October 2011

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Free Teleclass: Make Money Using Social Media

On October 11th Rebecca Matter is going to interview social media expert Nick Usborne about the explosive growth in social media and the opportunity it presents for freelancers.

I'm Finally Following Rebecca's Advice

Christina Gillick shares how she's taking some good advice - and breaking into the social media niche.

3 Reasons You Should Embrace Social Media Now

Christina Gillick shares the benefits freelancers can expect when they add social media to their specialties.

Three Misperceptions that May Be Stunting Your Growth as a Writer

Winton Churchill shares that in order to get the prime writing assignments, you must know the right way to use the online services available that link freelancers with clients.

The October Issue of The Barefoot Writer Available Now

The second issue of The Barefoot Writer’s Club Magazine, your source for advice on making a great living from a freelance writing career, has just been published.

14 Tips on How to Become a "Take Action" Type of Person: Part 2 of 2

In part 2, John Wood shares the last 7 tips that will help copywriters take more action towards their goals.

Narrowing Down Your Business’s Niche

Jason Holland outlines how to choose a specific niche for your online business.

Fascinating Video About Social Media

Watch this short video by social media expert, Nick Usborne and find out why freelancers are ideally positioned to profit from the growth of social media.

14 Tips on How to Become a "Take Action" Type of Person: Part 1 of 2

In part 1, John Wood shares 7 of 14 tips that will help copywriters take more action towards their goals.

The Best Fonts to Use in Print, Online, and Email

John Wood shares which fonts get the best results in your copy.

The Power of Being Part of a Tribe

Monica Day shares why connecting with other freelancers is important for her success as a copywriter.

Could this Screenplay Writing Tip Help You Write Faster?

John Wood shares how a screenplay writing technique can help boost your copywriting output.

The Power of Persistent Action

Crystle Pishon shares how maintaining persistent action can move you towards your freelance goals.

Turn a Simple Survey into a Sales Bonanza for Your Clients

John Wood shares the most effective way to use surveys in your copy to boost sales.

Is It Time to Get More Specific?

John Wood shares how being specific in your statements can help boost the credibility of your copy.

Is Your Client Charging the Right Price for Their Product or Service?

John Wood discusses how to best come up with a specific price for a product you or your client might be marketing.

Yours Free – My Gift to You!

Bob Bly shares how one word – free – can boost the reader response rate for your copywriting.

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