January 2012

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8 Tips for Better Web Writing

Mindy Tyson McHorse walks you through some important fundamental writing tips you can use to ensure your web copy is strong.

How to Work with a Virtual Assistant

Jan Schochet outlines the most effective ways to work with a virtual assistant.

Strategic Planning for Freelancers

Steve Roller lets you in on some secrets from the corporate world how planning can improve your business.

A System for “Attracting” Clients

Steve Roller shares his system for attracting clients, borrowed from his corporate sales days.

Why Detail-Oriented Writers Succeed

Steve Roller shares a simple suggestion that he guarantees will have you making more money in 2012.

Free Teleconference on Writing for the B2B Market

Join Steve Slaunwhite for a one hour teleconference where you’ll learn everything you need to know to break into and make it in the b2b copywriting market.

A First, Second, or Third Career

Kathy Widenhouse outlines why writing a money-making website is an ideal way to create passive income.

Writing Grants for Fun and Profit

Bill Hall shares the satisfaction you can get from being a grant writer.

Solving the Cash-Flow Conundrum: The Three-Tiered Approach to Income Diversification

Steve Roller explains how to build a steady cash flow to launch your copywriting career.

All Clues Point to B2B Copywriting Being a GREAT Opportunity

Pam Foster explains why business-to-business copywriting is a profitable freelance niche.

Copywriting’s Easiest Strategy to Learn

Will Newman hits the single most important strategy for writing successful copy that will make your writing stronger and more compelling.

Create a Rock-Solid Freelance Business

Steve Roller pulls lessons from corporate America to help your freelance business.

Create an Environment That Develops Customers for Life…

Cindy Cyr shares 12 things you can do to win customers and keep them

10 Reasons Why You Can Make $100,000 (Or More) This Year, Online

Joshua Boswell accepts the daunting job of solving your biggest challenge in life, focusing on your cash flow and money problems.

Create a 10-Second Commercial Guaranteed to Generate Interest in Your Business

Cindy Cyr tells us how a short commercial can generate huge interest in your business.

How to Create a Competitive Advantage Using Your Business Card

Cindy Cyr lays out several ways to improve your business card, and with it your overall self-marketing strategy.

Achieve Your Goals and Change Your Life with AWAI’s Brand New Program, Total Success Achievement

AWAI launched a brand new program, Total Success Achievement that will help with setting and achieving your most important life goals.

How to Make and Use an Editorial Calendar

Heather Robson shows you a tool you can use to get in the habit of regularly publishing your work that will improve your web-writing skills and promote your writing ability.

How to Become a “Rock Star” in Your Niche, Part 2

Cindy Cyr lets you in on 4 more tips for self-promotion and turning yourself into a "superstar" copywriter.

The 19 Secrets to Selling Your Freelance Services Successfully

Cindy Cyr gives you a formula made up of a series of strategies, principles, and actions that will lead you to the financial freedom and work-from-anywhere lifestyle you’re longing for.

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