June 2004

Quick Tip: Turn Your Life Into a Powerful Self-Promotional Tool

Use your existing interests, hobbies and passions to find clients.

Need a Premium to Promote Your Business? Uncle Sam May Have One for You … for Free

How a premium can boost your business and where you can find materials for free.

Success Story: AWAI Member Susan Clark Turns Pro!

AWAI Member Susan Clark tells how she made the transition to full-time freelance copywriter.

Quick Tip: Nailing That All-Important Conversational Tone

Six copywriting masters share tips for writing more conversational copy.

Quick Tip: Glow by Association

Build credibility by creating credible associations.

Quick Tip: One Thing You Must Know About Business-To-Business Copywriting

One thing that sets B2B copywriting apart from consumer-oriented copywriting.

5 Things to Consider Before Quitting Your Day Job

Krista Jones shares five way to make the transition to freelance copywriter less stressful.

Quick Tip: Pamper Your Eyes for Greater Productivity

Keeping your eyes fresh enhances your productivity.

The Secret of the USP: Be Different … Get Noticed … Be Successful

Matthew Lesko shares his secret behind crafting a winning USP.