January 2011

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FREE Virtual Event: Get the Inside Scoop on 8 Work-at-Home Careers that Will Allow You to Start Working from the Comfort of Your Own Home this Year!

Grab your seat for AWAI’s free virtual event featuring eight work-at-home careers that will allow you start working from the comfort of you rown home this year.

And the Number One Excuse Is ...

There’s one excuse that I hear most often from aspiring writers. Can you guess what it is?

The Only Sure Way to Make Real Progress This Year

Setting goals is the only sure way to make real progress this year, and Cindy Cyr shares how to set them and stick with them.

Crank Up Your Productivity This Year With "Free Writing"

Freewriting can improve your productivity - Steve Roller shares how.

Preferences in the Way

Dan Kennedy shares how preferences can get in the way of achieving your copywriting goals.

AWAI Announces: Dan Kennedy’s Business of Copywriting Academy Home Study Program

AWAI introduces an edited, condensed version of the training included in the 3 days of the Academy held last year and the incredible resources given out during those 3 days.

Use This “Trifecta” to Make 2011 Your Most Profitable Year

Mindy Tyson-McHorse shares one vital area where a lot of freelancers fall short. It’s an area that can either make or break your career. Get it right, and your web-writing business will take off.

The First Thing You Need To Change To Lead A More Successful, Happier Life

Want to lead a happier life? John Wood explains what has to change first for you to lead a more successful, happier life.

Own Up to Your Excuses

The number of excuses you can come up with to delay your dreams are never-ending. Own up to them and start moving forward.

AWAI Announces Brand-New Program: How to Make Money as a Social Media Expert

AWAI announces the new program How to Make Money as a Social Media Expert. It shows you how to increase your clients’ results, boost your own business using social media and more!

No Excuses

Dan Kennedy explains how finding excuses for not taking action will prevent you from living the writer’s life.

Weekend Homework and Social Media Jobs

These days it seems like EVERYONE is using social media to market the products or message. Just look around - the opportunity is huge!

Using Social Media When Writing

There are still a few reasons why as a writer you’ll want to learn social media, even if you’re not interested in the incredible revenue opportunity.

One Roadblock Stops More Aspiring Copywriters Than Any Other. See If You’re At Risk … And How You Can Get Past It

One roadblock stops more aspiring copywriters than any other. Rick Jones shares how to know if you’re at risk and how you can get past it.

To Get Ahead As An Online Copywriter, You Need to Develop Your Expertise in Social Media Right Now

Nick Usborne shares how developing your expertise in social media will also help you get ahead as an online copywriter.

No More Fear

Your fears can and will get in your way on your path to success if you let them. Only taking action will keep them in check.

Social Media: The Biggest Freelance Opportunity of the Year

Roy Furr shares the biggest freelance opportunity of the year – social media.

AWAI Announces Brand-New Membership Organization: The Professional Writers’ Alliance

AWAI is introducing Professional Writers’ Alliance. Membership entitles you to full access to a complete "Online Success Center" for all the support, ongoing education, direction and resources you need to succeed in your freelance career.

A Candid Interview with Katie Yeakle, AWAI’s Executive Director

Katie Yeakle sits down with professional copywriter Guillermo Rubio and reveals everything you’ve ever wanted to know about AWAI and copywriting.

Turning Misfortune Into $1,000 Per Page Profit! How AWAI Member Rich Boyd’s Writer’s Attitude Proved No Match for MS

AWAI member Rich Boyd’s writer’s attitude proved no match for MS and allowed him to turn his misfortune into $1,000 per page profit.

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