October 2006

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Hourly Billing

Pat Coffey explains why most copywriters charge by the package rather than doing hourly billing.

Quick Tip: Stress-Free (Well, Almost) Headlines

Arthur Johnson describes his nearly stress-free process for crafting the perfect headline.

When Doing Something for Nothing Can Make You a Lot of Money

AWAI member Tye Johnson explains how taking on a spec assignment can pay off big.

AWAI’S Bookclub: What We’re Reading Now

Rebecca McEldowney talks about the current book being read by AWAI's book club.

Quick Tip: Give Your Sales Letter Built-In Credibility With Endnotes

Will Newman explains how Word's “end notes” feature makes it easy to document claims within your copy.

Proofread Your Way to Perfection: 6 Essential Steps to Polishing Your Copy to a Glossy Sheen

AWAI member Bruce Midgett gives six steps to making sure your copy is error-free.

Quick Tip: Hold a Self-Promotion Contest … With Yourself

Kammy Thurman shares a fun way to promote your design services

Harness the Psychological Impact of Colors for Maximum Sales Impact

Kammy Thurman reveals how you can use color to increase the impact of your designs.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Intimacy vs. Benefits

Pat Coffey explains the difference between intimacy and benefits.

Quick Tip: Improve Your Website’s Success by Improving Its Navigation

Will Newman explains why it's a big mistake to overlook your website's navigation.

Finding Your Market … The Easy Way

Discover how developing a specialty can help you land clients and bigger paychecks.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Immerse Yourself in the Medium

Pat Coffey talks about immersing yourself in the medium of copywriting.

Quick Tip: The Fiskars School of Editing

Will Newman explains how scissors can help your editing process.

5 Secrets to Improve Your Success When Writing to Senior Donors

Will Newman reveals what you need to know about senior audiences when writing fundraising copy.

Quick Tip: Conquering Quotation Marks

Kammy Thurman shares how to format quotation marks correctly.

For Maximum Success … Avoid Playing It Safe

Will Newman looks at what you might miss if you play it safe.

From The Golden Thread Mailbag … Identifying Good Letters

Pat Coffey talks about distinguishing good copy from bad copy.

Quick Tip: The Changing World of Internet Fundraising

The Internet is changing the landscape of fundraising and creating opportunities for copywriters.

The Power of “Because” to Seal the Deal

Will Newman describes how one simple word can boost your sales rates.