June 2007

FastStone – A Free, Fast Image Browser

Kristin Schwarz shares where you can find a fast and free image browser.

How to Snag $10,000 in Free Advertising for Your Design Business

Kammy Thurman shows you how to use press releases to promote your graphic design business.

Quick Tip: 3 Ways to Romance a Client

How to keep your clients coming back to you with more work.

2 Words Never to Use in a Promotion

Will Newman reveals two words guaranteed to weaken your promotion and gives you better strategies to use instead.

It’s Good to Know …

A quick fundraising tip from Rebecca McEldowney.

Breaking Into Fundraising with Mal Warwick

Fundraising copywriting expert Mal Warwick shows you how to write stronger fundraising packages.

Quick Tip: Is Your Swipe File Missing Something Important?

How to build the best swipe file possible.

Success Story: Congratulations Are In Order…

Three new copywriters have been added to AWAI’s wall of fame.

4 Magic Words – and 5 Strategies – That Make You a Copywriter

Will Newman explains how you might be undermining your own success and how to turn that around instantly.

Using Tints to Change the Look and Feel of a Photo

Discover tips for tinting your photos.

How the Latest Postal-Rate Increase Can Boost Your Value as a Graphic Designer

Kammy Thurman shares how graphic designers can use rising postal costs to increase their value to their clients.

Quick Tip: Never Lose an Idea Again – "Jott" It Down

Mobile note-taking helps you capture your thoughts and ideas no matter where you are.

Leap Over Your Plateaus With 4 New Ways of Thinking

Learn four strategies to move forward when your career seems to be spinning its wheels.

Don’t Fear a Long Letter

Hallie Mummert shows you how longer letters can deliver success in the fundraising market.

Quick Tip: A Critical Element of Every Fundraising Appeal

Will Newman reveals a critical success secret for fundraising copywriters.

The 3 Most Important Parts of Any Promotion’s Success

Paul Hollingshead shares three secrets to writing a successful direct response package.