June 2008

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AWAI Member Joshua Boswell Turns $2,000 into $60,000—With A Single Phone Call

Most new copywriters are so thrilled to get an assignment, they’re happy to settle for any amount they’re paid. Not AWAI member Joshua Boswell…

Bootcamp Success – And So It Begins …

Learn what to expect at AWAI’s Bootcamp from past attendees.

Lights, Camera, Action … AWAI’s Video Debut

AWAI’s first video is now available to the public!

How One AWAI Member Used His Copywriting Skills to Get Elected to Public Office

AWAI Member Phil Pavick shares how he used his new copywriting skills to help achieve his dreams of entering local politics.

Words of Wisdom from Master Copywriters

If you learn how to capture a compelling big idea, you’ll be able to write your ticket as a financial copywriter. Top copywriters Don Mahoney, John Forde, and Paul Hollingshead offer advice on this subject and more.

An Interview With AWAI Member Jim Turner

AWAI “Wall of Famer” Jim Turner shares some tips for finding success as a financial copywriter and gives copywriters who are interested in the financial niche some good news.

An Interview With AWAI Member Joanne Sullivan

AWAI “Wall of Famer” Joanne Sullivan shares how she’s found success as a financial copywriter, as well as her top recommendations for building a career in this niche.

Kick Procrastination to the Curb, Once and for All

Take this simple test to see if procrastination is holding you back in your copywriting career. Then read Michael Masterson’s advice on how to accomplish your most important goals.

Quick Tip: 9 Free Filter Effects

Kristin Schwarz shows you where to find nine Photoshop filters for free.

4 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Communication Skills (and Your Bottom Line)

One of the most important skills a designer can have is good communication skills.

Who’s Your Marlon Brando?

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to take action, but didn’t? AWAI staff writer John Wood explains why you should never let career-building opportunities pass you by.

Paul Hollingshead on Building a Successful Career As a Financial Copywriter

Master copywriter Paul Hollingshead shares how to build your copywriting career in the most lucrative niche today – the financial market.

“I Am a Copywriter!”

Will Newman reveals four simple words that can transform you into a bona-fide copywriter … today!

Do You Have a Personal Catchphrase?

John Wood suggests that having a personal catchphrase can help keep you motivated and focused on achieving your goals.

Build On What Is Already Working

Target Marketing’s Hallie Mummert demonstrates how an ING Direct envelope campaign successfully uses graphic elements to help their prospect figure out the offer more quickly.

Getting to Know the Financial Industry

Three cheap ways to get the financial education you need to break into the lucrative financial copywriting niche.

Quick Tip: Zip or StuffIt – File Compression Made Easy

Learn the ins and outs of file compression.

Design and Extreme Insight Into Human Psychology: How “Cute” Can Sell

Find out how human psychology reacts to different designs and how to use this understanding to boost sales.

Become a Best-Selling Author

Here is a way to join other best-selling authors, speakers, trainers, mentors and world-class business leaders in a book project that will give you instant credibility, not to mention bragging rights.

Industry Spotlight: Finance

There is a huge audience of people looking for sound investing advice, and there is no shortage of products available to assist them.

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