April 2012

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Free Teleconference: How To Earn $125 – $300 an HOUR By Helping Companies Tell Their Stories

Ed Gandia will be holding a free teleconference on writing case studies, teaching you everything you need to know about getting started in the fun, profitable and in-demand niche.

Live: The Barefoot Writer April Issue

If making a living as a writer excites you, wait until you see this month’s issue of The Barefoot Writer that’s devoted to online opportunities.

Discover the Formula One of the Founding Fathers Used to Power His Success...

John Wood gives us a 200-plus year old formula for success that many have never heard of, but could easily fit into anyone's life and make a difference.

The Dangers of Golden Ticket Thinking

Joshua Boswell breathes some reality into our copywriting dreams by reminding us that mastery and success don't come overnight, but are very possible with some patience and perseverance.

Seven Steps to Personal Excellence and Achieving All Your Goals in Life

Although seemingly obvious, John Wood reminds us how to achieve excellence and surpass our goals in living the writer's life.

Three Little-Known Ways to Make People Like You...

John Wood gives you three lesser known ways to win favor with people, and help get and keep clients.

What Every Web Writer Needs to Know About Submitting Copy to a Web Designer

Heather Robson shares four easy formatting tips you can use to show your client and their team that you’re a true professional, and easy to work with.

One of the Biggest Reasons People Lose Business...

The Big Idea is a great pillar of copywriting. John Wood reminds us not to forget it when dealing with clients as well as prospects.

The One Thing that Will Dramatically Influence Your Ability to Succeed

Dan Chezem passes on some tips for maintaining a positive attitude as you work towards the writer’s life.

Napoleon Hill's Seven Steps to Self-Confidence...

If your goal is to be a freelance writer, it's up to you to make it happen. And the first step is to believe in yourself and your ability.

From Hobo to Business Leader Thanks to Self-Confidence Tip from Napoleon Hill...

John Wood uses a great story to illustrate that you are the only one responsible for your success in achieving the writer's life.

16 Tips for Establishing the Right Mindset for Living a Life of Personal Excellence

Creating great work leads to great paychecks. John Wood gives you 16 tips to create a mindset that fosters excellence.

Conquer This Hidden Success Killer

Will Newman shares some strategies that will help you reduce the impact of TV watching on your productivity.

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