Will Newman:
Freelance Copywriter, Editor and Coach

“I had the good fortune of working as an ‘apprentice’ to Lee Troxler, one of the nation’s top copywriters. As can be imagined, I learned a great deal working with Lee. In spite of this early training, my skills remained mediocre until I took AWAI’s course. Their program put all the information I’d received from Lee into a context where I really understood what was required to write powerful sales copy. I finally understood exactly what made great sales copy great and what separated it from the run-of-the-mill.

“What I’ve learned from AWAI has not only strengthen my copywriting, but, it has strengthened all of my writing, and I'm not the only one who says so. I have had comments from newspaper editors, clients, and fellow writers.”

— Will Newman


WILL NEWMAN started out in the field of chemistry, doing research work in a lab. However, he wanted a career that would provide him with more connections with people. He became an apprentice to Lee Troxler, a renowned copywriter, and set off the path to career freedom through copywriting.

For more than a decade, Will has worked as a professional copywriter in many different industries. His varied background makes in easy for him to transition from technical industries to other industries like fundraising. He is also a copywriting coach and provides critiquing services for other copywriters.

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