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LAST CHANCE: Join B2B Writing Success League for Only $1 Here Are 163,181 Reasons to Jump-Start Your Writing Career in This Lucrative Niche Right Now

Until midnight, join the B2B Writing Success League for just $1. B2B writing is in high demand, and this easy-to-write-for niche is the perfect gateway for writers to earn top-tier fees right out of the starting gate.

Living the Writer's Life: Ashly Kimball

Every morning, you’ll find Ashly Kimball and her cat strolling down the driveway to get her mail. At the same time, she’s holding a phone to record a quick business tip to post on her Instagram account. According to Ashly, this has revolutionized her business. Read on to learn more about how she uses social media to connect with her clients.

BLACK FRIDAY SAVINGS Expires Tonight… Time Is Running Out to Save $200 on Our Bestselling Writer’s Starter Kit

$200 Black Friday savings expire at midnight! This is your last chance to get instant access to a vast arsenal of our very best writing and business-building resources to help you set up your writing business FAST… along with $513 in bonuses… for just $49.

ENDS TONIGHT: $400 Black Friday Savings on This Exclusive Training Opportunity… Learn How to Write Lucrative, High Impact E-Mails with AWAI’s Own Email Expert!

Save $400 and train with AWAI’s very own copy mentor and email expert. This exclusive on-demand home-study course is available for just $97 until midnight on Black Friday.

BLACK FRIDAY: 80% Off Writer’s Starter Kit

BLACK FRIDAY: 80% Off Writer’s Starter Kit. This is your chance to get instant access to the one blueprint that can have you launch and run a successful writing business in as little as a single weekend… along with $513 in bonuses… for just $49.

HUGE BLACK FRIDAY DEAL: Save $400 on the BEST Skill You Can Learn RIGHT NOW! You Could Be Only a Few “Tweaks” Away from Being Paid to Write These!

AWAI is offering its new home-study e-mail program at a special Black Friday price. Learn the skill that is the fastest, surest, and one of the most lucrative ways to make a living as a writer… and save $400.

How Mentoring and the Ask-Give-Gratitude Formula Can Move Your Career Forward

Watch Marcella Allison’s Bootcamp presentation to discover how you can use the ask-give-gratitude formula to build connections. Plus, learn how a new type of mentoring relationship can change the trajectory of your writing career.

URGENT: Enrollment for Video Scriptwriting Mastery & Certification Mentorship with Andrew Davis Ends Tonight!

Today is your last chance to enroll in AWAI’s Video Scriptwriting Mastery & Certification with renowned media expert Andrew Davis… and get a chance to earn a $2,500 paycheck directly from AWAI.

Living the Writer's Life: Mike Klassen

It’s been a long time since we showed his face, but it’s time to share the story of our very own Barefoot Writer designer, Mike Klassen! Mike actually got his start working at Microsoft, but it wasn’t long before he turned to AWAI to learn copywriting and then graphic design. Over the last 10 years, his career has continued to evolve, including a trip to Australia for a speaking engagement, time spent homeschooling his kids, and — of course — the freedom to work with nice people on his own terms. We hope you enjoy this peek into the design side of our magazine family.

Former Hollywood “Insider” Reveals *Unusual* Niche That Can Help You Become A Professional Writer FAST

Hear from a former Hollywood "Insider" about his creative niche and how to learn it directly from him.

TRENDING: A Booming New Market Creates Opportunity for Writers AWAI Ready to Pay Someone $2,500 to Work with Us on These Hot Projects

AWAI is looking for writers who want a chance to earn a $2,500 paycheck with a hot new writing opportunity. Enrollment is now open — with the chance to get paid by AWAI upon completion of training.

Special Encore Discount Expires Tonight! Get Your Hands on the NEW Learning Experience “Let’s Write!,” Featuring Staff Writer Bonnie Fanning

Today is your last chance to save on this groundbreaking learning experience. Write alongside AWAI staff Writer Bonnie Fanning and discover the secret mindset professional writers get into to plan out their projects before writing a single word… and much, much more.

Breaking Into Video Script Writing — Free Webinar and Q&A

Join us for this FREE session to learn how to get paid to write video scripts.

Learn These 5 projects & Become a Skilled Copywriter in 4 Weeks

There’s a simple way to start getting paid as a writer FAST. Learn these five writing projects businesses and organizations everywhere need most, and you could become a skilled, in-demand copywriter in four weeks or less.

Member Spotlight: Keith Trimels

Keith Trimels discusses how copywriting has transformed his life in a surprising way.

$200 Prize Winners Announced for The Writer’s Life Sleep Buds Ad Writing Contest

From over 300 submissions, Nick Usborne announces the 3 winners of the $200 prize from our writing contest about the Sleep Buds in The Writer’s Life.

Your November issue of Barefoot Writer — Recharge to land more paid writing projects

Just released, the November issue of Barefoot Writer!

How This AWAI Member’s Love of Video Games Led to a Writing Gig with Loads of Freebies

AWAI Member Marcus Monaghan's initiative helped him get his foot in the door with a dream gaming client, as well as loads of free gaming gifts.

Living the Writer's Life: Frank Mitchell

You’ll often find Frank Mitchell relaxing and playing guitar. In fact, other musicians know him as “the fingerpicking guy” because of his skill at that particular style of play. Although music is a huge part of his life, Frank prefers to write in silence and is working hard to build his dream writer’s life. Read Frank’s story to learn how he leverages his experience as a truck driver and military veteran to connect with email and funnel campaign clients.

Living the Writer's Life: Sunni Baerwalde

On a lazy summer afternoon, you’ll find Sunni at her lake house — laptop in hand — writing for one of her 30-plus clients. When she’s not writing web copy or working on her books, you’ll find her spending valuable time with her kids and grandkids. You see, writing has unlocked a world of possibility for this dedicated mother. Her business has grown significantly in the past year because of her ability to dive into every AWAI course she’s ever taken. Here’s a special interview between Jade Trueblood and Sunni Baerwalde…

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