April 2008

Three Things You Can Get Paid to Photograph on Your Next Vacation

Here are three things to photograph on your next trip that you can sell for stock. Keep them in mind when you travel, and you’ll have fun, take lots of pictures, and make some extra cash to boot.

Landing B2B Clients – How to Generate a Steady Stream of Income Working as a B2B Writer

Self-promotion isn’t as difficult and scary as it seems. Here are two proven systems you can use to market yourself to B2B companies.

Behind the Scenes … How AWAI Staff Copywriters Improve Their Writing

A look behind the scenes to see how AWAI’s staff copywriters work on improving their writing. This exercise is easy for you to do at home too.

Quick Tip: Extracting Images From PDF Files

Kristin Schwarz shows how to extract images from pdf files.

A Secret Way to Find Hordes of New Design Customers Through eBay!

Discover how you can use eBay to find new clients.

How One Goofy Idea Can Make You Millions

Business success requires neither original nor big ideas. In fact, you can achieve tremendous business success … even if all you have is one “goofy” idea.

Three Places to Locate Potential B2B Clients

A quick list of places where you can find B2B clients.

Bob Bly Shares His Secrets to Finding Clients and Succeeding as a B2B Copywriter

Bob Bly offers an in-depth look at B2B copywriting – from tips and techniques for getting to know your audience better, to the best way to connect with potential clients.

Success Story: How Ed Gandia Made the Transition from Over-Worked Salesman to Six-Figure Copywriter …

Freelance copywriter Ed Gandia offers some tips on getting a copywriting career started.

Get a Head Start on Success in the Financial Niche with Investopedia

Investopedia is an online resource offering investment articles, exam prep, tutorials, a stock simulator, free reports, specialized calculators, and more.

Business Building Tips from a Million-Dollar Copywriter

Professional copywriter Carline Anglade-Cole offers her advice for building your copywriting business.

Hidden Secret of Successful Brochure Design

Mike Klassen shares tips for design successful brochures.

Top 20 Mailers in the B2B Market

Discover the names and websites of twenty top mailers in the B2B (B-to-B) industry.

B2B Insights from the Blogosphere

Discover what B2B copywriters from around the web have to say about B2B success.

Industry Spotlight: Business-to-Business

Find out about trends and statistics in the business-to-business writing market.

Improve Your Copywriting Skills … How Long Should a Sales Letter Be?

Michael Masterson explains why direct-response marketing is not about fitting your sales pitch into a certain amount of space. It’s about finding the one person in a hundred who will give you the time you need to sell him.

Words of Copywriting Wisdom … Private Conversations with Your Prospect

Katie Yeakle passes on an explanation from Jeff Laurie about how a sales letter is like a private conversation between you and your prospect.