ago, she defined autonomy as her core value, and as a result, she’s built a professional writing career that gives her exactly that. Enjoy her story and take note of her specific tips on running an organized business, as well as how to succeed as a freelance writer.

Living the Writers Life: Brandi Chaney

Brandi Chaney’s story is a terrific study in the versatility of the freelance-writing world. She’s worked in a variety of niches but never felt tied to any specific field, thanks to the wealth of writing opportunities in every industry. Enjoy Brandi’s story …

October Issue: Marketable Humanity

Just released, the Octobber issue of Barefoot Writer! Our Featured Interview this month is with an extraordinary copywriter who’s pinpointed one of the biggest things we all struggle with. It’s hard to put yourself out there and be vulnerable and honest. Yet doing so will likely blast your writing career right out of the water.

Living the Writers Life: Holly Helscher

After retiring from higher education, Holly Helscher wanted something that didn’t tie her down. Writing had long been an interest, but it was when she discovered the Barefoot Writer World that something clicked. The opportunities that have unfolded ever since give this motivated writer space to live an adventurous life with gratification for doing something she enjoys.

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